No Day But Today part nine.

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The next afternoon, all five boys could be found standing in a huddled group over by the bulletin board outside of thier Arts & Humanities class. The presense they gave off was, as a whole, generally miserable; except for Quatre and Trowa, who stood out like beacons on a stormy shore, they all looked as if they hadn't seen a good night's sleep in weeks. Wufei pointedly refused to look at Quatre. He stared at the bulletin board with a resolution and will that could shatter nations, his spectacles perched on his nose, his clothing impeccable, as though he were trying to deny his overluminous eyes, underlined by dark circles, and the rapid nerve twitch in his cheek. Duo and Heero remained steadfastedly as far away from each other. Duo alternated watching Quatre and Trowa, the bulletin board, and Wufei. His eyes never once strayed towards Heero. His arms were wrapped around himself, in huge dark sweatshirt and overly baggy blue jeans nearly covering his sneakers. Heero, however kept sending fleeting glances Duo's way. He looked unusually anxious, so much so that he was letting slip a small nervous trait. He'd look at Duo; then he'd look down guiltily at his feet and bite his lip. Then his eyes would drift back up to Duo and star piercingly at the back of the other boy's head. Trowa looked at him with a certain degree of sympathy and pity. Then Quatre moved a little closer to him, and looked up and smiled, and Trowa felt his apprehension lift from him in record time.

The object of everyone's (main) attention was a notice posted squarely in the middle of the board. It was printed on plain blue paper. At the top, in broad, bold lettering, it declaimed:

All costumes will be given to students at the reahearsal.
However it is recommended for the main characters to drop
by at some point beforehand to try on their costumes.

Suddenly Duo stirred, unwrapping his arms from their firm embrace. "Oh, Wu...?"

Wufei jumped visibly and turned, steadyingly his glasses with one hand. "Hm..?"

"Your...costumes...I have them. You need to go check it out. Might as well do it now." He turned, motioning for Wufei to follow him. He still wouldn't meet Heero's eyes.

After they had left, Quatre and Trowa shared a knowing glance and then took a step towards Heero, who was staring wistfully after Duo's receding back.

"Heero," started Quatre. Heero turned towards them, looking distractedly.

"Look, I'm sorry if I walked in and ruined a...pivotal moment." Trowa looked down. "Just don't let that stop you."

Heero narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

Quatre sighed. "Listen Heero - you can't let Duo go. You can't just try to forget and get over it. This may be the most important thing you ever do. And you cannot just let this chance at happiness pass you by -"

"- Because you may never have another chance at it, Heero." Trowa looked at Quatre. "Believe me. You don't want to lose it."

Heero thought for a moment. Then he straightened up with a sigh. "I...need to think." And with that, he left.

Quatre looked up at Trowa. "Do you think he'll -"

"I hope so." he put an arm around Quatre. He still felt a little strange being this close to someone, but when Quatre smiled at him, he felt as though everything was all right and always would be.

"Come on. We to do." Quatre leaned up on tiptoe and whispered that last part in Trowa's ear. [1] Trowa shivered at the light contact.

Well. Today might turn out to be rather...interesting.
"Ok." Duo closed the door or his room behind him as he ushered Wufei inside. "It's all in -" he opened the closet door and reached up "-here." He pulled a bundle of clothes wrapped in plastic down. "Um, they match up with the sizes you gave us, but they've got to be tried on just to make sure they fit." He burrowed through the clothes while Wufei stood uncomfortably by the bed. "First scene - not too much of a hassle." He pulled out a pair of plastic jeans and a black and white t-shirt. "Um..."

"They'll fit, I don't need to bother with trying it on. What's, uh, what's next?"

A shock of crimson appeared from Duo's rustlings. It was a thick velvet robe of mid-thigh length, trimmed in soft white fur, like a Santa Claus outfit. It was followed by zebra-stripped leggings, and large clunky black heels. Wufei observed them dubiously and reached out to touch the smooth material. "Uh," he murmured intelligently.

"And then there's..." Duo went about displaying the other articles of clothing: a long lime green skirt, a white crop top, a pink plastic minidress, more pairs of tights... "I'll leave you alone to go through this stuff."

After Duo had left, Wufei plopped on the bed, totally limp. This was all just too confusing...he let his gaze slide slowly over the clothes near him. Gods. What would they think of him when they saw him dressed like that?

What would *Treize* think of him...?

His face flushed, and suddenly, his mind turned to his night spent with Treize. When he had first awakened that day, he had not remebered...but now he could recall every single detail in perfect clarity.

*Hot hot hot sweat sweet*
*wet wet wet red heat*

Treize's mouth, so warm and inclusive and the feel of his arms encircling him...he'd started pushing him back toward the bed with his knees and hips already, but Wufei had been so absorbed the warm wonderful taste of Treize's mouth that he had not even noticed, or even cared much.

He'd felt the back of his knees hit the back of his bed, and he'd lost his balance, falling back on the bed. Treize's weight fell on top of him and Wufei raised his legs to wrap them around Treize's body. The older man grunted and pulled away slightly.

" *are* an Angel..."

*Hot hot hot sweat sweet*
((Touch! Taste! Deep! Dark!))
*Wet wet wet red heat*
((Kiss! Beg! Slap!))

Wufei had let his hands roam over Treize's body, memorizing every inch, the feel of muscle tone under shirt material...then he'd looked in Treize's face and saw that strong passion in his eyes. It was so fierce and burning that Wufei's breath caught in his throat.

*Please don't stop please*
((Fear! Thick!))
*Please don't stop stop*
((Red red))

Treize murmured softly, detecting Wufei's hesitation and rolled off onto his side. He pulled Wufei to face him and reached up with one hand to stroke his cheek. "Don't be afraid, now. I won't do anything to hurt you..." HE planted a soft kiss on Wufei's mouth. "You can control, if you wish..."


Treize smiled and, grasping Wufei's hips, pulled him on top of himself. He was barely a weight at all. "Do whatever you want..."

Wufei felt a stream of such incredible arousal run through him, that for a minute he was paralyzed. Then his wits came back to him and he attacked Treize's lips with a savageness that surprised himself, and caused a gasp from Treize, and then a growl. Wufei straddled him and, without forming an coherent plan in his mind, thrust his hips against Treize's bumping their arousals together and sending sparks of need through him like a web.

*Stop stop stop don't*
((Red red))
*please please please please*
((Red red ------------please!))

He backed up a few inches, so that now he was sitting on Treize's thighs, rather than his lap, and set to work on opening Treize's pants. He unbuttoned the clasp eagerly, then paused and smiled a little. He was in control now...he could tease Treize as much as Treize would certainly have teased him. He pulled the zipper down slowly, incredibly pleased at the grunts of impatience coming from his lover. Then he tugged the pants inch...he made himself concentrate on the waistband of the jeans, because Treize was wearing no underclothes, and he knew if saw *it* he'd throw teasing to the winds. And he wanted to savor this.

But look he had to, eventually...and instantly he knew that he couldn't hold it back any longer. He opened his own pants and kicked them off, his patience tossed away with them. Treize had spread his legs and was propped on his elbows, waiting. But Wufei had other ideas.

"Lay down..." he whispered, placing a hand on Trieze's chest. He'd gone through Treize's pockets as he'd stripped him, and found the small tube hidden deep in the bottom of one. He produced it now, and Treize chuckled. "How clever of -" he was cut off as Wufei began to coat *Treize's* member with the lubricant. "Angel...?"

"Shh...I'm in control, remember? Let me do it the way I want questions asked." Wufei propped himself above his lover and slowly began to lower himself down.It was like being speared, but then it seemed the spear encompassed him as he was filled, completely, the pleasure he felt denying the barriers of his skin. He felt...infinite. He pulled up a little and -

"Oh..yes..ah..." Treize bucked his hips, rushing up to meet Wufei's and he felt the rhythm slide into place.

*Hot hot hot sweat sweet*
((Harder! Faster! Wetter! Bastard!))
*Wet wet wet red heat*
((You whore - You cannibal!))
((More - You animal!))

"You're're not a virgin!" Treize suddenly gasped.

"Does that..." Wufei grunted, " you?"

"No - but -"

Wufei paused, despite the demanding ache of his body, and placed a finger over Treize's lips. "Please don't ask...not yet..." Then desperately he thrust forward, gasping as his core was brushed, and then, to his relief, hearing Treize's answering groan.

*Sticky licky trickle tickle*
((Fluid no fluid no contact yes))
*Steamy creamy stroking soaking*
((No contact fire fire burn - burn - yes!))

This was the way he wanted it - dominating, yet submitting, controlling, but exposing. It was beginning to reach a panicky rate, and all he was aware of was Treize's body beneath him and the pleasure, amplified by sweat and the groans and the heat. He reached down, fumbling, to touch himself, but Treize's had beaten him to the punch, and he felt his organ swell even greater in his lover's hands.

**(No latex rubber rubber - fire, latex rubber, latex bummer, lover bummer!)**

He threw hi head back, knowing he was close, and hearing Treize give a scream as he tightened himself around the other man's arousal. He focused every bit of strength on his hunger, and was suddenly aware that they were actually both submitting now, at the same time...

-Take me, take me-
-Today for you tomorrow for me-
-Today me tomorrow you-

He gripped Treize's shoulders and pulled him up for a kiss. It was like electricity running through his veins, nad he suddenly realized what Treize was whispering in each pant...

-Tomorrow you love you-
-love you love I love you-
-I love you - take me-

"Oh, Gods, I love you too," He groaned, and felt his release suddenly burst upon him.

-take me I love you-

Wufei, laying on his bed, several days in the future, suddenly opened his eyes with a gasp. He lifted his hand into his view and groaned at the sight. He'd - all over - oh, gods. Was there ever a man so foolish as himself?

((Um - Wait - Slipped - Shit))
((Ow - Where'd it go? - Safe - Damn))
((I think I missed - don't get pissed!))

He sat up, disgusted with himself - his body, his smell, his depleted need, his silly fantasies. He was weak - it was as simple as that, and he hated himself for it, but there was no cure for this. Khushrenada made him weak, nad being weak in the face of one's enemies was biggest crime of a warrior. As he'd been told.

Training be damned. Willpower be damned. What he wanted to do right now was cry like the weak, defeated warrior he was.

((It was bad for me - was it bad for you?))

The only thing he wanted more was for Treize to come in here, right now, and take care of him.

But he didn't.

((It's over.))
((It's over.))

He wanted Treize to say, I understand, so that Wufei would believe him, because there really was no one else who did...

But he didn't.

((It's over.))
((It's over.))

Wufei put his head in his arms, never minding the messy condition he was in. He was going to cry there was no avenue for escape. Treize was not going to come and save him from himself. He could only cry...

And he did.

(('s over.))

[1] That Quatre...what a slut. ^_^