Title: RENT (or No Day But Today)
Author: Shanna Seanachai (pulse@freepcmail.com)
Series: GW
Part: 8
Warnings: Yaoi, Lime (VERY SLIGHT)
Disclaimer: GW belongs to Sunrise/Bandai. RENT belongs to the Estate of Jonathan Larson.
Pairings: Wufei/Treize, Quatre/ Trowa

"This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people (living, dead, or stolen by fairies). or to any real animals, gods, witches, countries and events (magical or otherwise), is just blind luck. Or so we hope."


If they had come in divided, they were now a synthesized unit, advancing toward the blonde girl standing by the stage exit. They formed a circle around her and each gave her a firm glare - even Quatre.

Heero pointed a finger at her. "Why are you here?" he asked bluntly. This
was ridiculous. First Khushrenada and now the Peacecraft girl. They might as
well put a commersial on TV - The Gundam Pilots are here! Universally Wanted Terrorists are just begging to be caught!

"Heero." Relena smiled coyly at him. "You don't need to worry. I'm not letting it get around that your here! I just came to visit." She smiled again and then quickly frowned at the others. "And...how are you?" It was like they weren't even there. Wufei shook his head in disgust and left through the exit. Let Yuy deal with her, he thought as he glided down the hallway. I don't have time for that -


He stopped, stock still. Dammit. Just his luck. He - "I came to apologize." Treize put one hand on Wufei's shoulder and Wufei tried not to flinch away. Treize noticed in anycase. A look of pain passed through his face, then came back and camped there. "Ang - Wufei. Please -" he cupped the Chinese boy's face in his hands and shook his head. "I am so, so sorry. I went too fast. It was just - you seemed so willing -" Wufei hung his head, denying himself the tears that tried to come. He *had* been willing - and that was the worst shame. "It's not you," he murmured. "It's me -" What are you saying? He's the enemy! They were so close, close enough for Wufei to feel the heat emanating from Treize's body, and smell his personal smell - and somehow he was leaning against that chest. Treize's arms were very hot around his own cold body. He felt Treize gently kissing the top of his forehead, and Wufei shook all over. He pushed his face against Treize's neck and tried to memorize this feeling he was having - the close proximity of someone you *knew* - knew in one of most intimate ways possible. It was everything good, like coming home, it was all of those other silly metaphors. He felt like he was an extension of Treize. It was infuriating to him that he could feel so close yet so separated, the prefunctory barrier of skin getting in the way. Kiss. Kiss him. It's the only way. Don't worry, don't even think. Just do it. Just feel. One more time.


Quatre was considered rather innocent by most people, but even if it was true (and it was - a little bit) he could tell when he wasn't needed. This was between Heero, Relena, and apparently Duo as well - 'this' basically consisting of aimless chatter by Relena, while Heero made grunted angry comments and tried to shrug her, and she and Duo engaged in furious glare contest. Trowa had long since excused himself and Wufei seemed to have disappeared early on in the proceedings. Quatre had only stuck around in the hopes that maybe there was an actual *reason* for Relena's appearance - a message, perhaps - but it was apparent that she had come on a whim, the whim being Heero, and nothing else.

He discreetly pushed past Relena - who did not notice him - out the exit door, and began making his way to the elevator. And then he realized what he was seeing. Wufei and Treize. And they certainly weren't fighting. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Quatre didn't blush. He didn't get angry. He didn't do anything. He just stood there, in mild shock. One thing passed through his mind:

Why Wufei?!?!

Another thought followed it in close succession:

How can he hold his breath that long?!?!

Treize opened his eyes and saw Quatre ataring at them He made an involuntary choking sound and Wufei pulled away, gasping. "Wha...oh...shit..." Wufei wheeled backwards. His eyes were so absurdly large they seemed nearly ready to bulge from their sockets. "Quatre - I - I - can explain - I -" he shook his head, hand over his mouth. "I - I'm sorry! Oh, gods." He ran back towards the auditorium, not really caring where he was headed, and disappeared through the door.

"What did you do to him?" whispered Quatre.

Treize blinked. There was suspicion in the boy's eyes - certainly - but there was also concern, and trust in his friend and pilot. He was glad. Better that blame be placed on him then on Wufei. "Nothing, yet," he said, willing an evil and completely false smile over his face. It disgusted him to act in such a fashion but if it protected Wufei from ostracization and alienation from the other pilots, then so be it. He was prepared to stand here all day and make vacant threats for the sake of his love. But Quatre had other ideas. "If you hurt him -" he started, then shook his head and went after Wufei.


Wufei panted as he got to his knees on the cold, dusty, laquered floor. He was behind the very last seats in the very top of the balcony - all he could think was: hide. I don't want to confront them yet; I don't want to explain. He sat there with his knees shoved against his mouth to muffles his cries. Bound to happen. What a stupid thing - to throw all this away, all his work, and training, his dedication and promises, throw it all away for a few moments in a cold basement hallway. And it was all going to come crashing down around his ears any moment now.

The moment came all to quickly. He heard footsteps on the narrow steps leading up the balcony, followed by Quatre's voice, pitched low. "Wufei? Wufei, are you there?"

It was one thing to hide, when no one was aware you were hiding. When someone blatantly came out and asked if you were there, though, that was....cowardly.

He forced himself to stand up. "I'm here, Quatre." He tried to square his jaw and look staunch. It didn't work. His chin trembled and he rubbed his hand over his nose.

"Wufei!" Quatre began to climb the steps towards him, but Wufei held out one hand. "No, wait, let me just say...Quatre! I'm not...I'm not a traitor." he swallowed hard. "I never told him anything...anything at all!" Quatre opened his mouth to speak but Wufei cut him off again. "Please...please don't think badly of me," he whispered. "I swear, I did not...I didn't mean for this to happen...ple -"

"Wufei!" Quatre climbed the remaining steps. "Calm down! I'm not...condemning you, for goodness' sake! I just need to know what happened. Did he," Quatre took him by the shoulder and sat him down on a seat. "Did he hurt you, Wufei? Just tell me. I'm not going to be angry, but I have to know if he -"

"Hurt me?" Wufei looked slightly puzzled. "No...why would you think...." Quatre narrowed his eyes slightly and told Wufei about his brief conversation with Treize. Wufei stared blankly, his mouth slightly open. Hell, it almost sounded as if...

As if what? As if Treize was trying to protect him? Something warm and vulnerable inside of him trembled. That anyone would care so much about him to do that was...inconceivable. Wufei placed one hand on his chest gingerly and thought for a few minutes, eyes lowered. Ah, but what if Treize had been just showing his true colors to Quatre? What if that was all there really was behind it? Wufei bit his lip sharply. But that just didn't sound like Treize at all.

Yes, but when did you become an expert on the actions and feelings of Treize Khrushrenada? You know *nothing* about this man, except that he is your enemy, and that you...

"I love him," he whispered very softly, and then promptly almost fell out of his chair. He looked up at Quatre with wide eyes. "I do! Oh, no. I do."


Trowa was still in the auditorium, though everyone had left. He was milling around, feeling quite useless. He had been unsuccessful in his attempts to get Heero and Duo to look each other in the face, and in the end, they had only bonded together in the face of a common evil - Relena. He sighed and worked his way back up the aisle, trailing his hand over the backs of the seats.

"Trowa? Is that you down there?" He stopped, and tried to locate the owner of the voice. It took him a couple of minutes to realize that it was coming from above him, and he craned his neck back to see Quatre, leaning over the metal rail of the balcony, beckoning him. "Come on up." Trowa found the stairs leading to the balcony and climbed them, while feeling several degrees relief wash over him. He could tell Quatre about what had happened. Quatre *knew* what to do in these sorts of situations. Everything would work out in the end.

He found Quatre perched on a seat by himseld, looking rather reoccupied. Trowa walked into his line of vision and he looked up, smiling. "Oh, good. There's something I need to talk to you about, Trowa," he said furrowing his brow. "You see..." he bit his lip. Then he told him about Wufei and Treize. Wufei had left only a few moments ago. Quatre felt slightly...muddled. "But you see, Trowa, I believe him. Wufei, that is." Quatre tapped his fingers nervously on the armrest. "I mean, I just can't picture Wufei being a spy. He's too dedicated to our work. And in the most...religous way." Quatre tilted his head, looking up at the ceiling. "And if you want to know the truth," he added, "there just seemed to be something...oh, I don't know, wrong with Treize's attitude. It just didn't seem like him. I think he was lying..." Quatre suddenly looked at him sharply. "Look, don't tell anyone yet. Especially not Heero. He won't stop for explanations. I really think Wufei is telling the truth...and I don't think that Treize is...."

"What?" Trowa suddenly interrupted. "Playing with him? Quatre, he's the general of Oz, you can't believe -"

"I know, I know." Quatre sighed and put his chin in his hand. "Still...don't tell Heero. Or anyone else for that matter."

Trowa looked slightly uncomfortable. "All right," he agreed. "But I think he's got other things on his mind, anyway."

Quatre smiled a little. "What, Relena?"

"Well, her, too. But I'm thinking specifically of...Duo." Trowa looked at Quatre out of the corner of his eye. "I walked in on them yesterday...they were...you know..." To his utter embarrassment and complete confusion he found himself blushing. Why? It was Quatre, that was why.

"OH." Quatre's eyes widened slightly. "Really...? Ah. So that was why they were acting so..." he nodded at Trowa's affirmation. "I see. Well, I think it's best we let them deal with that themselves. They'll get a clue...after a while..." he laughed a little bit, then blinked. Well. Apparently, the part of Benny was affecting him more than he had realized.

But Trowa was smiling at him...and considering that Trowa's smiles were few and far between....well, that was all that mattered. He smiled back and moved a little closer. Trowa was just so...absolutely indescribable. He thought for a minute, and suddenly realized what he was feeling. He leaned his head against the back of the chair and looked up at Trowa. I could look at him all day, he thought. Look...and want.

How did they do it? he wondered. How did they take the first step, the big scary first step? It's all hazy, it's all unsure. You've got to put your foot out without knowing what's beneath it.

Unsteady, but encouraged, he leaned over closer to Trowa, and while the other boy was looking away, tried to kiss him on the side of his face. But Trowa, with some strange sort of intuition, turned his head towards Quatre at a pivotal moment, and took the kiss square on the mouth. Quatre froze, in disbelief that he was actually, really doing this. Then Trowa kissed him back.

When they broke, they kept their heads together, noses slightly touching. Quatre felt pure elation rush through his veins when he realized that Trowa had responded. And without another thought, he kissed him again.

-end part 8