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-Part 7- By Shanna Seanachai

A large group of students buzzed into the auditorium the next day, in a rustling of scripts and a squeak of sneaker soles. The late after-school sunlight trickled through the upstairs windows and reflected off the seats. The kids were belatedly followed by the drama teacher, looking rather frazzled, with her huge book bag slung on one shoulder, and as usual, more books and papers than she could carry overflowing her arms.

And then, finally, in a dejected trickle, the five pilots wandered. They were not in their usual cohesive group and the looks passed between them were strange. Duo and Heero were plain out avoiding one another. Trowa glanced at them in dismay and sidled off by himslef. Quatre, the only one seemingly unaffected by this unsual apathy, followed him, concerned.

Wufei came in last. He had a strange, haunted look in his eyes and he kept peering around, as if he were afraid of running in to someone. Duo noticed this, wondered briefly if it had anything to do with what ever had been worrying the Chinese boy last night, then went back to feeling sorry for himself.

The teacher seemed unaware of all this. She went through the long process of sorting through her material then called their atttention. "You've all been doing wonderfully," she said. "And today we're going to dig a little deeper. 'Christmas Bells' is a very complicated piece, and I'm going to need your full cooperation as we go through it. We're going to have to do each vocal layer at a time, get the rhythm down, and keep careful measure of the correct volume of your voices. It's going to be confusing and at times, very frustrating. But if everyone is calm and pays attention, it should go smoothly. Understood?"

The students nodded in mute agreement.

"We'll take it from the top."


5 Homeless People: Christmas Bells are ringing - Christmas Bells are ringing - Christmas Bells are ringing - on TV - at Saks....

Squeegieman: Honest Living, Honest Living....

5 Homeless: Can't you spare a dime or two? Here but for the grace of God go you. I'll be merry, you'll be merry - though 'merry' ain't in my vocabulary....no sleighbells....no Santa Claus...no yule log....no tinsel...no holly....no hearth no Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer....Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer!

No - room - at the Holiday Inn - Oh No...and it's beginning to snow.....


This was going to be awful.

Wufei's eyes were huge and he was casting about nervously to spot Treize among the people onstage. They had a scene coming up. He didn't want to do it. There was far too much tenderness involved.

But it was too late...and there was Treize...he looked so serious...

He was supposed to be buying a coat for Collins in this scene because Collins had been mugged and lost his own. And there were...so many moments...so close...he didn't know...

And then they were upon it....


Coat Vendor: How about a fur - in perfect shape - owned by an MBA from uptown? I got a tweed broken in by a greedy broker who went broke - and then broke down.

Treize: You don't have to do this...

Wufei: Hush your mouth, it's Christmas...


Treize leaned forward and looked him right in the eyes.


Treize: I do not deserve you, Angel - Give, give

Wufei: (to coat vendor) Wait!

Trieze: All you do

Wufei: (to coat vendor) What's on the floor?

Treize: Is give -

Wufei: (to coat vendor) Let's see some more...

Treize: Give me some way to show -

Wufei: (to COLLINS) No, no, no, no -

Treize: - how you've touched me so....


Treize had spoken that last line so personally to him, completely to him, and so quietly, that Wufei was barely aware of saying his next line:

"Kiss me, it's beginning to snow..."


Duo stared at the two from offstage, brow furrowed. Wow. The looks those two were shooting at each other - well, they certainly didn't look like glares-of-death to him. He mulled that over in his mind.

Ridiculous. Wufei never acted like that.



Trowa was silently berating himself for his mistake last night. He had obviously seriously hurt whatever may have been blossoming between Duo and Heero - and that was just unforvable for him. Perhaps it was because of his own physical and emotional loneliness that it mattered to him so much that his freinds found some happiness and companionship...Duo...Heero...Wufei...Quatre..


Could he? Just maybe?

No. Impossible.

It doesn't matter, in any case. Right now, it's Heero and Duo that are important. If there was only just some way he could convince them....could mend whatever he had disturbed...


Trowa: He said, 'Would you light my candle?' and he put on a pout, and he wanted you to take him out tonight...?

Heero: Right.

Trowa: ...He got you out!

Heero: He was more than okay - but I pushed him away - It was bad, I got mad, and I had to get him out of my sight...

Trowa: Wait, wait, wait - you said he was sweet!

Heero: Let's go eat. I'll just get fat - it's the one vice left when you're dead meat....

(MIMI enters, looking for his drug dealer)

Heero: There - that's him!

Trowa: Maureen? [1]

Heero: Mimi!!

Trowa: ....whoa!...

Heero: I should go...

Trowa: Hey - it's beginning to snow....


Duo didn't even want to look at Heero. Last night it had seemed natural, fine, but now he realized what a big mistake it was, and he was sure from the look on Heero's face that he thought so too. Their line of work...their youth...the concept of love could only be academic in their case...any one of them could die at any moment. They were just asking for a lot of problems.

But for awhile...it had seemed so right....


(ROGER pulls MIMI away from the drug dealer)

Heero: Hey...

Duo: Hey...

Heero: I just want to say...I'm sorry for the way...

Duo: Forget it!

Heero: ...I blew up. Can I...make it up to you?


It's funny, but it almost looks as if he means it, Duo thought.

Then his mind was swept away from the effort off keeping up with everyone else.


Squeegieman: Honest living -

Heero: Mark, this is Mimi -

Trowa/ Duo: Hi...

Heero: He'll be dining with us...

Coat Vendor: Here's a new arrival -

Drug Dealer: That is an ounce -

Treize: Hey - that's my coat!

Coat Vendor: We give discounts!

Trowa: I think we've met...

Wufei: Let's get a better one...

Treize: It's a sham!

Drug Dealer: I said it's gram!

Wufei: But she brought us together...

Quatre: (on his cell phone) Which investor's coming?

Treize: I'll take the leather.

Quatre: Your father? Damn!


Trowa and Heero: Let's go to the lot - Maureen's performing.

Duo: Who's Maureen?

Heero: His ex.

Trowa: But I am over her.

Heero: (to MIMI) Let's not hold hands yet...

Duo: Is that a warning?!

All three: He/ You/ I just need(s) to take it slow...

I should tell you I should tell you I should tell you I should tell you I ...

Everyone: And it's beginning to and it's beginning to and it's beginning to....


They all paused, expectant. The piano played a lttle bridge. Maureen is supposed to come on now, thought Heero. He paused, confused. Hadn't the teacher said something about the girl who was playing Maureen being called away...?

And then, from the crowd of people on stage she emerged. None of them had seen her until now. They all stood, completely shocked.

Relena put her hands on her hips and said her one line in this scene: "Joanne...which way to the stage?"

"....Snow!!!!" everyone else sang...except for five pilots and one Oz general.

-end part 7-

[1] I know this doesn't match up...I'm saying 'he' for Mimi because it's Duo and Maureen is a girl...but oh well..suspend disbelief...