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Title: RENT (Or, No Day But Today)
Author: Shanna Seanachai (
Series: GW
Part: 5
Warnings: Yoai
Disclaimer: GW belongs to Sunrise/Bandai. RENT belongs to the Estate of Jonathan Larson.
Pairings: Duo/Heero, Wufei/Trieze - slight.

"This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people (living, dead, or stolen by fairies). or to any real animals, gods, witches, countries and events (magical or otherwise), is just blind luck. Or so we hope."

If you want information on Rent you can go to a0 the official site ( or the Benny Tour site ( - The former has some pictures and sounds...the latter has the script and tour dates


Heero was sitting crosslegged on his bed, going over his script after rehersal when Duo came to the door.

" there?"

"Come in."

Duo came in, smiled and sat down at Heero's desk, with his chest to the back of the chair, hands on his knees.

"Weren't Trowa and Quatre so cute today? Those two really need to get a clue. It's obvious they both like each other!"

Heero looked at him strangely. "It is?"

Duo rolled his eyes. "Sure they do! They're made for each other. Opposites attract, and all that. They'll be good for each other, I think..." Duo's voice had faded into a husky whisper towards the end, and he lowered his gaze, seeming almost to look *through* Heero, not at though he was thinking of something else.

He flashed Heero a grin that was, and yet was not, anything like his normal, happy go lucky grin. "Besides," he sighed. "It's not like they'll probably have all the time in the world." He looked at Heero wistfully.

"What do you mean?"

Duo sighed again and went over to throw himself on the bed near Heero. There was something very...deliberate about it, Heero noticed, but he said nothing. Duo looked him squarely in the face. Duo's eyes were very sharp and aware as they stared through him; and Heero was pretty sure he could detect a slight edge of bitterness in his words. "It's not exactly as if we've got all the time in the world, Heero. Anyone of us could die at anytime.That's why it's so important for us to take what we can get while we can. Cause we might never have another chance..." he trailed off and, once again, sighed.

Heero looked down at the script open on the bedspread. "There's only now, there's only here..." he read, realizing he had said out loud only when Duo finished his sentence for him.

"Give in to love, or live in fear..." Duo leaned closer to him. "Heero..."

"D-D-Duo..." Shit! Was he stuttering?? What was wrong with him?

Duo looked at him in that deep way again, and then came closer and brushed his lips lightly across Heero's. Heero sat, frozen. Duo smiled in that wierd way and got up to go.


"I'll see you at rehersal tomorrow, Heero," Duo called as walked out. As if nothing had happened. As if...

The door closed, and he was gone.


Duo walked down the hallway towards his room, then suddenly changed his course. He turned right and went down the stairs. I'll go to the cafeteria, he thought. I..I don't want to run into Heero.

I shouldn't have done that, he scolded himself as he walked across the lobby, ignoring bewildered classmates who waved at him. I pushed...pushed it too far. He wasn't ready yet! It wasn't the right time.

You're such a bullshiter. What were you just talking about to him? Siezing the moment? Not having time to dawdle, to be unsure, to hope and dream and wish and cry yourself to sleep at night, you big baby. You're such a hypocrite.

He sat down in a corner table in the cafeteria and rested his head in his arms. Stupid. You should have tumbled him into the bed before he could say a word. I don't think he would have minded, really. Not after the way he was looking at you after that...little stunt.


Duo looked up without moving his head. A slightly disheveled (well, more disheveled than he ever had been in all the time Duo had known him) Wufei was standing to his right.

"Can I sit here?" Wufei asked.

Duo groaned inside. He just wanted to be alone. But when he looked at Wufei again, he took it all in this time. Fidgety hands. Chewing his lower lip. He's as much of a mess of me, Duo realized. What's made the almighty samurai so nervous?

Duo nodded toward the opposite seat.Wufei slid into it and slumped (slumped! Wufei never slumped.) as far into it as he could. Maybe I shouldn't have given him the part of Angel. Instead of loosening him up, it looks like it's driving him crazy.

"Anything bothering you?" he asked, his voice muffled by his arm.

Wufei's eyes got very large. "No..." he leaned a little closer and whispered urgently, "Do I look like it?"

Duo stared at him and simply nodded. To say anything else would have been rude.

Wufei sighed and put his face in his hands.

"Gee," said Duo propping his chin in his hands. "You got it bad."

"Got what?"

"Something. I wish you'd tell me."

Wufei rubbed his face vigorously. "I'm fine...I've just got a lot on my mind. You want a coffee?"

"Yeah...And then you can tell me what all this stuff on your mind is." Wufei eyed him baelfully.

"How do you want yours?" asked the lady behind the counter.

"Black," said Wufei.

"Decaf, or I'll never get to sleep," Duo said. "And lots of cream and sugar please, like you'd make it for a little

kid." He looked at Wufei out of the corner of his eye as she poured the coffee. "Is it the play?" he asked.

"Look, Wufei, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have meddled." Another thing I've done wrong...

Wufei looked away and mumbled, "It's all right."

"No, it's not! You're all...scrubby and it's all my fault!" Duo took his coffee and sat down. He felt like crying.

"Look," Wufei said, emphasising his words with his hands, "It's not just that....It's something else. Can we please," he pleaded, "*please* just leave it at that?"


"So what are you moping about?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Because you, unlike me, have a natural tendency to talk, and need to let it out or else you're going to go insane." Wufei took a sip of his coffee and stared at him over the edge.

Duo heaved a great sigh. "You really wanna know? Alright I'll tell you. I came onto Heero today."

Wufei made a choking noise and spat his coffee onto the floor. "What???"

Duo flushed and bent his head over his cup, letting the steam roll over his face. "Well, you wanted to know. And don't tell me that it isn't completely obvious to everyone but the Ice King that I've got the hots for him."

Wufei blushed. " what happened."

"I lost my nerve. I'm such a chicken shit."

"No, you were just...scared." Wufei half grinned. "Is this the whole reason for the musical?"

"Kind of." Now it was Duo's turn to blush. "Pretty lame, huh?" He started to take a sip of his coffee, but Wufei took it out of his hands."What are you..."

"Go talk to him."


"And don't mess it up!" Wufei stood up and pointed to the door. "Go!"

Duo, looking slightly cowed, took off.

"Good job, Angel."

Wufei jumped and looked behind him. Trieze was standing there smiling.

"Dammit. Why do you always sneak up like that?"

"It's my nature. Do you want to finish our practice?"

Wufei blushed. He hoped none of the pilots were around. He walked over to Trieze.

"I forgot the dance steps."

"That's all right."


--end part five-- tbc.

What a strange school this is! They're doing Rent as a school musical, they have telephones in thier dorms, and they sell coffe in the cafeteria (which is apparently open all day). Oh, well. Humour me.