Title: RENT
Author: Shanna Seanachai (pulse@freepcmail.com)
Series: GW
Part: 3
Warnings: None (so far)
Disclaimer: GW belongs to Sunrise/Bandai. RENT belongs to the Estate of Jonathan Larson.
Pairings: Wufei/Trieze.

"This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people (living, dead, or stolen by fairies). or to any real animals, gods, witches, countries and events (magical or otherwise), is just blind luck. Or so we hope."

If you want information on Rent you can go to a0 the official site (http://www.siteforrent.com) or the Benny Tour site (http://www.bennytour.com) - The former has some pictures and sounds...the latter has the script and tour dates.

"All right. Now, we're going to give "You, Ok, honey?" a try...It's pretty short, so we'll do the whole thing." The teacher turned around, eyes searching through the various assorted students in the auditorium. "Wufei? There you are. Come on."
Wufei made a noise of acute pain and dragged himself from his seat.
"What's wrong with you?" asked Heero, who had just jumped down from the stage.
"What's wrong??" hissed Wufei. "My character is..is..is!!!!"
"A transvestite?"
A spasm of anger passed through Wufei's face. He looked like he was going to burst a blood vessel. "So what?? So what???"
"At least *you* don't have to play opposite Duo..." Heero muttered, taking his seat.
Wufei climbed up onto the stage, wanting so much to blend in with the woodwork. I can't believe this is happening to me....he thought. Things just can't get worse.
A man walked up onto the stage. Wufei recognized him at once.
"What -- what are you doing here??" Out of the corner of his eye he could see the other four pilots' jaws drop at the sight of Trieze Kushrenada, wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt, with his hair died blonde.
"I'm vacationing, if you must now. These are so much easier to pull off...while slightly...disguised. And I thought, since I was in the area, I might soak up a little...art and culture." Trieze smiled slyly at him.
"Great good Gods. You aren't --" Perhaps he had been wrong. Apparently, things could get much, much worse.
"Now, Wufei, you are a street drummer...and try to be kind of..." the teacher waved her hand as if to emulate pure swish. "...okay? And Mr. Garridy -" (apparently that was the name he was going under) "You've just been mugged. Got it? Okay. Ready? Action!"
Wufei blinked a few times and the words came from his mouth of thier own volition.
"You okay, honey?"
Trieze: I'm afraid so.
Wufei: They get any money?
Trieze: No. Had none to get. But they purloined my coat. (ANGEL goes over to help him)
Well you missed a sleeve! -- Thanks.
Wufei: Hell, it's Christmas Eve! I'm Angel.
Trieze: Angel...? Indeed. (Heavy with intent ^_^) An angel of the first degree! Friends call me Collins. Tom Collins. (pointing to a Xmas tree that isn't there at the moment) Nice tree.
Wufei: Let's get a band-aid for your knee -- I'll change. There's "Life Support" meeting at nine-thirty -- yes, this body provides a comfortable home...for the Acquired Immune Defiency Syndrome...
Trieze: As does mine...
Wufei: Well, we'll get along fine! Get you a coat, have a bite, make a night, I'm flush!
Trieze: But my friends are waiting!
Wufei: You're cute when you blush...the more the merri - ho ho ho! And...I do not take "no"...
"Very good, you two!" The teacher beamed up at them.
Wufei stared at Trieze, completely bewildered. Had he really just said all of that stuff? Acted like that? He felt his face doing a slow burn. He could Duo snickering in the third row.
"Until, next time, Angel," murmured Trieze in his ear, and swiftly departed.
Wufei groaned slightly and limped off in the opposite direction.
"What are we going to do?" whispered Quatre nervously.
Heero stared at the two retreating figures onstage. "We can't strike at Kushrenada just yet. We'd blow our cover -- and at the moment, that would *not* be a good idea."
"Then we'll just have to play along?" asked Trowa.
"I believe so."
"Poor Wufei!" Quatre worried.
"If I had known..." said Duo, trying to sound remorseful but doing a bad job at it, "I never would have..."
"Shut up, Duo," muttered Heero. "It's you who got us into this whole mess -- and wipe that smirk off your face!"
'The girl who is playing Maureen is absent today..." murmured the teacher. "I wonder where? I'm surprised. She was so excited about this. Well, we'll just to hold off on her." She gestured for everyone to gather around. "Is everyone free tomorrow? Good. We'll meet here again at noon. Trowa -- come an hour early. Everyone practice! ...uh. You can go now."
Wufei was trying meditate. HIs nerves were like a coiled spring. And he couldn't think, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't read! First this awful musical, then Trieze. For sure, there had been a moment when he hadn't even remembered that the man was his enemy, and he hadn't *really* minded the way those eyes had been sizing him up during thier scene, but...
Stop it! he thought. You must clear your mind. Stop thinking about him!
He tried to relax. He...
He remembered putting his hand on Trieze shoulder...the feel...cloth over skin over muscle..
Wufei sighed and gave up. It was useless. He flopped bac on the bed and tried once again to go to sleep...
Duo was sitting at his desk, pretending to study. He's had every intention to read about the life span of beetles when he'd sat down, but now the type kept swimming in front of his eyes, and his mind kept drifting away...
Heero sure was cute today.
He has a nice voice.
I wonder what he was thinking about when we were singing?
He sure was kind of pissed at me later, though.
He groaned slightly and put his head down on the desk. That bothered him. How was he supposed to know that Trieze Kushrenada was going to pop in on all this? It's not fair, he thought, wrinkling his face up in frustration. Something always gets in the way! I'm *not* letting this pass me by! I'm getting Heero no matter what this time!
"But I like my part!" Denise Richards scowled and crossed her arms.
"Listen, girlie," hissed Relena. "Do you know who I am?"
"I don't care!" Denise shouted. "I want to be Maureen."
Relena lost control. She had to be in this play with Heero! "Give me your part!!!!" she screamed.
Denise surveyed her with wide eyes. What, was she going to pull a temper tantum? Something told her that it might just be easier to back off. She *really* did not need to get into some kind of hoo-rah with this crazy girl. "Fine," she muttered.
"Good." Relena calmed down and smiled. "Now, why don't you calm down, call the teacher, and tell her that there has been some problem, some family thing, or school problem, and you will not be able to act in the musical. However..." Relena put one arm conspiratorily around the other girl's shoulder. "You know a good replacement...don't you Miss Richards?"

-end part three-