Title: RENT
Author: Shanna Seanachai (pulse@freepcmail.com)
Series: GW
Part: 2
Warnings: Mild Yaoi.
Disclaimer: GW belongs to Sunrise/Bandai. RENT belongs to the Estate of Jonathan Larson.
Pairings: Duo/Heero

The day of rehersal dawned bright and early A certain Chinese boy could not spare the time to appreciate it, though.
"Maxwell!" he called out as he stormed into the auditorium after his last class. "Where are you, you coward? Come out and face me!" He gripped the script in one hand clenched hand, the knuckles white.
"Yes, Wu? Have a problem with your part?" Duo asked cooly, as he stepped out from backstage.
"YOU -- YOU!!!!" Wufei screamed so enraged he could barely force the words from his mouth. The nerve of --!!! And he wants to know --!! A problem ---!?!?!
"Chill out, Wufei."
"Chill - chill ???? You're telling me to --???" Wufei thrust the offending script towards Duo like a katana. "*This* is my problem! How dare you give me the part of - of - a perverted...immoral..."
"Hey! Angel was a wonderful, caring, kind person. You" - Duo pushed the script into Wufei's shocked face - "Could maybe learn a thing or two from him." He took Wufei by the shoulders and turned him towards the auditorium seats. "Now, I suggest you sit down, Wu-man, and study your lines. Cause *you* got a grade to earn."
Wufei made a wimpering sound in his throat. "Just answer me this. Who -" he looked at Duo desparately, "is playing Collins?"
Duo shrugged. "As to that bit of information, I am sadly clueless. The Drama teacher picked him, as well as a few other roles."
Wufei sighed. He opened the script.
" 'You okay, Honey?' " he read.
"Quatre, listen to me."
"But I can't act like this, Duo! I just can't!" Quatre looked almost as if he was going to cry.
Duo sighed and shook his head sorrowfully. "Quate, Quatre," he said, putting one arm around him. "This is exactly the reason you were picked! You need to get some back bone, man. You're super, of course -- but you gotta stand up for yourself! Now...Trowa, what's your problem?"
'It's nothing really. I just thought I'd be in the band."
"Not this time, my man. I'm sure you'll do a great job, though." If Duo hadn't known any better, he could have sworn he saw a wistful gleam in Trowa's (one visible) eye.
"What's the deal, Duo?" Heero said from behind him. Duo swirled to meet him, smiling. The deal? Oh, he'd find out. Soon enough.
"I don't see what the joke is. I can handle this part. No problem."
"I'm sure you can, Heero." He patted him on the shoulder. "I have every faith in you."
"We'll start from scene one. I need Mark and Roger, center stage." The teacher, a young woman with a slightly absent-minded look about her, clapped her hands to attract attention. "Move it, people! We need to use our time creatively."
Heero and Trowa came out onto the stage. They both looked slightly lost, but determined.
"Now, Trowa, you're the narrator, as well as a main character...where's your script?"
"I've memorized it."
The teacher's eyes boggled. "Already?"
Trowa nodded.
"Me, too." Heero spoke up, crossing his arms in front of him.
"Well, okay." The teacher composed herself and cleared her throat. "Anyway. Trowa - remember, you are a frustrated film maker who's just broken up with his girlfriend. Heero, you are despondent ex-musician with AIDS who hasn't left the house since the suicide of his girlfriend half a year ago." She paused for a second. "Ready? Action."
Trowa cleared his throat. "We begin on Christmas Eve with me, Mark, and my roomate, Roger. We live in an industrial loft on the corner of 11th street and Avenue B. The top floor..."
The teacher winced silently through the Intro until Trowa finally ground to a stop. "Well...we may have to work on inflection. But that was a good first try. Now let's go to the next scene. Ready? Action."
Trowa took a deep breath. "December 24th 9 PM Eastern Standard time From here on in I shoot without a script. See if anything comes of it..."
'Hold it!!! Hold it!" The teacher waved her arms desperatley in a cut-it motion. "Trowa? Did you listen to the tape I gave you? There's a rhythm that goes with these lines, a candence. It's like a song."
Trowa stared again. "Do you want me to start over?"
The teacher sweatdropped. "Eh...no. Maybe we should work on this separately. Let's go to.." she flipped through her script. "Light My Candle. Where's Mimi?"
Duo came on stage smiling encouragingly at Trowa, who was going to sit down. He waved at Heero.
"You can't mean..." Heero stared at him, eyes rapidly growing large. "You can't be...MImi?"
"You bet!" Duo brushed his hands together and pushed his sleeves up. "Why...that bother you?"
"No." Heero snorted...but a bit uncertainly.
"Now we don't have any music, but this is just a run through. So don't worry. Remember - Heero, you think it's Mark, coming back. You two have never met before. Duo, you're sick because you're going through withdrawal. And act kind of flirty. Ready? Go." The teacher made a knocking sound on the seat in front of her.
Heero: What'd you forget? -Oh.
Duo: (miming holding a candle) Got a light?
Heero: I know you...You're - you're shivering.
Duo: It's nothing, they turned off my heat...and I'm just a little weak on my feet. (holding out the nonexistant candle) Would you light my candle?....What are you staring at?
Heero: Nothing. Your hair in the moonlight...you look familiar! (pretends to light the candle. He then catches MIMI as she starts to fall) Can you make it?
Duo: Just haven't eaten much today...at least the room's stopped spinning anyway! Anyway...What?
Heero: Nothing Your smile reminded me of --
Duo: I always "remind people of"...Who is it?
Heero: She died. Her name was April...
Duo: (miming blowing out the candle) Oh! It's out again...sorry about your friend. Would you light my candle?
Heero: (lighting the candle) Well...
Duo: Yeah...Ouch!
Heero: (Stepping closer) Oh, the wax...it's --
Duo: Dripping! (steps even closer) I like it....between my...
Heero: Fingers...(almost nose to nose with MIMI now) I figured...oh, well, goodnight.
Heero and Duo looked up, startled. They both realized exactly how close they had gotten during the performance. They both blushed and jumped away.
The teacher and half the students were applauding them. "*Very* good, Heero, Duo! That was a wonderful job."
Duo smiled broadly at Heero. "Well...I'm surprised."
"What?" Heero asked suspiciously. He was still feeling disconcerted by thier recent closeness. Duo's smell was on him now, and he could remember the feel of Duo's hair brushing against his bare arm.
Duo turned away to walk off stage and looked over his shoulder at him. "You *can* sing..." he explained, and left Heero standing there, bewildered and blushing furiosly.

-end of part two-