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Imminent Fate, part 7


"You see, dying in war is fine because you have passed though Death and now am living happily in either World. But when you die there- you disappear. Completely."

Duo sucked in his breath silently. So there was actually life after war, then. Although he knew he shouldn't believe in such things, he couldn't help but hope. Besides, he had seen some very strange things that week. He could convince himself to believe in heaven and hell easily. Except, from what Zechs was saying, it wasn't actually hell but heaven both ways. As long as they're happy....

"What's with the concept that we'll be happy after we die?" Duo asked sarcastically. "You make it seem like we should be eager to die."

"You shouldn't," Zechs said, shooting Duo an annoyed look that said he didn't like to be interrupted. "But yes, it is much happier after death. You can choose what makes you happy, but Earth is a trial. Some would call living on Earth the true Hell, because no one seems to want to come back here even though they have a chance to anytime that they want to. Rebirth is for the brave ones who are not afraid of pain and death. Either that or they are so in love with someone else that they will do anything to try over again and maybe get a happier ending. Either way, there's no happy ending unless you will it to be one. You just keep going over and over again, while not making the same mistakes you made last time, but making new ones."

"Thank you, Sherman," Duo murmured under his breath as he watched Zechs warily. "That makes us feel so much better."

Eypon's pilot frowned. "This isn't supposed to make you feel any better. This is to inform you so that you wouldn't be left out in the information share. There could be critical moments when you need to understand this structure in order to get through a trial. Who knows what you could be going through. I certainly don't."

Duo grumbled for a little bit more before settling a glance at Heero. There was something more going on behind his partner's stoic facade, that much he knew for sure. But what? Heero had reacted about the reincarnation bit quite a bit startingly.

"What about alicorns?" Heero asked suddenly, startling not only Duo, but the rest of the audiance as well. "What is their involvement in this?"

Zech quickly got over his startled expression. "Alicorns are rarely seen, although when they are seen, it would be in Elysian. They serve as replacement Guardian Angels, for the people whose Guadian has died already. They are rare and few in between, but they serve their cause and purpose even better than the actual Angels sometimes. It could be because they feel more, and therefore are easier to hurt. They might not have the powers that Angels have, but they have the ability to actually come to see their charges."

"Charges?" Quatre questioned, almost hesitant to say the word, not really wanting to know what it meant.

"The people that they are assigned to. Each person in this world has a Guardian Angel. But those Angels are few, and there cannot be enough Angels for all the people in this world. So sometimes where are replacements- the alicorns. Those who have alicorns to guide them are both blessed and cursed for they do not have the protection they should have when with a Guardian Angel. But they do have all the will to live- as much as an alicorn does. The alicorns would be the one to teach the child how to live, and when that child grows up, they would be the one to live by that alicorn's example.

"Almost like having another parent along the way."

"So what if you've seen an alicorn before?" Heero continued to question.

Zechs stared at the youth the a short time. "Seen an alicorn? So what if you've seen an alicorn before? Should you consider them a threat? I don't think so. Be blessed that you've seen such a mythical creature, because they are usually very careful about who they let into their presense. It is because the whole world can see them that they are so careful. There used to be hunters who would hunt unicorns and kill them as sports. Now the unicorns are all but extinct. Alicorns have learned from that weakness. They will not be tempted into simple helping people. They must have a reason, and a strong one at that."

Duo grit his teeth for a moment, now knowing exactly what Heero was asking about. The black alicorn at the Delos's party.... the one who had suddenly appeared to destroy the Dark Ones in their presense and then disappear as suddenly as she had come.

"Alright, enough of this," Wufei spoke up. "Alicorns or not, we don't know a thing that's useful about them. We need to know how to get a message through the the Angels about the deaths of the Daejins. In order to do that, we have to pass through Death. That's not an option I hope to attain. So is there anything else that we can do?"

"No." The simplicity of the answer gave a shocking effect. "The only way to figure out why those beings are dying are to directly as the Angels themselves. They are the ones who maintain what goes on, and they are the only ones who might be able to put a stop to this. The Dark Ones do not spare anyone. If there is anyone in this group who had never felt the presense of Despair and Doubt leaning over their shoulder before, then I would suggest that perhaps they are a Guardian Angel in disguise."

There were well-known looks passed throughout the group. In the hard lives that they had led, all of them had felt despair at one time or another. And with the lives they currantly led- well, they would be narcissic not to have felt doubt during the war. Doubt was something they needed to remind them to make sure and double-check. It wasn't always a bad thing.

"I know what you're thinking," Zechs said. "Despair might fall in the catagory of 'bad', but Doubt keeps you on your toes. It's not always a bad thing to have doubt, but when in the Barriers in-between the worlds, Doubt is even worse than Despair because it will sooner tear you apart then let you through to the other World. You can NOT Doubt yourself in the worlds beyond, especially not in the Barriers. If you do, it'll be all the easier for you to fall into the Void. That's something you don't want to do."

"If that's it, how the hell do you expect anyone to cross the barriers to get into Elysian, anyway?" Wufei groused. "Those Angels that you talk about- if you're the boss of the planes, then why would they not know about what's happening to those souls?"

"That's what we're trying to figure out. The Angels should know about this, but they don't seem to. We have to have someone from the other World to guide someone through the Barrier. There's no way that any of us can pass through Death without being able to come back again for long."

"Would an alicorn help guide?"

Zechs glared at Duo. "A mythical creature? Well, yes, but unless you can somehow come up with one and make them stay as well as convice them to help you, I don't really see a possibility in that."

Ahh. So an alicorn would be able to get the message through.

Duo's eyes glazed over as he thought once again about the black creature that had helped him at the party, and he wondered what he had to do to convice her to help him.

He really didn't want to use that alicorn as a way to get through Barriers. He really didn't.

But then he would remembered the cries for help and the pleas for redemption if only they would be allowed another chance.

And then he would shudder.


The door opened to the large house in construction and eyes were narrowed suspiciously. The scene is almost exactly the same as before, only this time with different people and at a different place.

"What do you want?" asked the voice of Diana Delos, glaring out at her visitor who was staring back at her calmly. "What is it this time?"

Her visitor's coat completely covered him, almost obscuring who he was, except for the pale blue eyes that glared at her. "I need a message." He said quietly, not at all concerned about the way she was scowling about him.

"We don't 'do' messages." Diana snapped, her hands still on the door. "You'll have to find someone else."


Before the door could close, the man already stepped in, heedless of the anger and wrath of the girl behind him. "There's been a problem. I need to get a message past the Barrier."

"We already know that there's been a problem," the girl growled. "And we also know that you can get a message through the Barrier easily enough. Why come here to have us do the dirty work?"

"Because I need to get a message to Elysian."

The girl opened the door wider. "Get out. That's an impossible thing to do."

Trieze turned to face the girl he had been talking to, and stared at her coldly. "You already know about what's been happening, yet you refuse to acknowladge it? Have the Delos's really grown that cold?"

"Cold is not how to describe it." Diana said. "But we know when to back off because it is out of our league. Magic is not something to be toyed with so easily. Anything gone wrong and whatever message that you wanted will be intersected by the Void. Then they will go after the sender. When we're the ones who will be targetted. I can't let that happen."

"You will risk the souls of everyone in Daejin to preserve your line? I have never known the Delos' to be that heartless."

Diana winced. "It's not our line that we're trying to preserve."

"But you've seen what happens. I bet that your house is in this condition because of what happened. Is that not correct?"

Diana's wince grew visibily bigger. "Yes."

"As in it is correct?"

"That's none of your business."

Trieze gave the girl a cold stare before heading out the door once again. "Think about it. When you change your mind, you know where to find me." With that, he left Diana well enough alone.


"Any luck so far?"

"No. The witches refuse to work with us. We'll have to find some other form of magic to help us through the Barrier."

"The demons are more than ready to give their help-"

"They can't reach Elysian no matter what they try. The only way to get through to the Angels is from their own World or with magic powerful enough to pierce through not only one, but two Barriers. The only magic strong enough to do so is the Greek Witches."


"...so have they agreed to help?"

"Yes, actually. It didn't take much to convince them. Pilot 01's been asking about alicorns, though."

"Has he? You don't suppose that he knows an alicorn?"

"Heero Yuy?" There was a snort on the other line. "I doubt that. Those raised by alicorns are full of emotions, and feel too much. I wouldn't put it past pilot 04 to have seen an alicorn, though."

"I see. I never expected them to help."

"They will better our chances at getting through to the Angels."

"Perhaps. We'll see, won't we?"

"Aa. We'll see."



Wufei sighed heavily as Zechs left the room to make a phone call. Most of the other pilots had already left, with the single exception of Duo, who had said that he needed to talk to him.

Duo was currently sulking at the table, not even trying to hide his bad mood. His thick bangs hid his eyes, making it seem more more like he was pouting at the table with his lips pearced so.

Wufei was silent, waiting for the normally loud American pilot to start the conversation. He felt uncomfortable considering that he was going to actually have a serious conversation with Duo. Sure, Duo was his friend and they got along just well together (he considered their arguements like how normal people converse... ^^;;) and they both liked each other well enough, but having a serious conversation with Duo... well, he'd have to hold out on whatever insults that he had at the moment. Duo, too. He hoped that they could both do that.

"Do you believe him, Wu-man?"

Wait. Duo was looking up at him. Wufei stopped pacing and gave the DeathScythe pilot a strange look. "Believe him? He's speaking nonsense."

There was a quiet, "Oh."

Wufei sighed again and sat himself down across from Duo. "But then, I suppose I should with all that has been going on. I still don't know much about Guardian Angels, though." He gave a hoarse laugh. "If everyone has Guardian Angels, why is there this war in the first place? Why do people die the way they do? Why is there all this pain?"

Meiran... she never believed in Guardian Angels, Wufei didn't add.

Duo looked at his comrade warily, and then propped his head onto an elbow, twisting his arm in an unnatural angle that made Wufei wince looking at it(1). "I don't know... it would sure explain why Heero's so damn hard to kill." There was a familiar grin on his lips.

Wufei snorted, relieved that Duo was actually behaving as he should be now. "Perhaps... what was that weird stuff Yuy was sprouting out eariler, anyway? Alicorns?"

Duo swallowed nervously.

"Zechs... well, we can't exactly say that we've been on the best of terms with him. I'm surprised they've kept so much from us." Wufei didn't need to point out who 'they' were. All five Gundam pilots were excellent at what they did, and had been able to go up against the biggest organization for a while. It was hard to be told that you were where you were at only because someone managed to spare you and give a blind eye to your weaknesses.

"But do you believe what he said?" Duo pressed.

Wufei hesitated, staring at the wooden table intently and running his eyes along the dim scratches of the table being recently used. "Do I believe what he said?" He echoed, almost numbly.

After a minute, he looked into Duo's eyes, seeing a desperate need for an answer there. "Yes. Even if it goes against everything I believe and have been taught, yes. I'll question myself why later."

Duo visibly relaxed, and he gave a sincere smile. "Thank you, Wufei. Your answer means a lot to me."

Wufei nodded slowly, and made no move when Duo pushed himself away from the table, and stood, the chair scraping loudly against the smooth floor.

"I guess we both believe in something that perhaps we both can't prove?"


There was a moment of silence between the two before Duo moved for the door.


Duo paused. "Yeah?"

"Do you believe in what he said? Really believe?"

There was a small chuckle from where Duo was standing. Never turning to face his friend, he replied, "Yes." And left the room.

Wufei watched his friend go, making no move to stop him.




1.) I do that twisted elbow thing all the time when I write, and every time I do that, my friends make a choked gurgle in front of me. I find it really relaxing, though, like burying your face in the crook of your arm- only twisting the arm the other way to lift your head high enough so you can see what's on the table. That's a good thing when I write.


End part 7.

Okay, this is *not* turning into a 2+5. I really do like to think that Duo and Wufei are best friends, despite their differences. 1+2 part isn't here yet, although it's coming. ^_^ Grave writing, ne? This is what I get when I listen to Ginny Owens for too long. Don't get me wrong, I'm not Christian, but I just like her songs. Besides, I wrote half of this at 1 in the morning on a sleepover. It doesn't make sense because I don't make sense at a time like that.