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Imminent Fate, part 1

Duo pressed his forehead to the cool glass before letting out a minute sigh. It was raining outside... the mere fact which could once get him up and bouncing out the door in an attempt to play in the rain. Every one of them had missed enough childhood for them to give up on what was left of their lives...

But he really didn't feel like it today. It was one of those days where he wished that he could just hide himself under the covers and sleep his life away. He had left his room because he knew that there was no way he could keep a smile today. It wasn't the date that bothered him... oh no. It was just one of those days where he couldn't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. When he couldn't remember if he had dreamed up an event, or if it had been real.


He turned to see Quatre smiling gently at him from outside the door. The blonde Arabian was hiding his hands in his jeans pocket, looking very much like a nervous teen.

Which he was supposed to be. But wasn't.

"Duo?" Quatre asked again, looking at him worriedly before walking up to the dim light that made out the American's figure. Sitting himself on the otherside of the windowsill, Quatre peered at his friend. "What's wrong?"

Duo sat blankly for about a minute before blowing out his breath. There was a hint of sadness in the normally happy voice as he said, "Nothing, actually. I don't know what's wrong with me today, Quatre. I'm sorry for worrying you... I'm just not really in the mood to talk today."

The Arabian gave a small sigh and nodded. "Alright, then. I suppose we all know how you feel... and I'll make sure the others leave you alone for today. But just remember, if you feel like talking, or just some companionship, we're all here to help."

Duo gave no response. He looked out the glass at the light rain that was falling outside, and again wondered why he was so bothered by the dark skies. There was a soft 'click' as Quatre exitted and closed the door behind him, making sure that no one else would disturb Duo in his thoughts.

With a soft sigh, Duo pulled his knees up to his chest. Today just felt so *wrong*. He knew there was something bothering him... but Hell! He just couldn't figure out why he was so upset.

_Well,_ he thought with a smirk, _Maybe I can._

Considering how distant Heero had been acting for the past week, it was a miracle that Duo had kept it together for so long. Duo knew Heero better than the other boy thought he did. He could feel the times when Heero would just stare at his back, wondering why Duo did the things he did.

The dark haired Japanese pilot was a complete mystery to almost anyone who met him. Perhaps that was why Relena was so attracted to Heero. It would take a strong person to figure that mystery out.

He wondered if it was the mystery he had come to love, or the person. It wouldn't be fair to Heero if... Duo pushed his bangs from his face violently. Heero falling in love with him was unexpected. Duo hadn't the time to come to terms with his own emotions yet, and he was very surprised that the Perfect Soldier had already accepted his own feelings.

_He probably already analized the feeling and word until he realized that he can't push it away,_ Duo thought sarcastically. _So much for no weaknesses. But... can I do the same?_

He had no doubt that he loved Heero. He knew that Heero felt the same. So now it's just a fucking fairy tale come true, right?


Dear God, why couldn't anything be easy in his life? The one thing that he was conviced was going to be the hardest challenge for him whapped him in the face and melted into a puddle.

What did he mean by that? He didn't know.

_Heero..._ Duo gave a shake to his head, and listened carefully as he heard Quatre whisper to Wufei about not disturbing him. Heero was out getting the groceries for them, (Duo had no doubt that every meal for the next week was going to be disgustingly healthy... and that Duo just might 'find' one or two of the snacks he had 'hidden' away so long ago that he forget about it.) and Trowa was out on some minor mission.

Leaning his head against the cool glass again, Duo watched the rain drip down the window, focusing his eyes to the dim-lit streets outside. Maybe if he looked hard enough, he could see Heero coming back...

Wait. There.

Duo squinted as he saw a black shape stop slowly approch the house. He was on the second floor, but visibility was poor in this weather. Who in the world would possibly be out now(except for him, of course)? Even Heero drove when it was raining, not wanting to 'endanger' the mission by getting sick.


Duo startled, nearly falling out of his window seat as he turned around, about to give Wufei a piece of his mind for interrupting his thoughts, maybe also wipe that smirk on the Chinese boy's face which was sure to be there because Duo was actually *thinking* for once...

There was no one in the room.

A flash of lightning gave the darkened room an eerie look before the light faded, giving way to the small lamplight that was lit on the desk. Duo held his breath as his violet eyes scanned the room, looking and spreading his senses to see if there was anyone else in the room besides him.

Again, no one.

The lightning flashed again, this time strange because of the odd silence that accompanied it instead of the usual thunder rolling.

Mentally scolding himself for being so childishly scared of monsters and thunderstorms, Duo turned his attention on the outside world once more. Everything still looked the same, down the the black figure that had been moving before.

That black figure. Duo pressed his face against the glass, hoping to see more than just the form. As he studied the disfigured form, he realized he was looking at a horse. No, not really a horse. It had something large attached to its back. TWO large somethings.

_A Pegasus?_ He quickly went over the Greek mythologies that included Pegasus in it, then shook his head. Such creatures did not exist.

Then why was the thought of a pegasus so familiar... and comforting? Sure, he believed in the omens that unicorns were good luck... but he hadn't ever heard of anything about Pegasus before. A legendary horse that flew heros? Very unlikely.

Duo pressed both hands to the glass now, searching for the black figure, wishing that it would look up at him. He couldn't see the black horse anymore, and that made Duo sad, though he was unsure why.

"It was probably a trick of the light," Duo murmured to himself, taking his hand back from the glass that was now so cold. He smiled grimmly to himself, and stretched his legs out on the rest of the windowsill. He really had to get out of that attitude before Heero came back. It wouldn't be too nice to subject the poor, confused soldier to a load of pissed Duo, would it?

Naaaaah. Too tempting.

Feeling a tiny bit of his usual cheer come back to him, Duo bounced off the seat he was sitting on and gave a good stretch, hearing his back pop in a way that just felt *so good*...

There was a slight push on his arm, a nuzzling that make Duo look side- ways to see what he was brushing against.

Liquid dark eyes looked back at him patiently.

+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ --- @o@!!

Quatre looked up from where he was reading on the couch to see Heero entering the room, scowling and brushing wet bangs aside. "Ohayo, Heero." The blonde boy said with a smile. "I take it you forgot the umbrella?"

"Hn." Heero grunted and made his way up the stairs, pausing only to take a look at the door which he came from.

Quatre knew that he should probably tell Heero about Duo's mood, but then pushed it aside as he realized that Heero was the only one who hadn't ever seen Duo's dark moods. It was about time for the pilot of Wing to realize that Duo Maxwell actually took some time everyday to himself just to think about things. Quatre knew that Duo didn't want Heero to know, but there were just some things that Heero had to know about Duo if they were to work together on a more... private level.

"Do you really think that those two will ever stop to realize how they keep dancing around each other?" Quatre asked to the darkness behind the couch.

There was a faint ruffling noise as Trowa shifted, not answering the small Arabian in words but in the presense that he was thinking about it.

Quatre looked back at his book, the words forgotten. "I hope so."

^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ --- >.<!!


Duo pressed his face into the thick, black hide. He didn't know why the creature was so familiar, but he wasn't going to complain.

He had nearly shrieked when he saw the dim shape of the winged horse that had been in the streets behind him. But when the small horse nuzzled him on the chest, it was just so... *right*. It didn't even bother Duo that there was a foot long black horn pertruding from the creature's forehead.

Things had gone on from there as Duo verbally tried to communicate with the animal, a bit in awe of the mythical creature that was so fond of him. To his disappointment, the alicorn didn't seem to understand what he was saying, much less his questions about 'how the hell an alicorn could exist in days like these...'

It was when the creature folded a wing around him that he realized questions like that were useless. It was probably just a dream. A dream that he had better take advantage of, considering the luck it meant to have a mythical creature visit your dreams.

Duo sighed happily against the alicorn's neck. He was curled up against the black mare, warm with a blanket of rough feathers protecting his back. The horse smelled of fresh rain, and Duo couldn't help but wonder at how he was going to explain this to Heero if the alicorn was real.

He could feel the mare nuzzling his forehead, and frowned at how realthe contact felt. The alicorn was real enough in his mind. He could almost remember times like this... but he had been a child then.

He remembered this warm feel and the smell of fresh rain before he had met Solo... when he had been alone on the streets. He remembered the feeling after Solo died, before he was brought to the church. And also after the church fell... he remembered curling up to a warmth that had nuzzled him, made him feel safe when he was alone. The feel of weathered feathers that had once been soft, and the thought that he had to get through the situation intact because he was still needed.

"I remember you," Duo murmured into the feathers, his hand curling around the mane of black hair that was slipping down the thick neck. "You're the one who gave me to Howard... was there when I was on that shuttle..."

The alicorn whinnied softly, careful not to disturb the teenaged boy who was slipping into sleep by her side.

"You're as dark as the night," Duo continued to talk, not caring if his speech was getting slurred. "What's your name, Night Mare? Or should I just call you NightMare? I think it's rather appropriate..."

Liquid black eyes stared blankly at him, urging him to go to sleep.

Resting his head on the black hide, Duo's eyes slid shut slowly. He gave a lopsided smile as he realized he was forgetting all about this incident.

^Sleep, young one. You have a big battle ahead.^

Duo nodded slowly. "'Kay." His voice was faint. "But I wish I'd remember you when I wake up... I wanna remember this..."

The alicorn... NightMare, just settled to watch the American boy slip into a deep slumber before moving again.

*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* --- ^_~!!

Toweling his hair dry, Heero slipped into the room that he and Duo shared. He had showered to get the acidy rain from his body, and was now curious to see how his partner would try to bother him today.

Heero couldn't deny the growing attraction between him and the pilot of DeathScythe anymore than he could deny the fact that he was human. He hadn't realized this until last week, when Duo and Wufei had been called to a mission, and he had the room all to himself.

He had never been so unnerved by the silence in his life. There was no music playing in the background, no sound of feet from someone running across the room and bouncing up and down trying to get his attention. Not even the soft breathing that was now so familiar, so calm and soothing to Heero.

Closing the door behind him, Heero turned on the lights in the room. Sure, the lamp was on... but Duo wasn't usually one who liked the darkness. He was perfectly fine with turning on everything he could to make him look like he was in a constant spotlight.

Turning around, Heero was startled slightly by the image of Duo asleep at the windowsill, his head in the soft curtains and one hand curled under his chin, pulling at the silk curtain.

Heero had watched Duo sleep many, many times. Each time was embedded permenately into Heero's memory, the image of Duo looking so peaceful and young and... *innocent* was something that Heero was not used to. But this time... this time there was a genuine smile splitting Duo's face, making the other boy unbearably cute.

Heero's eyes softened considerbly as he took in that thought. Walking lightly enough not to wake the sleeping boy, Heero slipped his arms under Duo and lifted him up, standing there for a moment and enjoying the sensation of having the DeathScythe pilot so close.

Duo's hand, having left the grasp of the curtain, now seeked Heero's shirt as he fisted a bunch of the soft material and sighed, snuggling into Heero's chest.

Wing's pilot froze, his arms going rigid as Duo snorted in complaint. It took a few minutes before Heero was able to move again, walking to Duo's bed and gently laying the boy down under the blankets, making sure to pull the comforter up to Duo's chin.

Taking an extra minute just to look at Duo, Heero allowed himself a small smile that strained at his mouth muscles. There was just something about the self-proclaimed Shinigami that was so attractive. Some light in who Duo was that made the people around him feel so much lighter. He wasn't sure what it was, but Heero felt that he just had to understand that feeling before he was worthy enough to recieve it.

Taking care to allow Duo's hand to grip the comforter, Heero sat down on his own bed. He should really be scanning for missions right now... be looking for something that OZ was hiding up their sleeve.

But that could wait just a while longer. He would watch Duo for just a while longer....

@_@_@_@_@_@_@_@_@_@ --- ;-D !!

NightMare turned her head and shook out her mane. The rain was starting to soak into her wings, but she didn't mind. Her little one was safe again.. The Dark Ones were taking an interest in her adopted human, and was sneaking in to darken moods... but she would make sure that her Duo didn't stay unhappy. He had to be innocent to fight the Darkness.

She gave her wings a great flap, and rose higher in the air. She would make sure that he was safe. She wouldn't... couldn't, loose her child again.


End part 1.