Author: Sapphire Knight

Title: Crash and Burn

Catagory/Warnings: shounen ai

Pairing: 1x2/2x1 (some 3x4/4x3 implied)

Feeback: Yes


The sun shown brightly off the hilly terrain, casting the rays of life down on the awaiting earth. The rays seeped through the dense forest, bring light to the darkest shadow, bouncing off every object. Nothing could stop it...... yet something did.

A small figure lay on the ground, it’s body in tangles, like it was in a fight for it’s life. Blood seeped into the ground and into the clothing of the young man. His brown hair stuck to his forehead, from the dried blood. His limbs also covered in a think coating of the red liquid.

“Ugh....” The young man tightened his fist into a tight ball. Pain ripped through his body, like someone was taking a knife to his body. He slowly opened his Prussian blue eyes, scanning the area, recognizing nothing.

He tried to pick himself up but to no avail, failed and fell back to the cold ground. His leg gave a streak of pain that when through his whole body.

“I need...... to get...... ba.. back to base. Mission....... not finished.” He pushed himself into a sitting position, ignoring the pain that shot through his body once again. He grabbed onto a near by tree, balancing himself to stand. His attempt failed, miserably. His left leg had been cut from his knee up to his hip tearing his spandex shorts terribly. Other than that there was a couple scrapes.

He gave up his attempt to stand and looked over his body to see if more injuries were worse than his left leg. Nothing much. His right leg had a small cut going from his ankle to the beginning of his calf muscle and also a huge bruise on his upper thigh. His left arm was in worse condition though. His wrist was broken and had a gash from his elbow to about mid-bicep. It wasn’t to deep but just enough to have stitches. He sighed and looked at his right arm. To his amazement it only had a few small bruises and a cut here and there. He knew there was more, especially on his back, but couldn’t see it, so he just pushed it aside.

Examining more he found out that his green tank top was torn to shreds. His chest was caked with blood, from all the wounds. He lifted his right hand to his head and felt a gash, still flowing with the crimson liquid.

“This isn’t good, Yuy. Now what can you do?” He turned his head and looked at his fallen Gundam. It lay in a heap about 100 yards from him. The system was in bad shape. Both metal legs were incapable of working along with both robotic arms. The Zero system came crashing down when the he had hit ground.

“Damn it. Zero is useless and I’m in no condition to make it back to Quatre’s house.” He began to think, trying contemplate a plan but nothing came up. “Hmph.......” A idea popped into his head. The safe house. It couldn’t be to far from here. “I have to get into my Gundam to find it though. Hope I can stand long enough.” He gave a grunt picking himself off of the ground, steadying himself on the tree. He began limping toward the battered Gundam, a few inches at a time.

“Damn. At this rate I’ll never get there.” He gave a low growl, still keeping himself moving. He was determined to get there. This mission was important. The data he held was vital information on the rebellions. His mind wandered back to the battle.


Heero ran toward his awaiting Gundam. He had got into the base and stole the information he needed. If the rebellions captured him now, they would surely kill him. Heero gave a small smirk. The base didn’t know what hit them. He had planted 7 bombs to lure the people away from the place he needed to be. After about 5 minutes of hacking he got all the data downloaded on the disk and he took off. Somehow they spotted him. The rebels mobile suits were coming after him, and closing in fast.

He sprinted the last 50 feet, reaching his mobile suit in time. He climbed in the cockpit and started Zero up, bring it to it’s feet. The camouflage net dropped off and his enemies finally saw him.

Heero started to attack right off the back, destroying 3 Leo’s. More suits came up behind him, shooting Zero in the right wing. Heero cursed under his breath, turning his Gundam and raising his Buster Rifle at the 5 suits, now standing in front of him.

Charging up the rifle he let the beam fly, into 4 of the 5 suits. Still the fifth suit blew up, just after the others.

“Gotta get outta here.” He moved the joy stick up and pushed a small button, lifting Zero in the air, floating it backwards, dodging a yellow energy beam.

Suddenly an explosion from the side of him, hit Zero directly in the right knee. Heero’s body smashed into the screens in front of him, his left arms hit a small lever that stuck out, breaking his wrist. Heero gave a small grunt, pushing himself back into the seat, and bringing Zero back to a standing position. He looked around to find what hit him.

“Argh! They’ve got Aries. About 35 or more. Move it, your running out of time!” He lifted his buster Rifle once again and shot into the air, destroying 6 Aries suits. “This is wasting my time! I need to get out of here!” He pulled apart his rifle and took the other part in the other free arm, taking Zero into the air and firing at both side, his Gundam flying in a stationary circle. Almost all the Aries fell to the ground in clumps of scrap metal.

“There. Now to get out.” He pushed the split rifle back together and began to fly off, but not for long. Missiles from the Leo’s came flying at him, crashing the Gundam to the ground. “Damn. System check.” he began a few typing commands and a screen appeared. “OH, shit. Com link down, video down, fuel on low, fire arms low, critical condition with wings and legs.” Heero became furious. Turning his suit around, he fired bullets from the head of the suit, shooting down 4 more Leo’s. Dropping his Buster Rifle, he grabbed his light sword from the left arm and charged the rest of the Leo’s.

He sliced the last Leo right down the middle, letting it explode right in front of him. Heero turned off the weapon and put it back into it’s rightful position. Bending over he picked up his Buster Rifle and turned to leave.

“Finally. I can leave.” He walked the Gundam into a large forest. Heero grunted while making a left turn. His wrist wasn’t going to move anymore. It began to tremble violently.

“Oh, no. The system’s crashing. I’ve got to get out of here!” But it was too late. The Gundam began to fall face first. Heero opened the cockpit hatch. His balance lost, he tumbled out of the hatch and crashing into trees left and right. He hit the ground feeling his back give a small crack, but not breaking. He laid there, not doing anything. Blood poured from all the wounds that came from his Gundam and the fall.

After what seemed like hours he heard his Gundam crash to the forest floor. That’s when he lost consciousness. The world around now turning pure black.


Heero finally reached his fallen Gundam. Carefully he began to move underneath the Zero, heading to the open hatch. He limped even heavier, careful not to reopen his wound in his leg. It hurt more then ever, not to mention his back.

He reached the hatch and swiftly climbed inside and strapped himself in, so as not to fall out. He began to reboot the system, trying to get the map on. “Come on, you piece of junk, just work this once.” The system flicked to life in front of his eyes. “Yes. Now, to find that safe house.” He began typing as fast as he could, but with only one hand it made this simple task a lot harder.

After a while of searching and typing, a map of the land came up. Heero zeroed in on Quatre’s house, moving the screen to the left then to the right. Nothing. “Where’s the fucking safe house! Argh!!” Heero punched his right fist into the middle screen. Just then a small beeping sound came.

“Huh?” Heero looked at the fractured screen, seeing a tiny red dot, pulsing. “There it is. Looks about 9 or 10 miles to the south of me. If I leave now I may be able to get there by dark. I hope this isn’t to late.” A thought suddenly accrued to him. How long had he been unconscious?

“Now I have to make it back there today. Shit!” He turned off the system and unstraped himself, letting himself fall out of the cockpit. His left leg giving a surge of pain, once it hit the ground. “Crap.... I forgot about that.” He began limping off again, leaving the fallen machine where it lay.

Heero gave a small grunt, ducking his head to not hit the robotic arm. He walked further south not giving himself a chance to rest.

“I wonder what Duo would say if he saw me like this?” Heero scowled at the thought. What was he doing thinking about him? Duo should careless. “Hn. The way I treat him, he should. I don’t see why he puts up with it. He’s the most determined bastard, I’ve ever meet.”

* * * *

Duo sat in the living room mansion, watching a blank screen. He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. /“Where is he? It’s been to long, that mission was easy, for him. Something’s wrong, I know it. But what.”/

“Hey Duo, dinner’s done, come eat.” Quatre popped his head into the doorway and looked at the braided pilot.

“OK.” Duo said, just above a whisper.

Quatre walked over to Duo and sat down on the couch next to him, eyeing him. “Is something wrong Duo?”

“Nothing...... notht..”

“No something’s wrong, what is it?” Quatre stared into his deep violet eyes, as if he was searching his soul through his eyes.

“I... err.... I’m worried.”

“About Heero, huh?”

Duo hung his head low, not bringing his violet eyes to Quatre’s. “Yeah, I can’t help but worry. He’s been gone for 4 days and there’s no sign of him.”

“I know how you feel Duo, but you have to be strong, for his sake and for your’s. If you lose hope then you’ve lost him.” Quatre pulled Duo into a comforting hug, with a warm smile on his face.

Duo pulled back and released Quatre. “Thanks Q-man, I feel a lot better now.”

“Are you sure?’

Duo put on a huge grin. “Let’s go eat some dinner.” Duo grabbed Quatre’s hand bolting up and running to the kitchen.


* * * *

He had been walking for 6 hours straight, but every inch never made a difference it seemed. Heero’s wounds were reopening, spreading more blood all over him. He wouldn’t be able to make it to the safe house anytime soon at this rate, 9 or 10 miles were just to much to handle. “Damn, I might as well just die, then be walking this far.” He stopped walking leaning up against a tree, keeping his balance. “By my calculating I’ve only gone 6 miles.” He looked up, setting his eyes on the sun’s position. It was barely above a small hill side. “It must be around 7 o’clock. I should reach the safe house in about 4 or so more hours. Hmm, every hour a mile, not efficient progress.” He pushed off the tree walking further into the forest, the light of the sun slowly diminishing.

“Ugh...... I can’t keep this up much longer. I have to get there.... ah..... tonight.” He stumbled on a fallen branch, his foot coming out from beneath himself, falling face first into the ground.

Heero groaned and turned over on his back. He body ached worse than it did before. He felt fatigue wash over him, but still fought the feeling of being vulnerable. “Got.... to get... up...... Argh!” His left arm shot a sharp pain right through his body, causing a unwilling yelp of pain from Heero’s mouth. “No, I won’t give up.” He pushed up with his good hand reaching out for the tree in front of him, grabbing a broken branch that was hanging from the tree.

He pulled himself up, giving a grunt while putting pressure on his left leg. He pushed himself forward, making his legs follow his commands and walking on, passing a few thick twigs, careful not to trip over them.

Pain ripped though his body more then ever now. He could feel his leg going numb but still pushed on. His body was giving in, but he still commanded forward. He wasn’t going to stop.... not now.

* * * *

Duo had walked into the room he shared with Heero, sitting next to the window sill, watching the gorgeous sunset. The sky was painted a light pink, orange, blue and a brilliant red. It was so beautiful. “I wish Heero could see this with me.” He gave a small chuckle. “Yeah, but liked he’d care though. He’s the perfect solider, one who doesn’t feel anything. Hn. Pretty much. Sometimes I wonder why I like the guy so much. He’s so cold to everyone, his death threats and not to mention the famous death glare.”

Duo moved away from the window, walking over to his comrade’s bed, looking at the empty space. He lowered his head, letting his eyes close thinking about where Heero could be now.

“Just come back to me, Heero. I need you.” Silently he walked over to his bed and sat next to the edge, still thinking of the pilot.

* * * *

Quatre sat in the library, on Trowa’s lap, his head placed on his Trowa’s chest. He sighed.

“What’s wrong, love?” Trowa asked.

“I’m worried about Duo..... and Heero.”

“I know, but you mustn’t worry, you must be strong.”

Quatre lifted his head up from Trowa’s chest, starring into his emerald green eyes. “I can’t help it. Duo was right, Heero should have been back days ago and Duo is concerned about Heero and he’s losing sleep, eating less and talking less. How can I not worry?”

“Quatre, Heero will find a way to contact us somehow, trust me. He will not leave a mission unsuccessful.”

“I don’t care about the mission I care what’s happened to him. I can feel it. He’s hurt badly.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Heero won’t last much longer Trowa, we need to find him. Help me find him, please. I don’t want to lose a friend, or hurt one because we didn’t try.”

Trowa nodded his head. “Very well. Come on we must get to work.”

“Thank you.” Quatre slid off of Trowa’s lap and helped the other boy up, both walking out of the room.

“Do you know where he could be?” Quatre asked.

“I have an idea.” Trowa opened a door walking in with Quatre close behind. “If Heero’s still alive, he will try to get to the nearest safe house to him. That means the closest one to the mansion. Hopefully we can find him there. If not, we’ll have to wait until we get a transmission from him or........” Trowa stopped his last words, not daring to say them in front of Quatre, he was hurting to much as it was, he wasn’t going to allow it more.

Trowa stepped into a new room, filled with numerous items. He stepped forward, sitting down at a desk with a laptop in front of him. He started the system, letting the controls start. He began to type commands on different screens, windows popping up here and there. He typed in one more command, pressing the enter key and a new window appeared, filling the whole screen.

“There, we go.” The screen showed all the safe house that the Winner’s had put up. A huge red dot to the left of the screen indicated the Winner mansion. Trowa zoomed in on the spot, creating a 50 miles radius around the house.

Quatre scanned there area, quickly spotting the closest safe house. “There!” He pointed to a small orange dot on the screen about 25 miles north of them. “That’s where he’s heading. Come on Trowa we have to get him.”

“We must hurry, love. The sun is gone and there will be no light to guide our motions. It will be much harder, at this time of night, in this darkness.”

“I know, but we have to help him. What time is it?”

“Just past 11 o’clock. Why?”

“The longer we wait, the long he suffers Trowa. Go get Duo, and I’ll meet you downstairs at the door. Hurry.” Quatre fled from the room, leaving Trowa behind. Trowa watched as his lover left. He got up from his chair, and left, racing to retrieve the braided pilot.

* * * *

Heero stumbled over a root, but caught his balance before he could tumble forward. He winced in pain that shot up again from his leg. He stopped a moment to rest but not long. He pushed himself forward, climbing over a small hill.

“It should be over this hill.” He gasped for breath when he reached the top. He searched the area. There it was. The safe house, sitting off the right about 10 more feet. He silently thanked Quatre for putting these places everywhere.

He walked toward the two-story house, looking it over. It was well colored to blend in with the forest. It had about 6 or more windows around the place and 2 exits. There were shutters on the windows so nobody could see inside.

Heero finally reached the door, twisting the knob with his good hand and pushed the door open, walking in and closing the door behind himself. Taking a look around he found the first floor had the kitchen, a living room, a rather large bathroom and a small bedroom. Heero climbed the stairs to the second floor, grunting from the pressure he put on his leg and wrist.

He exhaled deeply, reaching the top of the steep stairway. /“This must be where the computer room will be.”/ He shuffled toward and open door and walked in, spotting a computer and a video phone next to each other. He pulled back a chair and sat right in front of the video phone, punching in codes for a private line to Quatre’s mansion. At last the call went through and Quatre appeared on the screen in front of him a smile disappearing from his face now gasping in horror at what he saw.

“Hello, Quatre her.... HEERO! It’s you, I can’t believe it!”

“Quatre, I need help.”

* * * *

Quatre was waiting at the door of the mansion, for Trowa and Duo. Soon he saw Trowa and Duo rounding the corner of the stairway and came running toward him.

“Good, you’re both here. Now we’ll take the jeep to the safe house from here, then we’ll spread.....”

Quatre was interrupted by one of his servants calling for him. “Master Quatre, come quickly!”

“Not now, we must find Heero.”

“But master, a calling is in and you’ll want to take this call.”

“Argh! Fine. Trowa, Duo just wait for me here, I’ll be back in a second.” Quatre ran into the next room and sat down, connecting the call and putting a small smile on his face.

“Hello Quatre her..... HEERO!” He gasped at the sight of Heero. His face was so pale and blood was covering almost all of his head. “It’s you, I can’t believe it!”

Trowa and Duo must have heard him, because they bolted into the room, looking at Quatre confusingly.

“What’s wrong Q-man?” Duo asked. Then he heard it.

“Quatre, I need help.”

That was Heero’s voice. Duo new it by heart. He shoved Trowa out of the way and looked at Heero’s battered form.

“Where are you Heero?” Quatre asked.

“Ugh..... 25 miles........ north....... of you........ Gundam h-h-heavily...... d-damaged....... 5 miles...... north of m-me....... Help..... please.....” Heero’s figured slipped out of the screen, followed by a hard thud.

“LETS GO!” Duo dashed out of the room and the mansion to the jeep, jumping into the drivers seat and roared the engine. Trowa and Quatre got in back, both buckling up, just before Duo gunned the engine and plowed off, leaving black tire marks on the road.

Duo was going about 70 or 80 miles mph, taking the turns very sharp almost turning the jeep over. The shouts from Quatre where drowned out from the roaring engine. He briefly checked where he was at finding that he was only 10 more miles away from the hidden safe house.

After another 5 minutes of Duo’s suicidal driving, the jeep was screeching to a halt. Duo jumped out of the jeep and ran to the safe house door. Quatre and Trowa were following behind, Quatre saying a silent pray of thanks for staying alive.

Duo bursts through the door, running through the first floor before Quatre or Trowa could get a glimpse at one.

“Come on, he has to be on the second floor.” All three pilots ran up the stairs and scanned the area first. Trowa spotted the open door and ran toward it.

“He’s in here! Quatre! Duo!” Both Quatre and Duo burst through the door at the same time with Trowa too. All three gasped. Heero lay sprawled out on the floor, a chair landed on him covering his legs. His body was mangled and bruised, with dried blood everywhere and his skin ghostly pale.

Duo rushed over to him, throwing the chair off of him seeing his left leg with it’s huge gash in it. Duo starred in horror at the deathly sight in front of him, praying to God that he was going to live. “Please Heero, you have to wake up, please. I can’t lose you, not yet. Open your eyes, please, just open your eyes!” Small tears began to flow down Duo’s cheeks, dropping off his cheek and onto Heero’s.

“D... Duo....?” Heero’s eyes opened half way, his vision clearing just enough to make out the person in front of him.

“Heero! Thank god your alive, I though I lost you for a moment.” Duo scooped Heero up, into his arms, picking him up and turning to Trowa and Quatre. “Someone else drive, I’m sitting in the back with Heero. Just.... just hurry.” A few more tears slipped down his face, falling onto Heero’s nose.

“Ugh..... tha-n-n-k...... you.....” Heero closed his eyes and fell limp in Duo’s arms. Duo ran down way to the jeep careful not to hurt Heero any worse then he already was. Trowa opened the door for Duo and closed it once he was situated with Heero’s body still in his grasp, supporting the back of his neck with his left elbow and his other holding Heero at the thighs, gently rocking him to and fro, talking incoherent words to the unconscious pilot. Trowa started the engine and took off.

Duo’s thoughts turned to the rebels and his mood changed. Duo’s face began to grow red with anger, but still kept himself calm. There was no use in getting angry when there’s nothing you can do about it, even though every rebellion deserves to die, but still!

The jeep came to a stop and Quatre jumped out and opened the Duo’s door, helping Duo bring out Heero’s prone form. Quickly, but carefully, they were able to get both out of the jeep and headed into the mansion with Trowa hot on their heels.

Throwing open the door, Duo rushed into the west wing of the house, turning to the left and into a small white room. In the middle was a large table like cot, with brown cushion that covered the side that faced up. Next to the table, was a small brown wooden chair, with a huge first aid kit right next to it, laying on the cold ground.

Duo moved over to the table, placing Heero’s body on the cold plastic. Duo walked to the other side of the table and to the wooden chair, bending down and heaving up the kit and placing it on the chair and opening it from there so as to gain easier access to it.

Just then Quatre and Trowa entered the small room, moving over to where Heero lay. Quatre put his small hand over Heero’s forehead. He was burning up. Taking back his hand he glanced at Trowa, his eyes filling with held back tears. Trowa wrapped protective arms around his love and pulled Quatre into a loving embrace.

Duo took antibiotics from the kit and set them next to Heero’s left arm. He grabbed stacks of bandages and gauze. He took out a pocket knife from his pants and sliced down the green tank top letting him see more cuts and bruises all over Heero’s body.

Duo sighed and removed the tank top fully and cut the spandex shorts off, leaving Heero’s in only small, bloody briefs. Duo went out to the bathroom next to him and got a bowl of water and a washcloth returning to address the wounds.

“Duo, can we help at all?” Quatre asked.

“....... Yeah. We need to get him cleaned up and bandaged. So far all the wounds aren’t infected, but he has 3 broken ribs and 2 bruised. His left wrist is broken and his left leg has a gash that is 2 inches thick and that’s the worst of them. It goes from his knee to his hip. That will need to be stitched up, and there other things along with minor cuts and bruises. On the same arm he had a gash that goes from his elbow to his bi-cep but it’s not that deep, so it shouldn’t matter to much. He has a small cut above his right eye but not very deep. Also his back was cracked but should be OK. He was a serious slash in his back that should be stitched up too. We’ll need to get off all the dried blood off of him and then we can start to bandage him up. He’s lost a lot of blood.......” Duo trailed off, not able to finish his statement.

Quatre laid a reassuring hand on Duo’s shoulder. “Don’t worry Duo, Heero’s been through much worse. I know he can pull through, I just know.”

“Thanks, Quatre.” Duo gave a small smile and set to work on the ragged body, careful not to do more harm then good.

* * * *

They had been up half the night, tending to Heero’s wound. Quatre and Trowa couldn’t find the strength to make it up to the third floor, to sleep so they had left for the living room. Quatre and Trowa lay next to each other, Trowa’s arms wrapped around the blonde’s small waist. Both in a deep sleep, oblivious to the everything.

Duo, sat in the room he shared with Heero, laying on his bed a blanket across his body. Across from him, Heero laid, still and almost frightfully silent. If it wasn’t for his soft breathing then Duo would have thought that the boy was dead.

“Heero, please live....... I need to tell you something very important, and....... and.......” Duo broke into a small fit of tears. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. Come back to me so you know you’re needed.” Duo slipped out of his bed and over to Heero’s, grabbing Heero’s limp hand in his own giving a gentle squeeze.

“Did you hear me, Heero? You can’t leave anytime soon, OK?” Duo hadn’t expected an answer, why should he? He sighed and bent his head down to Heero’s chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. He gave a weak smile, brushing away newly fallen tears. “Pull through this, for me Heero, I promise I won’t talk..... much........ um...... a lot...... OK, OK just a little bit less then I do.” Duo’s grin became a full smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right by your side when you wake up, that’s a promise I can keep.” He lifted his head off Heero’s chest and stretched his body up to Heero’s face, giving him a small kiss, on his pink lips. “Have a good sleep, love.”

* * * *

/“It’s been 4 days since we found Heero but still nothing. Wufei showed up from a mission, about a day ago. He was outraged about what happened, but I don’t know why, though. Heero and him aren’t very good friends... at least I don’t think so.”/ Duo sat back on a cushioned chair, watching over Heero’s sleeping figure.

The light in the room slowly diminished, the sun go down beyond the horizon, sinking into the next side. Duo still watched on, seeing the light gently caress his face and disappear. Duo raised a hand and swept part of Heero’s bangs out of his closed eyes, still watching to see if they would open any second.

The door opened in the room, Quatre silently stepping inside. He walked over to Duo, his hand nervously down at his side. Stopping about a foot away front Duo’s back. He reached out, laying a small hand on Duo’s shoulder and began to speak, soft words to him.

“Duo, please come down, we haven’t seen you leave this room for 4 days. We’re worried about you. Please, Duo, this isn’t healthy for you.”

“I can’t Quatre, I made a promise and I fully intend to keep that promise too. I just can’t go.” Duo turned his body so he was facing Quatre, looking into his eyes. “I can’t.”

“Duo, what was the promise?”

“I promised I would be here when he woke up. I’m not going to break that promise.”

“Duo, Heero might not wake up for months, for all we know. Are you planning to stay that long?”

“If I have to then, yes. I never lie and I don’t intend to start now.”

“OK, but Duo, remember.” Quatre took a small breath before going on. “We’re all here for you, and Heero. We’ll back you up 100 percent.”

“Thanks Quatre.”

“Anytime.” Quatre leaned forward and gave Duo a soft kiss on the cheek, then turning on his heels, he left the door, closing the door behind him.

Duo stretched his arms above his head, giving a small groan. “Hey, sleep well Heero.” Duo leaned forward and planted a kiss on the unmoving lips. Duo leaned back and fell asleep.

“Huh?” Duo awoke from a sound sleep. “Damn it, whose making all that noise?” Duo looked down at Heero. “Holy shit.” Heero was tossing and turning, his arms thrashing wildly and his head whipping back and forth, his body in a glazed in a light sweat. Duo jumped from the chair and took hold of Heero’s shoulders, shaking him and yelling at him.

“Heero, come on calm down! HEERO! Stop, quite, man! Heero, stop! STOP!” Moments afterward Heero’s arms stopped and fell to his side, his head stopped turning and his body calmed down. His breathing evening out, becoming a statue once again.

Duo took a deep breath and relaxed, placing a hand on Heero’s and giving it a tight squeeze. “Jesus Heero, ya gave me quite a scare there, don’t do that again. Hope I didn’t wake up Quatre or Trowa. Ah well, what’s done is done.” He gave a smile and squeezed Heero’s hand again.

Something happened. “Huh?” Heero’s hand twitched in his , his eyes widened. A slight pressure was coming from Heero’s hand and Duo returned it. Duo stared at the closed eye lids of the Wing pilot. “What’s going on with you, Heero?”

Heero gave a deep moan, his eyes dashing under the lids. Slowly, oh so slowly, his eyes stopped and began to open his vision barely focusing. Duo’s mouth dropped open seeing the Prussian blue eyes look at him. He brought his free hand up to Heero’s face, gently sweeping away the dark bangs that held the access to see more of the blue orbs.

“D... Du...o?”

After a few seconds Duo finally found his voice, answering Heero with a soft tone. “Yeah Heero, it’s me. How ya feelin’?”

“Hurts.... ugh.... like Hell.” Duo gave a smile, tightening his grip on Heero’s hand.

“Do you want some water Heero?”


“I’ll be back in a flash, don’t do anything stupid.” Duo released his hand and dashed out of the room, running to the kitchen.

Heero looked around at the room. “Hn.... Mine and Duo’s. I wonder how long I’ve been out? Has Duo been here the whole time?” Heero tried to moved his left hand, but unsuccessful. A jolt of pain traveled up through his broken wrist and into his shoulder, cutting into his neck. “Damn, I must be pretty bad off.” He looked down at his bandaged body. Or what he could see of it, with the covers up to his chest.

“I’m back.” Duo walked through the door and over to Heero’s side. He kneeled down and held the glass to his lips and tilted the cup. Heero willing let Duo pour the water into his mouth, letting the cool liquid travel down his dry throat, feeling it travel all the way down until it hit bottom. Some water slipped from the glass, going down the corners of Heero’s mouth.

Duo took the glass away from Heero and set it down on a small table next to the bed. He reached out and wiped away the fallen water from Heero’s face and giving a smile.


“Yeah man?”

“How... how lon-n-ng have.... I-I been.. out?”

“Well, once we got your transmission, we immediately headed out. We reached you about 15 or so minutes afterward and came back to the mansion. Me, Quatre and Trowa bandaged you and helped me bring you up here. Ever since then you’ve been sleeping for 4 straight days, with no motions of waking up. I’ve stayed with you everyday, to make sure you were OK.”

“OK that question was answered. Now for why.” Heero averted his eyes to Duo, locking them onto the violet orbs. “Why?”

“Why? Why what?”

“Why did... you... st-stay with..... m-me?”

“Because you’re my best friend Heero, no matter what you think about me. I couldn’t stand the thought of you waking up and nobody there to greet you back. It’s almost like saying we didn’t miss you.”

“Th-thank you, D-Duo.”

“You’re welcome Heero.”

“Another que-question.”

“Hmm. What?”

“How badly damaged? I-I only sa... saw some beside... the ob..obvious.”

“Hn. You have many of them." Duo strated, not caring if what he said Heero knew. "You’re left wrist is broken, and there’s a cut that goes from your elbow to about half way to your shoulder. You have 3 broken ribs and 2 bruised. You have a small cut above your right eye and you’ve had tremendous blood loss. The worst of all was that gash in your leg. It was about 2 inches deep and we had to stitch it up. You’ve got numerous cuts and bruises but those’ll be gone sooner then the others. You’ll have some scares but they shouldn’t be a problem, cause they don’t hurt like they do when they bleed. A few internal bleedings but they should be gone now, or at least healing. Plus your back has a deep cut in it so don‘t try to move anytime soon.”

“Hn. My Gundam?”

“Wufei retrieved it after he came back from his mission a few days ago. Quatre’s mechanics are fixing it up, and you won’t touch that thing until you’re healed, you hear me Yuy? I’m serious about that to.” Duo gave a stern look to Heero.


“Good. You better get some rest Heero, and tomorrow I’ll get you what you need. See you in the morning.”

“Hn.” Heero closed his eyes and evened out his breathing, almost falling asleep, but before he could he heard Duo, soft voice.

“Well Heero, this just proves you are an angel. They just can’t die that easily. Sleep well, my angel.” Duo leaned forward and kissed Heero’s forehead. “G’night.” He left his side and went over to his, flopping down in it and pulling up the comforter to his chin, before falling off into a blissful dream.

Heero tilted his head toward Duo. /“I learn more and more about you each day.”/ Heero grinned to himself, falling into a deep slumber.


**Author** My first GW fic don't sue me I'm not worth it. Oh yeah I don't own GW or anyone or thing, I just like to write about them! ^_^


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