Author: Sakura Azhreia
Title: Poor Jerusalem (songfic)
Warnings: Angst, very slight shounen ai
Feed back: yes


Konnich wa, minna-san! Here's a new song fic from yours truly. Arigatou to Gideon for e-mailing me, and all the rest of you - C & C o kudasai!

Poor Jerusalem - By Sakura Azhreia

Warnings - angst, slight shounen ai (if you look REALLY hard at a couple of lines), brooding blond gods drinking Wild Turkey and having revelations...^_^

Time line - Zechs has been approached by Quinze to join the White Fang but hasn't decided yet.

Disclaimers - nothing belongs to me! Not the charas, (well, duh. And everyone knows who they belong to) or the song (music by Andrew Lloyd Weber, lyrics by Tim Rice).

Author's notes - this started out as sort of Zechs ranting to himself about how nobody understands war in general, and the Eve Wars in particular, then some of my views got mixed in (I tried to keep them out, promise!) and all of a sudden Mike Callahan showed up, and things, well... erm, just read it! And then e-mail me!

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Poor Jerusalem by Sakura Azhreia

[ Neither you Simon nor the 50,000 ]

Quinze and the White Fang soldiers don't realize that war is not the way. Power and glory are achieved but so are enemies. Ironic, by killing all your enemies you only gain more. Eventually all that power and glory will turn against you and by then all that is left of you is a shell, a vegetable. You don't understand! I don't want power. I don't want glory. I don't want war!! I want to go back to the way it used to be... before...before my hands were too stained with blood..before, when I had self-esteem...when I had a father, a mother, a sister, a family...a home... before...

...Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely...

[ Nor the Romans, nor the Jews ]

The colonists understand even less. All they understand is that 5 mobile suits, built by members of themselves, are attacking OZ. They only know what half-truths and lies OZ has told them. Oh sure, they know there is a war going on, and they aren't being attacked much, but they have no idea of the power play that's going on here. They understand that some people are making their ally's toys go 'BOOM'. But they don't understand why.

[ Nor Judas, nor the Twelve ]

Oh Treize, with your visions of grandeur that could actually be accomplished if it weren't for all the idiotic and bloodthirsty soldiers. The soldiers that make up your army. I was faithful because I saw some redemption in your views and thought maybe, if I fought under you my stained hands could be washed clean. Silly, stupid me. Once stained, always stained. To think you could fight blood washed hands with more blood. And I was faithful because, just maybe... I ... loved you in a way.. I'm not sure how though. Oh, Treize! I'm so lost without you. What do I do to make it right? How do I go about bringing peace? I'm so lost...

But, just as you fight for what you think is right, the Gundam Pilots fight for their ideals and justice. Freedom from the overlord. Freedom to do what they wish without asking Mother first. Freedom from the defunct Alliance and Romefeller. They fight a war so future generations don't have to know war. They became warriors, soldiers, assassins at 15 so they would never have to fight again. They gave up their childhoods, their innocence, and perhaps their lives, so other children would never have to.

...Freedom is not free...

[ Nor the Priests, ]

I feel sorry for the OZ soldiers. They don't know what's going on either and they are in the middle of it. Like the colonies they know some people are trying to kill them and they know sort of why but not all. They go into battle to die and only one man knows all their names. So they die in a glorious blaze! So what?! Wouldn't they rather live life to the fullest and have children and become old?

...I would...

[Nor the Scribes ]

Those damn scientists! Robbing five children of happiness and turning them into machines to be used and discarded for their purposes.

Damn them...

[Nor doomed Jerusalem itself ]

An the Earth...don't get me started on that deceptively beautiful marble in space. It is the home of monsters like Romefeller, the Alliance, and I am sad to admit, OZ. To get rid of all human urges to fight and wage war, for the independence and future growth of the colonies, the Earth must be destroyed.

Those pompous asses! So they live on Earth! So they have natural air and green things. So they have stability! They know nothing of the dangers of living up here, nothing of what we go through to prosper and live! Nothing! And yet they have the gall to demand OUR resources, ours, not theirs. If they want them, they should live up here among the stars and mine them themselves! Then maybe they would have more respect for us. They might understand better the rigors and dangers of living up here.

Ah, but we have the better view. We see the heavens closer and can gaze at the Earth.

[ Understand what power is
Understand what glory is
Understand at all
Understand at all ]

Power is the ability to change things around you for the furtherment of others. In other words, to help others and not just yourself.
Glory is to be recognized for things you've done and to be respected and perhaps emulated. It is not to get people to adore and worship you, then stomp them into the ground. Treize knew this. No one else. Oh Treize...

[ If you knew all that I knew,
My poor Jerusalem ]

The bartender looked up as the tall blond sighed and sang a line to an almost forgotten folk tune.
"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..."

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..."

Nobody knows the trouble I've caused, am causing, and will continue to cause. Nobody, not even Treize...

Suddenly, a voice broke into his revere.


"Nobody knows but Jesus."


"Nobody knows but Jesus," the bartender replied/sang

The blond looked up. "Not even him."

The bartender grunted. "By the look of you it should be 'Nobody knows the trouble I've *caused*.'"


" should be 'Nobody knows the trouble I've *caused*.'"

Zechs gave a wry smile at that.

"True. And will continue to cause."

"A soldier," it was not quite a statement, but not a question either. "Well, soldier what're you drinking? You've been nursing that same drink since the night began." the 'tender asked.

"Wild Turkey, 101 proof," Zechs finally looked at the bartender. A middle aged man, quite fat with wild red hair and beard and a fat unlit cigar that smelled horrible clamped in his mouth. [1]

After the man had served Zechs his drink he went back to musing.

[ You'd see the truth,
but you close you eyes,
but you close your eyes ]

Even if people did see or know the truth they'd ignore it. Or disbelieve. People will believe what they will, even if it is all lies. It's human nature to see what you want to see and believe what you want to believe. And nothing, even a war will change that.

As Einstein said once - 'I'm only sure of two things - the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe.'

[ While you live your troubles are many, poor Jerusalem
To conquer death you only have to die
You only have to die ]

To save the people of the colonies, the Earth must die.


[1] Mike Callahan (Spider Robinson "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon')
Unfortunately, I couldn't work Doc Webster in : ( does anyone know what I'm talking about here?

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