Pilate's Dream / Why?

By Sakura Azhreia sakura_azhreia@japan.com

GW fanfic

Pairings: 13x5

Warnings: none, really, shounen ai, angst, I suppose.

Author's notes: this is the first songfic I actually am satisfied with. Yay! C & C o kudasai!!!!!!!!

~...~ lyrics
'...' thoughts


Silently a shadow detached itself from a wall. On light feet it padded towards a trellis and quickly climbed the rose covered ladder.

"K'so," it exclaimed softly as it fumbled at the latch. Finally, the lock gave way and the young man jumped lightly inside.

Sitting in the path of the moon light was another man. The muted light softened the proud lines of his face.

~I dreamed I met a Galilean~
~A most amazing man~

"Wufei," the older man's face didn't turn to him but he was aware of Wufei's presence.

Wufei shivered as he heard his name whispered on those elegant lips. 'Treize' he thought, 'Why does it have to be this way? Why do you have to be the General of OZ? Why do I have to be a Gundam pilot? Why?


'Wufei. Why must we be enemies? Why, after you leave, must I be reminded that we have different roles to play that can't be changed?' Treize bowed his head and grimaced.


Wufei saw his love bow his head. He quickly moved to kneel by him.

"Oh, Treize," he whispered as he touched the ginger haired man's shoulder.

Treize slowly looked up and saw the same questions and ghosts in his eyes reflected in Wufei's.

~He had that kind of look you rarely ever find~
~The haunting hunted kind~

Wufei recognized the look in Treize's eyes. It had been present every time he had come for the last month. He knew he had a similar look in his black eyes and the strong lines of his face too.

"Why does it have to be this way?" Wufei asked.

~I asked him to say what had happened~
~How it all began~

Tears formed in Treize's eyes. They glistened like diamonds in the faint light. Slowly Wufei kissed them away then tenderly kissed Treize. They kept it chaste as Wufei curled up in his arms. They sat there, Wufei protected by Treize from the questions for the moment, and were glad just to be together. As the night passed they watched the moon set and the stars come out.


Early in the morning before the last star had disappeared, Wufei left. The two had spent the night together wrapped in each other's arms. They knew this was the last time they would see each other again privately but were content just to be together.

Before Wufei left he paused and looked at the peacefully sleeping man in the chair once more.

"Why does it have to be this way?"

~I asked again - he never said a word~
~As if he hadn't heard~


The next time the two saw each other again was in battle. This was the last one, the fight that would end this war between OZ and the Gundams. In the battle field filled with screaming men, fiery explosions, and dying there was no room for sentiment.

~And next the room was full of wild and angry men~
~They seemed to hate this man~

Egged on by his teams mates and his sense of justice and honor, Wufei challenged Treize to a duel. After long minutes of sparring, Treize rushed Wufei. Taken by suprise, the Chinese boy raised his trident. Seemingly in slow-motion he saw it pierce Treize's suit. Then he heard Treize thanking him. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the blue and white suit exploded.

"TREIZE!!" he screamed and felt tears running down his face.

~They fell on him and then~
~They disappeared again~

"Treize," he whispered weakly.


For weeks following the war the newspapers were filled with articles on the war. Articles about the pilots, the Gundams, the dead scientists, OZ, Romefeller ... and Treize Kushrenada.

Wufei paid no attention to the articles except the ones on his dead lover. Some were sympathetic to him and his cause, others hateful. He even went to a parade held in Treize's honor.

~And then I saw thousands of millions~
~Crying for this man~

All of them were Oz soldiers who had been part of the Treize Faction. Fortunately none of them recognized a single 15 year old who shed but one tear.


In the numerous history books that were published about the Eve Wars they always mentioned the name of the famous OZ leader's killer: Chang Wufei. But they never knew about Treize's last words thanking Wufei, or that he had cried after he killed him.

~And then I heard them mentioning my name~
~And leaving me the blame~

They never knew Wufei hadn't wanted to kill him. Or that, after that fateful thrust, Wufei asked himself 'Why?'