One night, their was a girl named Kikotei. She was named that way since she was born by the 5 Gods and Goddesses. She was very quiet and never speak to anyone. So, people taught Kikotei was evil and if anyone get close to her she'll attack or do something evil. Until...

"Shinigami, their's a strange girl named Kikotei who keeps staring at the window." cried Quatre.

"Let her in, its a middle of the night and she might lost or something." Duo said.

"But Duo, don't you know that she is evil? That's why people doesn't want to get close to her." Quatre said while staring at the window.

"Who knows, maybe she's only like that." Duo complained at Quatre's words.

As Duo stand up at his chair and walk outside the house. Kikotei saw Duo and she was frigthend.

"Hey, don't be scared. I'm shinigami, but, just call me Duo." Duo said with his cheerfulness smile.

"I'm Kikotei, sice my parents called me that way. Shinigami means God of Death, why do anyone called you that?" Kikotei asked.

"Well, people knew me that way cause I believe in death. And you know what, Kikotei means a sign of circles of a smiling death. That is a good sign to name for a girl like you." Duo answered.

Kikotei smiled and walked back home. Duo was glad to know that girl that he even know his a kind hearted too. Duo went back to the house and told everything.

"Kikotei isn't an evil girl, she's only quiet thinking about her dead parents." Duo said with a smile.

"Kikotei is evil, she's just tricking you." Trowa said with a look in his face.

"Have you ever know what Kikotei means?" Duo asked each Quatre and Trowa.

"It means its a circles of a smiling death and that's a good sign for a death." Duo explained as he entered his room.

Quatre and Trowa stared at each other and didn't even speak.

Kikotei was glad to met a first god of death in her whole life, since her parents died. She was thinking what's going to happen another day they met.

Duo stared at the moon thinking of that girl. He has never heard her name like that before. Only Duo got the name shinigami.

The End!