Note: It's shounen-ai, but just thoughts of our two beloved couple Heero and Duo, um... no lemon or lime, I can't write like those, ok. So, comments are always welcome^_^This is my first time I wrote shounen-ai and yaoi.

/.../ character thinking
hehe.. that's all

--Chain Gun 2-1-00

When the night has fall

Why can't he pay much attention on me?-Duo thought as he stare outside of his window looking at the sky, trying to image Heero's face. He couldn't see why the spandex boy couldn't pay much attention on him, is it the way he chatter that much or the cheerfulness that hides his darkness behind

What's the reason? I need answer.

Late at night he couldn't sleep because of his hard thinking always never hide his face behind his lover. Thinking about him all day long, wonder what Heero is thinking now...

Heero was alone in a library reading for his notes, but couldn't stand the quietness inside the room./If only his here I wouldn't be alone reading this notes./ Heero thought and close his book, and went outside the library.

The problem is, that he still has the darkness behind his cheerfulness.


"Heero..." Duo look up again the moon, and didn't notice the doorknob opening and Heero went in silently.


Duo turned around and didn't smile, he thinks that maybe Heero only wants to talk about something but not about they're relationship.

"Duo, I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry by not paying much attention to you, and yea i know lovers must always stay together."

"Heero, I didn't know you still care about the relationship, all I know is that you care about something else than me."



"I know I haven't say this to you for a long time, and you want me to say to you, right?"

"Yea."/his gonna say it or not? hope so/

"Duo, I...I love you so much, that i couldn't stay quiet w/o you or couldn't stay w/o you beside me."

"Oh Heero, I love you,I thought you would never say that to me." Duo stood up in his chair and hug Heero.

"I know, would you ever forgive me, koibito?"

"Ofcourse I will forgive you."

And so the two lovers finally make up each other, and never forget about they're relationship.