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~Chain Gun 2-1-00



The evil death has awaken and the day fell like the world will end. The nature dies and the sound of good hope has end, and so the death must find a victim for it shall suffer. And their is one who can stop it, and that is...Duo

3 days had pass and still the death keep searching for all over the world that no one can see him. Only the death knows that the victim is there and he must find him.


Deep in the forest of Brittania

"Duo, we can't stay long here, we have to go now." Quatre whined, cutting each branch of the tree.

"We gotta find that shrine that the society told us. He says that the death is near by, and I have to face it remember?"

"Yea, but you're the victim."

"Nani? Why me? I'm shinigami, I shouldn't be-"

"The death is the one, Duo. You are only called shinigami because you believe in God of Death. Now you must face the suffer of you're life."

"I can't die right now."

"Then you're the only one who can save it, you need to think whether you have to die or face him."

Duo thought that hard, closing his eyes while he imagine the death who takes people lives, now he must face his true destiny which lies inside him. He thinks that if he dies he may not see his friends or had a chance to see his beloved Sister Helen and Father Maxwell./If i suffer then i have a chance to see them but i won't be able to see my friends here./ Duo think himself two ways, but he won't tell Quatre about his plan.

Soon night fell again and this time the death appears at front of the shrine deep in the forest. Duo and Quatre take a look of the shrine while the death won't notice them.

"Darkness...Cloud, now answer me for I shall find the victim of this land, show me who? show me where I shall find him? Now, HEAR ME!"

The dark and the clouds combine as if they were showing who's the one of the victim. The image of Duo appear, fighting for war and calling himself shinigami.

"Why is it that his my victim? The only child who believes in me."

"The only child." Duo whispered himself.

"His the only one who believes and trusted the way I am, he never loses in any battle but his faith never go. I must see him now!"

"Wait!" Duo shouted.


"I'm the one, I'm the victim. You wanted to see me, right?"

"Yes, and I must tell that i won't take you're life. It is not yet you're time to suffer from this land, people need you and I must go back to my long sleep." And soon the death disappeared w/ just a wind blows.

Duo eyed him up as the wind blew his bangs, he was glad that the death believes in him too. And so the two pilots went back to they're bases and that's the end of Darkness.