Title: Interlude: The Mile-High Club
Author: Robert (robert2413us@yahoo.com)
Category: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: lemon, yaoi, language
Pairings: 2x1
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Acknowledgements: Thanks to Bonnejeanne and Vonecia for helpful and detailed C&C.

Draft 1.7 3/4/01

~Interlude: The Mile-High Club~

(Sequel to “Lamb”)

A GW Fanfic by Robert

[The action in this fic occurs a day and a half after the close of “Lamb.” It resolves two years of sexual tension, and it’s definitely raunchy and PWP. So anyone who doesn’t care for graphic descriptions of two guys in love making up for two years of lost time can skip to the next fic, “Pavlov’s Dog, Swimming In A Sea Of Stars,” without missing any plot points. On the other hand, the irredeemably hentai should read on—a splendid time is guaranteed for all! Moreover, I would like to dedicate this fic to Thomas Crapper, the Victorian commode manufacturer whose name added a popular and indispensable word to the English language. The rationale for this dedication will become crystal clear below.]


‘Man, did Heero miss me or what!’ thought Duo. Thirty-six hours ago, he had retrieved Heero from the monastery where the former Wing pilot had spent the last two years of his life.

Their encounter at the monastery had made two things clear. First, Heero was not the same person that he had been during the war. His crumbling “Perfect Soldier” conditioning had created doubts, extreme mood swings, and a loss of his former unflappable self-confidence, while, at the same time, a new warmth and humanity was emerging. Second, he and Duo loved each other unconditionally, a realization that had unfolded inexorably over the course of their two-year separation.

The two were now sitting in a half-empty airplane that was flying between Bombay and London 10 kilometers above the earth. They had a whole row of coach seats to themselves. This was fortunate, because Heero seemed frantically determined to make up for two years of lost time.

The boys’ passionate make-out session started immediately after the dinner trays had been cleared and the cabin lights turned off. They felt like two thirteen year olds who had just discovered the joys of deep kissing for the first time. There had been enough talk at the monastery; they were now utterly, wordlessly lost in each other and in the physical sensation of being together.

Heero had abandoned his monk’s robes and was again dressed in the trademark spandex and tank top he had worn on his trek to the monastery two years ago. It couldn’t have been more than two minutes into a session that consisted of nothing more than hugs and deep kissing when he gasped and shuddered.

“Duo,” he said with obvious embarrassment, “I just came in my spandex. In fact, I soaked it. I should have relieved myself in the airport shower when I had a chance. But I wanted to save it for you.”

Duo silently reached down and sensuously stroked the wettest, hottest part of Heero’s shorts with the fingers of his right hand. Heero’s bulge, which had gotten slightly less prominent, immediately swelled up again. Looking straight into Heero’s eyes, Duo brought his hand up to his lips and slowly licked Heero’s essence from his fingers, giving each one a thorough, lewd sucking. Then he moistened his lips with his tongue and grinned at his love. “Yummm,” he purred. “Hey Heero, I’m really glad to see you, too!”

Duo’s show left Heero a trifle paranoid. “Duo!” he whispered. “We’re going to get in big trouble if we’re this blatant!”

“C’mon Heero,” cajoled Duo. “That flight attendant’s gayer than I am. I’m sure he’s seen it all before. Besides, what’s he gonna do—throw us off the airplane?”

Heero responded by reaching into Duo’s lap and rubbing Duo’s hardness through his pants. “OK, Duo,” said Heero, “I see your point. So I’m going to get creative. Grab that blanket. I’ve put you through a lot in the last two years. Way too much, in fact. Now I’m going to start making it up to you.”

“So what’cha gonna do, huh Heero?” asked Duo playfully. “Huh? Huh? What’cha plannin’?”

Hnn. Looks like someone’s in a big hurry. Curiosity killed the cat, so you’re just going to have to wait and see, aren’t you?” teased Heero.

Duo couldn’t resist the temptation. “Heeeero,” he whined, “don’t make me think about a dead pussy. No fair! It’ll spoil the mood!”

Heero just groaned at his partner’s lame gag and folded the armrests up against the seatback. Having created some working space, he covered Duo’s lap with the blanket and then scooted under it. A moment later, Duo felt his belt buckle being unfastened and his fly being unzipped. He raised his butt off the seat so that Heero could slip his pants and boxers down to his thighs. Then he felt Heero’s mouth—hot, wet, and velvety—sliding up and down on his hardness, while Heero’s left hand cradled his smooth, warm balls and his right hand wandered around his lower belly and the tangle of soft hair below, stroking and teasing.

Duo put both his hands under the blanket to caress Heero’s short-cropped hair and massage the back of his neck as Heero pleasured him. “Heero! Yeah! It’s all for you, koi. Only for you...” crooned Duo. “Feels super. You’re gonna make me come. Heero! Make me come!”

Heero’s mouth moved faster on Duo’s shaft and he grasped it with his right hand, moving his hand in sync with his mouth to intensify the stimulation to Duo’s pulsing erection. He used the little finger on his left hand to massage Duo’s clenching pucker while simultaneously employing his thumb and index finger to tease and caress Duo’s balls, which had pulled up close to the base of his shaft. In little more than a minute Duo gasped and filled Heero’s mouth in wave after delectable wave.

“Oh man! Heero, you’re always the best at whatever you do, aren’t you?” moaned Duo. Heero responded by emerging from under the blanket and giving Duo a deep kiss. Duo could taste his own essence in it.

Before the kiss was broken, Duo reached down between Heero’s legs. He could feel Heero’s urgent erection beneath the still-soaked spandex.

“Hey Heero, ya ever heard of the ‘mile-high club’?” asked Duo seductively.

Deadpan as usual, Heero replied, “Isn’t that when you have sex on an aircraft in flight?”

Zzzzt! We have a winner!” exclaimed Duo. “But I’m not sure if what we just did was enough to make us certified members. I think you have to do it in the head, and I think you have to fuck to make it official. You wanna?”

Heero replied with another kiss. “You go first; I’ll follow,” he said eagerly.

“Fuck that noise,” countered Duo. “We’re going together, marching up the aisle, loud and proud. I don’t give a good goddamn who knows. I didn’t travel all this way to hide how I felt about you.”

“Someday your grand romantic gestures are going to get us both in a lot of trouble,” said Heero. “But OK. As you said—what are they going to do? Throw us off the airplane?”

“Not too likely.” said Duo. “It’s a looong way down. Oh, and one other thing—do you happen to know what a ‘mile’ actually is?”

“I think it’s a very old measure of distance,” answered Heero. “It hasn’t been used for centuries. This ‘mile-high club’ must be an ancient tradition to have a name like that.”

“C’mon Heero—let’s follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, shall we?” said Duo, taking Heero’s hand and leading him up the aisle.

As it turned out, the two young men trekked to the rear of the aircraft largely unnoticed by the passengers, most of whom were sound asleep. The two pilots slipped into one of the toilets, only to realize exactly how much physical dexterity their initiation into the ‘mile-high club’ would actually require.

“Jeez, Heero, I never realized how small these things are,” said Duo anxiously. “It reminds me of a Gundam cockpit. We’re gonna hafta do some planning, or at least one of us is going to end up with serious injuries.”

Duo looked annoyed as a sudden realization hit him. “Damn! I forgot something else. We need lube.”

“Duo, I think I have some lube right down here,” said Heero, and pointed at his crotch. “We’re going to have to get my spandex and jockstrap off, though. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d soaked them. I think I can squeeze enough out of them to get us where we need to go. That is, if I can squeeze out of them, period!”

It was fortunate that our two heroes were young and flexible, because getting Heero fully disengaged from his pants in the cramped quarters of the head was a major epic. But these, after all, were the boys who had terrorized the entire OZ organization, and they weren’t going to let an insignificant obstacle like this stop them. Finally, after extensive panting and groaning, Heero was bare-assed. His sopped spandex and jock had been thrown next to the sink and his tight butt was tantalizingly close to Duo’s face.

Duo’s weeping shaft went totally rigid at the sight. “Damn, you’ve got gorgeous buns. Bend over a little, ‘cuz my tongue’s dyin’ to get reacquainted with that beautiful butt!” he crooned.

Heero obliged immediately. Duo grabbed his cheeks with both hands, rubbing and massaging the hard muscles. Then he stuck his face into Heero’s musky cleft and starting foraging.

Aah. Duo! That feels unbelievable,” moaned the shorthaired pilot. Meanwhile Duo reached around with his right hand and started exploring Heero’s front.

“Whoa Heero!” said Duo, coming up for air. “Feels like you’re ready for the big initiation. Totally ready. Mile-high club, here we come!”

“Not so fast, Duo! Why don’t you bend over first,” said Heero unexpectedly. Then, to Duo’s shock, delight, and amazement, his lover pulled Duo’s drawers down to his thighs and proceeded to give him the same treatment he’d just received from Duo.

Finally Heero took a break to catch his breath. Hnn. I didn’t know if I’d like that, but I really did. I guess it was because I was doing it to you. Somehow, I can’t even imagine doing that to anyone else,” he said.

“You’d better not imagine,” said Duo jokingly. “Or I’ll beat you.”

“Promise?” replied Heero. Kidding was not part of Heero’s standard repertoire, and Duo wasn’t quite sure if he was joking. “Whatever you say, Heero,” he replied tentatively. “Anyhow, that’s not gonna get us into the club. Let’s see just how much we can squeeze out that spandex!”

A minute later the spandex and jockstrap had been wrung out, and Heero’s cock and Duo’s rear were both slick enough for Step Two. “There is only one way to make this work,” said Heero analytically. “I’ll sit on the commode and you sit on me. That way we can kiss too.”

“Gotcha,” replied Duo. “But don’t I have to take my pants off first?”

“You definitely have a point,” said Heero. “We just finished dealing with mine. What an ordeal! We’d probably be landing in London before we finished with yours. I think you’d better just bend over the commode and we’ll improvise.”

Duo bent over and Heero slowly worked his erection into Duo’s tight entrance. “Careful, Heero,” gasped Duo. “The last time this happened was two years ago, and I’m just a wee bit out of practice. It’s not like I didn’t have some invitations since then, but the thought of doing it with someone other than you left me totally cold.”

Heero just kept up the gentle pressure and worked himself in, millimeter by millimeter. Duo relaxed more and more, and suddenly Heero realized he was completely buried inside his lover’s heat. “Yeah, Heero! Fuck me!” sighed Duo.

Heero put his left arm around Duo’s slender waist. Then he reached around and stroked Duo’s hardness with his right hand as he steadily thrust in and out of him. Duo looked back over his right shoulder at Heero, who leaned forward and gave his Duo a hard, heated kiss.

Duo alternately tensed and relaxed his muscles to give Heero the most intense possible stimulation, while Heero massaged Duo’s prostate with his tingling cock. They were both panting and sweating, each completely aroused by the other. Their tongues dueled and they felt dizzy as they gave themselves over to pure sensation. Heero’s thrusts quickened and he sped up his handstrokes on Duo’s leaking cock.

Gasping, both boys hit the point of no return. “For you, Duo,” cried Heero, as he emptied himself into his soulmate in wave after wave. At the same time, he felt Duo’s cock spasm and he squirted again and again, making a huge, white puddle on the hard plastic cover of the commode.

“Oh fuck, Heero—missed you so much,” murmured Duo as he slowly came down from his endorphin high. “The feeling’s absolutely mutual,” said Heero as he gently disengaged himself from Duo.

“Strange,” said Duo. “I feel so empty all of a sudden.”

“Wait till we get home,” replied Heero. “I’m going to fill you again and again, for as long as you’ll let me.”

“Promise?” said Duo.

“Promise,” replied Heero.

Duo grinned. “Uuuh...meanwhile on this particular aircraft, in this particular head,” he said teasingly, “we’ve got some cleanup to do. Hand me a paper towel and let me wipe all that stuff off the seat cover.”

“I have no clue where all that came from,” said Heero. “A half hour ago I thought I’d swallowed everything.”

Duo smiled lewdly at Heero. “Your beautiful cock hitting me the right way will do it every time,” he growled.

Aah,” said Heero. “Now I know the secret. Anyhow...I need to wash up.”

“Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness, Heero,” said Duo, smirking. “While you’re polishing the ol’ artillery, I’d better sit on the throne for a sec or I’ll be leaking all the way to London. Are you certain you didn’t save that up for two years? It sure feels like it!”

“Well, not quite for two years,” replied Heero. “But the monastery wasn’t exactly a hotbed of sex. We were supposed to empty ourselves of physical desire. The monks thought that orgasms were bad karma unless, of course, you didn’t enjoy them. Catch 22. Typical. If you got off, it had better be in a wet dream, or you lost karmic points with the powers that be. Of course, I found a way to bend the law a little. I’ll tell you about it later.”

Heeeero!” whined Duo, looking up puppy-eyed from the comfort of the commode. “Don’t leave me hanging! Tell me now! Pleeeaaase!”

Heero was powerless to resist his lover’s begging. “I made an interesting discovery,” he continued. “All I had to do was think of you—how you looked that last night when we made love. Or the expression of your face as you looked right at me when I was inside of you. All I had to do was to relive those moments in my mind, and I didn’t even have to touch myself. I would just explode. Given the amount of laundry I was generating, I bet the monks thought I was trying for the Olympic gold medal in wet dreams!”

Duo laughed out loud. “Man, I thought I was bad,” he teased. “But I never tried to fake a wet dream! That takes some serious concentration!”

Heero bent down to gave Duo a quick kiss. “Those monks were wise in the ways of the human heart, Duo,” he told his lover warmly. “But I think they were a little shaky when it came to the ways of human hormones. If they ever caught on that I was cheating, they never called me on it.”

“Anyway, Duo, that’s not exactly the problem right now. Somehow I’ve got to get my pants back on,” observed Heero. “We may need a miracle, so you better start praying right now, fast and hard.”

“Just the way God likes it,” Duo blurted out. He put his hand over his mouth. “Oh fuck! Did I just say that!? Now I’m going to hell for sure!”

“You’d better hope that the Almighty has a sense of humor, Duo, or that’s where we’re both going to end up,” replied Heero.

It took five minutes of choreographed mutual writhing, but Heero finally managed struggle back into his jock and pants. The entire ensemble was still wet, but it was assuredly better than Heero’s parading back to his seat wearing nothing at all. Nevertheless, the resulting fantasy gave Duo a naughty little tingle in a well-used and slightly sore part of his anatomy.

“Damn, Heero,” said Duo, “this head smells like a ten-credit whorehouse during Fleet Week. Smells like someone spilled a gallon of bleach in here!”

“That’s merely an indication that the last occupants were enjoying themselves,” replied Heero. “The next customer will simply have to make allowances.”

Finally presentable, the two boys opened the door and prepared to return to their seats. As they passed the young flight attendant who had served them their chicken-on-a-tray, he winked and gave them a big thumbs-up. “Welcome to the mile-high club, guys,” he whispered.


[The story continues in “Pavlov’s Dog, Swimming In A Sea Of Stars.”]