(yaoi, 1+2, 13+5, 3+4, sap, AU)

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Comments: This is a sequel to Untitled.
Warnings: Guess whose POV is this?


Uncle Wufei is sad again.

He doesn't say anything, but it's there. I can see it.

Daddy says that he is sad because he is very ill. When I asked him, he picked me up and sat me on his lap. He rubbed my cheek against his. Uncle Wufei had this sickness; something bad was eating away his insides. He did not go to a doctor to make the bad feeling go away.

I asked Daddy why.

He sighed, and said that Uncle Wufei was very sad because he lost someone very im-por-tant to him. He didn't want to feel better.

I turned around.

"But why, daddy? If Uncle Wufei was so unhappy, won't he want to make himself feel a little better?"

He said he didn't know either. Papa had gone to his house and found Uncle Wufei on the floor. Daddy says he had fainted. I don't know what that means. Maybe it is a little like falling into a deep sleep.

Uncle Quatre had been very mad at Uncle Wufei, and had yelled at him. Daddy too. The doctors made him OK again, so everyone was happy. Well, except maybe Uncle Wufei.

Then Papa and Daddy decided to have me. Me, and my little brother.

Ssh, he's asleep. Don't wake him up. Uncle Trowa said that babies need a lot of rest. So now I look after him. Papa and Daddy help too. He's really cute now, though he was all red and wrinkly when he first came home. He has the nicest blue eyes I have ever seen, just like Papa's.

Uncle Wufei was always showed up on our birthdays, though he never stayed for long; he always brought the nicest presents. I'll show them to you someday. He always brought Mao. Papa didn't like Mao. But I did. I think Mao liked me too.

The next time he visited, Uncle Wufei didn't bring Mao with him. When I asked him, he said that Mao was gone.

I don't understand. Why can't Mao open his eyes and play with me ever again?

Papa says that everything will die sometime.

"Will you die too, Papa?"

He said yes, one day. I started to cry. He wiped away my tears, and tickled me. I laughed a lot, and forgot about it.

Then on my fifth birthday, Uncle Wufei became sick again. He was sent to hos-hos-the place where daddy went to when he had my brother. It was really white, with people wearing white stuff walking around. Some of them gave me candy. I like being there.

I was sitting on Uncle Wufei's bed, telling him about learning how to jump rope in school when one of the white people came in. Uncle Quatre and Uncle Trowa were there too. The white person told Daddy something, and Daddy looked like he was going to cry. So did Uncle Quatre. Papa and Uncle Trowa looked very upset.

Uncle Wufei didn't look sad at all. I asked him why. Daddy got a little mad, but Uncle Wufei said it was okay for me to ask him. He later said a lot to Papa, but I didn't really understand any of it. He used a lot of long words.

Uncle Wufei decided not to stay in that place. He moved in with Papa, Daddy, my little brother and me. He was fun to be with. He taught me a few words in Chinese, and how to write them. It was fun! The words were a little tricky though. He said I could write well.

But as he got sicker and sicker, he spent more time looking out of the window, especially when it rained. He said that it reminded him of someone. I saw Daddy look at Papa when he said this.

He didn't want to eat with us anymore, and he didn't play hide-and-seek, even though we used to play all the time. He threw up often too, but he was careful not to let Papa or Daddy know.

I heard them argue the other day, in Uncle Wufei's room. Daddy was asking Uncle Wufei not to be such a stubborn bastard. That's a bad word isn't it? He used a lot of other bad words too. Uncle Wufei said he didn't want to die in a hosp-hos-that place. I ran in, and snuggled under the blankets.

"Uncle Wufei, are you going to be like Mao?"

He nodded. I cried very hard, even Daddy couldn't make me laugh for a long time.

Yesterday, he asked Papa to bring him to the ceme-tery. It's a place where dead people sleep under the earth. Our teacher told us. I begged and begged to go with them. Finally, Papa agreed.

Oh, we've reached the ceme-tery. I hold Uncle Wufei's hand very tightly, in case he decides that he wants to go to sleep like the other people. His hand is very cold. Daddy takes out a cane for Uncle Wufei to use.

It's a very nice place. There are grass and flowers everywhere, and trees too. Large shady ones. This place looks happy. Maybe dying isn't so bad. There are a lot of strange stones here. They have words on them. Some of them are people with wings on their backs. They look unhappy. Maybe they feel sad for them too.

I stay close to Uncle Wufei. He has asked me to carry his flowers for him. They are white, and very pretty. Big too. Papa had asked why Uncle Wufei bought these when he liked red roses better.

Who's he? I suppose it is the person that Uncle Wufei misses.

Uncle Wufei had said that in his culture, the colour red sig-ni-fied joy and happiness. He said the flowers he bought were for dead people. I smell them. They smell nice, a little bitter. Uncle Wufei said they used these flowers to make tea. I wonder how that tastes like.

I tug at his hand, and he stops, bending down so he can look me in the eye.

"Uncle Wufei, what flowers are these again?"

"They are chrysanthemums, bao bei (1)."



"That's a hard word, Uncle Wufei."

He smiles and takes them from me. My hand is a little sticky with the juice from the stalks. It smells good, like freshly cut leaves. I rub it on my skirt, hoping Uncle Wufei won't see it. He gets up and walks to a big stone. I look around. Papa and Daddy are near the car. They didn't follow us.

He stands in front of the stone. He is standing crooked, resting against the cane. I sit down on the grass nearby. There are daisies around me. I pick them and make a chain. My friend taught me how to make them during recess.

"I've finally come to visit you. It's been nine years, hasn't it?"

Why is Uncle Wufei talking to the stone?

"I asked you whether you loved me. Do you?"

He is touching the tip of the stone. He isn't leaning on the stick anymore.

"I-I'm dying, Treize. The doctors said that the cancer has spread to all my major organs. It's only a matter of time; I don't have that much left. It doesn't matter, there is nothing left to fight for. The Preventers are doing a superb job."

Uncle Wufei looks so sad. And he is crying a little too, like me when I fall down and I'm trying to be brave and I say that the scratch doesn't hurt but it does.

"I asked you to wait for me. All I am asking of you now, is to be patient and wait a little while longer."

Uncle Wufei is swaying a little, like the grass around him.

"I'll be joining you shortly."

His flowers drop out his hand, and drop onto the floor. The petals fly everywhere. Now the entire area in front of him is covered with bits of white. Uncle Wufei falls too. Papa runs towards him, and carries him up. I wonder if he carried him like that the last time.

"Quick, get into the car."

I am scared now. Is Uncle Wufei going to die too? I run after Papa. Daddy asks me to sit in front, and I climb in. Papa helps me fasten the seat belt. Daddy sits behind and cradles Uncle Wufei's head in his lap. He is pressing Uncle Wufei's chest really hard, and kissing him.

I look at Papa. His eyes are on the road. The last time a man had tried to kiss Daddy, Papa had beaten him up.

We reach the white place again. Daddy carries Uncle Wufei out. He looks so small, even though he is as tall as Papa. The people in white clothes put him on a table with wheels on the bottom. It looks fun. I wish Uncle Wufei was awake, and then he could tell me whether it was nice to ride on it. Daddy goes with them.

Papa brings me to a big space. There are many people here. They wear normal clothes like me, but look like they need a long nap. Papa makes a phone call. I can hear Uncle Quatre's voice over the line.


"Heero? What happened? Is Wufei…"

"I don't think he's going to make it. You better come quickly."

He hangs up the phone, and brings us back where Daddy is. Daddy is crying. This makes me want to cry too. I feel Daddy hold me close, and I cry into his shoulder. It makes a big wet spot.

I don't want Uncle Wufei to die. I want to play hide and seek with him again.

Papa plucks me out of Daddy's arms, and hands me a tissue.


I blow hard and throw the tissue in the rubbish bin. When I turn back, Papa is hugging Daddy very tightly. Daddy is crying into Papa's shoulder now. I sit beside them, and try to hug Daddy, though my arms don't really go around him.

The little light on the top of the door is still on when Uncle Quatre and Uncle Trowa come. They look very messy. Uncle Quatre is carrying my little brother. He is asleep.

Uncle Trowa makes Daddy bring me to the canteen to buy Papa some coffee. He waits by the queue and gives me the coins. I buy the coffee, and hold it very carefully. Daddy carries me back to where Papa, Uncle Trowa and Uncle Quatre are. I hand the coffee to Papa, but he doesn't drink it.

Finally the light goes off, and the white person comes out, but now his clothes are red. Is he hurt too? It looks like a lot of blood, or paint. We did that on a costume last Halloween.

They wheel Uncle Wufei out behind him. He looks really pale, like snow. I want to touch him, but Papa holds me back.

Later someone tells Papa that we can go see Uncle Wufei.

We go into a room.

"Wu, it's me. The American baka."

Uncle Wufei makes a funny little noise, but he doesn't move.

"You're going to be all right. Just rest, okay?"

Uncle Quatre looks like he is going to cry soon. He is holding Uncle Trowa's hand very tightly.

"You want to see her? Wait."

Daddy lifts me up so I am sitting on the railing. Uncle Wufei smiles, and reaches for my hand. There is something stuck to his own, a long plastic worm. It's dripping something into him.

"Bao bei? I'm sorry."

"Uncle Wufei, please don't die. I want to learn some more Chinese. And I want baby to learn too."

"You will have to teach him yourself, bao bei, I can't."

"You can, you can!"

"I won't be able to. I always knew you were very smart…"

He looks very sleepy. Daddy puts me down; Papa and Uncle Trowa and Uncle Quatre stand beside him. They talk very softly, and I cannot hear what they are saying.

Finally, Uncle Wufei smiles, and closes his eyes. Daddy only squeezes his hand. Uncle Trowa pulls Uncle Quatre really close to him. Papa was carrying the baby. Uncle Wufei wasn't going to wake up again.

I brought white chry-san-the-mums for Uncle Wufei, but they are small ones this time. I asked Papa to get them for me. We stop in front of Uncle Wufei's stone. He was put in the spot next to the stone he was talking to the other day. The chry-san-the-mum petals were still there, but they had dried up and turned brown. There were some words on Uncle Wufei's stone, but they were in Chinese. Uncle Wufei didn't teach me those.

I put the flowers on a little vase beside it, and say a prayer like how Daddy taught me. A woman is there too. She has really red hair, and smiling eyes. She taught me how to place the flowers properly.


"Heero Yuy. Good to see you again. And you too, Duo Maxwell. Your daughter?"


"She's beautiful."

"Say thank you, sweet."

I say it. She smiles at me. I think she is really pretty.

Papa says that we have to leave. Daddy gives me a piggyback ride back, but only after I promised I wouldn't pull his hair. On the way, I see the pretty lady kneel down and trace the words along the grave beside Uncle Wufei's.

I still miss Uncle Wufei.

At night, I can't sleep, but I close my eyes after Papa finishes the story. Daddy is still hurting, and they make those noises in the room again. They do it every night, but tonight, it seems longer than usual. After a while, I hear Daddy leave the room to check on me.

He thinks I am asleep. I learnt the trick from Uncle Wufei.

A breeze blows in the room, but Papa had closed the windows. I sit up, holding teddy near. I see Uncle Wufei. He looks like he is made of smoke. He looks younger, and he is wearing really strange pants.

"Uncle Wufei! You're back!"

"Hush, bao bei, you'll wake up your parents."

He comes closer.

"Uncle Wufei, are you a ghost?"

"Yes, are you scared?"

I shake my head no. Uncle Wufei likes it when I'm brave. He smiles. I haven't seen him smile like that for a long time.

"Why are you here, Uncle Wufei?"

"I have to tell you that I'm not sad anymore, bao bei."


"Yes, really."

"Does it still hurt?"

"No, not anymore."

"And the person that made you unhappy? Is he with you?"

"Yes. I brought him here."

He steps aside. Another smoky ghost-person appears. He is much, much taller than Uncle Wufei. He has the sharpest blue eyes, and brown hair. His eyebrows are a little strange though. He is wearing a uniform, a little like the one Daddy wears to work.

"Who are you?"

"Treize Khushrenada at your service, milady."

"You speak funny."

"I was brought up to speak like that."

He has his arm around Uncle Wufei's waist. They look like Papa and Daddy when they look at each other sometimes, before they go into the bedroom and make noises.

"Uncle Wufei?"

"Hmm, bao bei?"

"Is this the person that you missed?"

"Yes, dove."

I look hard at him. I can look very scary when I want to. Papa said so; he said that I had Daddy's eyes. I like Daddy's eyes. They are so big and purple.

"You're bad."


"You made Uncle Wufei cry."

Uncle Wufei's face turns pink.

"Guilty as charged."

"Treize! Stop encouraging her."

"Your beloved niece is quite the dictator, dragon."

"Over my dead body."

"You-are-dead, love."

I wave. Both of them look at me.

"You must give Uncle Wufei a present to make up for making him so sad."

"And what do you propose, little one?"

"When I hurt myself, Daddy gives me a kiss to make it all better. You must give Uncle Wufei a kiss to make him feel better too."


He turns to Uncle Wufei.

"Where do you hurt, beloved? Here? Or here? Maybe here?"

He kisses Uncle Wufei on the lips, then on his forehead, then on his cheek. Uncle Wufei looks very happy, but he pretends to be angry.

"Treize! She's only six!"

"She's going to break her share of hearts anyway. Look at her!"

"Mm, Treize?"


Uncle Treize is doing something very strange with his tongue to Uncle Wufei's ear.

"I think we better leave."

"Good idea. I've got plans that do not involve precocious little girls watching."

Uncle Wufei comes round to the side of my bed. He brushes his hand across my hair.

"Goodbye, bao bei. Tell your parents not to feel upset anymore, okay?"

"Yes, Uncle Wufei."

"And be a good girl."

"Yes sir! And Uncle Wufei?"


"Will Mao come and visit me? I want to play with him."

His shoulders are shaking. He's laughing!

"Maybe, when he wants to. I wonder what your parents will say though."

He leaves. I suddenly feel very sleepy, so I close my eyes, holding teddy close beside me.

I think dying isn't all that bad now.



(1) Bao bei means Treasure in Chinese. Usually a term of endearment for children.

Ew, yuck. Sappy ending.

Chinese superstition: That the dead would come back a few days after their death to visit the people they were close to when they were alive. For the sake of the story, it's the little girl.

I didn't give both the children names because I see too many variations out there. Just fill in the name you consider appropriate.