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" You all had better appreciate this."

" Oh of course we do Trowa!"

" I got everything I think. Heero here are your size double X small spandex
shorts they were out of triple."

" They're always out of triple."

" Duo here are your ediable underwear I don't remember if the strawberry or
the cherry is yours or Quatre's"

" Trowa!"


" Thank-you-Trowa."

" Anytime Duo. Wufei here is your aleeve and your new enema bag."

" Trowa thank you for stating that in front of everyone I really apricate
loosing all the remaining dignity I possess."

" You should have seen the looks I got when I had to ask the salesman if he
had one in dark blue. By the way here is you're box of Fu-fu's chocolate

" Thanks."

" No problem. Heero here's the Soap Opera digest you asked for. The store
clerk watches Days of our lives too. She said Jenny is still in a coma and
Billy doesn't know that Marget isn't really Marget but Allisa in disguise."

" What! Allisa is dead!"

" No she's not it was her lost long twin sister that had just found her the
day before that fell off the cliff she's not dead either by the way."

" Wh-"

" Heero you watch soap operas?"

" Hn."

" Oh Quatre I got that dil-"

" ThankyouTrowa."

" Quatre why are you blushing? What's in the box?"

" Shutup and mind your own business Duo."

" Snip-py..."

" Oh and Duo I picked up those ho-ho's you wanted. I couldn't find the velvet
lined hand-cuffs though but the Lady at Bondage Central said the rope she
sold you last week will do just fine and to tell you that Candy said hi and
wanted to know when you'd be back to visit. The twins miss you."

" Duo..."

" Eh heh heh Heero..."

" Anyway while Heero is pounding Duo I guess Wufei can have first dibs on
'Riding Passions fire' it was the last one in the store so you're going to
have to give it to Heero when you're done."

" What?"

" Duo when you finish cleaning out your wounds I got those tapes you wanted.
' Old Yeller' 'Bambi' 'The deer hunter' ....' Studs naked and-' oops that's
yours Quatre."

" Trowa!"

" You mean you haven't seen that one yet?"

" Hentai."

" Oh Wufei they didn't have ' Harry the bondage king' in stock but the lady
said she'd bring it to you as soon as she got another copy."

" Trowa have you no shame?"

" No. I just spent the day getting stared the subject of many points and
snickers as well as a very all out laughs. I just thought I'd share the
wealth. Oh and Quatre I took the liberty of getting some cream for that rash
on you-"

" Trowa!"