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" Do it again."

Duo looked up at Heero's impassive face, panting hard he pulled the sweaty
tanktop away from his chest.

" What?!"

" Do it again."

Duo narrowed his eyes. " No. I've done it five times already! What was wrong
with the last one?"

" You hesitated."

Duo blinked still trying to catch his breath. " And?"

" If you hesitate in the field you can get not only yourself killed but your
team as well."

Duo rolled his eyes.

" Do it again."

With a snort of irration Duo tossed the laser gun onto the floor and started
towards the door picking up his towel on the way. " You like it so much you
do it!"

Heero reached out and grabbed ahold of Duo's braid pulling the other boy back
against his chest, he yanked his head back.

" That wasn't a request Duo. Do it again."

Duo winced at the pull in his scalp and tugged away from Heero. " You know I
don't know what that tower guy told you but whatever it was managed to push
that stick up your ass deeper!"

Heero narrowed his eyes. " Do it again."

Heero glared.

Duo glared right back….then finally with a snort he picked up the laser gun
and climbed back on the treadmill.

Inwardly Heero smirked at the little victory. " Escape." He said pressing a
button the treadmill came to life.

Almost instinctively Duo began to run carefully holding the gun at his side.

Pressing another button the treadmill sped up. " Defend." He said and it
stopped abruptly. Bracing his feet on either side of the

Stopping suddenly Duo braced his feet on either side of the track. Bending
his knees slightly he lifted the gun to a ready position. A image of a man
wearing a black hat appeared to his left gun raised. Turning immediately he
shot the image dead center. Another appeared on his right of a woman, she got
off one shot catching him in the shoulder. He winced in pain from the little
electric jolt that shot through him. Taking aim he shot the image of the

"Escape." Hopping back onto the treadmill Duo began running again. He wasn't
sure how long that evil expressionless bastard had him running but by the
time he finally called stop all Duo could do was fall to his knees gasping
for breath.

" Your aim is off and your endurance could be better."

Duo rolled his eyes and climbed to his feet. Hopping down from the simulation
he went and picked up his towel draping it over his shoulders he walked
toward the door.

" Duo." Heero called.

Turning to look at him Duo arched a brow.

" You haven't been dismissed yet."

Snorting Duo folded his arms. " May I be dismissed?"

Heero stepped closer to him then. " I am really getting tired of your

Duo sighed. " Whatever. Look I don't know what kinda power trip you're on

" You're in abeyance. Operation marked your status earlier today. I stood up
for you and that compromised my position. I have 3 weeks to straighten you
out or you're cancelled and I'm demoted."

Duo's eyes widened slightly then narrow. " So what you can work your way back
up." He shrugged.

" You aren't listening to me Duo. If you don't straighten up then your going
to die."

Duo stood up straighter and looked Heero in the eye. " No you aren't
listening Heero. I don't care." He said holding Heero's gaze for another
minute. He turned to leave again.

Heero grabbed his arm and twisted forcing the other boy to his knees. "
Listen to me Duo and listen good. I've gone easy on you and you've taken
advantage of that kindness. Now you don't have a choice, you will succeed and
you will live I've worked too hard to let you go now." He hissed in his ear.

Duo winced at the pain in his shoulder. " Who do you think you are telling me
what I can and can't do! You bastards have already killed me once! What's a
second death?"

Heero let him go. " Duo-"

" Why am I being cancelled?"

Heero paused. " You lack self-control."

Duo snorted. " Oh I get it. It's because I don't act like a zombie like the
rest of you stiffs is that it? Well if it is then you might as well kill me
now…I refuse to be like you. I'd rather be dead than a machine." He said
snidely. " Am I dismissed?"

Heero looked at him for a moment more and then nodded. " Yes."

Turning on his heel Duo strode from the room.



Quatre's Office

Quatre stood beside a mannequin holding a red silk shirt in front of it.

" Quatre!" Duo called striding into the room…

Quatre smiled…they'd managed to work the bounce out of Duo's step…now the
boy practically glided wherever he walked as silent as cat and twice as

" Hello Duo…"

" What are we doing today?" He asked smiling.

Quatre shook his head. " Today is a special day Duo." He said gesturing to
the outfit on the mannequin.

Duo tilted his head to the side. " Oh?"

" Today you get to leave section…" He said with a smile. " Duo's eyes lit up.
" Really?!"

" Yes." He smiled. Duo smiled back. " Come with me and let's get you ready."

Duo's smile widened as he walked behind Quatre up the stairs. " He was going
outside for the first time in 2 years!

Standing Duo in front of a full length mirror Quatre held a red shirt up in
front of him. " What do you think?"

" Too bright."

Smiling Quatre put the shirt down picking up a darker green color. " This?"

" Makes me look sickly."

Nodding Quatre went on to another shirt.


Quatre's Office

Heero stood at the bottom of the stairs hands clasped behind his back…His
eyes darting around the room, memories of his first time meeting Quatre came
to mind.

" Heero he's ready now." Quatre said with a smile at the top of the stairs.
Stepping aside Duo came into view…Heero's eyes almost widened…and what a
view it was. Wearing black silk slacks and a matching chinese style shirt his
hair pulled back into a loose ponytail…he was …

" I take it you like it." Quatre said dryly.

Heero looked at the other boy than away. " Good enough." He said simply as he
waited for Duo to make his way down the stairs.

Once he reached the bottom Heero looked him over quickly. " Ready?"

Nodding Duo started towards the door.

" Ah Duo." Quatre's voice called to him. " Head up soft smile…yes very good."

Heero cast one last look at Quatre before he ushered Duo from the room.