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Wufei looked around the circle of new recruits with a frown. They were all
sitting in a semi-circle around him…eyes downcast identical looks of fear on
each of their faces…broken each and every last one of them, no not all of
them. Wufei thought fixing his eyes on the young man lying on his stomach
absently swinging his feet back and forth. A long brown braid pooled on the
floor beside him.

Wufei smiled inwardly that one just might live longer than a year. " You."
He said pointing at the braided boy.

Arching a brow Duo looked up. " Me?"

" Yes you. Come here I want you to help me demonstrate the next exercise." He
said evenly.

With a grunt the boy pushed himself to his feet and walked to stand in front
of Wufei. Placing a hand on his hip he gave the instructor a smirk.

Taking up a fighting stance Wufei ignored the coy look on the boy's face. "
Today were just going to focus on defense…now what I want you to do is try to
slap me in the face."

Duo laughed. " You're kidding right?" He said tossing his braid over his

Wufei shook his head. " It's imp-"

" Whatever look why don't you find someone else to play your kinky little
games ok! I'm not in the mood…" Duo drawled turning to walk away.

Wufei stepped behind him opening his mouth to protest.

Duo spun too quickly for him to react.


Straight across the face, Wufei blinked owlishly for a moment as a hand
shaped red mark began forming on his face. Finally recovering his cool…and
his dignity. He nodded. " Very good." He managed to say evenly. " You may be

Duo snorted again and flopped down on the mat covered floor.

He didn't notice the man standing outside the room watching…the barest hint
of a smile on his face.


Duo flopped down on the couch in Quatre's office…tucking his hands behind his
head he crossed his ankles. " So what are we gonna do today?" He asked

Quatre looked up from pruning his plants, setting the sheers down he walked
towards Duo his hands folded neatly in front of him.

"Today we learn how to walk…and how to sit.." Quatre said softly.

Duo frowned. " I already know how to do that."

Extending his hand Quatre smiled. " Yes well were going to learn how to do it
properly…Stand up please."

Duo rolled his eyes but did as he was told, immediately shoving his hands in
his pockets.

Quatre immediately moved them. " First thing you need to learn is not to do
that." He said his voice still gentle.

" Why not?" Duo asked. Stopping himself from doing it again. He felt ackward
with his hands hanging at his sides. " What am I supposed to do with them
then?" He asked.

" Clasp them in front of you." He answered. " Or behind your back whichever
you like."

Duo looked down at his hands for a moment, first he tried lacing his fingers
in front of him. He didn't like that…so untangling his fingers he locked
them behind his back…he didn't like that either. " I-"

" You'll find what's most comfortable for you eventually." Quatre said
soothingly. " Let's work on walking. Walk for me."

Arching a brow, Duo did as he was bid…bouncing over to the couch he turned
around and bounced back to Quatre.

" No that won't do." He said with a pensive frown. " Your step is to heavy
and you bounce too much."

" I don't bounce."

" You bounce." Quatre said simply. " Let's try something new shall we? Let's
say that you have just arrived at a party and you are the guest of honor so
of course the moment you walk in the room all eyes are on you. You spot the
host at the other end of the room…how do you approach him?"

Duo thought for a moment, and then bounced across the room again.

Quatre sighed. It was going to be a long training session.


Duo sat impassively next to the boy at the console.

" Ok Duo are you ready?" He asked in a more than slightly nasal voice.

Nodding Duo looked around the big gray room again…He had been here the first
day Heero had let him out of his quarters but he didn't have enough time to
look around.

" Duo are you listening?"

Turning to the annoyed boy Duo turned the full force of his smile onto
Birkoff (1) practicing one of the skills Quatre had taught him.

Birkoff's face instantly lost some of it's bluster.

Leaning forward he pulled the round sunglasses from the boy's face putting
them on himself he continued to look around through the tanned specs.

" Duo will you listen to me please?!" Birkoff's high nasal voice was getting
higher with annoyance.

Duo looked at him over the rim of the sunglasses.

" Now as for the- Duo please pay att-"

" Duo. You should listen to Birkoff when he's talking to you." He said
simply. Pulling the glasses from Duo's face and handing them back to

Duo arched a brow and looked up at Heero.

" Yes Daddy." He said sarcastically. " I wouldn't want you to take my dessert

Birkoff coughed into his hand.

Heero ignored him. Focusing on Duo. " You need to learn this Duo, this is
not a ga-"

Suddenly the comm unit beside Birkoff's computer beeped. " Heero in my
office." A rather deep voice said.

Looking up Duo saw the man was standing in the tower again. Grinning he
waved up at him…as always the gesture was ignored.

" Yes sir." Heero said. " I'll be right back. Duo go to Walter's station and
have him set you up for simulations."

Before Duo could ask what simulations were. Heero was gone. Blinking he
looked back to Birkoff. " Make the computer do that thing where the dinosaur
eats Heero head and the blood squirts all over the place!" Duo said excitedly.

Shaking his head Birkoff complied.


Operations Tower

Heero walked into the tower his expression carefully neutral. " You wanted to
see me Operations?"

Operations turned to look at Heero, his blank eyes seeming to stare through
Heero. " Duo is to be cancelled." He said simply.

Heero felt his gut tighten but shifted his eyes away from Operations to hide
the reaction. " May I ask why?" He asked. " His marks on hand to hand combat
are exceptional. He's the top of the class in explosives and firearms…not to
mention despite the fact that he barely pays attention to Birkoff his marks
in computer skills are among the highest in new material. And even Quatre
says he's doing better with his social skills. There has been a great deal of
improvement in the last 6 months sir."

Operations nodded. " He's a loose cannon. His marks are high all around but
he still lacks self-control. He fells to much." Operations answered looking
down at the comp station where Duo was playing with Birkoff's glasses again.
" Why haven't you broken him yet?" He asked.

Heero kept his eyes fixed on the far wall. Forcefully restraining himself
from saying ' I'd like to see you try it! He's as stubborn as a damn mule.' "
It's a bit more difficult than I anticipated sir." ' Yeah since he fights me
on anything I tell him to do and anything I tell him not to do he does
anyway. Even if I want him to do it and I tell him not to do it…it's like he
knows what I'm thinking…'

Operations looked back to him. " Is it?" Crossing the room Operations leaned
back against his desk. " Quatre feels that you're becoming attached to the
new material."

Heero didn't answer.

" You are well aware of the dangers that can cause?"

Again silence.

" Duo is a hazard to section. He must be elimated."

" He needs more time. Give me another three weeks and I bring him under

Operations arched a brow. " You've had to years and haven't been able to do
that…what makes you think that you can do it in 3 weeks?"

'Because I have to.' " He's not a danger to section sir. I can prove
that…he's more than capable of doing his job." Heero answered.

" You vouch for him?" Operations asked.

'Damn you Duo.' " Yes."

" Then I hope you can as well…" Operations said walking back toward the
glass. " For both your sakes." Operations said turning to watch people run
back and forth on the floor beneath him.

Nodding at his dismissal. Heero turned on his heel and left…he had to break
Duo now…he'd stuck his neck for that boy and if he didn't straighten up then
they would both…cutting off the line of thought Heero headed back to the comp
center to pick up Duo.


Operations Tower

" Quatre?" Operations asked.

Stepping out of the shadows Quatre moved to stand beside Operations. " Yes?"

"What did you think?" He asked simply.

Quatre looked down to the main floor where Duo was currently taunting a stone
faced Heero.

" I think there is a bond between them."

Operations nodded. " What course of action would you suggest?"

Not taking his eyes from the two Quatre folded his hands in front of him. "
NO course of action is necessary. "

" Oh and why is that?" Operations voice lowered dangerously.

" A bound between two operatives can be a very useful thing. It gives them a
reason to perform at their peek as well as gives us an easier means to
control them." He answered simply.

Operations nodded. " Very well. So we should allow this bond between them to

" Yes. Besides the fact Duo would make a very good addition to section one."
He said.

" Why's that? He feels to much that throws off his judgement."

" Yes but it's that very emotion that gives him an edge. It's easy to predict
the actions of a logical person but when emotions come into play logic is
useless. Duo could go far in section…perhaps even take my place one day."

Nodding Operation turned to look at Quatre. " So you suggest that I call
Heero back in here and remove Duo's abeyance status? "

Quatre thought for a moment. " No. The danger of the situation will be good
for them…that and I wish to find out how deeply Heero feels for Duo as well
as how far he will go to save him."

" If that's what you want."

Nodding Quatre turned to go away. " I think that's the best course of
action…" He said.

Operations smiled. " Very well then. Go on I wouldn't want you to keep our
'guest' waiting.

With another timid smile Quatre headed for the door. " I'll see you at dinner
tonight Trowa."


1) Yes that is the characters actual name....actually it's Seymour Birkoff
someone was having fun with the puns eh?