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Warning: It's a crossover with la femme Nikita.




Duo folded his arms across his chest, as he followed the man from yesterday
out of his room, into a dark gray hallway…Looking around him he noted that
everyone he saw was wearing all black. Many of them paused to look at him,
something resembling pity in their eyes before they moved on.


" Heero!"

Duo looked up to see an old balding man with a bandana and a ponytail running
towards them.

" Yes Walter."

" Operations wanted me to have you double check-" the old man paused looking
around Heero to Duo. " Hey Sugar what's your name?"

Duo smirked. " I don't have a name I'm dead." He answered. The old man
looked back at Heero his face was still impassive.

" What was the message Walter." He said in monotone.

Duo rolled his eyes the old man was still staring at him.

" Huh? Oh yeah the message you need to double check Klausky's mission
configurations." The old man said handing Heero something that looked like
an electronic address book.

" Fine. Is that all?"

" Yeah."

Without another word Heero walked around Walter, giving the old man one last
look Duo followed.

" Where are we going?" Duo asked.

" To see Quatre."

" Who?"

Heero didn't answer rounding the corner we came upon wooden double
doors…Which in itself was out of place in the metal walls and floors that
he'd seen so far.

" Quatre is like the mother of section." Heero answered pressing in a code
on the little keypad beside the door.

Duo snorted. " Oh really and who are you my father?"

Heero turned dead blue eyes on Duo for moment then looked back to the now
open door. " I'll be back to retrieve you in half an hour."

With another snort Duo tossed his hair over his shoulder and walked into the
room and gasped. It was VERY different from everything else that he'd seen.
It was like walking into a completely different home. A comfy looking dark
red couch sat in the center of the room, plush red carpet extended from one
end to the other. Turning slightly Duo noted the solid oak desk that sat on
one end of the room. A large old-fashioned vanity sat a little away from it.

" You must be Duo." A soft voice said from the stairwell that he hadn't
noticed. Duo frowned as a blond haired young man wearing a cream colored
shirt and matching pants descended the stairs.

" The mother of section one is a guy?"

Quatre smiled gently as he walked pass Duo to the vanity table. " Yes, I get
that often from the new people. " He said softly pulling the chair out from
under the vanity. " Please have a seat."

Duo snorted.

The gentle smile on Quatre's face vanished being replaced by a firmer less
serene smile(1)…while all at once still looking kind and calm.

In short it scared the hell out of Duo.


" I believe Heero has explained to you how things are done here, kindly take
a seat." He said again.

Without another word Duo did as he was told.

The gentle smiled returned immediately. Quatre paced around to stand on the
other side of Duo, flicking the lights for the vanity on. He lifted his
fingers to run it lightly over Duo's hair. " You are very beautiful." He
said softly still stroking his hair. " That's part of the reason you were


Duo closed his eyes at the almost tender caress. " Chosen for what?"

Instead of answering Quatre moved behind him, lifting his hair up off his
neck. " They will teach you how to fight and how to use a gun and set bombs
and that training is all well and good." He said, soft fingers tilted Duo's
chin up.

Slowly Duo opened his eyes and came face to face with himself.

" This is your greatest weapon, more valuable than anything they can ever
teach you. Your beauty." He said gently braiding Duo's hair. " It's the
best weapon you have, protect it." He said softly, patting the long braid
into place.

Duo sat still studying his face in silence, his wide violet eyes filling with
tears as the reality of what was happening to him finally sank in.

Quatre set a hand on his shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze before moving
away. " I'll call Heero to come get you now."

Nodding Duo stood up from the vanity brushing his hand over his eyes. A
moment later the doors swished open and the blank eyed boy returned.

" Thank you for bringing him by Heero we're finished for the day, tomorrow
same time." Quatre said with a gentle smile.

Heero nodded turning his eyes to Duo. Lowering his head Duo walked out of the
room Heero followed behind closely.

" Heero." Quatre's voice called.

Heero paused and turned back to look at his superior.

" A moment alone please?" He said with a smile.

Nodding Heero turned to Duo and pressed him firmly against the wall outside
the office. " Stay put." He said firmly before walking back into the office.

Duo watched the door swing shut and immediately headed off down the hallway
in the opposite direction they had gone to get there. Having an insanely
curious nature Duo couldn't help it, the hallway ended abruptly at a huge
gray room in the center of the room was a circle of tables covered in
computer equipment. Duo watched as people ran around the area doing what he
wasn't sure. Stepping into the room he could hear someone screaming orders.

" Were the hell is the New York team? Why aren't there positions coming up on
my screen?!" Duo wandered around the room whatever he was yelling about
wasn't important to him. Looking up Duo saw something that looked like an
enclosed balcony. Where a man was standing his hands behind his back, looking
down at him with a frown.

Duo waved.

The one visible eye the man had widened.

That's when a hand closed around his arm and he was jerked roughly to look
into the almost pissed off face of Heero.

" I told you to wait outside."

Duo smirked and tried to pull his arm away. " You took to long."

Heero's eyes widened then promptly glazed over into blankness again as he
dragged Duo out of the room and back into the hallway.

" When I tell you to do something it is an order and it is to be obeyed
without question. Do you understand me?" Heero said evenly only the tight
grip he had on Duo's arm gave indication that he was upset.

" Whatever."

A slight tick formed above Heero's right eye, but he just nodded and let go.

" You have a hand to hand combat training session with Wufei in 10 minutes."
He said in monotone striding off down the hallway.

Duo rolled his eyes and followed. He had met two people so far in this
screwed up place one he didn't like and the other one scared him. Then there
was that creepy guy in the tower. Shivering Duo followed Heero down another
maze of a hallway. All in all he decided he hated the place and that he had
every intention of doing what he damn well pleased. If they didn't like it,
well the worst thing they could do was kill him. That wasn't much of a
threat since to the outside world he was dead anyway why not make it


1) Madeline's patented Don't fuck with me smile. Often reserved for 'guests'
and Nikita.