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Warning: This is an AU fic based well now. It's a GW/ La femme Nikita


Duo smirked walking down the filthy alleyway swinging the garbage bag back
and forth. His waist length hair hanging around him limply. The man at the
restaurant had told him he'd give him 15 bucks to bring the garbage out for
him. He'd even given him five in advance. This had to be his lucky day! 15
dollars for not-

Nearing the corner Duo heard the sound of a scuffle. Frowning he paused in
the middle of the alley all of his street instincts telling him to just drop
the bag there and go get his other 10 dollars and forget about this. But the
curiosity got him…besides he might be able to do this every night. 15 dollars
could be a real help. Stepping around the corner Duo gasped. A boy not much
older than him was withdrawing a knife from the slack body of a cop.

To startled to do anything, his mind was screaming for him to run, but his
feet remained frozen to the spot…he'd never seen someone murdered right in
front of him before. Sure as long as he'd been on the streets he'd seen
corpses before. But never witnessed-. Duo didn't really realize he had
screaming the whole time.

Still in shock Duo hardly noticed the boy grab him and shove him against the
wall. He saw the boy's mouth move as he said something to him, in his daze
Duo felt something being forced into his hand. Then the boy was gone.

" Drop your weapon and put your hands in the air!"

Whipping his head around Duo's eyes widened on the two police officers with
guns trained at his head. Immediately he put his hands in the air something
heavy was in his hand. Lifting his eyes he choked seeing the bloody knife
opening his hand he let it drop to the ground. As if from far away he heard
himself saying, " I didn't do it! I didn't do it! "



Duo stirred awake groggily his head hurt, and his mouth was dry. Groaning he
tried to roll over, but something stopped his movements. Tugging again he
didn't budge, Duo came awake immediately and nearly blinded himself the room
was white glowing white. Stunned into stillness for a second he felt the
binds loosened.

Rolling off the bed Duo scurried to the far corner pulling his knees against
his chest, he squeezed his eyes shut tight. He didn't know what was going on,
he didn't know where he was. Or why he wasn't in his cell.

" Duo Maxwell."

Duo opened his eyes slowly this time so that the brightness didn't hurt him.
After adjusting to the light he turned to look around the room. It was white.
No other way to describe it, completely white the walls the ceiling the
floor, hell even the bed he'd been on was white. Everything was
white…everything but the door… and the man standing in front of it wearing
black with a white folder tucked under his arm.

"Where am I?" Duo heard himself ask.

The man looked at him blankly, colbat blue eyes studying him intently.
Finally after a minute the man walked closer.

" Your dead." He said in monotone. " You hung yourself in your cell with your
own clothing."

Duo could only stare wide-eyed at the man standing in front of him.

" You were found by the night guard and buried the next day Plot 2 Row 3 "

Duo shook his head, not wanting or even able to believe it.

The man tossed the folder on the floor in front of him. " This was your

Snatching up the folder Duo scanned over the pictures inside it with a sob he
watched as a simple wooden casket was lowered into the ground. Various
people that he knew were standing around the grave…but one very important
person wasn't there. " My mother didn't go?"

" No." The man answered his voice chilly. " As I've told you Duo Maxwell is
dead. But you've been given a second chance." He continued on.

Duo wasn't really listening, clutching the picture to his chest. " She didn't
even come to my funeral."

" You've been recruited into the most covert anti-terrorist group on the
planet. How could we possibly pass up someone as beautiful as you who can
kill in cold blood."

" I didn't kill him!"

"You will be intensely trained for two years at the end of that time you meet
section standards you will become an operative of section one."

The man said straightening his jacket.

" And if I don't?"

Turning on his heel the man opened the door. " Plot 2 Row 3." He said simply
slipping out of the room closing the door firmly behind it.

Only when the man was gone did Duo allow himself to curl up on the floor and

Short I know it's just the prologue and I don't know if I should continue
this or just let it die now before I torture myself about who should be
Operations and Madeline

(Operations is the guy who runs section and Madeline is second in command she
handles the torture and who gets to live and who dies. The woman is a badass!
Not to mention my favorite character. I was thinking Treize as Operations
and Wufei in a Madeline role but he'd be OOC ...then again so would Prince
Prozac for Operations then I thought Trowa -Quatre Hell I've even considered
Dorothy although she is the most like Madeline Oh well)