Like the title says this is not my fault, it's all my friends fault, instead of doing something nice and safe like go out tonight, everyone decided hey Amanda has her own place and a t.v. let's watch movies. So I'm sitting at my computer trying to pretend that Michael Flatley never existed! Since they are now watching Lord of the Dance for the third time tonight! I'm bored out of my mind, and I'm losing my mind. So I wrote this musical number. (it ties in to another musical I wrote) Even though I swore I would never write another musical ever ever again!

Disclaimers: They ain't mine.

Warning: There is a large ew factor in this one I don't want to spoil the surprise so I won't tell you.

Note: By the way the () contains comments from my muse/narrotor Bob (She's a muse school drop out but all I could afford) and <> is me yelling at her Oh yeah and all the songs in this baby is by Shania Twain



Scene 1:


Heero and Trowa come running down the beach a look of absolute

(completely OOC)

<::grits teeth:: don't start>

terror on their faces. Duo, Relena, Quarte, Wufei

(Heh Waffle)

<If you get him started he goes home with you!>

( Sure I'll just put some maple syrup and butter on him and-)

< Ack! TMI! TMI! >

Are sitting on a blanket, both Quarte and Duo are doing their best to ignore Wufei's going ons about the injustice of the save the whales foundation. While Relena stares into space dreaming about her Heero.

(Can I kill her in this one please please please! You didn't let me kill Akane!)


(Your no fun)

Finally Heero and Trowa get within yelling range of the three other boys.

" Run! Every man for himself!" Trowa calls out as he whizzes by followed very closely by Heero. The three boys and Relena blinked once at their retreating backs then once at each other. Looking over to where the guys had come from they saw the most terrifying thing in creation, a thing that had brought the strongest of men to their knees sobbing like pitiful little babies. They saw the end of their world in it's the end of what little peace they had. They saw Cupid.

" OH GODS NO! NO! " But there was no mistaking what was before them. Bright pink diaper and white wings an adorable little pink and gold bow and arrow perched over his shoulder. Swallowing gasps of fear the three boys climbed to their feet and tried to slink away before it saw them, but it was too late. And the fact that Relena chose that moment to scream.

" OHHHH KAWAII!!" His disturbingly bright blue eyes landed on them like a wolf spotting it's prey a cheerfully evil smile brightened the little nightmare's face as he aimed his bow and arrow at Quarte. Frozen in fear,

(and not to mention being terminally polite since he considered running away screaming to be rude)

Quarte could do nothing but watch as the creature took aim. It was only Duo's hard yank to his collar that freed him from the spell. And together with a wailing Relena.

(Well except Wufei who had the common damn to run immediately)

they took off to find shelter. Then the music started.

Heero: {Who had on green war paint and at some point found a pair of camouflage pants combat boots and a sub machine gun was running through the forest.

(which was another convenient musical thing by the way.)

At top speed pausing every now and then to hide behind a tree so he could take in his surroundings and map out the quickest escape route.}


Life was goin' great
Love was gonna have to wait
Was in no hurry-had no worries
Stayin' single was the plan
Didn't need a steady man
I had it covered-'til I discovered


Cupid whips around the tree suddenly bow and arrow cocked and ready

<Don't even say it. >

" Gotcha now Yuy!" he laughed wickedly launching the arrow at Heero's head. Or rather where Heero's head had been, since he was a good 50 yards away from that point. " Gods damnit!" Cupid hissed throwing down the cute little bow in frustration. A bush rustles a few feet away from him and he turns just in time to see Trowa running like a madman in the other direction of Heero. A wide smile breaks out on his face as he grabs up his bow again and takes aim, nipping him right in the neck with the little arrow. Trowa goes down without so much as a squeal.

(Ah a tight ass to the last)

< Damnit Bob!>

As if from nowhere Quarte comes to hover over him.

" Trowa!" * ping*

(Ping? What the *&^% is ping?)

< Look I couldn't think of any other sounds for the arrow ok!>

Goes the arrow right into Quarte's shapely little-

< Bob!>


(Man you are boring.)

" OW! Oh." gets a dreamy look. "Trowa." He purred leaning down on the fallen boy. Trowa looks up much the same expression on his face.

" Quarte."



That love gets me every time
My heart changed my mind
I gol' darn gone and done it


Wufei: { Shakes his head sadly at his fallen comrades and tries to sneak past the little winged demon}

" HEEE~RRROO!" Relena trilled causing everything within ten miles with enhanced hearing to cringe in pain. A certain little black bundle to fall out of the tree above them, right onto Wufei. Anyway once Cupid's ears stopped ringing he wished they hadn't as the sound of two very irate black haired boys reinventing the term. 'cursing up a blue streak'

( and a red one and a green one and a orange one and a purple one and)

caught his attention. Smiling he took aim on the two, who looked at him with wide terrified eyes. Laughing maniacally he fired off the arrow, and both boys jumped out of the way. " HEEE~-OW! " The little black haired bundle had run off and Wufei was well on his way to doing the same when a body collided with his knocking him off his feet. " WUUU~FEI! How could I have been so blind my Wufei poo bear!"

" AH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" * ping * " Oh Relena!"

" Oh Wufei!"

" Relena!"

" Wufei!" Spotting his comrade on his way into hiding Duo paused for a second.



( All who agree raise your hand now!)

Quickly grabbing his mouth Duo realized the winged freak had spotted him. And he ran like the dogs of hell were chasing him, which probably would have been better. But he didn't have to worry yet something else had caught Cupid's attention.


Wufei & Relena:

Gone and done it (gone and done it)
Guess I fell in love (gone and done it)
Must've been the way he walked (gone and done it)
Or his sweet, sweet talk (gone and done it)
I guess I- - - gol' darn gone and done it


Hiei: {Flitting from tree to tree his katana drawn and ready for battle.}

I was quite content
Just a-payin' my own rent
It was my place-I needed my space
I was free to shop around
In no rush to settle down
I had it covered-'til I discovered


Cupid suddenly appears in front of him and he squeaks and jumps down from the tree into the a clearing. Suddenly out of nowhere vines appear and wrap around his ankles and arms holding him in place. Again a stream of curses that could melt sand spew forth from the little mouth.

( And that's not all that's-)

< I told you to stop it!>

" I got him I got him! Shoot him! Shoot him quick!" a tall red haired young gir- er boy? Stood beside the vine mass jumping up and down excitedly.

" Kurama! You damned traitor! I'll get you-! " *ping *

(I really! Don't like that damn ping)

" Hn. Stupid fox." Cupid scratched his head. *ping * " Just wait till I get my hands on you kitsune I'm gonna rip your head off and feed it to your plants!"

" What the-" * ping *ping * * ping *

" OW! That hurts baka! Stop it before I fry you -you stupid winged diaper wearing- "

(Uh the rest of Hiei's comment was censored for adult content.)

* ping * * ping * * ping * " That's it do that one more time and you're dead!" Cupid raised the bow to shoot again but Kurama stopped him.

" No! It worked the first time didn't you hear the gentler tone to his voice."

* blink*

"Ok." Shrugging Cupid flew off to find his next prey leaving Kurama with his new love.


Hiei: {pouting}

That love gets me every time
My heart changed my mind
I gol' darn gone and done it


Kurama:{ Absolutely gleeful}

Gone and done it (gone and done it)
Guess I fell in love (gone and done it)
Must've been the way he walked (gone and done it)
Or his sweet, sweet talk (gone and done it)
I guess I- - - gol' darn gone and done it


Flying over head Cupid spots Duo crawling on his belly across the forest floor. Grinning he takes aim and nips him right in the butt!

( Yeah do it again! Do it again! He likes it!)

" YOW!" Jumping to his feet and rubbing his rear Duo looking around the forest braid whipping dangerously about. Spotting Cupid hovering overhead. He laughed. " Ha! It'll take more than a little arrow to take down the God of Death!" Frowning Cupid reached into hammerspace and pulled out a bright pink sawed off shot gun. " eep. But that heh heh heh I was just kidding buddy...pal...friend...AHHH HELP!" Duo took off like a shot into the woods Cupid right on his heels laughing gleefully as he shot round after round, just barely missing Duo each time.

" Hold still!"

" NONONONONONONONONONONONOOOOOO!" Finally Duo ran out of places to run. He was cornered on a cliff edge with nothing more than a 50-foot drop to some seriously shallow looking water. Gulping he turned back to the still laughing creature and awaited his fate with dignity. " Yeah right. Please! Please don't shoot me! I'm too young to fall in love! I don't wanna be like Wufei please! I beg you!"

( So much for dignity)

" There is no escape!" Taking aim right at his heart Cupid pulled the trigger, and as if in slow motion Heero jumped in front of it taking a full on shot to the chest, and not so much as flinching. Pouting Cupid stomped his foot and then shot again and again and again and again, all with the same results. Smirking he looked at Cupid.

" Hn. That's all you got?" Glaring evilly Cupid reached into hammerspace again and pulled out much to everyone's surprise a pink machine gun, pink dynamite, and a pink remote control. Both boys * sweatdroped*

"Oi! And I thought he only had a dinky little bow and arrow when'd he upgrade?" Duo asked still clutching Heero's tank top from behind.


" Say your prayers Yuy. It's over." He said taking aim with the gun, he fired until all that could be heard was the dull * click click * of an empty gun. Panting Cupid looked to see if they were in the throes of passionate passion and nearly screamed when he saw Duo still crouched behind Heero, and Heero buffing his nails on his tee shirt. Growling he began lighting and throwing the little love bombs at the pair. Covering them both in big bright pink mushroom cloud. Dusting off his hands Cupid waited for the smoke to clear. Only to end up grinding his teeth together in frustration as Heero still stood in front of a now shocked Duo reading a magazine. Nostrils flaring Cupid's formerly bright blue eyes blazed red as he began to type madly on his laptop, grumbling something unpleasant. Finally pressing one last button he sat back and smiled down at the two. A smile that worried Duo. Rightfully so when a moment later a huge bright pink ray of light came crashing down on them from above. " Ah the satellite of love, gets them everytime." Stretching Cupid leaned back against the tree.

" Well I guess there is a first time for everything." An icy voice said. Cupid's eyes opened wide as he viewed a trembling Duo STILL

(Jeez what does it take to take this guy down?!)

behind Heero. Yawning Heero looked up at him expectantly. " Can we go now?" Cupid felt a twitch grow in his jaw.

" I hate you." He said before disappearing in a cloud of pink hearts.

Letting out a deep breath Duo turned to Heero.

" Boy Heero that was great! That shotgun would have taken me down instantly but not you! Not Heero Yuy! That was amazing how did you do it anyway? The old Yuy willpower or what?!" He said wide-eyed. Heero smirked at him and wrapped his fist around his braid.

" You can't make someone love someone they already love baka." Before Duo could puzzle over that the rest of the er, couples joined them.



Love gets me every time
My heart changed my mind
I gol' darn gone and done it

Gone and done it (gone and done it)
Guess I fell in love (gone and done it)
Must've been the way he walked (gone and done it)
Or his sweet, sweet talk (gone and done it)
It's in the way he calls my name (gone and done it)
I know I'll never be the same (gone and done it)

Love gets me every time
My heart changed my mind
I gol' darn gone and done it

Thought I had it covered
Life was going great
Well I gol' darn gone and done it

At the last line everyone broke away into their snuggle groups. Even Duo and Heero after getting over their initial queasiness of seeing Wufei and Relena going for the tonsil hockey championships. That even had Trowa a little green

(Ew! Ew! Ew!)

They settled down for a bit of quality time.

" Oh Relena"

"Oh Wufei!"

<Oh Kay! That's enough of that.>
End Scene 1
I would suggest running away now very fast very far!


Scene 2:

Duo is pacing back and forth in the living room of their safe house….which is 3 story Spanish style mansion with 6 bedrooms 6 1/2 baths and a two-sided fireplace in each…..because this is a musical and things like that happen in musicals

(Yeah whatever)

< Get on with it!>

ANYWAY Duo was pacing in the living room looking rather upset…

(Which if you didn't get by the pacing you are very very stupid)

< BOB!>

(Alright! Alright.)

< Kindly stop insulting our readers please>

( OH come on there has to be something wrong with them if they are still reading this far into this load uh crap.)

< deep calming breaths… calm blue ocean…calm blue ocean… I am one with the me….>

Duo: Yeah whatever can I get this scene over with please?


Once again, Duo was pacing he was obviously upset so on and so forth where were we?….Oh he had just had a fight with Heero the possessive tyrant Yuy.

Heero: What was that.

(* Sweatdrop* It was her!)


Duo: Aw come on! I'm getting tired of pacing my feet hurt!


Duowasupsetbecausehe'djusthadafightwithHeero, moving on, it had been about the silliest thing really but that didn't stop Duo from being upset. Rubbing his rear Duo continued pacing his bruised moneymaker was the only reason he didn't sit down yet. " I can't believe he spanked me!" Duo grumbled. " And he didn't even use the leather glove or the Vaseline like we agreed!"

< *Sweatdrop * Um that is not in the script..>

Duo: Huh? Oh * blush * er uh heh…


Although upset, Duo was worried, it wasn't like Heero to lose control like that, unless something was really bothering him. " Yesh forget to say 'Yes Master Sir' and he loses it! I'm probably gonna have a baboon butt for a month!"

< Please stop offering us information Duo! Please>

" I mean he could have at least used mayonnaise!"

< Stop!>
( Wait I want to know about the Mayo and Vaseline)

< AH! Enough! Enter Heero now!>

" I mean come on is it to much ask? What about a bit of ranch dressing or maybe so-mph"

" Duo shutup." Heero said wrapping his hand over Duo's mouth.

" Mphmphmphmph" (translation…let's not go there shall we)

< Lines people lines!>

" Duo who were you talking to on the…..on the….on…." Heero becomes a bit distracted when Duo takes it upon himself to worm his tongue between his fingers. An almost evil glint in his eyes, taking his hand away Heero glared at him.


"Lines? Oh no thanks I stopped doing drugs years ago…"

< Not that kind of lines! >

Eyes widen " Ohhhhhh you mean lines lines! Ok!" Duo clears his throat.

" Oh Romeo Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Capulet."


" 'Tis but your name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's a Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. O, be some other name! What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet; So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd, retain that dear perfection which he owes without that title. Romeo, doff they name, and for that name which is no part of thee take all myself."




" What?"

(Wrong lines stooge.)

< It was beautifully delivered I'll give you that much>

(It's not even the right play! That play was actually good!)


" Oh sorry…what's my line then…" ::flips pages:: " Ah! Ok. You don't own me Yuy. Why can't you trust me. "

"Yes -" a loud crash interrupts the set.

" Damnit Hiei! You didn't have to kill him!"

" Hn. He made a pass at you."

" He asked if I wanted fries with that!" a rather upset looking red-head makes her-er his way into the living room an angry looking little man right behind him.

" So."

" SO? SO?! Damnit Hiei! I've had it with your possessiveness! I am not one of your precious gems! And I will not be wrapped around your arm kept under a bandage like that dragon of yours! Now you are going to sit down and listen if you want to or not!"

" Yeah and you too Heero!"

" Stupid-"

" Silence!"

" Om-" the look stopped Heero dead. Both boys looked at each other and nodded, their music began to play, and Trowa in usual deadpan façade marches in wearing a kilt complete with those knee high socks and clogs and those funny looking little hats. Completing his ensemble is a white peasant blouse and a broach….he is followed into the room by about a dozen people dressed in OZ uniforms. Lining up they began to do a loud and extremely annoying although perfect in form rendition of Riverdance. (Haven't they suffered enough?….ew! write Trowa some underwear please!) The two longhaired boys were to busy glaring at their lovers to notice the gapping looks on their faces…. Consequently whenever Trowa did a high kick. (Please!) Not really noticing that they weren't paying attention the two began their duet.


You're so complicated-you hang over my shoulder
When I read my mail
I don't appreciate it
When I talk to other guys
You think they're on my tail

Hiei snaps out of his stupor for a moment,. " That's because they usually are stupid fox."

I get so aggravated when I get off the phone
And I get the third degree
I'm really feelin' frustrated
Why don't you take a pill and put a little trust in me
And you'll see

Trowa does his solo, with a lot of high kicks…..( You're doing that on purpose! Stop it!)

Don't freak out until you know the facts


Don't be stupid-you know I love you
Don't be ridiculous-you know I need you
Don't be absurd-you know I want you
Don't be impossible

I'm mad about you (I'm mad about you)
Can't live without you (can't live without you)
I'm crazy 'bout you (I'm crazy 'bout you)
So don't be stupid-you know I love you

Violins going and Trowa and troupe do double time much to horror of Hiei and Heero…but neither show it of course. ( Nononononononononononononononononononononono!)


Stop overreacting
You even get suspicious when I paint my nails…

Heero arches a brow and Duo *sweatdrops *again. " Ok point made!" he growls then goes back to singing

It's definitely distracting
The way you dramatize every little small detail

Kurama & Duo

Don't freak out until you know the facts

Heero snaps his head from staring at Trowa to glare icy daggers at Duo " Who the hell is Max?!"

" Yeah who the hell is Max! He's a dead man when I find him!"

" Not if I find him first." Groaning the two continued their song.

Don't be stupid-you know I love you
Don't be ridiculous-you know I need you
Don't be absurd-you know I want you
Don't be impossible
I'm mad about you (I'm mad about you)
Can't live without you (can't live without you)
I'm crazy 'bout you (I'm crazy 'bout you)
Don't be stupid-you know I love you

Don't be stupid-you're my baby

Trowa and troupe really get ready for the big finale complete with high kick heel clicks, and backflips. (Hey! I know you put that in on purpose there are no backflips in Irish dancing!)


I'm mad about you (I'm mad about you)
Can't live without you (can't live without you)
I'm crazy 'bout you (I'm crazy 'bout you)
Don't be stupid-you know I love you
Don't be ridiculous-you know I need you
Don't be absurd-you know I want you
Don't be impossible

Trowa cartwheels out the door, his troupe right behind him, poor Heero has developed a twitch and is just sitting there in ….twitchy silence…Hiei right next to him.

" So do you understand now?" Kurama asked gently. Hiei frowned.

"No why was that guy wearing a skirt with no underwear?"

" Nani!" both boys broke down into sobs on the floor. Leaving two very confused emotionally challenged men looking at them in a stupor. (Emotionally challenged huh? Isn't that nice for damaged?)

" What-"

" Hello everyone!" Quarte's voice echoed in the room as he cheerfully walked in holding on to the still kilted Trowa's hand. " I have wonderful news!" Heero and Hiei turned to look at him eyebrows raised. Kurama and Duo looked up as well sniffing. " Trowa and I are getting married!" Silence. " Well aren't you happy for us?" he asked expectantly. In unison Kurama and Duo burst into sobs. " OH dear was it something I said? Heero…other guy comfort them already!" frowning both boys looked to their sobbing spouses.

" Quit wailing stupid fox your messing up the carpet!"

" Duo Omae o korosu!" both boys looked up and glared at their spouses let out an aggravated grunt then storm out of the room. Hiei and Heero looked at each other shrugged and turned on the t.v.

" Trowa….."


" Do you think they'll be back for the wedding?"


" I thought so too…just wanted to make sure."


"I love you too."

End Scene 2 ( thank god this thing is almost over)

( ::shudders:: You win.)

Scene 3: The Wedding

" Heero wait! Sheesh don't walk so fast." Duo whined trying to keep up.

" Hurry up baka were going to be late." He said keeping his current speed.

" Well whose fault is that Mr. Hey-I-wonder-what-we-could-do-with-a-rubber-apron-and-applesauce-Yuy." We would have been on time if I didn't have to flush all that applesauce out of my hair. I don't even want to think about how you managed to get some in my-"

" HELLO! Heero and Duo!" Kurama said cutting off whatever Duo was going to say. Heero glowered, Duo grinned then looked around Kurama.

" Hey where's the little guy…And what's that on your neck?" blushing Kurama pulled his shirt up a bit to hide the vivid red mark.

" That? Oh nothing…. Hiei had to work special effects for some musical. Are you guys ready to go in?" he asked his smile still firmly in place. Nodding Duo bounced to the door, and then bounced inside. Looking around his smile doubled if that were at all possible, at all the decorations that covered the walls. It was so beautiful. There were roses of all kinds, even black ones much to his delight, looking closer he could see various weapons scattered throughout the decorations. Just in case…..Yes it was his kinda wedding. Duo stared wistfully at the arrangement over the arch where the ceremony would take place. It was a huge bouquet of black and white roses intermingled with each other overlapping and braided together like they would be for all eternity, but the flowers weren't what had Duo's attention, it was gold-plated sniper rifle that was implanted right in the center of it. With one last longing sigh Duo moved to his seat. Completely missing the sad look Heero gave him, but only for a second then it disappeared. Kurama placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze before walking down the aisle to join Duo. Sitting beside Duo Kurama pulled out a box of tissue and placed it gently on the boy's lap. Heero sitting on the other side just frowned.

After everyone was settled in their seats, Trowa strolled out from a room in the front of the church wearing a black tuxedo, you could tell he had really trussed up for this evening. His bang was combed so that it lay…er the same way it always did but it shinier! The first strands of 'here comes the bride' began ( and many fanficers started sobbing and screaming don't do it don't do it run Trowa run we'll hold him) < Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!> as the doors were opened by two little boys dressed to look like Cupid….much to their unhappiness opened the doors wide revealing Quarte wearing a gleaming…..light pink tuxedo, a wreath of some sort of white flowers on his head, and a bouquet of flowers in his hands….that when tilted upside down was actually a military issue army knife. Reaching the front of the church Quarte took the hand Trowa offered him, giving the bouquet to one of the grumbling cupid's standing behind him. Locking fingers and eyes…er eye to his love Quarte smiled brightly showing all the love in his heart for his one and only, allowing all the hopes and dreams he wished to fulfill with his beloved show in that one simple gesture. Trowa returned that openness with a smile of his own….sorta. Breathless Quarte began their vows.


I do swear that I'll always be there.
I'd give anything and everything and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better or worse, I will love you with
every beat of my heart……..

The music begins and Quarte stands closer to his love, looking up at him he sang.


From this moment life has begun

From this moment you are the one

Right beside you is where I belong

From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed

I live only for your happiness

And for your love I'd give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart

Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start

You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on

(Big orchestra thing here)

You're the reason I believe in love

And you're the answer to my prayers from up above

All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
From this moment on….

I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on ……

Quarte has tears in his eyes, and he leans forward sobbing to kiss his husband, pressing the simple gold wedding band onto his finger. He wrapped his arms around him smiling up at him as the minister said, " I now pronounce you husband and ….er spouse. You may now kiss the…spouse." ( a bit late) < Hold it it's not over yet> (uh-oh)

Somewhere on a cliff overlooking the ocean……

The sun is setting falling lazily into the water, two people dressed completely in white stand near the edge hands linked, looking into each others eyes longingly they sing



I will love you



I will love you



As long as I live


From this moment on…..

Smiling at each other warmly they pull each other close in a passionate embrace, they kissed as the last rays of sunlight died in the ocean. Wrapping their arms around each other they looked out over the darkened water. Sinking down never releasing each other they sat embracing in the sand. Happy, content and deeply in love.

(Now that was just petty! I thought you were above that.)



Both choosing to ignore the hissing and undignified growling of Treize and Zech's and their very unpleasant albeit creative names they were calling Relena.


Back to the church……..

At the end of the ceremony Duo and Kurama had cried themselves puffy.( you know how your eyes puff up when you cry! Hentais!) At some point Hiei had returned and was sitting there glowering at 'his fox' like if he glared long enough he'd stop. While Heero was busy pulling Duo by his braid out of the church in an attempt to stop his crying.

" Owowowowowowow Heero let go! Come on let go! Damnit Heero I said LET GO!" yanking his braid out of Heero's grasp. Duo hissed at him. " What was that for?"

" ….."

" Oh why do I even bother!" Duo said exasperated, and stomped out into the garden behind the church. Heero followed.

" What the hell is wrong with you baka?!" he snapped. Duo turned and glared at him. Something that caught Heero completely off guard since the glare didn't give way to a cheeky grin after a few seconds. "Duo?"

" I'm so fed up with you Heero! You treat me like crap! I put up with it. You make me feel like crap! I put up with it. You ignore me! Ok I put up with it. I put up with so much from you Heero it's not funny! It sucks! It really really sucks! And I'm tired of it! SO I cried yesterday big deal! SO I cried today at a wedding whoopie! I accept your faults why the hell can't you accept mine? Oh no wait the ' Perfect Solider' doesn't have any faults." Wiping his eyes on the back of his hand, Duo's glare gave way a little to tears…and Heero instantly stepped back. " Ugh! You make me sooooo mad sometimes Heero!" Duo started to walk off and Heero started to follow. Stopping after a few steps Duo turned back. " Leave me alone Heero. Why don't you take some time to find to decide what you want?" with that he left the scene. ( Thus leaving us all confused as hell as to what is going on? That was not in the script!)

< Eh? Oh he's just blowing off some steam, he's usually gets the bum wrap in fanfics I guess we can let him get some stuff off his chest.>

Heero wanders back to the center of the garden, looking down at his reflection in the fountain, he swallowed hard, fighting back tears….( somebody get the Visine over here we need tears for Heero!) Much to everyone's surprise Heero managed to squeeze a few tears on his own…and then promptly broke down next to the fountain…(Ok this is not good. We have a really pissed off Duo a crying Heero and the way Kurama keeps looking from that rose bush to Heero's neck is not making me very comfortable….) < Me either… cue the song now!>

The music begins and Heero looks up from his sobbing and into the water….his own reflection looks back at him.



You've got a way with me
Somehow you got me to believe
In everything that I could be
I've gotta say-you really got a way

Tilting his head back Heero, enjoys the images of Duo doing various things in his minds eye. Dancing, laughing, running away from him, slamming a knife into the jugular of a solider in the way of one of their missions. Cutting a different soldiers fingers off one at a time during an interrogation….sticking his hand in the chest cavity of a man and pulling the still bea- ()

You've got a way it seems
You gave me faith to find my dreams
You'll never know just what that means
Can't you see... you got a way with me

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

Images of him and Duo once again, doing things with fruit that I am SURE is illegal as well as unsanitary ( ew ew ew ew ew make it stop! Make it stop!)

You've got a way with words
You get me smiling even when it hurts

An image of Duo basically acting a goof, hopping around Wufei who is laying on a blanket reading a book. Finally annoyed Wufei reaches out a hand and trips him, so that he falls backwards into the shallow pond, surfacing his braid has come slightly undone, and a lily pad with an irate frog is perched on top of his head. The pout of a thwarted child is firmly in place on his face, much to everyone's amusement.



There's no way to measure what your love is worth
I can't believe the way you get through to me

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

Oh, how I adore you
Like no one before you
I love you just the way you are

Another image! This one of Duo standing in the doorway, wearing and oversized Grateful dead tee shirt and shorts just long enough to be seen beneath the shirt. Giant bear claw slippers cover his feet, as he stands there rubbing his eyes.

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

It's just the way you are ……..

Singing the last line….Heero runs his fingers through the water distorting his image. " Oh Heero" * GLOMP *

" Duo you bak-AH" *SPLASH * " Duo you id-" Heero never got to finish that sentence since he was a bit busy trying to keep his head above water, hold Duo still, try to understand what Duo was saying, getting Duo's hair out of his mouth, and kissing his excited lover back. But in all the chaos and babbling he understood one thing that Duo did say


" Heero I love you." Pulling the American over his shoulder Heero climbed out of the water. Setting him down on his feet…. Only to be glomped a second time, sighing Heero wrapped his arms around his love once again.

" My Duo." He whispered in his ear. Completely unbeknown to them they had an audience standing in the entrance to the garden….that is they didn't know until said audience began clapping. Turning toward them. Heero glared and Duo blushed and took a bow. Winking at Kurama who stood in front clutching a squirming fire demon close to his chest. With one final wave Kurama turned around and left still squeezing the little demon close. One he departed Duo turned back to Heero sweeping his sopping bangs out of his eyes he smiled. Heero's eyes narrowed. And his fist closed around Duo's braid.

" Not this again! Heero owowowowowowowowowowowow Where are we going?!"

" You told me you wanted commitment."

" No I said make up your OW! Mind!…..Heero? Heero!" the wedding guests watched them go their eyes brimming with tears.

" Such a sweet couple…so warm and loving……"

End Scene 3

( I'm free! I'm free! I'm free!)

< Well that's the story I know a lot didn't make sense unless you read the other one heh sorry! Oh and for those of you wondering what happened to Trowa and Quarte….one word honeymoon. ::evil snicker:: And those of you wondering what happened to Wufei and Relena……>



A week later


Wufei and Relena lay side by side on the bed their arms wrapped around each other, gently touching their wedding bands together they kissed, rubbing their noses together and cooing gently to each other.

" I love you my Woo-Woo!"

" I love you to Ree Ree!"

" OH WUU~FEI!" she sighed squeezing her husband closer to her. " I love you so much!"


( The sounds of Zech's attempting to restrain Treize in the background can be heard rather well)

" I'll kill her! The spoiled annoying uncute little hag!"

" Hey! That's my sister your talking about. Oh Geez! NOIN! Get the tranq gun!"


You read the whole thing * blinks* I'm impressed