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Trowa: *smirks* Ok Duo got one just for you. *hands Duo the paper*

Duo: *reads with a wide grin....that slowly fades* This is not funny.

Wufei: You lost the bet you pay the price.

Duo: And you say you love me.

Wufei: Oh I do I do...Heero you have the camera?

Heero: Yep. New batteries too.

Duo: Injustice!

Bob: Yeah yeah yeah it's a 56 second song just do it. Just go get into

Duo: *gumbles*

Bob: And here we go...

(Duo walks out onto a stage, wearing dirty cut off overalls with a checkered
green shirt his hair pulled into two ponytails on either side of his head,
little brown freckles are drawn on his face, and it looks like someone
randomly ground dirt into his face...)

Duo: (grins to reveal a blacked out tooth then starts singing)

I'm puny short and little but I'm loud
I learned to do my singing walking 'long behind a plow
The singing teacher always passed me by
And so I have to sing the only way that I know how
Just rear back open up and let her fly

I'm little but I'm loud
I'm poor but I'm proud
I'm countrified an I don't care who knows it
I'm like a Banty Rooster in a big red rooster crowd
I'm puny short and little but I'm loud
I'm puny short and little but I'm loooooooooud


(The G-boyz break into applause)

Quatre: Again!

Duo: No thank you. Once was degrading enough.

Wufei: Well we got it on tape we can watch it again later.

Trowa: Maybe Hilde would like a copy of it?

Duo: Trowa don't you dare!

Heero: I'm sure Sally would.

Duo: Heero! You traitor!

Wufei: Oh and we can't forget Dorothy.

Duo: Wuuuuuuuuufeeeeeeeeeeeeei!

Wufei: Oh yeah thanks Duo I almost forgot about Relena.

Duo: *sweatdrop*


I've got country on the brain again, and it doesn't look to be going away,
please someone help me....please.