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Warning: Sad, death

note: This is the other ending for Oh-my-GOD

Sorry it's so damned depressing...


Duo sat beside the hospital bed his eyes fixed firmly on the heart monitor as
he held his husband of 10 years' hand. Only 10 years with him...swallowing
hard Duo flinched at the raspy sound coming from Heero's lungs.

It wasn't fair...it wasn't fair! He worked so hard to make it work between
them! He'd given up so much for Heero... He'd given up *him* for Heero.

A brief image of Wufei flashed inside Duo's mind, he guiltly shook it away
here he was with Heero on his deathbed and he was thinking about-

The heart monitor gave a shrill beep startling Duo out of his musing. Hasilty
looking over it he breathed a sigh of relief when Heero's pulse evened itself
out again.

Leaning forward Duo stroked his fingers through the mop of brown hair that
fell across Heero's forehead. He hadn't physically changed much in 10 years.
He'd gotten taller much taller than Duo had...But other than that he still
looked like the cranky teenager he'd loved so dearly. His hair was still
sloppy as ever. Even those searing eyes of his were the same...when they
weren't glazed over with pain.

But not everything was the same with Heero he was dying and there was nothing
Duo could do about it.

Again Duo found himself swallowing back tears. He loved Heero...he loved him
so much that it hurt... this just wasn't fair! He weathered the storm through
the blackest of Heero's moods...he even weathered the occasional punches and
tantrums Heero threw in the beginning...he'd even given up someone who, was
willing to love him, that he didn't have to fight tooth and nail just to get
a crumb of affection out of -

No, Duo corrected himself he made his choice and his choice was Heero.

Duo shook, his head he couldn't think about that right then...he couldn't
think of him... Heero had given him a good life despite the rough beginning
he had been happy with Heero. Duo looked down at the pale face and smiled
slightly remembering the day it had all come to a head...the day that he and
Wufei had returned from that honeymoon island, the day he'd given it all up...

'Duo it's your life, I love you but I can't make you stay." Wufei had said
to him.

' Duo please...Please don't leave me you know I can't do this without you I
need you...'

Sure I think about you now and then
But it's been a long long time
I've got a good life now I've moved on
So when you cross my mind....


Duo squeezed Heero's hand tighter.

'Please don't leave me...'

He could feel more tears gathering in his eyes, that simple statement had
undone all the work he'd done to seperate himself from Heero, that had been
the first time he'd ever heard Heero beg.

That had ended it all right there, Heero needed him...Wufei didn't...


I try not to think about
What might have been
'Cause that was then
And we have taken different roads
We can't go back again
There's no use giving in
And there's no way to know
What might have been.....

Duo couldn't help but think what would have been different if Wufei hadn't
just stepped aside, if Wufei had said that he needed him too...would he have
gone to Wufei...and Heero would have died alone...

'It's your life Duo, I love you..'

Duo's breath caught when Heero started to stir in his sleep. Glazed colbalt
eyes opened fixing on his face. Somehow Duo managed to force out a smile. "
Heero..." He whispered brushing Heero's bangs from his face. " How are you
feeling the doctor said-"

" Duo."

Blinking Duo felt tears prickling his eyes he couldn't let Heero see him cry
not now... " Can I get you something some water? Another pillow? Are you
hungry do you want some food?"

Heero's gaze never waivered. " I'm dying."

" He-"

" I'm dying you know it and I know it...and the doctor's know it."

Duo shook his head to protest, again, the tears starting to cloud his vision,
" Yo-"

" Duo...don't. You know I don't have much time left,"

Duo knew, but he didn't want to hear that he didn-

" Duo, I want you to call the others...and tell them-"

" No!"

Heero drew a shaky breath, " Duo...I'm too weak to argue with you, please let
me finish. I want you to call the others...tell them what's happening..."
Heero paused licking his dry lips.

Duo rose immediately to go get him some water.

" Duo I'm fine, listen to me...I love you..."

Duo leaned forward and kissed his forehead, " I love you too Heero-kun."

Heero waited until he'd sat back down, " I want you to be happy...I was wrong
to make you-"

Not this..." No Heero you weren't wrong...you-"

Heero squeezed Duo's hand, " I was wrong...I know I took the choice away from
you when I said-"

" You needed me Heero...nothing wrong with that..."

" I was wrong for that Duo...I was selfish...if I hadn't you wouldn't be
suffering now..."

Duo shook his head again, " If you hadn't I would probably just hate
myself...for letting you go through this alone...Heero I-"


" Duo..."

Duo ran his thumb over the back of Heero's hand, he smiled at the matching
gold band on his finger, he still remembered-

" Duo...after I'm gone, I want you to be with Wu-"

" Heero that was ten years ago...he's moved on by now I'm sure..." Duo said,
" Now stop talking like that..." he said trying for a cheerful smile.

Heero just looked at him, " He loved you Duo...I saw it in his eyes...I was
so desperate to keep you that I..."

" Heero you need your rest," Duo said pulling the blankets up around him, "
How are you going to get better if you don't rest?"

" I'll be dead by morning Duo."

Duo froze, hearing those words delivered so indifferently hurt, " Don't talk
like that Heero! You'll be fine."

"Duo look at me." Heero said evenly.

Duo turned his eyes to Heero, taking in the pasty palor of his skin, the
blackish bruises under his eyes, the too thin face...he was right...god he
was right.

" Duo don't cry..."

" I can't- Oh God Heero why?" Duo said finally giving into the sobs, he
pressed his face against Heero's chest.

Heero managed to raise an arm around Duo's back, pressing his lips to the top
of Duo's head.

" Duo...I want you to find Wufei...when I'm gone...and I want you to-"

"No...I can't...he doesn't...you...Heero..."

Heero stroked Duo's back, " Wufei doesn't fall out of love Duo...and he
needed you as much as I did...only he loved you enough to not-"

Duo pulled his face up from Heero's chest, the raspy sound of his lungs was
scarying him, placing a finger over Heero's lips he shook his head.

Heero pulled the finger away, " Promise me you'll go to him Duo...promise me
you'll make him happy...promise me you'll tell him I'm sorry..."

Duo looked at the hard blue eyes boring into his, why'd he have to say
promise? " I promise..." Duo whispered.

Heero nodded, and sank back into the pillows, closing his eyes. "
Good...you'd better go now Duo...I don't know how much longer- I'll try to
stay...till they get here..."

Duo nodded, standing he wiped his eyes, and then leaned down and kissed
Heero's forehead and then his lips. " I'll call, I'm sure Quatre get here
as fast as he can." Duo said walking out of the room, in search of a phone,
tucking his hands in his pockets, he walked down the hallway to the nurses
station. On his way, his way, he heard a familiar voice...pausing he waited
for it to come again, then shook his head when it didn't.

We could sit and talk about this all night long
And wonder why we didn't last
Yes they might be the best days
We will ever know
But we'll have to leave them in the past...


Duo hung up the phone with a little smile for the worried blond man on the
screen, Quatre had reacted predictably he swore he and Trowa could be there
in an hour...they didn't know where Wufei was but they'd start looking while
they were on their way.

Duo shook his head, good ole' Quatre...Duo rounded the corner coming into
Heero's room, he checked the heart monitor again...and then took a seat...

" Did you call them?" Heero asked weakly.

Duo nodded, " Yes..."

Heero smiled, " And Wufei..."

" Quatre doesn't know where he is...but he's going to try and find him-"

Heero nodded, " I'm sorry Duo..."

" Heero don't say that."

Heero opened his eyes slowly, it seemed like he had to make a concious effort
to force them apart.

" Duo..."

Duo could see the effort it was taking for Heero to do just that..." Don't

" Goodbye Duo."

Duo sucked in a breath, " Heero?"

Duo watched in silent horror as Heero's eyes began to unfocus, Heero closed
his eyes.

" You're still beautiful...did you know that?"

Those were the last words to come out of Heero's mouth...Duo watched in numb
shock as the monitor started beeping. He didn't hear anything when the nurses
came shuffling into the room, he didn't feel it when he pried his fingers
from Heero's, he didn't even notice when he was guided from the room...or
when a very familiar voice said his name...or when very familiar arms pulled
him close, and held him asking what was wrong.

He didn't notice when his legs gave out and he collasped into the person's



So try not to think about
What might have been
'Cause that was then
And we have taken different roads
We can't go back again
There's no use giving in
And there's no way to know
What might have been...


Duo stared at nothing, while the doctor sat across from him, telling him
Heero was dead...and what arrangements would he like made.

Arrangements? What kind of arrangements did he want? The arms that held him

" I'll have it taken care of, thank you..."

Duo looked up into the face of the person holding him, Quatre's anguished
blue-green eyes stared back.

" Gomen Duo...we tried to get here as fast as we could, I'm so sorry...I'm

" It wasn't your fault Quatre...I shouldn't have waited so long to call...I
just couldn't- I can't..."

Quatre just squeezed him. " Come home with Trowa and I Duo... I'll take care
of the funeral arrangements...and-"

Everything else Quatre said was lost on Duo...everything just sorta floated
around him...Heero was gone...he was gone...

Vaguely he felt Quatre help him to his feet, and lead him down the hallway,
he stumbled once and another set of arms came around him from the other
side...Trowa, he'd forgotten about Trowa.

Duo let his eyes pass over the people lining the hallways, some of them
looked at him with pity, some tried to smile.

Coming around a corner he heard snatchets of a conversation.

"I'm sorry Mr. Chang are you Wong Tao's next of kin?"

"She doesn't have any relatives..."

"Oh what is your relation to Ms. Wong?"

" Friend."

" Are you the father?"

" No."

" Do you know who the father is?"

" He's dead." the voice said evenly " Can I take them?"

" Mr. Chang...are you married."

"...Not anymore."

" I don't kno-"

" They have no one but me, Tao didn't have any brothers or sisters, both her
parents are dead, and so is their father, it would take you days weeks even
to try and find them a home. Let me take them."

" That sounds like-"

"Wufei?" Duo whispered.

Stepping futher into the hallway Duo got a good look at the speaker, "
Wufei?" he said louder this time.

A pair of weary brown eyes turned to look at him, " Duo?"

Duo nodded, breaking away from Trowa and Quatre. He stepped closer to the

" You've changed a bit..." Duo said softly, looking over Wufei's face, he'd
gotten a little taller, and his hair had grown out a bit.

Wufei smiled, " You haven't." Wufei brushed a lock of his hair back from his

Duo's eyes landed on the gold band around his finger...



That same old look in your eyes
It's a beautiful night
I'm so tempted to stay
But too much time has gone by
We should just say goodbye
And turn and walk away...

" Mr. Chang?" the doctor called,

Wufei turned back around.

" I'm sorry for the inconvience Mr. Chang you may take the children
now...they've been here 3 days and I'm sure they're ready to get home and to


" One other thing...could you pick a name for the baby...she died before she
could name him, the staff has been calling him Blue."

Wufei nodded, " Hai."

" Thank you...I'll gather Ms. Wong's things, and get the children.

Wufei nodded, and watched the doctor walk away.


" Oh Wufei I'm so sorry..."

Wufei turned back to the three people waiting for him, and smiled at Quatre "
It's not your fault Quatre...I just found out myself...they needed someone to
come claim the body. I didn't even know her all that well, she was just a
girl that lived next door to me, but she had no one and three children too
raise and one more on the way...she needed help so I helped, and now her
children need help...and I will help. It's only honorable..."

Quatre frowned, " Wufei do you know anything about children?"

Wufei shook his head.

Duo sat beside him, " Well I could help if you like, I run a day care not
far from here, and I know a bit about kids from that...that is if you-"

" I don't want to impose on you..."

Duo forced a smile, " It's not imposing...besides it's never easy for
children to lose their parents...I just-"

Wufei studied his face for a moment, then nodded..." I understand Duo...yes
thank you for the kind offer of help, I will take you up on i-"

" Mama!"

Three pairs of eyes shot up as a little girl latched onto Duo's
leg...followed by one other slightly taller little girl.

Duo staggered slightly, under the weight, suddenly the children realized

Pulling back both little girls looked up at him with dark violet eyes, " Not

Duo shook his head, and kneeled down in front of the girls studying their
faces, the smaller girl had narrow almond shaped deep violet eyes, and skin
the same tone as Wufei's, while the other was slightly taller with paler skin
and wide eyes the same shade as her sister, a waist length black ponytai hung
down her back. " No I'm not mama, my name is Duo what's yours?" he asked.


The taller girl looked wary...but the younger one stepped closer and took his
braid in her hands. " Keiko..." she answered fingering the braid.

Duo smiled, " And who are you?" he asked the other girl...she looked him over
again, eyes brimming with tears, she moved forward next to her sister. "
Marie." she answered finally.

Duo nodded, " Well it's nice to meet you Keiko and Marie..."

A third child moved into Duo's line of sight, a boy, who was obviously the
oldest stood before him, he had large brown eyes, and a messy mop of chestnut
colored hair...and a hard glare on his face as he exaimed Duo.

Duo felt tears brimming in his eyes, the boy reminded him a great deal of

" And what's your name?" Duo asked.

The boy looked up at Wufei who nodded at him, " Nirvelli ." he said.

Duo extended a hand, " It's nice to meet you Nirvelli ."


Nirvelli took the hand offered to him and gave it a firm shake.

" Duo..." Quatre began to protest...

Trowa laid a hand on his arm and shook his head.


It was too soon to- it hadn't been that long sinc-. Duo couldn't think about
that just yet...there were five people here that needed him...and he-

A soft tug on his braid, brought Duo's attention back to the little girl.

" Why are you sad?" she asked, "

Duo shook his head and looked up at Wufei...the other boy was watching him
intently now.

'It's your life...'

'Promise me Duo...'

" Mr. Chang? Here he is, do you have a name for him?" the doctor asked,
extending a bundle wrapped in a blue blanket to a horrifed Wufei.

Duo chuckled, gently prying Keiko and Marie off his braid, he took the baby
from the doctor, pushing the blanket away from his face, he smiled down at
the scrunched little face within.

" Well Duo...what do you think we should name him?" Wufei asked.

Duo looked up and blinked, he'd said we... " How about..."



And try not to think about
What might have been
'Cause that was then
And we have taken different roads
We can't go back again
There's no use giving in
And there's no way to know
What might have been




1 years later...

Duo, climbed up the little hill after the children, a hyper bunch of monsters
they were, shifting the picnic basket, Duo tredged onward.

" Trade ?" Wufei asked shifting, Yahto onto his other arm.

Duo stopped and nodded, extending the basket to Wufei, he took the half
asleep little boy into his arms.

" Who's dumb idea was this again?"

" Yours," Wufei said blandly swinging the basket.

Duo shook his head, then winced, realizing that in his sleep, Yahto had
gotten his grubby little hands onto his braid. Smiling Duo kissed the little
boy's forhead.

It had it been an interesting year...although the pain of losing Heero had't
even begun to go away, it had dampened a bit at having people who needed him.

From little Yahto to Nirvelli to Wufei himself...it was nice being needed...


" Uncle Duo look!" Keiko said thrusting a writhing black snake up at him.

" Ah! I mean oh Keiko that's lovely...now let him go..."

" Can we take it home?"

" NO! I mean uh no it likes it better out here..." Duo said.

The little girl pouted but let the little critter go, much to Duo's relief.
He did not want to hear Marie screaming her head off all the way home.

" You're good with them." Wufei said.

Duo shrugged, then smiled at him before looking away again, the
relationzation he was still very attracted to Wufei came into focus about 3
months ago... that made him feel guilty, it was too soon after Heero's death
to even be considering something like that!

No matter what Heero had said...

" Duo..."

Duo peeked at Wufei over Yahto's head. " Yeah?"

" Thank you...for everything." he said...looking back at the sky.

Duo smiled, " It was nothing...you needed me."


" Duo if I had said that I needed you back then...what would you have done?"

Duo paused, " It's better to leave the past in the past Wufei..."

Wufei nodded, shifting the basket to his other hand he ruffled Yahto's hair.

" Maybe it's time you followed your own advice Duo..." Wufei said, placing a
light kiss on his cheek.


No we'll never know
What might have been...



Heero: AGAIN! I got screwed AGAIN!

It's not my fault! Bob hates you!

Duo: That was depressing.

Heero: At least you didn't die!

Wufei: You had to go and ruin a perfectly good fic didn't you?

It's not my fault!

Quatre: That was awful! We didn't even get to say goodbye to Heero! You know
I have a guilt complex now I'll never be able to forgive myself! *sobs*

Trowa: It didn't really happen Quatre it was just a fic.

Quatre: Oh shutup I was having a moment!

Relena: What about meeee nobody bothered to call me!

Heero: I don't want you at my deathbed, I want to die in peace knowing my
last moments on earth were as far away from you as it possibly could be!

Relena: *teary eyed* Oh Heero...

Duo: I run a daycare? Come on give me some credit here!

Heero: At least you got to live!

Bitch and moan bitch and moan this is what I have to live with.





If you went this far:

Yahto- precious
Nirvelli- water child

At least that's what Me told me