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Warning: Sad angsty and then a senseless ending




Heero stood alone looking out over the bustling city, 'Duo' the name came
unbidden to his mind. Wincing, he continued to watch the traffic pass below.

He'd seen Duo when he stepped off the plane, waving and smiling wildly, for a
second he'd thought that everything would be fine and just go back to the way
they were before…he'd been wrong…the second he said Duo's name he knew he
was wrong.

He'd never forget the way Duo stiffened up when he said it, and how his eyes
slid to Wufei very briefly…then to him, that was all he needed to see to
know the truth.

Heero remembered looking up at Wufei then, studying the other boy's face,
only to discover Wufei giving him the same look.

He allowed all the betrayal he felt then to come into his eyes when Duo did
look at him, then he turned and walked away.

Vaguely he heard Quatre calling his name and asking him to wait, he didn't.

" Just let him go Quatre."

" But Trowa he-"

Heero didn't hear anything else he'd rounded the corner, now he stood
somewhere in the airport he wasn't sure where, watching the sunset over the
city. He'd lost him…he'd lost him.


Heero didn't bother to turn around or to answer, the tentative voice.

The feeling of a hand on his shoulder put him on edge.

"Heero I-"

" I don't care Duo," he said coldly.

Duo swallowed, " Heero I know that I-"

" I'm sure your 'husband' is waiting for you."

" Heero if you'd let me explain I-"

" Let you explain what? That you've been sleeping with Wufei? That you don't
love me anymore? Or ever did."

" That's not fair Heero…I've loved you fo-"

" Well that doesn't mean much now does it?"

" Heero if-"

" I don't want to hear your excuses Duo, you chose Wufei, that's all there is
to it."

" Heero if you'd just lis-"

" You don't get it do you Duo? I-don't-care! I don't care, so just leave me
alone…" Let me die in peace and with some kind of dignity.

Duo reached for his arm, he pulled Heero's eyes around to meet him, " Heero
please…just lis-"

" Why should I Duo? Give me one good reason why I should. Can you?"

Duo let go of his arm, and backed away," No I can't…I-" Duo cut himself off
and started down the hallway again.

Heero looked back out the window, not strong enough to watch him walk away…

"Heero…" Heero closed his eyes, " Heero…" the voice was getting closer now…
" Heero…look at me….Look at me."

Heero did as he was bid locking eyes with Duo.

" Can you give me one good reason why I should stay with you? Can you?" Duo
asked, using his own words against him.


Heero lowered his head he couldn't…

Duo stood beside him for a moment waiting….the finally he nodded, and started
away again..

Heero raised his eyes, and saw Wufei standing at the end of the hallway
waiting for him.

Heero wanted to scream for him to stop, to come back, to beg if he had to…but
he did nothing…he just watched as Duo went to Wufei's side…he watched as
Wufei placed a hand on Duo's back…he watched as Wufei led him away.

Wufei looked up at him once, and shook his head, before leading Duo out the

Alone in the corridor, Heero did something he never thought he'd do…he cried.

5 months later,

Duo blew his bangs up out of his eyes, looking at the little vid-screen
waiting for Sally to regain her composure. She was laughing so hard, tears
were streaming down her face.

" I'm glad you are amused." Duo said dryly.

" Woman! This is very unprofessional!" Wufei growled.

Sally pulled herself together quickly then cleared her throat, "
Right…sorry…you were saying about the morning sickness Duo…" the last three
words came out as a squeak as she tried to kill her laughter.

Duo glared, " It's not funny Sally!"


Sally nodded, her face slightly red, " But it's so cute-"

" ONNA!" Duo and Wufei chorused.

Sally promptly broke into another peel of laughter, " I wonder if the baby is
going to-to do that too!"

" Wufei…"

" What?"

" I demand a new doctor!"

Wufei sighed, " But Sally is the best."

Duo watched Sally continue to laugh on the screen, then looked up at Wufei…

" When she stops laughing that is…stop glaring at me like that!"

" This whole thing is YOUR fault!"

"My fault?! You were there too Maxwell!"

" It's Chang! And I know I was there but it's still YOUR fault!"

" And how is that? I told you to take the pills I even went and got them for
you, but did Duo listen noooo Duo didn't take the pills…"

" Oh so it's my fault the stupid things make me sick?!"

" Yes!"

" Wufei don't yell at Duo like that he's delicate." Sally managed to get out,
with a straight face…almost. " He's going to be very delicate for the next
few months, so you'd better get used to it."

Wufei twitched.

" And don't forget to give him a backrub, and a foot massage every night,
cocoa butter on his stomach will keep him from getting stretchmarks…make sure
he drinks lots of water, and get good healthy food into his system, no
caffeine whatsoever!" Sally looked at the stricken look on Duo's face and
added, " Good luck soldier, you'll need it." She even managed to turn off
vidscreen before she burst out laughing again.

Wufei sighed, " Well you heard the doctor…"

" I want coffee…how am I supposed to wake up in the morning without coffee?!"

" Orange juice?" Wufei suggested…and nearly lost use of one ear when Duo
shrieked in it. " Or not…"

" Damn I really want some cotton candy…black cotton candy covered in pickle
juice…yeah Wu go get me some cotton candy!"

" Where the hell am I supposed to find cotton candy."

" Black cotton candy!"

" Black cotton candy…? "

Duo turned wide shimmery eyes on Wufei, " I don't know Wu bear, but I want
it, and if you loooove me you'll go get it for me!" he said batting his
eyes…" Or else." He added in that same sugary sweet tone.

Wufei backed towards the door, " Going…."

" I love you Wufei."

Wufei smiled, " I love you too Duo."

" Now go you have an hour!" Duo ordered.

Wufei blinked then ran from the room.

Ah the married life ain't it grand?

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