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Duo looked down into the jumbo popcorn and frowned, " You didn't get extra
butter," he pouted.

Wufei frowned at him, " It doesn't need any extra butter, it's fine the way
it is."

" It is not! It's a movie tradition popcorn drenched in butter," Duo huffed,
" And you said I could-"

" Fine Duo! I'll go get your damn butter! Is there anything else his majesty
would like while I'm up?"

Duo nodded, " Yep another super size Pepsi and oh some M & M's and some of
those chocolate covered pretzels and juju fruits!"

Wufei shook his head, " Are you sure that's going to hold you for a two hour
movie?" he asked sarcastically.

Duo poked his tongue out, " Yep that should do it!" Duo said leaning back
against the chair, watching the movie trivia thing flash across the screen.

"I'll go with you Wufei," Robert offered.

" Oh and Robbie honey while you're up get me a diet coke and a box of junior

Nodding Robert started down the aisle with Wufei by his side, Duo thought he
heard Wufei say something about pushy mates but he couldn't be sure.

" You know you two are going to be together for a long time right Duo?"

Duo arched a brow, " What makes you say that?"

Danny sighed and leaned back against the chair, " The way you two act

" We fight constantly."

" Bicker," Danny corrected, " You two bicker constantly, there is a big

Duo grinned, " Ok Danny."

" And Duo…I know Wufei didn't put that bruise on your cheek. Mind telling me
who did?"

Duo laughed, " Oh that, well stupid me went and picked a fight…and lost.
Pretty dumb huh?"

Danny studied his face before answering, cat shaped turquoise eyes examined
him, " Uh-huh…pretty dumb, so how long did you stay with him before you
married Wufei?"



Danny pulled his long sleeve shirt up a bit revealing scars all the way down
his arms…

" Danny…"

" 9 years," he said simply pointing too one particularly long one across the
top of his arm he looked up to meet Duo's eyes. " This was the last one…got
me with a broken bottle when I told him I was leaving him,"

" 9 years? God why'd you stay with the prick that long?"

Danny grinned, " He had a rough childhood, I kept telling myself that I
couldn't just abandon him, that he needed me, that he only hit me because he
didn't know how else to deal with his emotions…sound familiar?"

Duo swallowed, " Yeah…"

Danny smiled, " But you got out early that's good, you found a nice guy and
you married him, you don't have to worry about having anything like this." He
said with a grin.

Duo's smile waned a bit and he nodded, " Yeah…"

Winking Danny rolled his sleeve back down, " He's a good one Duo, you were
lucky enough to catch him, you'd better hold onto him, God knows I intend to
hold onto mine…," Danny said.

Duo grinned and nodded, his mind was a thousands miles away…" Yeah a good

" A good one what?" Wufei asked.

Duo looked at his scowling husband with a smile.

" Here." Wufei growled shoving the popcorn with extra butter into his lap
with the candy. " Happy?"

Duo looked at him and nodded still smiling, peaking around Wufei he winked at
Danny…he'd gotten a perspective on things…but he still needed to sort
everything out…but one thing was very clear…Heero, wasn't going to change
for him.

Settling in for the movie, Duo propped his feet onto the seat in front of
them and started working his way to the bottom of the popcorn barrel.

" Maybe I should have gotten you a bigger bowl, glutten." Wufei smirked.

Duo threw a handful of the popcorn at him.

" Aren't they cute Robbie?"


Duo followed Wufei into their suite silently.

" Alright Duo, this is a new record for you, you've been quiet for the last
40 minutes, what is it?" he asked, taking off his jacket and draping it over
a chair.

Duo shrugged, " Nothing, I just don't have anything to say."

Wufei arched a brow, and started towards the bathroom, " Maxwell, the day
you don't have anything to say is the day the world ends."

Duo crossed his eyes at Wufei's back and then started after him, " Chang." He

Wufei rolled his eyes, " Chang Duo happy?"

" Yep," Duo snickered, leaning against the doorjamb, " You know you've
stopped wincing when I say that."

Wufei snorted, opening the shower door, he turned it on and stepped back to
strip. " Yeah well I've gotten used to it,"

" Your no fun." Duo smirked, walking to the whirlpool, smiling he filled it,
" Hey Wu why doncha come sit in the hot tub with me?"

Wufei arched a brow, " Because somebody thought it would be funny to throw
popcorn at me and I now have kernels stuck in my hair.

Duo blinked innocently and ran his fingers through the filling tub, " Why who
would do something like that Wu bear?"

Climbing into the shower Wufei closed the door firmly, " I don't know who'd
do something like that Duo."

Duo chuckled, and walked out of the bathroom quickly, returning a few seconds
later with two tumblers and a bottle of something he wasn't sure but it was
in the cabinet.

About ten minutes later, Wufei climbed out of the shower to find Duo sprawled
in the hot tub clutching a glass of something red...

" Oi took ya long enough get in here! Have a drink!" he said filling the
other tumbler with the stuff.

Wufei snorted but did as he was ordered, picking up the glass.

Duo sighed and propped his feet in Wufei's lap, much to Wufei's discomfort.

" Ma-"

" Chang," Duo sighed.

Wufei rolled his eyes, fact of the matter was that he called Duo Maxwell just
to hear him correct him, he liked the way his name sounded coming out of
Duo's mouth. " Whatever. Your feet-"

" Are comfy right where they are!" Duo said, wiggling his toes against
Wufei's stomach, he thought he heard Wufei try to swallow a groan. " Aren't
ya Mr. Feet?"

" Max-"

" Ok Wu do you remember anything at all about how we ended up married?"

Wufei shook his head, and took a long drink from the glass, " Not a thing,
that whole night is a blank to me…" he sighed, " You?"

" Nope and it's Chang." Duo said downing his glass, he continued wiggling his
toes against Wufei's stomach without even realizing it.

" Duo…do you mind?"

Duo blinked, " Huh? Oh sorry," he said moving his feet, he glided across the
water to sit between Wufei's legs…the warmth from the water and the alcohol
was starting to go to his head.


" Um D-Duo…" Wufei squeaked out, and then drained his glass.

" That's too bad Wufei…I wonder if it was good?"

Wufei refilled his own glass and drained it, " Where'd that come from?"

Duo shrugged, reaching lazily for the bottle, " Don't know…"

" Wufei?"

" Hm?"

"When you said you loved me back at the mall…did you mean it?"

Wufei blinked, settling his chin on top of Duo's head, he wasn't sure if it
was the liquor or his sheer stupidity that made him say it…" Yes," he

Duo turned around slightly, to look at him, " Really?"

Wufei nodded, " Yes…but you are Heero's and I have no intention of stepping
in the middle of that."

Duo smiled slightly, pressing his chest against Wufei's, " You're right…we
shouldn't do anything…we should just wait out the month, and then go back to
Quatre's house and get our divorce. Then I can go back to Heero…and you can
get on with your life…and forget this conversation ever took place," he said
his lips inching closer to Wufei's at every word.

" That's right," Wufei said leaning closer to Duo, " We should just leave
well enough alone…"

" Yes we should…" Duo agreed, brushing his lips lightly over Wufei's cheek, "
It's not right…not the way things are supposed to be…" Duo said, flicking
his tongue over Wufei's bottom lip, he felt the Chinese pilot's arms go
around him, holding him in place. Duo turned around completely in his
embrace straddling his lap. " We're wrong to do this Wufei…" Duo whispered
brushing his lips over Wufei's…

" We'd better stop…" Wufei whispered, pushing Duo's braid out of the way, he
nipped softly on Duo's neck.

Duo grinned, arching into the light caress, " We should…" he said claiming
Wufei's mouth again.

Wufei groaned and pulled back from the kiss, " We aren't going to stop are

"Uh-uh." Duo said, pulling Wufei down under water with him.

Let's leave it at…Wufei got to find out exactly what wet naked slightly
muscled Duo would feel like in a hot tub, and exactly how flexible wet naked
slightly muscled Duo was…


Duo woke with a groan, it took him a second to remember what had happened the
night before, and he grinned, rolling his head to the side, Duo smiled to see
Wufei still in a comatose state, his arms were spread wide and his mouth was
slightly ajar…

" Eh I wore him out!" he grinned, then snuggled up to Wufei's side again…

Wufei slept on oblivious…

The grin faded slightly from Duo's lips as guilty thoughts of Heero flooded
his mind, he still didn't know what he was going to do about him?


Duo was still worrying about the Heero thing when they went down to meet
Danny and Robert for lunch, on the one hand he couldn't decide if what Danny
said was true for Heero…people could change couldn't they? Heero could
change…couldn't he?

But even if he did…do you still want him?

A touch on the small of his back brought him out of his thoughts…" Duo, don't
worry about that until we get back…then you can make your decision…in the
meantime we have another three days here…let's enjoy them?"

Duo smiled and kissed his husband," You're right."


" I know."

Duo tried to kick him.


Wufei felt his stomach sink to his toes, when the plane touched down at the
airport, he could see Quatre Trowa and Heero standing outside the gate
waiting for them.

Quatre was waving wildly, while Trowa stood beside him stoic as ever, Heero
stood further back watching the plane come to a halt.

Wufei felt Duo's hand squeeze around his…very tightly.

" It's your call Duo…," he said, trying to save the bones in his hand.

Duo nodded, but only tightened his grip.

Wufei wondered when his hands got so damn strong…and if maybe it was because
of all that hair he had to braid and wash and comb out everyday…

" Duo…relax," please my fingers are going numb, " I told you it's your call,
I won't ask more from you than you can give." Now let go!

Duo nodded again, not making a move to get off the plane, till finally they
were the last ones on.

" Are you ready now?" Wufei asked.

Duo looked at him with solemn eyes and stood, " Hai, I'm ready." Plastering a
big smile on his face Duo climbed up on the seat and grabbed their bags from
the overhead compartment.

Taking a deep breath he started off the plane, Wufei followed closely behind
him, as soon as they stepped off Quatre spotted them.

" Duo! Wufei!" he called.

Waving Duo started down the stairs towards Quatre, " Boy it's good to see ya
again Quatre! We-"

" Duo," Heero's voice cut Duo's chatter off cold.

Yet somehow he managed to hold onto his smile, " Heero!" he said cheerfully.

Heero glowered at Duo, and then at Wufei, before settling firmly on Duo
again…the decision had been laid out for him.

Who was it going to be?

" Were missing something again aren't we Trowa?"


" Thought so."


that is until I do the epoligue..eh heh heh heh ain't I evil?


Duo: chibis attack!

Heero: I'll hold her still.