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Duo walked into the room behind Wufei grinning broadly, " Aw come on Wu baby!
It was kinda fun admit it!" Duo poked.

Wufei frowned walking straight to their laptop, " No it wasn't fun Maxwell-"

"Chang," Duo corrected.

Wufei snorted and inserted the disk into the laptop. The steady click of the
keys was Duo's answer.

" Gee this is familiar," Duo said.

Wufei paused in his typing at the bitter edge to Duo's voice, shaking it off
he finished sending the information to Heero…then quickly snapped the laptop

Duo smiled at him," Aww Wu it wasn't that bad…was it?"

Wufei snorted again, " No Duo it wasn't that bad, if you discount the fact
that 17 people thought that we…you were doing something….um er
inappropriate in broad daylight in a janitors closet!"

Duo grinned evilly, " It's called a blowjob Wufei, they thought I was giving
you a blowjob."

" Maxwell!" Wufei was blushing a very lovely and inventive shade of crimson.


Duo hopped to his feet grinning wickedly he headed towards the bathroom
waving over his shoulder, " It's Chang…now…." He sing-songed.

Wufei glared, feeling his face redden further, " Call it what you like, but
the fact is we are never going to be able to show our faces to these people

Duo peeked back around the corner, " Oi Wu! We're newlyweds remember? We're
on an island for newlyweds they probably thought we were weird because we
haven't gotten caught trying anything in public yet!" Duo winked, then
continued on his way.

" I seriously doubt that Maxwell."

" Chang!"

Wufei ground his teeth together and started toward the bathroom, " We don't
see other couples…doing…'that' in the hallways! That could have blown our

Duo rolled his eyes and stuck his head out the bathroom door holding a

" I'm telling ya Wu, it's normal people won't think anything of it, chock it
up to hormones and move on," Duo said squeezing toothpaste onto the brush. "
And say it with me Wufei blow-job…nothing dirty about it!" Duo winked.

Wufei blushed, and with a curse he started away. " Will you stop that!"

Duo chuckled and continued brushing his teeth.

" I never said it was dirty, I just said it was wrong to do in public there
are appropriate places for things like that." He grumbled.

Duo rolled his eyes coming out the bathroom he grinned, " Oh ya mean like
the bedroom?" Duo's grin turned wicked.

" Yes like the-I mean…You-meep!" Wufei's sputtering fit was cut off by about
90 lbs of insane gundam pilot throwing himself at him. " Duo!"

" Aw but Wu were in the bedroom now aren't we?" Duo said snidely.

Wufei almost whimpered at the evil gleam in those beautiful violet
eyes…before they disappeared to…oh my…

Wufei thought feeling Duo work his way down his body, deftly pulling the ties
on his jacket loose in his wake…as he steadily made his way lower.

" Hi you tw-Oh! My aren't you two just a set of bunnies!"

Two pairs of eyes shot up to look at the new comer.

" Danny!" Duo greeted.

Wufei just wanted to melt into the floor and disappear.

Danny smiled obviously sensing Wufei's discomfort, " Ah a shy one eh Duo?"
Danny said shaking his head, " I know what that's like Robert is the same
way," he sighed.

Robert was Danny's husband a more anal individual Wufei had never met. He
was a heart surgeon from what he'd heard from Danny…which was a lot. Robert
never talked much…if it was because when Duo and Danny got together no one
else could get a word in edgewise, or because he was shy Wufei didn't know.
Wufei looked at the short seagreen haired man, he did not know what loud
outgoing Danny saw in quiet reserved Robert…or vise versa…but he did know
that whatever it was…it worked.

" What did you want Danny?" Wufei asked bluntly.

Duo snickered, " Ignore him, he's just cranky because he was about to get

" Duo!"

Danny smiled, " Oh I was just coming by to tell you it's game night! Then I
saw the door was unlocked so I came in," Danny winked then, " You should
really lock that if you don't want to be interrupted…unless you are really

" Danny. Leave them alone," a low male voice said from the doorway.

Duo looked up at the blond haired man standing in the door.

Danny turned immediately and walked to his husband's side, wrapping an arm
around the much taller man's waist he leaned against him.

"I was just telling them about game night…" Danny pouted.


" What's game night?" Duo asked.

Robert rolled his eyes, " Mandatory. Now come on," he said guiding a
chattering Danny out of the room.

Wufei wasn't sure if he should be thankful or miserable…

" Welp you heard the man! Let's go Wu!"


Wufei decided he was in hell, he really hated game night, and newlyweds, if
he heard one more person say the words sugar lips he was going to go off and
kill everyone in the room. Folding his arms Wufei frowned.

" Aw Wu don't be so cranky!" Duo said nudging him.

Wufei decided to ignore Duo…for now.

" Ok folks new game! " The host said smiling.

Wufei couldn't help but wonder what new form of torture would be visited on

" We're going to play who's who!"

Wufei arched a brow.

" Ok I need a volunteer from each couple," the host said.

Wufei gave Duo a sidelong glance…then Duo shoved him off the couch to his

Damn him!

" Wonderful! Now the people still sitting here is how the game works. I am
going to line up the volunteers over there and then I'm going to blindfold
you, then we are going to shuffle the men around, and you have to find your
spouse…but you can't touch them, or talk to them. When you find the person
you think is your spouse you kiss them and then remove the blindfold, if your
right you win! If you aren't…well you're probably on the couch till further
notice. Ok everybody ready?!"

Duo nodded, and then laughed at the horror-stricken look on Wufei's face.

Duo smirked as he watched several couples try, and he had to force down a
chuckle when one of them mistook Wufei for their spouse and laid one on him,
Duo felt a twinge of jealousy…but the bright pink shade that Wufei's face
took on quelled it…

" Alright Duo Chang…or Chang Duo I forget…Your up!" Duo snickered, and
hopped to his feet, moving his braid out of the way he let the host tie the
blindfold on, he listened as everyone was shuffled around, " Ok Duo find
your man!" he heard the host say.

Duo laughed and started down the line, hm nope…nope….nope…ye- no
nope…nope…nope…no-tea and zest soap, WUFEI!

If Duo hadn't been completely sure it was his husband he would have known by
the grunted protest when he shoved his tongue down his throat.

" Well the Changs' found each other…um Duo…you can let him go now…he's
turning blue Duo…Duo…"


Wufei staggered back into their suite at about 3 am, he'd discovered the
dangers of mixing Duo and free liquor the hard way, hefting his still loudly
singing burden over his shoulder, Wufei kicked the door shut making sure to
lock it. He carted Duo to the bed, cursing under his breath.

" Damn baka Ma-Chang, you should know better than to drink Duo you idiot
THAT is what got us into this mess in the first place," he grumbled tossing
Duo onto the bed.

Duo giggled and sat up, wide violet eyes brimming with tears, " You called me
Chang…you do love me!"

Wufei snorted…and then choked when Duo suddenly grabbed him around the
waist…very tightly.

" Duo!" he yelled trying to pull the clinging boy off of him. " You're
drunk," he muttered.


Duo shook his head, " No em not! Em happy!" Duo giggled.

Wufei smirked, and pried Duo's fingers off him, as they gradually made their
way down to a plac- " Duo hands!"

Duo chuckled, and fell back onto the bed," Wu I'm thirsty!"

Wufei knelt beside the bed and began taking off Duo's shoes, " You've had
enough to drink," he murmured, trying to grab a hold of Duo's flailing legs.

" Have not! Leggo!" he whined.

Wufei continued his task, " Of course Duo, now hold still so I can put you to

" Don wanna."

Wufei couldn't help but grin, Duo did thwarted 3 year old very well, laying
back on the bed as he was his arms crossed over his chest pouting. He was
actually kinda…kinda cute…

Duo sat bolt upright then, his face turning a very unappealing shade of
green, as he vaulted off the bed towards the bathroom.

Wufei blinked, holding one of Duo's shoes in his hand, trying to figure out
what the hell just happened.

The sound of retching from the bathroom cleared that right up.

Sighing Wufei rose to his feet and went to get a bottle of water and a bowl
of ice from the in-room bar. This promised to be a long night.


Wufei listened with half an ear as Duo altered between babbling and weeping
at him…and retching then babbling and weeping at the toilet.

" Wufei how come Heero don't love me?"

Wufei arched a brow, " He does love you Duo…just in a very different way from
most people." Or anything human he added silently.

Duo shook his head, then tried to focus his eyes on Wufei, " Then how come he
hits me?"

Because you let him, " I don't know Duo," because he doesn't deserve you and
he knows it!

Duo began swaying slightly, " I like you Wufei you listen to me…and you don't
hit me…and you have a shiny head…"

Wufei frowned, " What?"

" A shiny head, it's bright and all pretty when the light hits it, Heero
don't have a shiny head…"

" Whatever you say Duo…"

Duo giggled and dragged himself closer to Wufei, laying his head on the other
pilots chest, " I like it here Wu… do you like it here?"

Wufei grunted.

" And you know something Wu…I'm glad I'm here with you and not Heero…you're
nicer than Heero did you know that?"

Before Wufei could reply, Duo went slack against him, finally passing out.

"This is turning into an annoying habit with you Duo."


Wufei's eyes snapped open suddenly, something was different, there was a
sound in the room that didn't usually happen…it was…it was silence.

Sitting up Wufei looked around and spotted Duo sitting in front of the
laptop, chewing on the end of his braid, he looked pale…

Rising silently, Wufei moved to stand behind Duo, he seemed to be reading a-
" Yuy…" he growled,

Duo looked at him over his shoulder at him and blushed, " Hey Wu! It's good
ta see you're up! Did ya sleep good? Ya seemed real tired so I di-"

" Cut the crap Duo."

Duo snapped his mouth shut immediately, then frowned wondering why he did.

" I know it's none of my business, but why the hell do you stay with him?"

Duo frowned, " It's not what you-"

" Duo, I saw what he did to your face, I've been taking the wrap for that
damn bruise since we got here! I've listened to you babble drunkenly about
the things he does to you, and him not loving you, it seems you've got more
sense when your drunk then when you're sober…why-"

" That's enough Wufei! You can't see how hard of a time he has wit-"

" I'm not the one who has a hard time seeing things clearly Maxwell."

Duo clenched his teeth, and looked away, " He can't help it, he just feels a
little helpless, I'm here on a tropical island with another man…living as a
married man with someone that isn't him that's got-"

" That shouldn't be a problem if he truly loved you…if it were me I'd have

" What were you going to say?" Duo asked, looking back at him.

Wufei swallowed and took a step backwards, then abruptly turned on his heel
headed to the bathroom…ok running away. " I'm going to take a bath, we
promised Danny and Robert we'd go with them to the-"

" Uh-uh don't walk away from Wu! Finish what you were going to say," Duo said
following him into the bathroom.

" It wasn't important, and it's your life, it's none of my business." He
said keeping his back to Duo he turned on the shower.

" Ah I see how it is." Duo said testily.

" Can I take my shower now?"

" Wufei-!"

" We can talk about it after I take my bath."

" Bu-"

" After Maxwell!"

Duo glowered at his back for a moment then huffed and stomped out the door,
pausing in the doorway he turned back to Wufei " And it's CHANG!" he yelled
before slamming the door…on his braid, " OW!"

Wufei sighed and dropped his pants to step in the shower, " Baka," he mumbled
Wufei stopped when Duo let out a mewling sound and the door didn't reopen to
retrieve the dangling braid. " Duo," he sighed pulling his pants back on he
walked to the door.

Opening it Duo fell back against him, clutching his scalp, " Stupid braid,"
Duo said against his shoulder…" Sorry Wu."

Wufei nodded, not really trusting his voice just then…or his body, he thought
shifting away from Duo slightly.

" Wu?"


" What do you mean I babble when I'm drunk?"

Wufei smirked pushing Duo away, " You don't want to know," he said stepping
back into the bathroom. " Now go get dressed we're going to be late."


" Oh isn't this fun Duo?!" Danny said, linking arms with Robert.

Duo grinned and bounced along, " Yep! But I don't think the grim twins over
there are." He said nodding to Wufei and Robert.

Both men glared at him.

" See!"

" Baka." Wufei muttered.

Duo moved closer to him and wrapped his arm around Wufei's waist, " Ah but
that's what you love about me." Duo said smiling.

Wufei paused for a moment, and then nodded, " Hai, that is what I love about

Before Duo could reply he disentangled himself and sped forward.

Duo frowned, well what the hell was wrong with him?