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Wufei sat stoically staring out the window...we would say he was pouting but
since he's too well Wufei to actually pout we'll say stoic.

Duo sat beside him in the limo chomping down his 6th doughnut...the skinny
little bastard... (Bob)

" Wufei! "

" What."

" Want one?" He asked holding up one of the sugar covered doughnuts.

Wufei frowned disdainfully, shoving it away not bothering to turn to look at

" Awww come on don't be so cranky here taste!"

" I don't want it."

" Aw but Wu-Wu! We're on our honeymoon let's have some fun!" Duo said
bringing the doughnut under Wufei's nose.

With a snort he pushed it away again and turned to Duo. " I said I di-" he
paused looking at Duo's brightly smiling face...covered in powdered sugar and
chocolate glaze...a splotch of pudding sat on the tip of his nose, Wufei's
lips quirked at the corner.

" What?" Duo asked

Shaking his head, Wufei pulled a napkin from the little bag that came with
the doughnuts and wiped the gunk from Duo's face.

" Hey!"

" You had stuff on your face." He said leaning back to look out the
window...Duo really was cute sometimes.

" Oi! Wufei! There! I wanna go there!" Duo screamed in his ear.

Now just wasn't one of those times.

Wufei looked out over the carnival the car was passing.

" No."

"But I wanna!"

" No."

" Now!"

" No."

" But Wu-"


" Hmph. Some honeymoon this is."

" Shutup and eat your doughnuts Maxwell."

" Chang."


"Hehehehehe it's kinda cute don't you think Wu baby?"

" Duo..." The more time he spent with Duo...the more Wufei wished it were
Heero suffering instead of him...then he remembered how attracted to Duo he
was again and just wanted to shoot himself.

" I- Oh! Were at the hotel!"

Wufei offered up a silent prayer of thanks.


Tipping the bellhop...who was also looking at Wufei like he was a monster,
Wufei shut the door firmly and dragged himself over to the bed he was
exhausted, and his headache was only getting worse.


Duo on the other hand, was a walking sugar rush on speed...with an extra
little helping of caffeine.

" Wu! Wow! This suite rocks! The view is- Hey lookie what Quatre had put in
the room!"

Wufei hadn't moved from his prone place on the bed, and he had no intention
of moving anytime soon.

That was fine since Duo decided to kneel over him shoving the giant fruit
basket under his nose.

" That's great Duo." Wufei said, it was pointless to yell at Duo, he'd
discovered that, if you just agreed or nodded the braided boy would leave him
alone. Basically if Duo was happy he got peace...if Duo wasn't happy...he

" You cold Wu baby?"

" Don't call me that."

" Ok Wu bear!" Duo said hopping off again with the fruitbasket.

Wufei rolled off the bed, slowly rising to his feet, only intending to pull
back the blankets and collapse.

" Wu! We have spa!" Duo came streaking back into the room then...streaking
literally considering he was naked. Grabbing Wufei's arm he dragged the
other pilot to the bathroom.


" Chang. Now strip."

" Nani?" Wufei asked blandly.

Duo rolled his eyes. " Take it off lover boy." He said gesturing at the suken
tub that was currently filled with churning water.

Wufei looked at it and frowned. " You dragged me from a relatively
comfortable death to bathe with you?"

Duo nodded, pulling at the ties on Wufei's jacket.

Wufei batted his hands away, and headed for the door.

" Come on Wu! hot tubs are no fun alone!"

" It'll be even less fun with me," he muttered. " Besides, if Yuy even
suspected we were sharing a tub of any kind people would be finding new
pieces of my body in unlikely places for years to come."

Duo huffed. " Heero doesn't own me!"

Wufei smirked, and pointed to the blue black bruise on Duo's face. " No? Then
why are you wearing a custom 'Property of Heero Yuy' stamp on your face?"

Duo frowned touching the bruise lightly, something flashed behind his eyes to
fast for Wufei to name.

" Nevermind then." Duo said, hopping in the tub.

Wufei felt like prick.

Granted he was a prick...but he still hated it when he felt like one. Sighing
he began to take off his clothes as he headed back to the tub. Hopping in he
leaned against the wall folding his arms.

" Happy?"

Duo looked at him and smiled. " Yep!" He said cheerly making himself at home
against Wufei's side.

Closing his eyes Wufei tried to ignore the feeling of wet naked slightly
muscled Duo pressed against him. Or what that wet naked slightly muscled Duo
would feel like straddling his lap....or how it would feel sliding inside
that wet naked slightly muscled Duo's body...listening to him moan in his ear
while he clutched Wufei's shoulders... or what it would feel like to bury his
fingers in that long hair and pull him down towards him and claim his mouth
in a deep slow kiss...or how it would feel to run his lips down the long
slender column of Duo's neck...or what his name would sound like coming from
Duo's mouth accompined by a steady stream of moaning and panting...maybe a
little begging...hm make that alot of begging.

No bad Wufei down. Duo's body, kisses, and name moaning were for one man and
one man only. Heero Yuy.

He really hated Heero. The inhumanely tight spandex wearing freak.


" Wufei whatcha thinkin?"

That I had you for one night and I don't even remember it, that I married you
and that I can't even touch you, that I'm really pissed off about both things
and I don't know why.

" The water is too hot."

Duo frowned, propping his feet on the edge...giving every indication that he
was comfortable and had every intention of staying right where he was for a
very long time.

Wufei was not happy.

" I think the water's fine!" he purred.

That's because you aren't as har- Wufei be good...he's not yours. I'm married
to him, he's mine...technically...but I still ca- wait what the hell am I
thinking? I'm not attracted to Duo! He's annoying, he's rude, he's loud!
Let's not forget adorable, and charming, and sexy, and- will you shutup?!

" Wu baby what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Wufei said between his teeth.

Duo shrugged and went back to babbling about whatever he was babbling about.
Wufei did his best not to imagine all the different ways he could take Duo in
the hot tub.

Not that he knew much about it mind you...just bending him over the side, or
sitting as he was now and settling Duo on his lap either facing him, or away,
holding him up against the wall with his legs tossed over....BAD WUFEI!

Vaguely he wondered if Duo really was that flexiable....WUFEI!

" Wu-"

" Nothing." He snapped.

Duo blinked at him. "Ok fine we won't order shrimp..."

Wufei wanted to groan and sink under the water, death by drowning that was


Wufei lay in bed, watching Duo stuff food in his mouth, as he'd done
continously since it'd arrived.

Snorting Wufei turned on his side and tried to go to sleep, keyword is tried.

" Wah! Wufei! Whatcha doin'?!" Duo asked, hopping onto the bed. " Wow these
are some nice sheets eh Wu? Are ya sleepin?!"

Wufei wasn't too fond of the black sheets covered in red hearts...or the
black curtains covered in read hearts or the black carpet covered in red
hearts or the towels or even the tub that had given him such interesting
thoughts....all he really wanted wa-

" Wu! Are ya listening?" Wufei sighed and turned over.

" Yes Duo, what do you want?"

Duo shrugged and curled up next to him, the boy seemed to be taking a great
pleasure in tormenting him.

" Hey Wu..." Duo yawned, finally coming down from his high.

" Yes Duo?"

" How long we got here?"

" A month Duo..."

Duo made an incoherent noise. " Ok then...Wufei?"


Wufei closed his eyes trying to ignore the feeling of Duo's fingers on his
chest, he probably didn't even realize he was doing it.

" Can we go to the carnival tommorrow?" He asked. " I mean since we have a
month and all it couldn't hurt to spend a little time at the carnival I mean

" Fine Duo." Wufei said, he wondered why the braided pilot sounded so

" Thanks Wu..." Duo said.

Wufei was going to reply but Duo was sound asleep...snoring loudly.

Sighing Wufei rubbed his temples...well this just keeps getting worse and

Finally Wufei fell asleep only to be plagued by dreams of a violet eyed pilot
in a hottub...and for some strange reason a man with long peach hair and
clothing with a riding crop...



Wufei sighed, letting Duo drag him through the crowds at the carnival...he
was getting used to this being dragged thing...and Duo seemed to like doing

" Oh Wu bear! Win me something!"

Wufei blinked. He hadn't even realized they'd stopped. " What?"

" I said win me something please!"

" What are you talking about?"

Duo pulled a face, and pointed up at the booth in front of them, then at
strange looking stuffed blue puppy sat. " I want that one!" Duo said.

Wufei frowned up at the thing then back to the vendor. " How much?" he said

The man blinked. "Hey we don't sell em you gotta beat the game!" The man

Wufei arched a brow. " What do I have to do?"

"Well it's a tough game are you sure you're up to it."

Wufei narrowed his eyes, " How much?"

Fifteen minutes later….Wufei and Duo walked away from the booth, Duo
clutching the stuff blue puppy and a purple stuffed kitty…while Wufei
carried the sack containing all the other stuffed animals he'd won.

" Tough game." He snorted.

Duo smiled happily as they headed back to the hotel. " Thanks Wu-baby!"

Wufei snorted feeling more than a little bit smug. " Not like it was hard…"

Duo paused. " No I mean for everything…it's been a long time since I've gone
this long without getting hit or insulted. Thanks."

Wufei blushed and looked away. " Let's just get the stuff back to the hotel
and then we can get to work."


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