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was his surname and that Chang was his given name and then the whole surname
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fixed it all now....I hope.



While everyone else was unprepared for Heero's sudden attack. Duo wasn't, the
instant Heero dove for him, he reacted...by grabbing a protesting Wufei and
running to the bathroom and locking them inside...the sound of things being
shoved against the door echoed through the room along with Heero's screams of

" Duo! Duo! Duo open this door and let me kill you!"

" I don't hide from a battle! Let me out of here now Duo!"


"No! Shutup Wufei!"


"Too late for that."



Quatre blinked. " Wufei and Duo are married?"


Trowa nodded.

" When did that happen?"

" Yesterday sometime."

" Well that was rude of them I knew something was between the two, but the
very least they could do was invite us to the wedding."

Trowa shrugged.

Frowning Quatre looked back to where Heero was trying to peel the door off
it's hinges.

" Um Heero..." Quatre spoke up softly. " I think you may be overreacting a
little...maybe we should listen to their reasons first...I think it's sweet."

" You would." Duo's voice drifted through the bathroom door.

" And it's convient for the mission." Trowa said blandly.

Two identical snorts came from the bathroom.

" NOOOOO it's getting worse!"

" Shutup Duo."

" Besides Heero we need you here, while they are taking care of the mobile
suit intel, we have to-"


" Take care of OZ's newest experiments." He muttered giving the door one
final kick. " Wufei cou-"

" It would waste time going through the system and changing their marriage
status and then going through it all over again to mark you and Duo as a
couple, then getting the marriage certifactes and-"

"I see your point Quatre." Heero frowned, leaving a silent but that doesn't
mean I have to like it in the air.

Giving a hard rap on the door Heero growled. " You two get ready to leave in
the hour."

Without saying anything else he stormed out of the room.

Quatre looked at Trowa. " I don't think he took that well..."


" Duo you can come out now..." Quatre called.

The door cracked open slightly, and a snub nose followed by a large violet
eye peeked out.

" Duo go!"

" Gah!" Duo landed on the floor face first, lifting his head slightly he
frowned. " Thank you Wufei."

Shrugging, Wufei hauled him to his feet by the scruff of his collar.

Quatre looked from one to the other then smiled. " Wonderful! Let me go make
arrangements while you two pack!" He said.

Wufei snorted.

" Oh you two are so cute!" Quatre said.

"...But they don't look like newlyweds...yet." Trowa said, then left the

Wufei and Duo exchanged glances then sighed.

" You'd better go get packed Maxwell...Don't even say it!"

Duo snickered, and sauntered out of the room, " Whatever you

" Duo!"

A manical snicker sounded down the hallway.

30 minutes later.....

Duo stood beside Wufei pouting pensively, rubbing the fist mark on his cheek.
Heero had nailed him one when he finally got back to their room to pack some
clothes. He didn't even give him a chance to explain....ah well at least all
it was was one smack, if it weren't for the mission there'd probably be alot
more...Wufei hadn't looked none to happy about the bruise when he'd seen it.

" Ok you two are re-"

" No we aren't." Wufei snapped crossing his arms, Duo gave him a side long
glance and poked out his tongue. " Someone needs to do something about Duo's
face." he growled.

Quatre frowned looking at the large black and blue bruise on Duo's cheek. "
You're right..."

" It's bad enough I have to do this, but to have people thinking I'm a wife

" Hey!"

" Or husband. Whatever it's injustice!"

" Don't start Wufei."

" Shutup Duo."

"Yep. A married couple."

"And so cute too."

Wufei and Duo glare.

" Oh look they even glare alike Trowa!"

Heero snorted, shoving Duo onto the plane he pulled Wufei back long enough to
hiss at him.

" Touch him and I'll hut you down and kill you."

Wufei wasn't given a chance to reply, since he was tossed onto the plane
seconds later.

This promised to be a looong trip.


By the time they reached Mermay island, Wufei had a pounding headache, they'd
had to change planes twice, and since they'd gotten on the second one, Duo's
bruise had become worse...and people were starting to look at him like he was
the cruelist creature on the planet...it didn't help any that Duo hadn't shut
up since they left.


So it was almost a relief when they touched down on Mermay.

" Hey were here finally!" Duo shouted hopping to his feet he started bouncing
to reach the overhead compartment where their carry-on was stored.

"Here ya go little guy." A tall man with red hair winked, and grabbed the
bag for Duo.

Duo frowned at being called little but took the bag with a grin. " Thanks!
Hey could ya get the other one please?"

The man nodded, and reached the other bag for Duo. Eyeing his swollen cheek,
then frowned at Wufei.

Wufei grinded his teeth together.

"Thanks!" Duo called after the man cheerily.

" Oi Wu-chan he was nice ne?"

Wufei grunted, taking the bags from Duo he guided the bouncing boy off the

"Isn't this great Wu?!"

Wufei grunted again.

With a sigh Duo grabbed his arm, leaning his cheek on his shoulder.

Wufei had to surpress the natural instinct to push him away.

" Hello and welcome to the island..." A perky...a bit too perky if you asked
Wufei, woman wearing a dark blue suit of some kind walked up to them.

Wufei glared.

" Hi! So where is the Bayview Hotel?" Duo asked...in typical Duo fashion.

The woman smiled. Are you the Chang party?" she asked smiling...

Wufei frowned and nodded.

" Yep that's us! Chang!" Duo bounced beside him.

Wufei rolled his eyes taking Duo's arm. " Can you just tell us where the
hotel is please?"

The woman gave him a wink, " Of course, I know you newlyweds want to be
alone, Mr. Winner made certain to supply you with the Presidental suite, your
driver will be here shortly to take you there. I hope you enjoy your stay on
the island!"

Wufei nodded at her polietly.

" Hai! I'm sure we will!" Duo winked, " Won't we Wu bear."

Wincing Wufei stood up straighter and strode past the woman Duo firmly
attached to him.

Another one approached the lady and spoke as soon as she thought they were
out of earshot.

" Ohh did you see that guy's cheek? My God! Why does he stay with that jerk?"

" Nah, I don't think he did it, he doesn't seem like the type..."

" It's always the ones that aren't obvious..."

Wufei supressed the urge to groan. It was going to be a long trip.

" Ohh Wu! Look at that! Wow what's that over there?! Look at that bird! He Wu
your smart what kind of bird is that?! Wow let's go over there! Hey look
Wufei a gift shop! Let's go to the giftshop!"

" No."



" Pleeeeeaaaase?!"

" No."

" Aw Wu come on! We need to get Trowa a present, and Quatre for paying for
this oh and I should bring Heero something back and- Oh clothes shop! Wu

" Fine Maxwell."

" Chaaaang."

" Don't remind me." Wufei said, then muttered something in Chinese.

" What was that Wu bear?"

" Don't-"

" Oh! Doughnuts! Doughnuts now! Want now!"

" Duo..."

" Now! Food! Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!"

Wufei sighed. " You're going to be annoying until you get something aren't

Duo nodded enthusiastically.

Sighing Wufei let himself be dragged to the doughnut shop.

Both of the women watched them go.

" Nah, you're right he's not the type."


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