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Warning: Hm none?

Duo ate his breakfast in silence careful to keep his banded hand out of
sight, to say it was an uncomfortable situation would be an understatement.

Especially with Heero glaring daggers at him, and Wufei sitting like a rock
and eatting quietly...but the worst oh the worst was Trowa that evil banged
bastard had been dropping little comments since they'd come to the table.

" Eat quickly Duo if you want to get to that 'engagement' on time. Duo the
Andersons you know those 'honeymooners' from down the hall wanted to know if
you could join them for a game of bridge and they suggested you bring Wufei
with you. Duo that show that you wanted to watch is coming on tonight Rachel
and Billy are getting 'married' " and so on till Duo was torn between running
away screaming or gouging Trowa's eyes his fork.

He'd dropped back into silent guy mode as soon as Quatre and Heero got back
to the table contenting himself with humming 'Here comes the bride'.

Duo thought he was having entirely too much fun at their expense. Duo cast
another glance at his husband the rock...well at his expense anyway.

Duo ate pensively glowering at the still humming Trowa who he guessed was
tapping his glass like that on purpose! In short he couldn't wait to get away.

Duo started down the hallway walking beside Wufei his smile more than a
little strained as he picked the rice out of his hair.

He never saw who was throwing it, but his bet was a certain banged stone
faced pilot who was going to die come morning.

But, right now all Duo wanted to do was go to be-uh-oh problem.

Duo looked at Wufei grabbing his arm and dropped back from the
others...something that didn't go unnoticed by Trowa...who seemed to be
watching them very closely.

Duo frown, and turned to Wufei. " We can't go to bed..."

Wufei folded his arms. " Why not?"

" One I sleep with Heero...he's going to notice the wedding band! And two I'm
married I can't share a bed with someone I'm not married too!"

" You're kidding right?"

Duo shook his head. " It's one of the promises I made to myself if I ever

Wufei sighed, " It's not a real marriage."

" It was done in front of a priest...I think...and we have the legal
documents to prove it. We are legally wed...like it or not I can't share a
bed with Heero anymore."

Wufei gave him a hard look then shook his head. " Fine, how are you going to
explain not sleeping in bed with Heero then? He's already suspicious of
something and Trowa's continuous taunting isn't helping any."

Duo frowned. " You're right...but I can't sleep with Heero!"

Wufei rolled his eyes. " Then ask him to sleep on the floor."

" Oh yeah that'll go over like a ton of bricks. Gee Heero I'm married would
you mind sleeping on the floor tonight?"

" No need to be a smartass Maxwell."

"It's Wufei..." Duo snickered...watching Wufei wince, it was the only good
thing about this whole mess, the pain on Wufei's face whenever he corrected

" Don't remind me."

Duo snickered again. " Oh you know you love it Wubaby."

Wufei snorted, but didn't deny it.


Duo fell silent beside Wufei as they walked down the hallway, they were
getting nearer their rooms...and he still didn't have a plausable reason to
not go to bed with Heero.

"Wufei what the hell are we gonna do?" he whispered.

Wufei rolled his eyes," Just go to bed with Heero."

" I can't, I'm married rememeber?!"

Wufei sighed." How could I forget. Anyway it's not a real marriage just go!"

" I can-"

" Duo," Heero said sharply frowning at him, the door to their room stood

"Umm H-Heero I'm not tired I think I'm going to stay up...um a bit later ok?"

Heero glared at him, and Duo swore the hallway dropped 10 degrees. " With

" Yeah...you don't mind do ya?"


" No. Of course not." he said evenly...crushing the doorknob. " You are
coming to bed tonight aren't you." It was much more statement than question.

" More than likely." He smiled, taking a step back.

Heero glared at them once more before disappearing into the room.

Smiling Duo continued on down the hallway with a worried Quatre and a
scowling Wufei and still humming damn Trowa damn him!

" Goodnight Duo and Wufei don't stay up too late." Quatre said heading into
the room he shared with Trowa.

Trowa hung back long enough to give a final parting shot, before hurrying
after Quatre into the room.

Duo frowned folding his arms. " I hate the fact that he's grown a sense of

" That makes two of us." Wufei frowned folding his arms.

Duo blinked and realized what he was doing. " Gah! We have GOT to fix this
situation now! I'm starting to act like you already!" Duo shuddered hurrying
to Wufei's room.

Rolling his eyes Wufei hurried after him, into the room.

Plopping down on the bed Duo blew his bangs out of his eyes. " Ok how do we
do this divorce thing?"

Wufei shrugged. " Hack into-"

" Hey duh why didn't I think of that?!"

" Because I'm the smart one. "

" Ha ha."

" So all I need to do is get my hands on a computer and-"

A sharp rap on the door cut off their conversation. Duo hopped to his feet
and opened it.

" Oi! Heero I thought you went to bed."

Heero glared at him and then Wufei. " I did, but a mission just came in."

Duo blinked seeing that Quatre and Trowa were right behind Heero...for the
first time that day Trowa wasn't teasing them.

" What's up?"

Heero stood just beside the doorway, until Quatre and Trowa entered the room.
Shutting it firmly he folded his arms.

" So what's the mission."

Heero frowned at Wufei for a moment longer before looking at Duo. "Intercept
vital mobile suit data from reaching OZ."

Duo blinked.

"Two of us are to go undercover on Mermay island, and get the disk that's
being sent to General Hankerson before he does." Quatre explained.


" Hn. Sounds simple. Whose going and when?" Wufei asked.

Quatre smiled, " Well since Mermay is a honeymoon island...that caters to
homosexual couples-"

Duo hoped the fates weren't that cruel.

" We thought that Duo and Heero would be the best choice."

Damn the fates damn them!

"Why is General Hankerson going to a gay honeymoon island anyway?" Wufei
asked frowning.

" Oh, he's going on his honeymoon of course...he married some pianoist guy I
can't remember his name." Quatre shrugged.

" That's not important." Heero cut in. " Duo we leave in a few hours, I have
to make a few arrangements first-"

Duo opened his mouth to protest, but Trowa beat him to the punch.

" That's not necessary, it would be simplier to just send Wufei and Duo
since they are married anyway. It'll save us time, and you effort."

Heero's eyebrow twitched.

Duo gulp.

" They're what?" Heero asked calmly.

" Married." Trowa replied.

Heero lunged at Duo before anyone could stop him.


"Fate leads those who will follow. Those who don't they drag"