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Duo shifted slightly in bed...and instantly regretted the movement because it
was apparently the cue for the riverdance troupe inside his head to begin
their finale. Whimpering he laid as still as he could waiting for them to

This was the last time he was going to drink...ever...he promised.

Another groan sounded beside him and Duo's eyes snapped open...then shut
again as the troupe redoubled their efforts...it was then that he noticed he
was in a bed... and something that felt like an arm tossed over his body.

' Just what the hell was I doing last night?' Duo groaned again as a flash
of himself drinking waaaaay too many shots of tequila came to mind. ' Wait a
minute why am I naked?'

Carefully he turned his head to the side...he wondered who he brought home
with him and if they did more than ...Duo took stock of his body. ' Pounding
headache...yep, queasy stomach....yet, achy ribs...yep...sore a-...yep....oh
my-' " GOD!" hangover forgotten Duo sat up eyes wide open...and then they
landed on the other person in the bed..." Wufei?! I slept with Wufei?!"

Wufei...who had been sleeping soundly for the most jerked awake then,
cracking open one dark brown eye..." Maxwell keep it down." He growled and
fell back to sleep.

Duo blew his bangs up off his forehead and reached down to give Wufei a hard
shove, but stopped once his hand reached the other boy's shoulder, his eyes
widened till they threatened to take over his head. Pulling his hand back he
stuck it close to his his face gapping at the gold band that shone there.

With a strangled scream he grabbed at Wufei again.

" Ma-Maxwell! What are you doing?! Let me go thi-"

Finally grabbing his hand, Duo groaned. " Oh God." An identical gold band
rested on his finger as well.

" Duo what are you- what the hell is that?"

Duo didn't answer, he was too busy tearing around the room, still naked.

" Duo?!"

With another strangled cry Duo picked up a slightly crumpled piece of paper,
and sank to his knees on the floor.

" Maxwell!"

" It's Wufei."

" What?"

" It's Wufei now." He said clutching his head. " Duo M. Wufei or Wufei Duo
whichever you prefer..."

" What are you babbling about Duo?" Wufei frowned, getting up shakily from
the bed. He had a hangover and he was cranky, Duo losing what was left of
his mind was not a welcome event.

Duo silently held out the paper, Wufei took it and squinted at it...then he

Duo nodded.

" What the hell happened last night?" Wufei growled.

"How should I know!" Duo snapped back.

" You drink like that all the time!"

" Oh so you think I'm an alocholic now?!"

" That's because you ARE an alocholic! Why don't you put some clothes on!"

" Don't yell at me! And you don't have any on either toughguy!"

" What?! Why not yell at you?! This is YOUR fault!"

"It is not!"

" It is too!"

" Is not!"

" Is too!"

" Is not!"

" Is-!"

A timid knock followed by a softly spoken. " Guys?"

Wufei and Duo looked at each other wide-eyed with panic.

" Quatre." They whispered.

" Duo! What the hell are you doing in Wufei's room!"

"Heero." Duo squeaked, then blinked. " Heero's going to kill me!"

"You? Imagine what that fruitcake is going to do to me!" Wufei hissed,
tugging at the ring... " Duo...tell me you can get your ring off..."

Duo blinked and tugged at his ring...and then harder...and harder. " No.
Wufei what the hell are we going to do?!" Duo's eyes were wide with panic and
he was sure he was about to start hyperventilating.

" Okay no problem...we'll just tell them what's going on-"

" Yeah we tell them we got drunk got married at some point and then came
back to the room made wild monkey lovin' before we passed out. That'll go
over REAL well. Why don't we just shoot ourselves now it'll be less painful
then what Heero is going to do to us!"

" Duo! I know you're in there open the door!"

" Good point so what the hell should we do?!"

" Duo open the door now!" Heero's voice was getting annoyed...

Duo and Wufei sprang into action, getting dressed in record time moving the
blankets enough to cover the stained sheets and tossing a window open...they
had just managed to kick the marriage certificate under the dresser when
Heero kicked the door open...meeting a very grouchy looking chinese pilot,
and a smiling Duo standing side by side with their hands behind their backs.

" Hello Heero...Quatre...Trowa ."

"Good morning!" Quatre smiled.

Heero just glared from one to the other suspiciously.

Trowa in typical Trowa fashion did nothing.

"We didn't know where you were Duo! We were very worried, we were just coming
to Wufei's room to ask him if he'd seen you," Quatre continued on.

Duo was getting nervous, he was used to Heero's looks...but they were really
getting to him just then.

" Well I'm fine! Don't worry about me!" He laughed nervously as Trowa nearly
stepped on the marriage certificate.

Trowa arched a brow at his expression.

Duo sweatdropped. " Hey I'm fine I'm just gonna go catch a shower you know
and say why don't I catch up to you guys at breakfast be sure to save me
everything eh?!" He smiled trying to shoo them out of the room...to no
avail. Quatre still looked worried...

" Duo you had alot to drink last night...alot more than usual are you

Wufei remained a rock.

Heero's frown deepened.

Duo was close to fainting...since Trowa was leaning to pick up the piece of

"Duo are you ok you look pale." Quatre said pressing the back of his hand to
Duo's forehead.

" I-I'm fine Quatre! Really!" Duo smiled...Quatre was unconvinced.

Trowa had turned the paper over and was reading it...his visible eye widened
slightly and, he looked from Duo's panic striken face to Wufei's impassive
one then back again.

Clearing his throat, he moved forward, and took Quatre's arm. " I'm sure
he's fine Quatre...we'd better get to breakfast." He said in monotone.

Quatre looked up at Trowa and nodded, then looked back to Duo.

Heero remained where he was, come on Heero."

"I'll wait for Duo."

Duo turned a new shade of white.

" Oh Heero Duo'll be fine, besides we need your help carrying all the food to
the table." Quatre smiled.

Giving them one last glare Heero started out the door followed by Quatre.
Trowa hung back a moment.

" I think this is yours." He said blandly. " Mr. Wufei."

"Thanks." Wufei frowned.

" I was talking to your husband."

" Thanks Trowa." Duo said between a tight smile, taking the paper. Although
nothing physically changed on Trowa he got the impression they were being
laughed at.

" Don't mention it." He said.

" We would appricate it, if you didn't." Wufei added giving Trowa a steely

He just nodded and headed out of the room. " I'll leave you two newlyweds
alone." he said closing the door quickly.

Duo rushed forward and locked it, then instantly fell to the floor in a heap.

Wufei did likewise much to his surprise.

" Oi! And here I was thinkin' you were a statue."

" Are you kidding one more second of Heero's glare and I would have broke."

Duo nodded. " So now what?"

Wufei shrugged. " We get an annulment..."

Duo shook his head, " Can't do that...consummated the marriage.

" We what..."

" We had sex Wufei. Bumped uglies-the horizontal tango-bouncy bouncy-the
moaning dance-the-"

" I know what consummated means Duo thank you. But I don't remember us-"
Wufei blushed.

" Having sex? I didn't either but my body doesn't lie either...by the way it
feels I'd say you are rather well hu-"

" Duo!"

" What?!...Hey you're blushing!"

Wufei frowned and his blush deepened.

Duo laughed. " Ohhhh so cute!"

" Shutup Duo."

" Oh fine." Duo sulked.

" Anyway while we try to find a way out of this situation we have to keep it
from the others..."

" Yeah how?" Duo snorted.

Wufei shrugged. " We'll find a way...somehow..."