Trey Fickle: Okie folks we'll be on in five minutes! Are there any questions?

Quatre: Yes. Why are we here? We're not married.

Reno: Woah married?!

Sephiroth: Hmm see Cloud and I were meant to be together...chew that you damned Zack lovers!

Cloud: umm......*remembers other world and shudders* help.


Quatre: Oh yes right we're not married yet.

Duo: *shrugs* neither are Wu and me.

Trey Fickle: So.

Rufus: So can I leave?

Trey Fickle: nope

Heero: So baka, why are we here? Shouldn't you have people that are actually couples?

Cloud: Or at least like each other....

Sephiroth: Hey!

Wufei: Duo and I are a couple.

Heero: What....

Duo: * sweatdrop* Eh heh heh heh....

Wufei: You mean you didn't tell him?

Duo: *big watery puppydog eyes* He had a gun and he looked really cranky and I just didn't want to do anything that would upset him in such a delicate state...and with a full arsenal at his disposal I didn't think it was a good idea....I'm sorry. * sniff*

Wufei: *frowns* You fight dirty and without honor.

Sephiroth: They all do.

Reno: Woah married?

Duo: * smiles* Yeah but it works don't it!

Heero: *twitching slightly* You....and Wufei....

Reno: I'm NOT married to ShinRa!

Duo: *wisely steps out of arms reach* Um yeah it's kinda funny how it happened actually, we got paired up for a fanfic and fell in love didn't we Wu Wu

Wufei: I told you not to call me that in public.

Heero: Oh I've got a few things to call you in public you-

Trey Fickle: Woah now hey! Let's save it for the game shall we.

*Growling Heero and Wufei stalk to different sides of the set*

Reno: This doesn't work for me! Hey are you listening?!

Heero: Since whorie over there stole my boyfriend who am I teamed with?


Rufus: I'll pay you overtime, plus 3 week vacation.

Reno: Cool.

Trey Fickle: Aw well you see-

Relena: Heeeeee~rooooo

Reno: AH! What the hell was that?!

Sephiroth: Sounded like a firetruck with a bad cold...

Heero: Oh sweet Gods no.

Trey Fickle: Sorry she insisted.

Cloud: Who?

Relena: * reaches his side* Oh Heero isn't this wonderful?

Reno: Heh. Yeah lucky.

Rufus: Reno.


Trey Fickle: Ok then. Now that you've all got your couples....where are the other contestants?

Sephiroth: *arches a brow* There's more? This bitch must be on a roll.

{I heard that you silverhaired freak watch it}

Sephiroth: Your going to let that sorry excuse for a muse talk to me like that?

(umm yeah?)

* The door bursts open and in hops Ranma dragging Ryoga behind him, followed closely by Kurama....and a very thoroughly tied and warded Hiei.....*

Reno: * looking at Hiei* I know the feelin' man I don't want to be here either.

Kurama: *glares at Reno* He wants to be here.

Reno: * holds up his hands* Whatever you say....

Kurama: *smiles* Sorry we took so long I had to change cars when mine mysteriously burst into flames. * glares at Hiei who we think is smirking but since most of his face is bandaged you can't tell*

Reno: What kinda crappy car you got?

Rufus: Can you act like a civilized human being for 30 minutes?!

Reno: Hey. If you want civilized get Tseng.

Rufus: *sighs* Why am I paired with him?!

Cloud: What are you complaining about? At least you aren't paired with the posterboy for paranoia.

Sephiroth: *twitching* What was that......

Cloud: ummmm nothing....

Trey: *blinks* Ok now that everyone is here..... take your seats and lets get ready to play....

* Everyone scrambles and dragged to their places on the mermaid shaped love seats, Kurama propping a now unbound Hiei on his lap, , Quatre and Trowa looking lovingly into each other's eyes, Duo and Wufei snuggling....actually Duo snuggling and Wufei letting him, while Heero glares death at them both as Relena tightens her choke hold on his arm, Cloud sitting as far away from Sephiroth as he possibly can, Reno lounging back on the seat his feet propped on the front of the booth Rufus hissing at him to sit up straight. The lights go down and some other colored lights come up swirling. Trey stands in the front his disturbingly bright and perfect teeth glistening in the light*

Trey Fickle: Hello everyone and welcome to another game of 'How Much do you love me?'

Quatre: *looks confused* I thought this was a newlyweds game.

Reno: Who cares it's double overtime pay for me.

Trey Fickle: The gameshow where couples compete for prizes and money, and in the course of the game show their partners how much they love them....

Quatre: Oh that sounds sweet.....Doesn't it Trowa?

Trowa: .....

Reno: Yeah sweet woopie.

Hiei: Hn.

Trey Fickle: Now what say you all we get started?!

Sephiroth: Sure

Trey Fickle: Now if you will all just decide who will be going to the secret booths....we can get started.

Heero: I'm not moving.

Relena: Okay I'll go then! Oh Heero isn't this-

Heero: Whatever go.

Quatre: I'll go!


Quatre: Oh no no no it's alright!

Trowa: .....

Quatre: Yes I'm sure.

Trowa: ....

Quatre: I love you too.

Reno: Um ok.

Rufus: Don't just sit there go!

Reno: How much am I getting paid again....besides I'm claustrophobic.

Rufus: Errrrrrr... no your not your just lazy!

Reno: *shrugs* That too.

Kurama: Hiei....

Hiei: Go fox.

Kurama: *sighs* Fine.

Duo: You go Wu

Wufei: Why don't you go?

Duo: Because your stronger than me and you have less hair than me and I just know you will do soooooo much better if you were the one in the booth. *bats his eyes* besides if you make me go, you're on the couch for the next month.

Wufei: Going.

Ryoga: You're going.

Ranma: Aww Porkie how come I gotta go?

Ryoga: Because you want to be out of arms reach within the next 5 seconds.

Ranma: * sweatdrop* Point made.

Cloud: I don't even want to be here, I want my real boyfriend I-

Sephiroth: FINE! I'll go! I'll go!

Cloud: I knew you'd see it my way.

Trey Fickle: Ok so has everyone chosen


Trey Fickle: Then let's play! The chosen ones go to your booths!

* Sephiroth, Rufus,Kurama, Ranma, Quatre Wufei, and Relena all troop to the tall cylinder tubes set up in front of the booths climbing in the doors are immediately shut and bolted*

Hiei: * frowning* What are you doing to them?

Trey Fickle: Nothing! It's what you are going to do to them!

ALL: Huh!

Trey Fickle: Suzie bring out our first prize will you?!

* A pretty smiling woman walks out carrying a a huge hunting knife proudly showing it around*

Heero: ... ok so how do we play?

Trey Fickle:*in that happy gameshow host voice* It's simple really, the tubes that your loved ones are in are containment booths....while they are inside these tubes they will be subjected to bizarre and painful forms of torture!

Hiei: What!

Trey Fickle: The person who can watch their lover hurt the longest gets the prize!

Reno: Oh? That's all? *shrugs* Ok

Rufus: What! Reno! Don't you dare leave me in here!

Wufei: Maxwelll!

Duo: That's just twisted!

Relena: Um Heero.....

Heero: *eyeing the knife almost lustfully*

Kurama: Hiei?

Hiei: Hn. stupid fox.

Trey Fickle: Ok let's get started shall we?

ALL in the tubes: NO!

Cloud: Oh suck it up Sephiroth!

Trey Fickle: Then let the games begin! Ok this is for the hunting knife

*Assistants move to each of the tubes opening a small sliding door they slip the tubes into place and lock them in. A strange liquid starts to leak inside the tubes*

Hiei: What is that?! * Already drawing his sword*

Trey Fickle: Oh don't worry, it's a completely harmless gas made from skunk glands garlic, stink weeds, and pig manure, doesn't cause them any pain but it stinks to high heaven. We don't pull out the big guns till later on! Now that liquid is going to fill up to their necks and it's gonna be potent! Now the first two to surrender will be out of the game!

* camera pans to the tubes where everyone but Quatre is beating on the glass looking kinda green.....*

Trowa: Let him out!

Trey Fickle: *blinks* So you can talk. Ok ladies Quatre's free!

Trowa: You're a sick man.

Trey Fickle: That may be was nice having you on the show come again!

Trowa: * wrapping the blanket the assistant gave him around a smelly Quatre* Not likely you sick bastard.

Quatre: N-name calling isn't nice Trowa...let's go how I need a shower....


Hiei: * looks at Kurama's pleading eyes for a moment....and very unhappy about losing* Let him out.

Kurama: Ohhh thank you koi!

Hiei: Hn.

Trey Fickle: Wow two already! Sorry fella your outta the game too.

Hiei: * taking Kurama by the arm* Hn. Your lucky I don't cut you in half and spoon feed you to my wolf.

Kurama: Now now Hiei were working on our temper.....

Trey Fickle: Ahh sweet little guy come again! Anybody else?

Duo: * frowns* Sorry Wufei.....let him out!

Wufei: It was just a *&^%ing knife Maxwell!
* The liquid gets drained from the tube, while an assistant climbs to the top of the tube with a bucket reaching the top she opens the lid and dumps it in.*

Wufei: Ahhhhhh! The water's cold woman! *sniffs* And it smells like roses! I smell like a &(^%*ing garden!

Trey Fickle: Alrighty then! The Wufei-Maxwell pairing is out of the running but not the game! Whose next were down to 3 couples! The tension is high now!

* The camera moves to the mermaid chairs, Heero is watching Relena scream with a indifference.*

Heero: It's just a liquid stink bomb shutup your breaking my concentration.

Relena: H-H-Heero.....I think I'm going to be sick!

Heero: * looking at the knife again* You'll be fine.

* Reno is sitting back much as when he started smoking a cigarette and drinking whiskey from a mug*

Reno: Hey look I'm using a cup and everything!

Rufus: R-Reno! G-G-Get me out of here now! Or I swear your fired!

Reno: Oh come on! Don't you wanna win?

Rufus: NOW!

Reno: Stubs his cigarette* Fine. Let him out.

Trey Fickle: Okie Dookie! Douse it Suzie! * The assistant repeats the procedure on Rufus*

Reno: Happy?

Rufus: * dripping wet and in something that used to be white* I hate you....I really really hate you.....

Trey Fickle: Love is in the air! How are our last two doing?!

Ranma: Ryoga?!

Ryoga: *smirking*

Ranma: Aw come on Ooogie!

Ryoga: * sing-song voice* I'm not listening....

Ranma: RYOGA! It really smells in here!

Ryoga: Gee that's a nice hunting knife isn't it?

Ranma: I'll buy you one just like it! * turns green when the liquid inches up over his stomach* RYOGA!

Ryoga: *sighs* Ok fine. Let him out.

Ranma: *sighs as the liquid starts draining away* OH wait not cold- AHHHHH

Ranma-chan: water. Thanks alot.

Trey Fickle: Well isn't that a surprise!

Ranma-chan: Whatever.

* The camera pans back to where Heero is still intently looking at the knife and Cloud is flipping through a magazine*

Sephiroth: Oh Gods it's in my hair! Damnit Cloud! .....I mean uh...Cloud darling let me out now and I won't cut your head off and mount it on my wall...I mean I won't be angry...

Cloud: * not looking up from the magazine* But I really want that knife. I've been waiting all my life for a knife like that.

Sephiroth: I'll buy you a knife Cloud!

Cloud: * looks up an adorable pout on his face* But I want that one... Please Sephie for me?

Sephiroth: You have no shame do you. Alright fine just stop that!*

Cloud: *smirks and looks back at his magazine mumbles under his breath* Sucker.


Reno: Gods damn it my ears are bleeding!

Heero: It's not going to kill you! I want that knife!

Duo: Thank God I'm not paired with you.

Ranma-chan: Tell me about it even pig boy laid off.

Wufei:*Whose booth happens to be right next to Relena's clutching his ears* You have no honor Yuy!


Duo: *winces* Gah! Let her out Heero! Wufei's gonna go deaf!

Heero: *smirks*

Cloud: * still reading his magazine* You're doing great Seph.

Sephiroth: Cloud...that's it! I hate to do this to you darling but you leave me no choice...Zack if your watching I know what happened to that gold and yellow polka dot vase that you loved so much I have pictures in-


Sephiroth: * smirking* I knew you'd see it my way.

Cloud: That was a cheap trick Sephiroth.

Trey Fickle: Hey it looks like Heero and Relena are our winners!

Duo: * snorts*

Relena: * Drenched* Oh look you won the knife. Yippie.

Sephiroth: * Clenching his teeth* My. hair. is. matting. I. will. not kill. I. will. not. kill. I. will. not. kill.

Trey Fickle: * looks at him briefly* Alrighty then lets step up the game for the next round. Ladies bring out the next prize!

* Two stage hands roll out a covered cart*

Trey Fickle: And your prize is....

* They tear away the sheet revealing a couch potato's dream home entertainment system*

Rufus: I'm dead.

Trey Fickle: This brand new entertainment system brought to you by Sony!

Sephiroth: * Watches Cloud all but drooling over said center* I'm going to die.

Trey Fickle: Hahahaha! That's funny Sephiroth but no that's not what's going to happen that's waaaaaaay to easy!

Sephiroth: * Has a feeling something very not good is about to happen* You are evil. You are very evil.

Trey Fickle: Hahahaha yes that I am why else would I have sold my soul to the devil for my own show?


Wufei: Maxwell....

Duo: But I REALLY want it Wu!

Wufei: Duo don't you dare!

Duo: But Wu-

Wufei: Duo! This is not up for discussion!

Duo: * narrows his eyes* What was that....

Wufei: *sweatdrop* Nothing. Nothing at all darling dearest love of my life.

Sephiroth: Whipped.

Wufei: Like you can talk I don't see YOU outside of the tube and besides I'm not the one who had to BLACKMAIL my boyfriend into letting me out!

Sephiroth: Why you little bastard!

Ranma: * Is the only one who doesn't look worried Ryoga doesn't watch tv anyway*

Relena: Heero?

Heero: * Is looking indifferently towards the system then at Duo's drooling form...* Hn.

Trey Fickle: Ok you all know the rules! The first two people to call out is out of the game! Ladies please set up the tubes.

* Nodding the assistants come out with something that looks like radio's and shoves them into the little slots*

Duo: * Actually worried* What are you going to do to them?

Trey Fickle: Hahahahaha don't worry it won't kill them! Just make them wish they were dead! Ladies!

*Nodding the women turned on the radios....Immediately the screaming began..except from Relena...*

Relena: * Stands completely uneffected not sure why everyone else is screaming*

Ranma-chan: * Clutching her ears* LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!


Duo: Oi! Ok OK! Let him go!

Trey Fickle: Already? Oh well Let him loose Ladies!

* Wufei isn't even completely out of the tube before Duo is on him.*

Duo: Sorry koi come on home and I'll give you a nice hot bath and a massage and then we can have a nice long slow -(* Censorship* We now return you to the loud and painful suffering of the other characters)


Cloud: * Looking from the tube to the system* What are you doing to him! He sounds like he's in pain!

Trey Fickle: Don't worry it won't kill him, he's being subjected to a continuious stream of irrating sounds like fingernails down the chalk board and forks scraping against teeth that really high note Mariah Carey hits in just about every song she's ever done it won't kill him but he'll wish he were-

Sephiroth: ENOUGH!

Cloud: *Winces* Seph?

Reno: * Arches a brow he didn't really want the system he just wanted to watch Rufus scream for a little while*

Rufus: Damn you Reno damn you to hell!

Ranma-chan: RYOGA!!

Ryoga: Oi! Let him out!

Ranma-chan: * Looks relieved when the ladies turn off the radio* Thank you.. * trudges over to Ryoga and smacks him across the head* What the hell took you so long?!

Trey Fickle: Sorry you two but your out of the game as well!

Ryoga: I really don't care * rubbing the back of his head sniffs* Kami Ranma you smell like a whorehouse!


Cloud: Let him out!

Trey Fickle: Aw that's to bad Cloud and here I was thinking you hate him!

Cloud: I do. But I have * some* morals! *Looking pointedly at Reno who gave him a salute and lit another cigarette obvilious to Rufus's screams*

* The assistants turn off the radio in Seph's tube and he falls to the floor*

Cloud: You alright Seph?....

Sephiroth: Alright? Do I look alright to you?!

Cloud: I was just asking no need to get snippy!

Sephiroth: Snippy? I'll show you snippy you little blond haired sadist!

Cloud: * frowns* Fine! Be that way! * sniffs*

Sephiroth: Cloud...

Cloud: I'm not talking to you right now!

Sephiroth: But Cl-

Cloud: No!

Sephiroth: Cl-

Cloud: No!

Sephiroth: Cloud! Damnit I-


Trey Fickle: Wow. That's something that doesn't happen often! Sorry Cloud but we can't do that it's against the rules!

Cloud: Damn.

Rufus: Reno!

Reno: Eh heh heh I love it when you scream my name like that!

Rufus: This isn't funny! Reno turn it off!

Reno: Hm I don't think you've ever screamed that before....But I kinda like it do it again!

Rufus: RENO!

Reno: Oh baby louder!

Rufus: Reno! I swear if you don't-

Reno: Yeah yeah yeah ok sheesh! Let him out.

Trey Fickle: Alrighty then! It looks like Heero and Relena take this one as well!

Heero: Hn.

*Relena blinks still completely uneffected*

Trey Fickle: You are really cleaning up Heero care to share the secret to your sucess with everyone?

Heero: I don't like her.

Trey Fickle: Good enough! Moving on to the next round! Were down to 3 couples! Same rules apply! The first two to scream are outta of the game leaving the last couple to face the final round against a challenger from the audience! Is everyone ready?!

Heero: Sure

Reno: Eh why not.

Cloud: Just do it already!

Trey Fickle: Alrighty then! Ladies!

* The ladies roll out another covered cart*

Trey Fickle: And the prize for this round is...?

* They take the cloth off uncovering a small moutain made entire of bottles of Burbon, Scotch ,Jack Daniels, Whiskey, After Shock, Tequilla ( Everybody sing!) , Vodka, so on so forth.....*

Rufus: * Lets out a sound that resembled a meep and mewl as he contemplated if killing himself would just be the best course of action*

Reno: * Staring wide-eyed at the moutain of liquor*

Trey Fickle: A lifetime supply of alcohol!

Rufus: * whimpered again*

Heero: * arched a brow then frowned...* I could probably lure Duo away from that flat haired bastard with that much liquor....

Cloud: * rolled his eyes, he knew there was no way he was gonna beat a Turk for alochol Reno would probably torture his own mother for a bottle of Wild Turkey.*

Reno: Yeah stop yapping and get going with the torture!

Everybody: * sweatdrop*

Trey Fickle: Ohh eager to play are we?! Alrighty then ladies get those fires going!

ALL (in the tubes): WHAT?!

* Nodding the helper ladies bring out flame throwers and aim them at the remaining tubes*

Cloud: What are you doing you insane freak?!

Trey Fickle: Hahahaha don't worry about Cloud! It takes 15 minutes for the tubes to melt completely! But while they're waiting for that to happen it gets really hot in there. Most of them pass out from the heat long before the flame even makes it halfway through! That's when you automatically lose the round your spouse must remain concious the whole time! Ready? Ladies!

* With a nod the ladies lit the flamethrowers*

Relena: HEERO!

Heero: * frowns* Get Duo back? Peace on earth? Get Duo back? Peace on earth? *Looking up at Relena he frowned.* Get Duo back. * Sitting back he prepared to watch Relena burn*

Cloud: Ok! Ok! Let him out!

Trey Fickle: Aw and here I was rootin' for you Cloud I thought you could go all the way!

Cloud: * shrugs*

* One of the ladies turned off her flame thrower and opened the door for Sephiroth to get out stumbling out a bit shakily Sephiroth fixed his eyes on Cloud a very unfriendly smile on his face*

Sephiroth: Cloud * darling* Let's talk....

Cloud: * smiling sweetly as he backs away* Sephy poo it was just a little joke I never wanted to see you get hurt * widens the smile and bats his eyes* Really how could I hurt my favoritest Bo Bo bear?!

Sephiroth: * winces at the names....which gives Cloud just enough time to make a run for the door* Cloud! Get back here you little bastard! Take your punishment like a man! * growling Sephiroth ran after him*


Rufus: Reno! Reno come on *with a great deal of effort much like his rib cage being torn out with a rusty fork* please let me out!

Reno: *glares at him a light of determination in his eyes* I'll let him fry you crispy before I give up free liquor.

( A loud whoop from Rude Elena and Tseng could be heard from the audience)

Elena: Go Reno go!

Rufus: You stay out of this!

Relena: Heero!

Heero: *impassive* Must get Duo back. Must get Duo back. Must get Duo-

*Relena hit the floor of the tube with a thud*

Trey Fickle: Oh look sorry Heero but Relena passed out so you are out of the game.

Heero: * Eyebrow twitch* Lose? I lost?

Trey Fickle: Yes you did! But you get to walk away with a beautiful hunting knife and an entertainment system how about that?!"

Heero: *eyes brighten* I can get Duo back with the entertainment center... And if not... * insert psychotic laughter here* The knife will have to do...Duo!

Trey Fickle: Ahhh young love.

* Medics lift Relena from the tube on a stretcher.*

Reno: Hot damn! It's mine! Mine! MINE!

( His little cheering section goes nuts)

Rufus: * sweating and panting on the floor of the tube he looks up and glares at Reno*

Trey Fickle: That it is. However Reno there is one more round!

Reno: And? I got what I want.

Trey Fickle: SO that that mean you'd be willing to forfeit and take your prize?

Reno: Heck yeah!

Trey Fickle: Hm then who is going to do the last round against our challenger?!

Cloud:*Comes streaking across the stage followed closely by a rather upset Sephiroth* Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Seph I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Sephiroth: Of course you are Cloud *darling* now stand still and let me kill you!

Reno: *blows a ring of smoke* Whatever.

Rufus: * recovering and now out of the tube he looks torn between strangling Reno and falling down and sleeping for a while and then strangling Reno finally exhaustion won*

Reno: Woah. That looks uncomfortable * taking one of the bottles off the top of the moutain he taps Rufus's prone body with a toe.* You alright?

Trey Fickle: *frowning for the first time* Well gosh darn it whose gonna be in the final round?

*His answer came when the red head from ealier in the game came dashing onto the stage*

Kurama: I'll do it! I even have a *new* partner * a disturbing twinkle lit his eyes*

Trey Fickle: Who-

Karasu: Ah Kurama it's so good to see you- * Wrapping his hands around Kurama's throat*

Kurama: Let. me. go. bastard!

Karasu:*Sighs* Love hurts does it not? *squeezing his hands tighter around Kurama throat.*

Trey Fickle: *eyes light up* Ok then!

Kurama: * had managed to pry himself free* Put him in the tube and lets get started!

Karasu: Oh Kurama my sweet-

Kurama: Yeah shutup and go!

*Karasu gets led off behind the curtain*

Trey Fickle: As you know the final round the prize is much greater than all the other rounds

Kurama: Yeah yeah yeah what are you going to do to him?

Trey Fickle: Hahahaha eager are we? Well let's see your prizes first shall we? And then we'll meet your challenger! Ladies!

* Ladies come out to stand in front of another set of curtains on a silent cue they pulled the curtains back revealing three very drool worthy cars*

Kurama: *barely giving the cars a glance*

Trey Fickle: *In his best guy-from-the-price-is-right-and-damn-why-isn't -dead-yet? Voice* Three Brand new Cars!

Kurama: Yippie. What are you going to do to him? Fire? Sharp knifes?! Boiling oil? !Acid?! Leeches?!! I like leeches!

Trey Fickle: Hmm we'll have to consider those...hey would you like a job son?

Kurama: *Thinks for moment*

Trey Fickle: Anyway let's meet your challengers! All the way from the Makai
Mukuro and Yomi...something!

Kurama: *blinks*

Mukuro: Well why are you standin' here no eyes go!

Yomi: Stuff it Mukuro.

* Yomi gets led away*

Hiei *sitting in the audience with Yuusuke Raizen Genkai and Kwuabara eatting popcorn.* This is gonna be good.

Yuusuke: I'll put 50 yen down on Kurama.

Raizen: Hmm Kurama isn't that cruel. * Winces at the manical cackle Kurama lets out just them* Besides either Mukuro or Yomi could watch the other scream for months.

Genkai: I can't believe you guys are taking bids...

Raizen: *arches a brow* How much you in for?

Genkai: A weeks worth of black tea on Mukuro first 3 minutes.

Raizen: Done.

Trey Fickle: Alright are we ready to play?

Kurama: Yes!

Mukuro:*Blinks at him then back to Trey* Yeah sure.

Trey Fickle: Alright then Ladies!

* The ladies roll back yet another curtain revealing Yomi and Karasu in the tubes from earlier with water up to their waists and with little heart montior things taped to their faces and chests.

Trey Fickle: *hands Kurama and Mukuro little remote controls* Alright folks you hold your partners life in your hands right now!

Kurama: *Eyes light up as his finger twiches over the big red button with the crossbones on it*

Trey Fickle: Same rules apply that went for all the other rounds! First person to call mercy loses! Each of our contestants over there are hooked up to enough electricty to kill a herd of cattle with one go! So don't raise the wattage to fast or you might kill them! Are we ready?

Kurama: Yeah yeah yeah lets go!

Mukuro: * Is looking really disturbed by the gleam in Kurama's eyes*

Trey Fickle: Alrighty then! Whose gonna star-


Trey Fickle: Well I guess Kurama is he's started off strong with 80 will you go 85 Mukur-

Yomi: GAHH! What do you think you're doing you ugl-GAAAHH!!!

Trey Fickle: Wow Mukuro doubled it up to 100 do I see 1-


Kurama: I'll kill him before I let you win!

Raizen: *Sweatdrop* Maybe I should have went with Kurama.

Genkai: So should I.

Mukuro: Not if Yomi's corpse has anything to say about it!

Yomi: What?! What are you doing shr-YAHHHHHHH! Stop that!

Mukuro: Heh heh heh. This is fun!

Kurama: *nodding and pushing the button really hard* Let's see them bring you back for another fic after this! How does that feel! Huh! You love me now?! Huh?! Huh?! I'll show you love you*beep beep beep beep beep* son of a *beeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Hiei: I think we should do something...I'm starting to feel for the guy...

All: *nod in agreement yet wisely don't move*

Kurama: You want some more?!

Mukuro: *sweatdrops and moves away ever so slightly*

*Karasu is a bit busy screaming in agony at the moment even Yomi looks like he feels kinda bad for him.*

Yuusuke: Geez the water is boiling...Mercy Kurama mercy!

Hiei: *nods*

Kurama: Come on you stupid thing higher!

Mukuro: *with an uncommon show of sympathy* Oi! I call! I call sheesh just take that thing away from him!

Kurama: No you can't call! Not yet! I'm not finished yet!

* Mukuro watched Karasu fall limp in the still bubbling water as the ladies try to wrestle the device out of Kurama's hands.*

Kurama: NOOOO! Just five more minutes!

Trey Fickle: *Walks infront of the struggle smiling* Well that's all for this weeks eposide of How much do you love me? Join us tommorrow for the Sunnydale showdown! Till then reach out and love someone!

Kurama: NOOO! I'm not finished!

Trey Fickle: Bye now!


Anybody have any ideas on who could be on an ep of this? And do really well?