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Warning: Weirdness, violence, and bad criminal names!


Wufei stood on the top of a skyscraper running his eyes over the
city. His hunting ground. The wind whipped his loose hair across his
then. Brushing it aside he frowned in concentration. Louis had declined
hunt with him this evening. Not that he cared, the whole Louis jr., was

really getting on his nerves anyway.

The sound of gunshots and alarm bells went off just then. A small smirk

formed on Wufei's lips. Just what he was looking for. Scanning the
quickly he located the source almost immediately. A gray sedan was
down mainstreet...heading for the bridge he guessed. Reading their
minds he
surmised they were the dreaded bank robbers dubbed. 'Shredder' Given
name for their tendency to shred at least one of their victims during a


Wufei had found his dinner. Jumping down to the street below he
followed the
car to it's destination....well after those incompetent police officers
left behind. Two men jumped out of the car whooping and hollering they
the loot and dumped it on the car hood.

" Did you see the look on that guard's face?"

" Ha! Ha! It was priceless!"

" Yeah too bad we had to kill him though."

" Yeah what's a Shredder robbery without a shredding?"

Both men continued laughing dividing out the money between them.

" Indeed what is a shredder robbery without a shredding."

Both men looked up guns raised.

" Who the fuck are you?!" One of them said.

"Wufei." He answered.

"And I'm Death! Nice to meet you!"

Peering around the two men Wufei saw Duo standing with his hands on his
and leer. " Maxwell. What the hell are you doing?"

" Hi Wu!"

"I haven't eaten yet and I thought I'd join you since you got two of em


Both men looked from one to the other.

"What the hell?"

Laughing Duo sprang forward latching onto the one that spoke. " Hell
where I'm sending you!"

Wufei followed suit with the other. Rolling his eyes, and they said he
annoying. Sinking his teeth into the man's shoulder he drank listening
carefully to his heartbeat. When it slowed down to the point where he
barely alive he pulled away. Standing up he drew his sword pointing it
the man's face. " You have taken 5 innocent lives in your quest for
recognition for that you will lose five parts of your body and then I
kill you."

"Oh oh Wufei let me! Let me!" Duo said hoping up and down over his

"No, Maxwell this isn't about fun it's about justice!"

Pouting Duo sat on his victims barely moving chest, folding his arms he

sulked until Wufei made his first slash. The pout immediately
disappeared as
he began cheering him on. " Do it again! Do it again!"

" Duo!"

" Fine. Are you going to do mine next?" He asked hopefully.

Wufei looked down at the twitching decapitated corpse then over to the
Duo was sitting on. Shrugging he walked over.

Duo immediately got up and let Wufei do his thing.

Standing back Wufei wiped the blood out of his eyes, justice was messy.

Looking down at his formerly white clothing he frowned.

" Wuuufeeeei" Duo said next to his ear.

"What Maxwell." Wufei said gathering up the body parts in a pile.
Walking to
the car he popped the truck and began tossing the pieces in. "I'm busy
now." Wiping his bloody hands on his pants as best he could Wufei
the money put it in a sack and closed the door.

Duo walked up behind him playing with his blood soaked braid. " Did
ever tell you how cute you look covered in blood?" He asked wickedly.

Wufei glared at him and prepared to leave. Only to find himself with
armfuls of braided psychopathic idiot. " Duo! Duo get off of me this

Pinning Wufei's arms above his head Duo pressed his lips to Wufei's.
his fangs into his bottom lip.

Wufei responded much to Duo's surprise by flipping them over so Duo was
the bottom. Pulling his lip free. " Heero would kill us both if we get


Duo's eyes gleamed as he wrapped his legs around Wufei...there was
scarier than a vampire on blood high and an adrenaline rush....except
for Duo
being the vampire on a blood high and adrenaline rush. " Yeah isn't it

exciting?" He purred locking his legs around Wufei's hips. He arched up
capture his lips in a searing kiss.

There on the blood soaked ground both boys started a new game.

Never noticing the two people standing on top of the bridge watching.

Quatre giggled. " Somebody is naughty....." he sing-songed.

Trowa nodded.

" Ohhh but Duo is really flexible!" He clapped.

" ...."

Tilting his head to the side Quarte pursed his lips. " Trowa? Can we do
in a puddle of blood sometime too?!"

" ....! "


I can't help it I like those two together.....Well now that I finished
this I
have no choice but to call my family.