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Quatre skipped into the smoky bar. His hands behind his back, humming
too himself. It was dinner time and he couldn't find anything he wanted
eat. A small pout marred his angelic face.

Trowa had found his meal for the night and wouldn't be back with him

Quatre sighed, hanging his head. At this rate he'd never find something


"Hey there pretty boy." A deep voice said behind him.


Maybe he spoke too soon. Turning around he gave the man his best
boy look. Amazingly the man seemed to not notice the unnatural paleness
his skin, or the shine of his glasslike nails. " Oh sir could you help
me I'm
lost." He said purposely raising his voice to sound like a
the perfect imitation of a the boy he'd had for dinner the night

The tall man leered, blowing a ring of smoke into the air, leaning down
wrapped his arm around Quatre. " Is that so little darlin' well let
Jake take care of you." Jake laughed.

Quatre smirked inwardly. Too easy. On the outside his face was a bright
of innocence. His blue eyes wide and shining in the dim lighting of the
" Will you really sir? Oh thank you! My daddy will be so happy!" He
continued on with the childish voice. Touching the man's mind he, saw
of the dirty things he had planned for him...torture, rape, more
rape again, then kill him leaving him in a ditch to rot. Never anything
from this type of meal.

"Of course pretty where do you live?" He asked squeezing Quatre in
what was
supposed to be a reassuring hug.

It felt more like a grope to Quatre. " 1347 Bakers Lane." He said

The man's brows rose, that was a good neighborhood people might ask

Quatre listened to his victim's thoughts. No! He couldn't get away.
the man a pleading smile he tilted his head to one side. " Please
sir?" He
said in his er 'borrowed' childlike voice.

Giving in the unaltered cuteness before him, Jake nodded. " All right
cuteness, I'll take you home." He answered.

Placing a hand over his mouth Quatre covered a fangy smile giggling. "
thank you Jake! My name's Quatre and my daddy is going to be so happy
helped me." He smiled.

Jake nodded, smirking back at his friends as he led Quatre from the
bar. His
mind reeling with the things he planned to do to the little delicacy in

Humming happily again, Quatre hopped along beside Jake. Letting himself
led. Maybe he'd even let Jake touch him a bit before he killed him.
Though he
loved Trowa, the boy was just too gentle sometimes he was no fun. After
a few
blocks, Quatre noticed Jake looking around them. Finally the man was
going to
make his move. Good he was starving.


Without warning Jake jerked Quatre into a deserted alley.

Letting out a startled eep! Quatre let himself be dragged. Being
certain to
put on a frightened face. " W-what are you doing Mr. Jake?" He asked.

Looking the picture of frightened innocence.

Smirking Jake grabbed Quatre close to his chest. " You shouldn't talk
strangers little one didn't your daddy teach you that?" He laughed
clumsily at Quatre's clothing.

Frowning Quatre thought. He's going to rip my shirt. I like this shirt.
least the last guy brought me to an abandoned shack. Ok this game isn't
anymore. Sighing Quatre turned to look Jake in the eye. The innocent
expression vanishing. " I guess I can say the same for you." Quatre
said, his
voice returning to normal. Letting a slow smile spread across his

Jake looked alarmed for the first time...realizing he wasn't the one in

control. What...what.."

Giggling Quatre broke out of Jake's grip. Pushing the man to the
ground. His
giggles died. Reverting to the child's voice Quatre offered him a mock
" Oooh did Jakie fall down?" The forlorn child look he was going for,
extremely overshadowed by the vicious hungry look in his eyes. " Here
let me
help you." He said. Grabbing Jake by the front of his shirt and pulling
onto his knees easily.

"What the hell are you!" Jake screamed.

Wincing Quatre slapped a hand over Jake's mouth, all pretenses of
gone he glared into his victim's eyes. " Now now. No screaming...well
least in public. If you had brought us to a nice quiet little house
you'd be allowed to scream till your hearts content. I like my food
He smiled widely, his fangs gleaming in the dim moonlight.

Jake's eyes widened. One word flashed through his mind briefly.

"Goodie! Jakie got it right on his first try!" Quatre said excitedly,
slight manic gleam coming to his eyes. As he took his hand away from


Jake immediately began screaming for help.

Slapping him firmly across the cheek. " No. Bad Jakie." Quatre tsked
screaming." He giggled.

Jake looked into the angelic features of his intended victim.

Sighing Quatre puffed out his cheeks. " Well if you hadn't tried to rip
shirt, I would have let you play with me a little bit before I killed
you...but oh well." Laughing once more Quatre sank his teeth into
neck. Pulling his hair roughly. A soft lullaby floating through his
mind as
he drank and drank and drank and drank. Ignoring the feeble attempts
made to push him away.

'Hush little baby don't say a word momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird
that mocking bird won't sing...momma's gonna buy you a diamond
ring...if that
diamond ring won't shine...momma's gonna buy you a bottle of wine...if
bottle of wine gets broke...momma's gone kill you a billy goat...if
billy goat won't please...momma's gonna break both your knees...if that

doesn't please momma's baby, well then maybe she won't care because
will just rip out your hair...if that doesn't make momma's baby shut
up...then momma's got no choice but to-' Oh his heart stop.

Pulling away from the slack body, Quatre watched it hit the pavement
with a
soft 'thump.' Grinning he pulled a white handkerchief from his pocket.
Dabbing the blood from his lips. He tucked it back in his pocket.
Turning to
leave he felt a familiar presence near him.

"I'm not rough enough for you? " Trowa's voice sounded as impassive as
behind him.


Turning back around, Quatre giggled. " Only sometimes."

Trowa stepped out of the shadows then, his uni-bang hanging down over
one eye
as usual. The black suit he'd taken to wearing pressed to perfection,
white shirt beneath it matching the tone of his skin. Trowa had become
a lot
paler than the rest of them...even more than Quatre. Adjusting his tie,
stepped over the remains of Quatre's dinner. " Enjoy yourself?" he


Nodding vigorously Quatre took Trowa's arm. " Oh yes he was delicious!"

The corner of Trowa's mouth tilted upwards. " I see. Now about this '
gentle' thing."



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