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Warning: It just gets stranger and more bloody on down the line.




Trowa watched impassively as the red head walked toward home. He was a
creature of beauty. His mind was guarded against Trowa's so he couldn't
him. But that wasn't going to stop him from killing him. Looking down
brushed a speck of dust from the black suit Louis had had made for him.
at a sedate pace he began following the boy with light footsteps.
Nearing a
row of trees Trowa felt something. Pausing he looked up and around him.
didn't know what it was but it apparently knew him...and it was

' Half-breed.' He heard the thought clear as day inside his mind.

Tracking the orgins of the thoughts through the trees his eyes fixed on
smirking figure just to his left.

' Half-breed. He's mine.' The mental voice came again low and

Trowa remained impassive.

' Go near him and I'll kill you.' This comment was accompanied by
gruesome enough to crack his mask momentarily.

Curious Trowa moved toward the tree, a firm hand on his shoulder held
back. Turning slightly Trowa looked into the face of his captor.

" Lestat?"

Nodding Lestat kept his eyes on the man in the tree. Drawing Trowa
back away
from it. " Leave him be, he's young me means no harm to you and
Lestat said soothingly.

The man seemed satisfied with that answer, and disappeared before their
Trowa looked back to his lost meal, the little man was standing beside
holding onto his elbow looking back at them.

' Mine.' The thought came again.

Nodding Trowa turned back to Lestat.

" Never challenge him. Espically when it comes to the red head."
Lestat said
softly leading Trowa away.

" Who was that? Why did he call me half-breed?" Trowa asked.

Shaking his head, Lestat guided him down another alleyway. " There is a

pretty little cut-throat waiting for you in this alley." He said softly

before disappearing.

Frowning after him, Trowa shoved his hands into his pockets and walked
the alley.

Moments later an arm came around his neck pressing a knife to his
throat. "
Well well well what's a pretty like you doing out all alone? Give me
your- gurk!"

With one smooth motion Trowa tore the man's arms from around his neck
pressed him back against the wall. He was indeed pretty just like
Lestat had
said. Running a sharp fingernail over his throat Trowa lapped the blood
quickly. Letting go of the man he looked him in the eye. " Go." he

Without thinking to question him, the mantook off out of the alleyway.

Watching him Trowa smiled his first real smile of the evening. " Let
games begin."

Listening to the pounding of his heart, Trowa followed the man's
across town. Touching his mind Trowa nodded. Luke was his name.


Luke paused beneath a lampost breathing hard, looking down the street
in both

" You'll have to do better than that Luke." A voice said above him.

" Looking up Luke's eyes widened at the sight of the boy from the alley

standing on the lampost above him. Gasping Luke took off as fast as he
down the street.

With his hands tucked into his pockets, Trowa watched Luke run from his

perch. " Ah the hunt." He said in monotone. Hopping down from the post
hands still tucked into his pockets he walked after Luke.


Luke ran from one end of town to the other, and he was always there no
where he went! Staring at him with those blank eyes, his hands in his
pockets. He'd be leaning against the building watching him from across
street. Standing over him on a lampost or a building ledge. Once when
tried to hide in a coffee shop, Luke had seen him standing outside
looking at
him one minute. Then sitting right beside him as soon as he'd blinked.

Holding his cup of coffee in his pale hands.

Now he was here hiding in a confession booth inside a church breathing
heavily. The little latch opened and Luke caught his breath.

" Well this I must say is more Duo's style of doing things but-"

Luke tried to scream when a hand pushed through the screen like it was
nothing and grabbed him by his shirt pulling him forward to look into
green eyes.


" Have you confessed your sins?" He asked his face impassive. " I hope

The last thing Luke saw was a humorless smile.

Stepping out of confession Trowa dabbed the drop of blood on his collar
His pale cheeks having taken on a rosy hue. Picking up the slumped
Priest he
set him on the bench.

" Duo would be so proud." Heero said drily.

" I thought so too." Trowa answered straightening his jacket. " Let's
back to the house, Louis will be calling us soon."

Nodding Heero followed him out of the church.



I always thought that if Trowa were in FF7 he'd make a cool Turk