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Warning: Even wierder than Heero's. And Duo is a fry short of a happy
meal in
this one



Duo was in love. He was happy he was content, and he was a vampire.
Which in
itself made the happy and content kinda disturbing. Regardless Duo
down the street dancing a jig every now and then. Glancing at the
minds of
the people he passed. For a decent meal option. Everyone was fair
From the hookers on the corner to the rich folk in the high rises. No
escaped death. Pausing in front of a hotel, Duo sent his senses out
listening to the different thoughts within it. A certain thought caught

'Please no more please no more please...' it went on and on and on like
Curious Duo latched onto the mind it was coming from. Digging swiftly
the memories the person possessed.


Kevin he was ten years old, and he had come into town with his father.
had sold him to the man he was currently with.


Duo picked out the man's face from Kevin's mind. Tall pale man with
white-blond hair and green eyes. A rather feminine face, gentle
demeanor. A
beautiful human being...on the outside.

On the inside Michael was anything but. Duo shifted through what the
man had
done to Kevin thus far. Moving away from Kevin he invited himself into

Michael's thoughts.

Hm. A true shark indeed. Michael was cold calculating and vicious.
would love to rid the world of this guy for the sake of justice.

Duo smiled. Then again so would he...well maybe not for the sake of
Blinking Duo looked around him...and down. At some point he'd scaled
the side
of the building and was now standing in the window outside of Michael's
at the very top. Duo stood on the ledge easily watching the play inside

Michael sat on his bed a glass of wine held between his fingers as he
his beloved cower in the corner of the room. " Come now love. He
smiled. "
Don't be shy. I wouldn't want to have to punish you again." He said.

Kevin shivered but did as he was bid.

Duo dropped down from his perch to the ground as silently as a cat he
on his feet...from 50 stories. " Top that Yuy." He muttered going
through the front door.

The poor bellhop just looked at the short pale man dressed like a
priest and
smiled. " Welcome Father."

Looking up at the man Duo smiled carefully concealing his fangs.
going in. If the poor fool only knew. Oh well death would come for him
that evening...now was time for his good deed. Finding the stairwell at
end of the lobby was easy enough. Running up it faster than any mortal
dream of. Duo reached the 50th floor in record time. Easily breaking
the lock
that held the door shut from the inside he entered the top most part of
hotel immediately heading for the door at the far end he stopped to
listen to
the crying coming from within a light smile on his lips the boy's
were so pure and strong. Grabbing the door handle he gave it a twist
breaking the lock again. Closing the door behind him Duo made his way
to the
bedroom. Turning out lights as he went.

"Whose there?! I asked not to be disturbed." A sharp voice came from
other room.

Duo remained silent. Moving swiftly to turn off the light in the
bedroom as

"Whose there?!" The man's voice had a slight edge of panic to it as he
his precious little bundle close to him.

Duo watched from the corner of the room, safely hidden in the darkness.
saw Michael reach to turn on a light and grabbed his wrist. Pulling him
from the little boy.

"Who are you! I demand you leave here at once!"

Squeezing the wrist tightly Duo heard the bones give way under his


Michael yelped.

" Or what? Are you going to punish me?" He asked. " Who knows I might
that...oh wait maybe I'm too old for your taste." Giving the wrist a
tug. Duo laughed.

" Who sent you?"

"Death. Come to claim what's his."

Michael's eyes widened in the darkness.

" Who are you?"

" Why death of course." He smirked.

Wincing in pain Michael hissed. " Don't play games!"

" But I like games. They make life interesting. You like games too
don't you
Michael. Otherwise you wouldn't be playing with Kevin over there." He

" H-How-"

"Enough talk time to deliver you to judgment. Don't worry it won't
hurt...much." Duo rubbed his cold cheek against Michael's wrist.

"What are you do-"

Ignoring the question Duo sank his teeth into Michael's wrist with a
growl sucking at the confining skin.

He heard Michael scream. Withdrawing his fangs Duo frown, then tore at
two little holes he made with his teeth. Tearing the flesh till blood
freely from the wound. Content now Duo pressed his lips to the bleeding
and slurped away happily. Holding Michael's screaming thrashing form

Slumping to his knees Michael continued to beg to be release with his
breath. Once his heart stop Duo drew away licking the remaining blood
wound. Pouting Duo sat on the floor beside the corpse for a moment. "
gone." He mumbled. A fluttering heartbeat caught his attention then.
Duo turned his eyes to the huddled form of Kevin. " Kevin...oh
Kevin..." he

The heartbeat sped up.

" Shhh now Kevin." Duo said, standing over the boy. Picking him up by
arms. He listened to the whimpers the boy was giving. " Hush now..." he
softly. Sitting on the bed with the boy in his lap. " I killed him for
You were begging someone to make the pain stop weren't you?" Duo asked
brushing his fingers over Kevin's hair. " Of course you were...and I
did make
it go away...Unfortunately I'm still hungry."

Kevin cried out and tried to pull away.

"Ah ah ah. Sorry Kevin...now sit still and I'll make the pain go away
forever..." he whispered in the boy's ear. Lowering his head to Kevin's
he sank the tip of his fangs into the tender flesh before the room was
flooded with light and the boy was jerked away.

" Maxwell. No."

Blinking stunned eyes Duo frowned in the general direction the voice
from. " But I'm still hungry." He whined. " Aw come on Wu let me just
get a
sip off him."

" No Duo. It would unjust if I were to allow you to-"

"Wufei you're a damned vampire not the upholder of justice anymore."

Sniffing Wufei placed Kevin on the floor. " Dress and leave boy." He

Duo finally able to see again stood and walked to Wufei frowning. "
Thanks a
lot you just let my dinner go!"


Arching a brow Wufei looked to the slack form of Michael. " Then what

A wicked grin spread across Duo's blood smeared face. " A snack."

"I see." Wufei said fishing a piece of black cloth from his pocket. He
it across Duo's face. " You eat so messy."

"Heero usually licks it off for me." Duo said winking mischievously at

"That's all right and good for Heero, but if anyone else were to try it
make certain they were ash with the morning light." Wufei said turning
to go.
" No more children tonight ok Duo."

Pouting Duo nodded. " I guess that bellhop will have to do." Smiling
Duo raced past Wufei laughing like the lunatic he was.

Sighing Wufei headed to the elevator. " Crazy vampire."