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Warning: It's the sequel to Fairies....This is Hilda run away screaming now.



Trowa sat impassively on the bed as Quatre tore around the room. " GAH!
Where is it? WHere is it?! I know I just bought some!" He muttered.

Laying down on his stomach Trowa sighed. It had been nearly 3 weeks since
they last had sex mission after mission came up and they were both usually
too exhausted to do more than look at each other shake their heads and roll


But finally they'd had a quiet week all too themselves with Heero gone to
whereever he went and Duo and Wufei on a mission somewhere Quatre had
arranged for a night of lovin' complete with play candles ,velvet lined
handcuffs, coconut massage oil...which Trowa had to point out to him he was
allergic to and strawberry flavored lube...that suddenly disappeared.

Finally with a defeated whimper Quatre collasped on the bed beside Trowa. "
Some God somewhere is having a really good laugh right now." Quatre sighed.

With a nod Trowa agreed and willed his body to calm down.

That was when a giant pink colored flame came to life in the center of their
room accompined by feminine laughter...or maybe I should say erupted in the
center of the room along with manical feminine laughter that could make
Kodachi's blood run cold and the sound of a whip being snapped.

Trowa blinked in surprise his bang standing straight on end. Quatre sat next
to him dazed as a woman could finally be seen...a very tall woman...a very
tall woman with flame for hair...a very tall woman with flame for hair that
was pink...a tall woman with flame for hair with a really really long
whip...that just happened to be pink as well...

Snapping her whip again she let out another peel of laughter.

Trowa guessed her laughter was that high pitched due to inhumanly tight
looking pink vinyl bodience she was wearing...or it could have been the pink
vinyl almost painted on pants she was wearing...he even took into
consideration the pink vinyl widowmakers she had on her feet...He finally
settled on the cause being the pink leather collar around her neck.

" Do not fear fair bishonen! For Hilda has arrived!" She said laughing loudly
cracking the whip once more.

Both boys winced...well Quatre did...Trowa thought about it...and backed away
ever so slowly...

Trowa absently wondered if she would be saying that if he were the one with
the whip.

" Umm..." Quatre said very tactfully sliding the blanket across his lap.


Looking at them pink eyes blazing...with madness Quatre was certain.

" Who are you if you don't mind my asking....and would you mind kindly doing
something about your hair not to be rude or anything but it's scorching the
ceiling and making it really hot in here..." Quatre said softly.

" Oh sorry about that. Hold on a moment." Hilda sighed her hair loosing the
flame effect she had going to lay softly down her back in long pink waves.
The flame like wings settled into the customary soft pink glittery things
most fairies had." There that's
better...sorry about that entrances and all."

" Oh no it was no bother...But um who are you?"

Hilda laughed again. " Why boy don't you know?!" She asked sweetly...snapping
her whip. " I am Hilda the lube fairy!"


" Ok." Quatre said eyeing the whip warily. " Um why are you here?"

Hilda prepared to cackle again a surge of pink flame surrounded her. " To
supply needy bishonen such as yourselves with lube!" Saying that she let out
another cackle lifting her whip over her head she swung it once around in a
circle and then snapped at it the nightstand a ball of pink fire emerged from
the tip...destroying the nightstand but a economy size tube of Mikey's slick
willy lay where the nightstand had been.


" Oops sorry about that." She said shrugging.

Both boys sweatdropped.

" So whose uke?"

The sweatdrops doubled in size.

Blinking innocently from one to the other...an expression only marred by the
manical glint in her eyes and the way her hand twiched around the whip.

Quatre quickly pointed to Trowa when her eyes lingered on him a bit to long
for his comfort...

Hilda looked vaguely surprised. Then shrugged raising a hand over her head a
bright pink flame danced on her fingers...something that made Trowa more than
slightly uncomfortable. With another manical cackle Hilda tossed the flame
straight up in the air.

Trowa blinked...and then made a very un-Trowa like sound...matter of fact
the little dance he was doing around the room was pretty ooc too.

" Too hot? Oh sorry looks like I got carried away again..." Hilda blinked
waving her hand...Trowa abruptly stopped dancing and sighed in relief.

Quatre felt horribly guilty about it...but he was very relieved it wasn't
him...which made him feel guiliter.


" Well my work here is finished! I will return if I am ever needed
again...just rememeber where ever there is yaoi and pretty boyz there shall
be..." Raising her arms dramatically the pink flames shot up around her
again. Her hair re lighting itself along with her wings. A giant puff of
peach colored smoke exploded beside her...distracting her from her dramatic

And choking the gundam boys.

" Damn Harry what is it?!"

A tallish man wearing all peach fluttered his wings beside the angry looking
pink woman. " I need your help! Big time orgy on L2! Doctors..." Harry
shuddered. " I can't face it alone."

Nodding her understanding Hilda's flame burned with a new intensity...

" I understand let me do my exit and I'm be there. "

Nodding the man disappeared in a cloud of confetti.

Trowa and Quatre just stared dumbly.

" Sorry about that " She said clearing her throat. " Now where was I? Oh
yes! Where ever there is yaoi and bishonen! There shall be the lube fairies!"
With another round of blood freezing laughter Hilda snapped her whip again
the pink flame burned brighter and she disappeared in a giant ball of pink.


Leaving behind two slightly charred and smoking pilots. ( It's pink smoke)

" Trowa?"


" Do I even want to know what happened?"


" When that man said doctor orgy do you think he me-"

" I don't want to think about that Quatre."

" Me either." Quatre sighed then looked at Trowa's still smoking and very
naked form. " Let's play!" He said grinning pushing Trowa down onto the bed.



Ok I had to add this little tidbit on the whole whip thing came from FF8 with

I find time I saw her take out the whip the very first thing that came to
mind was her screamin' On your knees!'

I don't know why but after that I said it everytime she fault for the
first disk. I even had my nephew and my friends screamin' it with me.

By the second disk we were making up all kinds of things but somebody always
said something before she fought Me took to screaming ' Say I'm ya mama boy!'

I don't remember who started with 'Your my bitch now!' but it lasted the

Other shouted taunts included ' Lick my boots!' ' Whose your master!' ' Say
my name!' ' Whose ya daddy! Say it! Say it!'

Now those of you who play FF8 will never be able to look at the game again.


And this thought just came to mind with the bitch thing. What woman in anime
do you think could make the G-boyz scream like a bitch?

I personally think Chocolate or Tira could do it. Hell I think Chocolate
could make Hiei and Yomi scream like a woman...Hell Mukuro too!

And what about Treize and Zechs and all of them? Who do you think can make
them scream in terror?


Chocolate Miss': Treize- Darling kneel before your master!

Treize: pardon?

Tira: *manical laughter* You heard her kneel!

Treize: meep. Yes Miss

Tira: That's Princess to you!

(Zechs very slowly and very quietly runs away)

Hey that's an idea who wants to do a BH/ GW crossover?