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Warnings: Pointless plotless hell it doesn't even have sex in it.



Quatre knotted his fingers he didn't know why he was agreeing to this game
with Duo in the first place...but he started and he was going to win. "
Alright Duo I bet you two weeks worth of dish duty that you can't get a
reaction out of Trowa Heero and Wufei!" He said slyly.

Duo's eyes widened. " That's it? That's easy."

Quatre frowned. " You only get one shot at it."

" You're on!"

Nodding Duo stood up and walked out of the room. Quatre followed as Duo
peeked around the corner at the three boys. He saw the consintration on Duo's
face and smirked. He couldn't do it....That's when he took off into the room.


Wufei sat on the couch reading a book, attempting to ignore the steady and
extremely annoying sound Trowa was making with his pen in the otherwise
silent room. Heero sat at his laptop glaring at the screen. All was peaceful
and silent...if Trowa would stop it with the pen!


Trowa's head snapped up at his name and he'd barely had enough time to be
shocked when Duo wrapped his arms around him and planted a wet sloppy kiss on
him. His mouth must have fell open slightly because he was certain that there
were two tongues in his mouth and he knew one of them wasn't his...hmm


A rather nasal loud voice cut through the shock and suprising pleasent
moment...when Duo tore away from him.

" Oi! Heero why do you care who I kiss?!"

" Mine."


*sweatdrop* "Uh...Heero? Why are you looking at me like that?
Heero...Heero! AHHHHH HELP! Wufei Wufei Wufei!"

" Maxwell you moron! That book is over a thousand years old!"

" Heero's gonna kill me! Help! Help! Help!"

Quatre stood wide-eyed in the hallway watching Duo run around the couch
trying to avoid a very angry and manically possessive Heero and a ranting
Wufei! While Trowa sat in the center of it all in wide-eyed shock.

" Hm. Looks like I lost." Quatre said with a shrug and headed to the kitchen
to start on the dishes.

"WAHHH *thump* OW! Heero not the braid not the braid!"

Quatre ignored the undiginifed squeals of protests as Duo was dragged out of
the room.


The moral of the story. Don't kiss stony pilots when potential 'Sleeping with
the enemy' type men are around....


Hey that's a crossover idea I think I'll do. Sleeping with the enemy has
anyone seen this movie?

Heero and Duo would make an intersting pair in that one....hehehehehehehehe


Heero: *frowns* You're always so mean to me. Make Wufei the bad guy for