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Warning: Pointless.

Note: It's extremely pointless, and I wrote it in about 5 minutes.


The G-boyz are all sitting around a large table glaring death at each other,
since none of them really want to open their mouths...

" Duo what are you doing?" Heero asked, frowning he cleared his throat and
tried again...wondering when the hell he went through puebrty and how he
missed it happening.


Just as Duo opened his mouth to answer, all the others put their hands over
their ears.

" Hey! This is not my fault!" Duo whined, ignoring the winces of pain around
him. " Darn dubbers!"

" Did you just say darn?" Trowa asked...wincing at the emotion in his voice.

" No I said darn! What the- darn...darn darn darn darn! Darn! I can't say
darn anymore? Frick! Wha? What the heck is going on?! Darn it! I can't
curse! GAH I sound so darn lame! This is screwed up! Stop it you freakin
meanies! Meanies?! DARN IT!"

Quatre blinked, then propped his chin in his hand, he wasn't any happier
about the dubs...poor Trowa was driving himself crazy trying to control his
voice...and Heero was upset because of his inability to control anything1 And
Duo was just well...


" Darn it!"

" Duo just give it up." Wufei said drily.

Duo glared at him. " Bite me Wufei! Inbetween not being able to curse! I
can't even say heck! Heck! Heck! Darn it!" Duo growled banging his head on
the table.


Trowa looked at him, and gave him a pat on the back.


" Duo your voice is fine..." Heero lied, wincing at his own lie.

Duo looked up then and glared at Heero too, " Liar. Mr. I will destroy you


Heero twitched, he was still more than a little pissed about that. " Stupid
frickin' dubbers."


" What are you complaining about?!" Zechs asked from the doorway.

Duo quickly stiffled a chuckle.

Heero and Trowa both hid theirs behind coughs.

Wufei looked away.

And Quatre managed a polite smile from years of social training...

"Hello Zechs." Duo said softly...firmly tamping down the urge to add a dude
to the end of that sentence.


Zechs ignored him, " At very least none of you sound like a morbid cross
between Blackbeard, and Captain Kangroo!"

" Oh and what about me?! I sound like a frickin' californian! Dude this

" Um Duo...did you just say dude?"

" No."

" You said dude Duo."

" I did not say dude! Dude now you guys are putting words in my mouth!"

" You said it again!" Trowa said, then twitch as he could actually hear
annoyance in his voice.

Quatre gave him a pat on the hand.

Heero grumbled, " If you'd quit bitchin' about your voice at night I'd like
to put something else in your mouth."

" What was that Heero?"

" I said would it kill them to listen to the ORIGINAL voices and then try to
find something close to that in their language?"

" That would make sense."Wufei said, in his nearly passable voice.

" And they can't have that can they." Zechs grumbled taking up a chair. "
They could have at least given me a voice that doesn't make people say arrgh
matie make em walk de plank!"

Everyone snickered.

"Oh and what about me?" Treize said sweeping into the room. " I sound like a
Christian Slater reject half the time and the other half I sound like a
George Clooney reject!"

Wufei nodded his agreement.

" Dud-" clenching his teeth, Duo tried to start the sentence again, "
Dud-Darn it!- Dud- Darn it darn it darn it darn it to heck! Heck? Freakin'

Seeing that Duo was about to start banging his head against the table again,
Trowa slid a pillow beneath the american california surfer deathboy pilot
from Pasadina's head.

"Tanks Trowa." Duo mumbled with his face pressed into said pillow.

" No problem." Trowa said, wincing again at his voice....and once again
damning the gods of dubs.

" And you are all complaining because?" Sally said.

"At least your dubbers, can act!"

" Well I like my new voice" Relena said, smiling at Heero....loveingly. "
Don't you Heero darling?"

" My ear drums aren't bleeding that's a plus."

" Oh Heero!"

Heero winced at the way she said his name...along with everyone else.


Ok there was no point whatsoever to this!

But I did think Zechs sounded like a pirate.

Same with Treize.

And Relena's new voice is an improvement, I think it was part of a plan to
make her character more likable.

Still didn't work now she's just plain scary.