Author/Alias: Red Roses (RedRosesKT@aol.com)

Title/Part Number: Scythe and Sword, Heart and Soul Part 1-6

Catagory/Warnings: AU, OOC, fantasy, lime soon, funny

Pairings: 1X2 eventually

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Author Notes: "" is speech, and italics is thinking.
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Scythe and Sword, Heart and Soul

by Red Roses

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Long ago and far away, like so many other stories and tales, there were two kingdoms. Now don’t click the window away just yet; there is much you don’t see.

This fable is something a bit different from your normal Grimm and Anderson . . .

It all starts in a land you've never seen, at a time that never existed. There is always two of everything: two roads that lead to the market square, two girls to fawn for every handsome youth, two castles yearning for one power . . . yes, there is always two.

And there are always two people who share one love. The tricky part is finding that love, and all it comes with.

Shall I go on?

In a time that never was, and in a place that’s never seen, there were two kingdoms. One was the kingdom of Oz, a leader in wealth and production. At its throne were King Treize and his three sons.

The eldest was Heero, a cold yet ambitious young man of twenty. His mother, Queen Une, had died giving birth to him, and Trieze was forever unemotional to his firstborn. He resembled Une in hair and smile, but that smile had long since vanished after years of neglect. As heir to the throne, Heero was immersed in years of schooling and training by the Grand Advisor, Professor J.

"The Perfect Solider," J would joke to the King, whenever Heero would perform 100% on any task given.

The second born of Trieze, by his second wife Catherine, was 18-year-old Trowa. Trowa, too, resembled his mother, but his quiet nature made it all but impossible to make anyone be his friend. As if by a curse, Catherine also passed away when Trowa was 4. Still, the boy did carry his mother’s talent for playing the flute. Treize always held a smile when he heard the instrument being played in the castle corridors.

A kingdom is never complete without a beloved Queen, so Treize took on a third wife: the exotic Xiao La Chang from the Eastern lands. Tall, thin, dark hair and ivory skinned, she was indeed a beauty to see. Treize’s third son was born within the year of their marriage.

Wufei was certainly one to make Treize proud. At only 16, the young swordsman proved himself worthy to his father, wielding any weapon for any situation. Fate was kind this cycle round, and Xiao La lived on as Treize’s wife to this very time.

Oz was a fine kingdom, without a doubt. Treize’s ideals were to have peace and unity in the entire land, including with the neighboring kingdom of Sanc. However, such ideals were too decorated with pretty words, and Treize’s method for unity was to plan a war.

The kingdom of Sanc, not too far from Oz, was indeed one for the history books. Lying next to the Endless Forrest, it was the center of art and creativity. Paintings, literature and fashion could all be found there.

The ruler of such a place was King Milliardo. He, with his beautiful wife Queen Noin, had three children of his own- Duo, a jester by nature and just 19. Violet eyes and a meter-length braid were his trademarks. Although always smiling, he seemed distant at times, as if he were searching for something not there.

Milliardo’s second son was quoted to have been, "born a diplomat", by the mid-wife. Gentle, serene and loving to all, the 17-year-old Quatre was a genius in political affairs and love of music. With sandy-blonde hair and cerulean eyes, Quatre was an angel from the start.

The third child born to the kingdom was a sweet little girl named Relena. With honey-wheat hair and sky-blue eyes, she was most certainly a lady- Noin had seen to that with the utmost care. Now, at 15, she was in every way a prim and proper courtier.

Milliardo and Noin were quite happy with each other, their children and their lives. Neither wished for any trouble or doubt from their people.

This was why Treize was only encouraged to take over the kingdom of Sanc for his own kingdom’s growth.

"The people in both lands must learn to live together. Power, wealth, art and beauty should be one community, and they need a true leader to guide them. I will stand tall for this, a bright new future for Oz."

Papers signed, notices stamped, armies gathered; Oz was ready to start a war to start peace. The message was delivered to Sanc the following morning.

----}--@ @--{----


Chapter One: Meet and Greet

"Duuuuuuo! Duo, where are you?!" the high voice of Princess Relena woke Duo almost immediately from his afternoon nap. He scurried from his bed, debating on whether to stay and help or flee and run. Deciding the latter was safer, Duo ran to the window.

"Duo, come out this instant! I need your help on finding a gown for the conference today! Delegates from Oz are coming to discuss united front treaties, and you know how important it is,"

Relena opened the door to Duo’s room, fully expecting him to be there, waiting for her word. So when she found he was NOT there, and the glass windows wide open, Relena’s fair, pink skin took on a brilliant shade of red.


----}--@ @--{----

"They have such large fields for wild flowers," Xiao La sniffed, readjusting her position as she sat at the helm of the open carriage. "Heaven knows what kind of fits the pollen will give me." Treize patted her hand absently, eyeing the different mile layouts of the ground. Already, organized arrangements and tactics formed in his mind of the coming battle.

He motioned for the leader of his guards to come to him. "Yes, Your Highness?" asked the sergeant. "Niko, I want you to head back to the castle. Gather a small front army, and begin the attack on the northern side. Knowing Zechs, he’ll have his own army there to protect the stables. Once finished, gather all the horses and take them back to Oz." Niko nodded, turning his horse and galloping back down the road.

In the back of the carriage, Trowa silently looked at the sky, his one emerald eye glittering from beside his bangs. ‘I always liked that shade of blue,’ he thought to himself. Resigning to the cushions, he closed his eyes for a nap.

Beside Trowa, Wufei was reading the parchment sent by King Milliardo. "He wants to discuss the unity of the kingdoms peacefully . . . justice demands this be a dignified meeting." He set the scroll down and cast a glance at his brother before closing his own eyes. At the sound of hoof beats, he turned to find Niko dashing back the opposite way. "What the devil is he doing?" Wufei turned his nose up in annoyance.

Heero, his arms folded and eyes set, was watching the upcoming castle. Neither a word was said nor action was done by him the entire trip. As the reached that castle front, Heero suddenly looked to his right.

----}--@ @--{----

Duo snickered, running towards the gates in a giddy frenzy. ‘Forget the conference; it’s much too lovely a day to spend babbling about politics and mindless talk.’ He approached the gates, and to his dismay, saw 12 or so guards lining the walk.

A trumpet sounded somewhere, and small procession entered the courtyard. Duo ran to the nearest rose bushes and hid, carefully watching through the thorns. A large carriage, decorated in fine oak wood and gold lining, rumbling to the castle doors. Inside sat 4 well-dressed people. One, Duo knew, was King Treize. The crown atop his head sort of gave it away.

The other 3 looked to be his sons. Duo could have cared less, and was about to vault over the wall when something caught his eye. A boy about his age, or a year older, was looking at him. With a gasp of alarm, Duo sprinted over the wall and out to the open.

After a few good yards he stopped, slowing his pace and walking along the road to the forest.

"I hope whoever that was won’t squeal on me . . ." Duo shook his head to forget that person, and turned his thoughts to the season ahead. He always fancied the springtime.

----}--@ @--{----

Heero blinked once, almost stunned. Whoever that boy had been, he was fast! Still, Heero had managed to catch those eyes. At such a violent shade of purple, those eyes continued to blaze in his mind. "Who . . . " he murmured, before being distracted by Trowa’s shaking of his shoulder.

"We’re here," he stated. Heero nodded, standing up and stepping out of the carriage. The small party made its way to the front doors, only to find King Milliardo waiting for them.

"Ah, Treize. I’m glad the journey was safe and thorough," Milliardo said as he shook his friend’s hand. "Allow me to present my family to you. This is my darling wife, Noin." Noin gave a curtsy, smiling gently at them all before stepping back.

"This is my daughter, Relena." Relena stepped forward, giving a delicate dip and smiling sweetly at Treize. Her eyes, however, stopped dead on Heero.

"This is my youngest son, Quatre." Quatre bowed nicely, smiling sincerely and looking the boys over. Milliardo gave an exasperated sigh. "I’d introduce my eldest son Duo, but he seems to have run off somewhere."

Treize shook his head with a laugh. "It’s quite all right! Boys will be boys. Speaking of which, these are my own children. My eldest and heir, Heero." Heero bowed, looking at the floor. He felt Relena’s eyes boring into the top of his head.

"My second son, Trowa. Don’t mind his quietness, he’s never one to talk."

Trowa looked up a bit. "Only when necessary, Father." He nodded his head to the others, noting that Quatre returned it.

Treize gestured to Wufei. "My youngest, Wufei." Wufei bowed curtly, eyeing Milliardo with steely eyes. A sharp cough from the left indicated that Xiao La had been left out. Milliardo acknowledged him and turn to Treize.

"My sweet wife, Xiao La Chang, from the shores of China." Xiao La smiled thinly, turning her head up some in a snobbish manner.

Milliardo signaled for the doors to be open, looking at Treize. "Please, come in and lets talk about this whole business."

Treize nodded, following Milliardo as Noin escorted Xiao La to the East gardens for tea. Wufei turned on his heel, walking off to another part of the gardens.

Relena immediately took Heero’s arm. "Well Heero, allow me to show you the castle. It is always beautiful in the daylight! The West wing is off limits only for royalty. You and I can take a walk there!" She chattered on, leading a sullen Heero away.

Trowa turned to Quatre in amusement. "I suppose it is you and I now," he quietly said. Quatre nodded, looking down a bit and smiling. "I’m not very good at tours . . . but I could show you the music room I have."

Trowa’s eyes widen slightly. "A music room? I think that would be great." He smiled, standing next to Quatre. "Shall we go then, Prince Quatre?"

Quatre laughed, "Just Quatre is fine!" The two went inside.

----}--@ @--{----

As many peasant folk knew, spring in the Sanc Kingdom can always be described as ‘pure, exalted beauty.’ To Duo, it usually meant flowers in bloom, sparkling rivers and excellent fields for sparring. It was usually hard to find a partner though.

Why can’t there be one good person to fight with? Quatre couldn’t hold a butcher knife, let alone a sword to my scythe. And Relena . . . I won’t go there.

Duo took the long scythe from its sheath on his back, swinging to the front with incredible ease. The long, black rod extended a few feet, allowing the razor-sharp blade to cover more ground when swung. The sunlight above cast a diamond-like gleam on it, making Duo smile.

"Ah, my beautiful Shinigami," Duo cooed, running his hands over the smooth rod. Taking a stance, he began to fight with imaginary soldiers as he cut and slashed the air, the blade almost as smooth as liquid.

After a good hour or so, Duo tired of the game, and sat down on the hot rocks near the Solarian River. He was about to dip his feet in when he hear a harsh shout from the northern fields.

"CHARGE!! No prisoners, men! We fight for unity!!" The battle cry echoed in his ears as Duo ran in the direction of the yell.

To his shock, 2 miniscule armies were battling each other near the mouth of the river. Duo slapped his forehead in irritancy, forgetting the river was the dividing mark between the kingdoms of Oz and Sanc. He turned to run back to the castle when a sharp and powerful blow to the head sent him reeling.

"Oh my . . . Captain Niko!! There’s a kid here!!" The yell pounded into Duo’s skull as he struggled to sit up. He didn’t have to go far when a meaty hand clamped itself around his arm, yanking him up. Ale-soaked breath blew in his face as Niko looked at him.

"Heh! This is a kid, all right. Too weak and frail to be out in battle. Toss him by the river and let some merchant pick him up."

Duo was thrown to the other soldiers, who clumsily supported him. Darkness started to prick his eyes as consciousness left him.

He awoke some time later to find his face inches from the river. His mind registered where he was.

Solarian River . . . named after Solara Horuka . . . 200 years ago . . . after the fall of the . . . the . . . Solara River . . . Solara . . .

Duo finally gave up, and passed out completely.

----}--@ @--{----


Chapter Two: My Name Is . . .

"This is Pagan’s crowing glory! It took him a few days, but with my patience and understanding, he completed it to perfection! See how the colors stand out and make the portrait look alive?" Relena’s eyes were sparkling as she gushed over the life-sized painting of herself.

Arm latched securely to Heero’s, she pointed out every little touch that (according to her) made the picture a masterpiece in it’s own time.

"He even added the blush to my cheeks, Heero! Isn’t it breathtaking?"

It was indeed, as Heero held his breath to avoid the overwhelming scent of Relena’s perfume. What woman in the world would soak herself in such a fume?

"Ano . . . Relena-sama, if you don’t mind, I’d like to . . . " Relena turned immediately on his voice.

"Nani, Heero-san? Is there something you need from me?" Heero inhaled.

Would asking you to jump out that window be too much? he thought.

"No, I would just like to talk a short walk . . . by myself."

Relena blinked, almost in thought at why he would want to go anywhere without her.

"Hai, Heero-san! I’ll just go prepare myself for tonight’s dinner, ne? There is to be a big feast for your arrival, and everyone will be there!" With a bow, the princess turned and headed down the Southern corridor.

Heero watched intently until she was completely out of sight before turning and vaulting out the nearest window

----}--@ @--{----

Wufei leaned down, taking a sniff of the delicate yellow roses. In the sunlight, they almost seemed to blaze like liquid sunlight. This part of the gardens was, thankfully, unoccupied and quiet for the last hour. The rustling of the trees and the movement of the bushes were as calm as . . . wait a minute, bushes don’t rustle so violently!

"Who’s there?!" Wufei was immediately on guard, unsheathing his sword and crouching into an attack position as the nearest bush. A black form flipped from the branches, landing squarely in front of him. Long ebony hair covered the face, and one hand shot out in warning.

"Who wants to know?" The voice was soft as silk but sharp as steel. Wufei blinked in surprise, but his hold never wavered.

"I think you ought to answer first, since you did sneak up on me." The form before him stood slowly, hair falling away to reveal an ivory face and piercing chocolate eyes. Wufei would have stumbled had he not dug his heel into the ground.

"If you must know, my name is Meiran. I’m a courtier here, just out for a walk."

Wufei raised an eyebrow, standing up and lowering his sword a bit.

"A courtier hiding in bushes, and in soldier garments no less. The King of Oz must have some mind to allow that," Meiran smirked, pushing a lock away.

"He prefers to be called Milliardo. And before we continue, what is your name?"

"Chang Wufei. You may call me Prince Wufei, though."

Meiran gasped, eyes growing wide in pretend shock.

"No! A prince?? Oh sir, I beg of thee to forgive my impertness! I am so lowly to see your face." By that time her grin had widened, and she eyed Wufei sarcastically.

"Woman, hold your tongue . . . I’m not so genteel as my brother Quatre when it comes to servants of a castle."

Meiran smiled again, only this time for real. Wufei looked away, oddly wondering what made him do so from that smile.

"I’m not as much a tyrant as you think I am. I just don’t care for people outspeaking their bounds."

Meiran nodded, indicating to Wufei’s sword. "I should think so, since you are fully prepared for anything at anytime. As for myself, I couldn’t handle a sword to save my life."

Wufei looked back, visibly easing. "That is what men like me are for- Meiran, is it? Well, since day one I’ve been trained to protect. No one deserves sadness or grief." Meiran grinned wider, truly pleased by the answer.

"You’re quite the man of justice, Wufei. I’m afraid I must go now, but I’ll be seeing you again." Wufei nodded, keeping his eyes locked with hers as he kicked a low branch of the rose bush up to his reach. He reached and plucked from it a single rose, handing it to Meiran with ease.

"As I you, milady,"

Meiran took the rose, forcing down her grin. She couldn’t help but continue her stare as Wufei turned and walked back the way he came. If she could see it, the blush on Wufei’s cheeks would have knocked her for a loop.

----}--@ @--{----

Heero fingered the small rock in his palm, waiting for just the right moment. When the hefty guard near the stable exit turned to sneeze, he chucked the rock with all his might at the small house near the back. A shattering of glass rang out, bringing the guard running to the terrified scream of the stable boy.

Heero breathed in and sprinted for the gate, dashing out between the lock and into the open floor. He unlocked the first door he saw, and grabbed the reigns of a cream-colored horse.

Running back to the gate exit with a large horse in tow was certainly a challenged, but Heero managed to do it.

"HEY YOU!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!" The guard was running towards him at a sluggish pace, his weight slowing him down immensely.

By the time he reached the gate, Heero was saddled on the horse and off in the distance.

Yes! Finally, away from that castle and its insipid princess!

One of Heero’s rare smiles lit up his face, and he continued his ride into the forest. Keeping up at an even pace, he thundered across the ground, narrowly missing small animals in his way.

Once out of the forest, Heero headed down to the river for a drink. Carefully stepping out onto the open area, he scanned the horizon for any signs of an army. Since the river was the dividing line between the kingdoms, one could never be too safe.

Heero decided all was well, and hopped off the horse.

"Sorry, girl, but desperate times call for stealing measures."

The horse whinnied and raised her head, almost agreeing with Heero.

Heero led the horse closer to the river when something caught his eye. Squinting against the bright sun, he looked down the river to see a large lump clustered by the river reeds. He took off jogging to it.

"HEY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Heero called out, but the thing did not stir.

Finally reaching it, Heero saw that it was a person. And not just a person, a woman!

Although what woman would wear such bizarre clothes is beyond me . . .

Long, chestnut hair cascaded down the girl’s back and across her face. The masculine clothes were very regal, so she was no commoner.

Heero rolled the girl on her back, brushing the hair from her face.

----}--@ @--{----

Shapes and swirls,
Dances and twirls.
Flying feathers, jumping hoops,
Faces floating loop-de-loops.

Bright lights and endless sounds,
Softest song, wailing hounds,
Heat and ice, fire and cold,
Cowardice, bravery, courage and bold.

All around Duo there were things that grabbed at him and made odd, screeching noises. One sound seemed to shatter it all though, calling out to him and asking if he was OK.

Have I ever been OK? Who is calling for me? Duo felt himself spinning like a pinwheel before a searing flash silenced it all

----}--@ @--{----

If there ever were a record for the most buggiest eyes on the earth, it would go to Heero.

It . . . her . . . he . . . nothing there . . . Broken lines of thought filtered through his head as he stared at the person. It was not a girl at all. It was a boy. Heero reached out to press the chest gingerly, blinking rapidly at the fact there was nothing there. He didn’t dare check the other part.

"Hey . . . are you OK, sir?" The words were awkward in his throat as she shook the boy gently. A pair of crystallized-amethyst eyes slowly opened, staring into Heero’s own with a confused intensity.

"Who . . . ?"

Heero pulled him forward into a sitting position. "You OK? You looked like you had drowned. What’s your name?" He stopped in wider shock when he realized this boy was none other than the boy from the castle earlier that day! The wall-leaper.

The boy looked at Heero, confusion staining his words, "Me? I . . Solar . . ian . . "

"What was that?" Heero leaned forward, unsure of the other one’s mumbled breath. "What was your name again?"

The boy with violet eyes and a lengthy brown braid blinked hazily.

"Sola . . . my name is . . . Solo."

----}--@ @--{----


Chapter 3: Songs of Spring

Flutes. Oboes. Clarinets and cellos. A hundred in all, almost. The whole room was a treasure trove of musical instruments. Trowa would have been dizzy had he not loved it all. Quatre was by a glass case with several violins, carefully pulling one from its hook inside.

"This one is almost 150 years old! Carved from the old oak tree in the middle of the forest. The strings are from genuine silkworm silk, too!" Quatre detailed Trowa on the origins of the instrument, looking up every now and then to smile.

His eyes are the color of the sky, Trowa absently noted, enjoying the company.

He looked around, eyes falling to a flute laying on the tea table. Picking it up, he inspected it before blowing a tester note. Quatre’s smile faded as he watched him. He looked around the violin stand, picking up the bow there. Quickly, he repeated the note Trowa blew on his violin. Trowa played another, and Quatre repeated it.

The two began to play a simple song together; one most commonly taught to children in a beginners’ class. Since they both knew it naturally, it seemed most fitting.

On and on they played, sending sweet sounds floating from the music room to the corridors to the main hall. Notes that seemed to tell a story in themselves on the beauties of spring: trees growing, flowers blooming, birds courting each other.

Quatre smiled to himself. Although playing any of his instruments calmed him down and made him happy, this felt exhilarating and right. His body began to shake just a bit, but not from exhaustion on the rapid playing.

The song took a haunted turn then, dipping into a melody of winter. Winds, snow, death and stillness illustrated in working wrists and pursed lips.

Trowa himself felt warm inside, despite the sudden chill on the out from the cold music. He looked to Quatre, giving him a rare, full smile. When the blonde smiled back, Trowa felt the inside warmth travel north to his cheeks.

As the song ended, neither boy spoke as they placed the instruments down. Quatre averted his eyes, surprised at the sudden rush of heat to his face. It would be very embarrassing to have Trowa see him blushing for no real reason.

Trowa still held a faint smile, looking at Quatre through half-lidded eyes. He stood up, somewhat pleased at the turn of events, and headed for the door.

"You said you make delicious tea, right? Would it be too much to ask for some?"

Quatre turned, shaking his head. "Then shall we head to the kitchen for some?" Another nod from the blonde.

Trowa walked a few feet before stopping and turning around. "Oops . . . I forgot, I don’t live here, so I have no idea where the kitchen is."

Quatre laughed and stood to lead him. "We can have some muffins with it, if you like."

It was Trowa’s turn to nod, and the two continued their way.

----}--@ @--{----

"Solo, ne? That’s . . . an interesting name. Where are you from?"

"I don’t know."


"Where am I? Who are you?"


"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Brilliant. You have amnesia."

"I do?"

"Apparently!" Heero stood, sighing in frustration at the odd predicament he found himself in. This guy is completely lost! What do I do now?

"What’s your name, sir?" The boy- Solo’s- voice brought him back to the present and Heero turned towards him.

"My name is Heero Yuy. I’m just out here for . . . a walk. I saw you earlier today, at the Peacecraft Castle. Are you of some nobility?"

Solo looked at him confused, shaking his head numbly. "I can’t remember anything . . . I keep thinking of Solo, so I guess that’s my name. And I think I might be common if I’m here in this field . . . "

Heero nodded slowly, watching the boy. Violet eyes. That’s incredible. I guess this land is very different from Oz.

Solo stood up shakily, almost toppling over into the river. Heero reached out, grabbed his arm, and yanked him back to land. Solo grabbed his arm for support, and felt a surge of electricity crash into him. He gasped, nearly stupefied at the power he felt inside. Heero must have felt it to, for he choked on his own words and grabbed Solo’s other arm. The two boys looked at each other, neither knowing what to say.

What the hell was that feeling?!

"Maybe . . . we should get you back to the kingdom." Heero felt at a loss for words, offering his hand to Solo and leading him to his horse.

"All right." And neither a word was spoken after.

----}--@ @--{----

You could feel the tension in the air. The very frustration between the two kings was as thick as chocolate mousse (and that’s thick!). How can you settle a land argument when one king wants isolation and the other domination? You can’t!

"Milliardo, I must disagree. The boundaries placed between our lands are only stifling the opportunities we can give our people. I’m asking not for you to step down, but to join me at my side and show the people the shining future. How can you deny them that glorious chance?"

"Treize, my people ARE happy. The diversity between these lands is what keeps us ethical and different. If we were to bond, we would form a culture with no outstretch. I can’t do that, when we are so close in standards."

"I am a man of words more than sword, my friend . . . but if achieving my ideals means setting a true war against you, then so be it." With sincere disappointment, but determined pace, King Treize turned and headed out the archway.

Milliardo’s eyes narrowed. He knew when Treize ended discussions like that, he meant it. Ask any person on the streets about the kingdom of the White Fang, and they would be as clueless as a dunce. That is because Treize demolished it within a week. Milliardo had had enough.

"Dorothy!" A young lady with long blonde hair and oddly forked eyebrows entered. A callous smirk always lingered on her lips as she anticipated her orders.

"Yes, Milliardo?"

"Get Meiran. The Kushrenada Family is not leaving this estate."

"At once, Your Majesty."

Dorothy turned and walked out. She had seen the family from the castle spire earlier that day. Mentally, she made a note to take care Relena herself. A little bit of girl talk, even.

----}--@ @--{----

"Mmmm this is delicious! You are an excellent cook, Quatre."

"Not really . . . "

"Don’t be modest. These are perfect muffins. And the tea is very mild."

"Would you rather it spicier?"

"No, no, mild tea is my favorite. I like it here a lot."

"I’m glad . . . "

"You are?"

"That the tea is mild, and that you like it. Here, I mean."

Trowa smiled. It was so cute to see Quatre fumbling with his words. He had been doing it all day. He watched Quatre pour some more tea into the delicate cups, suddenly noticing a tiny flaw on Quatre’s face. A very wicked idea came into his head then, and he couldn’t resist pulling it off.

"Quatre . . . I would like to tell you something."

Raising his head, Quatre smiled at Trowa. "What is it?"

"There’s . . . " Trowa leaned in close to Quatre, almost nose to nose. He could feel the very air around them grow warm. Smiling his best, he prepared to speak.

Quatre, on the other hand, could have sworn his heart turned a 360. Oh no oh no oh no . . . he’s RIGHT THERE!! This is so scary . . . and yet . . . Quatre’s eyes were wide, and he froze in his spot.

Trowa suddenly forgot what his intention was in the first place. What was I going to do?? The urge to kiss the blonde prince in front of him started kicking him in the brain, until he finally realized what he was going to do.

"There’s . . . a piece of muffin on your mouth." With a quick move, Trowa brushed the muffin off Quatre’s lips, causing Quatre to blush as red as an apple.

"Th-thanks . . . "

The two then found the floor very interesting, and stared for a moment before giving each other a small, shy smile. Ahh, how sweet it is.

----}--@ @--{----


Chapter 4: Learning New Tricks

CLINK. CLINK. CLINK. The fingernails on the mental continued in a drone.

The owner of said nails stared out the window into the open sky.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. But . . . does it need to go as far as that?"

"Yes. If this kingdom is to be safe from war, that is the only conclusion."

"All right. It will be done . . . "

"Don’t tell me you favor the youngest."

"No! I just . . . he seems so kind and honorable."

"So was his father, once. This is all I ask of you, Meiran. Lead the boy into the North Hall. You know what to do."

Meiran turned and walked to the doors, her eyes feeling the harshness of tears. Before exiting she turned back.

"I guess you’re just Zechs again. A cold-blooded murderer instead of a pacifist leader. How can you order the death of an entire family?!"

The drone of nails on mental ceased, and Milliardo took his gaze from the window and placed it on the courtier.

"It’s for the good of our land. This is the step we must take to achieve OUR peace." The metal mask in his hands glistened as the king placed it on his head.

"Do as I say. Take care of the boy. The rest of them will be dealt with shortly."

Meiran ran from the room, anger and hurt evident in her pace.

"I’m sorry, Treize. But I will kill you . . . " said Zechs Marquise to the empty room. As if in disagreement, dark clouds began to fill the sky.

----}--@ @--{----

The sun was warm as Heero walked. Only a few scattered clouds were placed in the sky. He looked to his companion.

"So, where do you live, Solo?"

"I think in the village. I’m still not sure."

"And nothing looks familiar?"

"No, everything is familiar. I know we’re in the Endless Forrest, and that Sanc is just a few more miles up the road, but I feel like I don’t belong there. Of course, I have to, because I can’t think of any other place I would be. I remember all the people there and everything, but I feel misplaced. By the way, you never told me where you were from. So where are you from?"

‘He talks a mile a minute. Maybe I should have just stayed silent,’ Heero cleared his throat, and looked at Solo. "I’m from the kingdom of Oz."

"Are you traveling? People from Oz don’t usually come to Sanc unless they travel or have urgent business."

"I’m on a delegation committee to prevent an existence of war between our two kingdoms."

Duo leaned forward on their stolen horse, interested. "Delegations committee? Are you a count or a baron? Or even a duke? I’ve never met a vizier before, are you one of those? No, you’re too young. You look as old as me. How old are you?

"I’m neither a courtier, baron nor duke. We already have a vizier, and he’s been my teacher for 15 years. My name is Heero Yuy Kushrenada, I am 20-years-old and have you any more questions?" When silence greeted him, Heero turned to find the horse riderless and Solo sitting in the dirt 10 feet behind him. "You fell off the horse."

"Ya think?! Geez, you’re THE Prince Heero of Oz?! I had no clue you were royalty!! I probably would have bowed or said something proper . . . not to mention that’s the most you’ve said to me in the last hour. "

Heero walked back, holding out his hand for Solo to take. When the two touched, there was no spark of energy as before- only pleasant warmth, and almost numbing effect. Heero pulled him up, looking into the violet eyes again. He had been doing that a lot since the river.

"So should I bow now, Your Highness? Or is it too late?" Solo grinned, toying with his braid.

"Yes, it is too late. And call me . . . just call me Heero. That’s all."

"Sure thing, Heero. You’re not one for talking a lot, are you?"


"Just checking. Shall we continue? You want the horse, or should I, or just let her be?"


"OK . . . then we’ll both walk."

The two continued east, both lost in their own thoughts as the sun continued to shine.

----}--@ @--{----

Wufei almost sneered. He felt the aggressive urge to throw a rotten tomato at it. It started at him, sickly pink and unearthly scary. The portrait of Princess Relena in a pink dress, with pink ribbons and a pink poodle (of all things) nestled in her arms made Wufei ill. Not that Relena herself was sickening. No, she was very sweet and kind. Just too obsessive over pink. Other than that, she was fine.

"I feel so sorry for Heero right now . . . "

"Why, if I may ask?"

Wufei turned at the familiar voice. Sure enough, it was Meiran.

"Because your princess was glued to him since the moment of his presentation."

"She’s found a male specimen she likes, and takes to it. She’s a young lady after all, no older than I."

"And you would be?"

"17 within the next 7 months."

"I see. Nonetheless, Heero isn’t one to be taken by a woman so easily."

"You have a point. And as much as Relena likes him, there is someone who would make sure she never got him.

"’Someone else’? You mean there’s someone in the castle who loves Relena?"

"A fellow courtier. One close to King Millardo on political gain. Still, the lady doesn’t have Relena’s affections. She will eventually try to make Relena see the light."

"Heh! Good luck to she who can stand the princess."

"Now, now, no need to be coarse. On to other things."

Meiran seemed to hold back as she looked into Wufei’s onyx eyes. Mustering up her courage, she approached the topic.

"Would . . . would you like to see the northern section of the castle?"



"I wouldn’t lie. Don’t ask silly questions." Holding out his arm with a small smile, Wufei looked at her. "Well then?"

With guilt piling up by the minute, Meiran mutely took his arm.

----}--@ @--{----

Treize could see the main doors of the Peacecraft Castle at the end of the corridor. Beside him, Captain Niko awaited his orders.

"Captain, I want a full-scale squadron ready and waiting by the time I return to Oz. Send word to Otto to gather his fleet recruits for blockage by the sea, and have Howard issue amour and firing arms. I want this over and done with in 3 days."

"Yes, sir! I will get right on it." Niko turned to leave, but hesitated a bit. "Your Highness, there’s one thing . . . earlier today, when we defeated King Milliardo’s army by the east side of the Endless Forest, there was a boy who got in the way. He looked familiar, but wore clothes from this kingdom’s nobility sect."

"What? Well, what did you do with him?"

"We threw him by the river to let a passer-by pick him up . . . is there a problem?"

"What did this boy look like, Niko?"

Niko thought long and hard, which was virtually impossible for him. Luckily, no one could ever forget the sight that boy had made.

"He wore cropped riding pants, a loose shirt with a dark purple jacket . . . he had a staff of some kind on his back, and a long brown braid."

Treize stopped immediately. "Did you say a ‘brown braid’?"

Niko froze, "Yes, sir. And he had violet eyes . . . I assumed it was a custom in Sanc for such attire. If no one’s picked him up by now, he’s either drowned or lost in the woods."

"I think you just bullied the crown prince of the kingdom of Sanc. All the same, if he were dead, then it can be a message from Oz that casualties are an aftermath of war. Still, Niko, you could have been more gentleman-like on the matter."

Smiling faintly, Treize continued his walk. Niko gulped, feeling dread in his bones. Smooth move, kill the heir to the throne. Idiot!

"Your Majesty!! I can’t find Heero anywhere! He went to take a short walk down the hall, and I got ready for tonight’s dinner just for him and he’s gone!" Relena barreled out a side hall into her father, tears threatening to spill on her brand new French velvet gown. Treize patted her head gently, feeling a twinge of remorse towards the young lady.

"I am afraid I have not seen Heero since early this afternoon, my dear. He might have gone out to look at the gardens, or find his brothers maybe. I’m sorry, but I must depart early. There will be no dinner tonight."

"Oh no! How awful . . . " Relena’s disappointment on not having an elegant dinner were soothed over shortly by things she thought she could do afterwards.

"Well, please don’t leave before I can say good-bye to Prince Heero, ne?"

Treize smiled, "Of course, my dear. I must be off now, though."

"Yes, sir." Trudging her feet down the hall, Relena angrily thought of various ways to get back at Heero for leaving her. Heero, I will NOT let this pass!

----}--@ @--{----

Noin nodded as Dorothy bowed and left. She thought for a moment, sighing at what was to come, but she made a vow years ago to believe and follow her husband.

"Miss Xiao, would you like another tart?" Noin offered the tray with a variety of fruit tarts to the Queen of Oz, who daintily selected a strawberry one.

"I must give you my recipe, my dear, to make the most splendid tarts in all of Oz." Xiao could barely keep from gagging. The woman obviously had no talent in the kitchen at all. Not to mention, all day long Noin had been overly sweet and annoying.

Peace and love and isolation and quietness. What kind of a Queen obeys her husbands EVERY whim?? Xiao was angrier by the minute. She was more than willing to give Noin a much-needed bitch slap the second her chance came.

Noin, on the other hand, was fed up with Xiao’s attitude and relevance. This was NOT how a Queen is supposed to act! Bossy, rude, callous and disrespectful? No! Noin almost welcomed the order given by her husband. At least she’s have a bit of a reason to go through with it. Noin peered over Xiao’s shoulder to see Dorothy ushering the last of the guards into the castle. The two Queens were completely alone- no one would hear a sound.

"Miss Xiao, may I show you the koi ponds? They’re just behind the rose bushes."

----}--@ @--{----


Chapter 5: Betrayal

"Well, these ARE beautiful koi, Noin-sama. I must say, very delicate." Xiao La was so close. One shove and she would be submerged. It was so easy and so clean to do.

Noin almost vomited. Her hands shook as she reached forward to push Xiao just a bit. Xiao turned back just in time, almost colliding with Noin’s hand. The sudden shock sent her flying back towards the pond, but Noin caught her arm and pulled her back.

"Careful, Miss Xiao! You could drown . . . if your not careful."

Shaken, Xiao steadied herself. "Thank you, Noin-sama. I—thank you."

Noin blanched. She couldn’t believe she almost murdered a fellow Queen by drowning her in a koi pond! This was insane. She needed to speak to Milliardo immediately.

"Excuse me, Xiao La. I must speak with my husband at once. . if you go in the patio doors, there is a hallway to the left that leads to a bathroom. I’m terribly sorry, but I must go."

With that, Noin disappeared through the roses. Xiao looked up at the slowly darkening skies. "Something is not right . . . "

----}--@ @--{----

"Milliardo!! Milliardo, please, we cannot do this!" Noin rushed to the main quarters, keeping her skirts in her hands in her haste. She flew through the doors, greeting the sight of not her husband, but Zechs Marquis.

"Milliar--- oh no . . . " In a dead halt, Noin stared wide-eyed at him.

"Noin . . . I understand how you feel, but we must do this. I will not retract my decision. If you can’t stand by me, than I . . . " Zechs couldn’t even form the words. He did not know what to do. He could never do anything to harm Noin, but this was his only choice. Nothing would stand in his way.

"I will stand by you, Milliardo. But I beg of you, please think this through . . . let them live for another day. It sickens me to even think this way. Please?"

"All right, Noin. Maybe I can change Treize’s mind . . . but my judgment stands."

Noin breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Milliardo . . . " She turned to leave, feeling hope and reassurance in her soul. A tiny smile graced her lips.

"Noin. My name is Zechs Marquis." The smile fell.

----}--@ @--{----

"What?" The question was blunt, but the only thing Treize could say.

"I said, Your Majesty, that Milliardo requests for you to stay another night. Maybe some more conferences or even adjustments can be made. And, over all else, for dear Relena’s sake of seeing Heero again." The blonde lady named Dorothy replied.

Treize thought. And thought. And thought some more. He did not rush to decisions. He did not immediatly assumed the worst or best of things, and always looked at things from all possible angles. Calm, cool, collected. He was Treize Kushrenada, of the kingdom of Oz. He knew what he was doing, and what his priorities were. His mind was on his land, people, kingdom and children. They were his utmost concern.

He agreed to stay one more night.

"All right. Tell Milliardo I will remain in Sanc for one night, but I shall leave at dawn."

Dorothy clapped her hands daintily, raising one eyebrow in glee. "Wonderful, Your Majesty! This will certainly give you both much needed time to think on the topic of war. Although I must admit, there is a certain beauty in the act . . . the gracefulness of the sword as man after man wields it across the sun . . . the way he pushes forward to slay the enemy when his strength is all but gone. And all for the sake of his beloved King or Queen. Yes, I do love war, but surely these matters won’t result in it."

Treize coughed, a bit startled by the young lady’s speech. "Thank you, Miss Dorothy. May I be shown my room now? My . . . wife needs me."

"Of course, sir! I will have Otto take you there. Otto, dear? Please escort His Highness to the guest rooms." Said escort approached them, leading Treize away.

----}--@ @--{----

"This has been the best day I’ve ever had!"

"I thought you said the best day you ever had was when you received the silver flute-and-harp set from the Sultan of Agrabah."

"OK . . . but this tops that!"

"You’re so cute, Quatre."

"Awwww . . . " Once again, as he had all afternoon, Quatre blushed. That oozy, warm feeling was once again rippling over him from head to toe. "Oh! I almost forgot. My father says that you and your family are invited to stay another night here in Sanc!"

Trowa smiled slightly. How pleasant! Another day to see the castle, the land, the town, its people, Quatre . . . whoa. Trowa blinked. Quatre seemed to be constantly invading his thoughts. Ever since that muffin incident, an hour before.

"Well, we definetly will. Look outside. We cannot go anywhere under that condition." Sure enough, the skies had blackened and rain was coming in a slight trickle. Quatre’s brow creased, as it had been bright not too long before.

"All right then, I will show you to your guest room, Trowa." Quatre rose from his seat, beckoning Trowa to follow him with small smile. Trowa rose to his feet, following Quatre out the music room.

Quit being a chicken pansy, Trowa! Do it! Belittling himself in his thoughts, Trowa decided to do what he felt and not what he thought. He took Quatre’s hand.

----}--@ @--{----

The marketplace. Twilight hours. Almost dinnertime. Children getting into bed.

Let the adults play.


"Step right up, ladies and gentleman! First ever golden goose, conceiving eggs right here! Don’t be shy young sir, step right up and take a peek!"


"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish and breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!! Flooooooowers for the deeeeeeaaaaaaad!"

"Jewelry, necklaces, earrings! Pretty baubles for pretty ladies! How about you, madam? A lovely vision like you needs gold! And, should you like, a handsome man like myself to accompany you this fine day?"

"I am a man."



"Whoa, OK, stop!"


"I’m sorry, hey!! Why are you screaming?!"


"Hey hey! Geez, I’ll go, stop it!!"

Solo turned and stalked down the marketplace, blushing furiously. The wide-eyed stares of the surrounding peasants were humiliating enough. Jogging a bit to catch up, Heero looked from the seller to Solo.

"Does that happen often?" Heero was curious. He, too, had been mistaken of Solo’s gender when they met, but it seemed to him that Solo looked more manly each minute. The few hours they spent together added to it.

"Yeah. I didn’t do anything! He just screamed at me!" Solo turned a corner, the seller’s screams slowly dying behind him. The two continued into the heart of the town as the clouds above began to gather.

"We need to get you home" Heero looked expectantly to Solo, who evenly looked back at him.

"OK, and where would that be? You forget, or rather I forget, that I don’t know where I’m from or anything."

Heero silently reprimanded himself for forgetting. He knew they wouldn’t make it back to the castle by nightfall, and with such tension between the kingdoms, he wouldn’t get in there anyway. A small smile irked at his lips as Heero thought. One more night with Solo. A warm calm filled his stomach, and Heero was eager to learn more about the violet-eyed person he rescued at the river.

Heero looked up into the angry dark mass above him, grimacing at the storm he knew would come. "Looks like we’d better find someplace to go, or we’ll get soaked."

Scanning the area, Heero pointed towards a large manor at the farthest end of the alley. "There! I think that place should suffice." Already the winds were picking up and a droplet or two of water were coming.

The two boys walked to the house, looking at the vines and jasmine adorning the sides and over the sign. Solo scrunched his vision to make out the words.

"Hilde’s House, eh? Well, it looks harmless. C’mon, Heero, let’s go in and grab some food. I’m hungry!" Solo took a hold of Heero’s hand, yanking him towards the doors. Smooth hands. This prince must have never worked a day in his life. Probably couldn’t hold a rock without it slipping through his fingers.

Heero allowed the braided boy to drag him in, blinking at the oddly decorative home. The winds seem to agree with Solo as they pushed him forward into the house.

On the sign, the wind also pushed aside the nagging jasmine vines covering the middle of the sign. Too bad the boys didn’t see it a fraction of a second later.

Hilde’s Whore House.

----}--@ @--{----


Chapter 6: Makes You Feel Fuzzy All Over

Women! Beer! Music! Women! Pretty Colors! Cheap Prices! Women! All the promises of Nirvana in a single home! Yessir, that’s the motto of Hilde Schbeiker, Mistress of Hilde’s Whore House and all therein.

Said Mistress was actually on the floor tonight, surveying her girls and copping tips from eager patrons. Everything was going fine, although the new girl Cathy couldn’t quite get her kicks right.

"Cathy! What exactly is the matter, dear?"

"Yes, Miss Hilde, but every time I do the high kick . . ." she leaned down to whisper, " . . . the gentlemen folk can see my unmentionables!"

Hilde blinked, not sure she heard that correctly. "You’re a Bloom, are you not?"

"Oh yes, Miss Hilde! My mother and grandmother both worked in this very brothel, and I intend to keep the act up!"

"Then get out there and SHOW SOME ASS! Those men want your unmentionables like I want pie, and you KNOW I get my pie when I damn well want it."

Cathy’s eyes grew, and she nodded her head. Pie was pie, and Hilde got her pie. Therefore, these men would get her ass before they could blink twice!

"Yes ma’am! I’ll be the Flower of the Bloom Family tonight!" With that, Cathy ran out to the stage to find a new lap. Hilde nodded, almost teary-eyed. Behind her, veteran dancer Sally Po approached.

"You’ve done it again, Miss Hilde. Another respectable whore out to please the masses. I am so proud to work here."

Hilde wiped the tears away. "Yes, my dear, it is good that I make young ladies into fine feys for men’s delights. I couldn’t imagine any other type of wor—oh my!"

Hilde’s words died on her lips and she saw what entered her threshold. Two young men, soaking wet from the now-raging storm! One with short dark hair that fell in his face, and another with a butt-length braid and purple eyes. Yum. Bustling out from the stage, Hilde approached the two men with a quaint smile.

"Hello, good sirs, and welcome to my humble aboad. I am Hilde, and am pleased to serve you this evening."

Heero shook his head, splashing a flick of water onto her. "Thank you, ma’am. My name is Heero, and this is Solo. We are looking for a room for the night. Do you have a vacancy?"

"A vacancy? Surely you jest, my dear boy! I have enough vacancies for the entire town! Just one night, I take it?"

Solo nodded, narrowing his eyes at the scantily clad women in the main bar of the house. "Excuse me, miss, but why are there—ACK!!" Before he could even get the words out, Hilde has latched herself on his arm.

"Mmmm, my my my, you ARE a delicious treat, aren’t you? Don’t you worry a bit, I’ll have the girls take care of you and your friend here. Miss Sally, please escort these two gentlemen to the . . . Nesting Suites. Put Sir Heero in the Grotto Room, and Solo in the Number Room."

"The what now?" The question was unanswered as Sally whisked the two up the stairs. Hilde waved pleasantly, keeping her smile on before turning and running to the backrooms. The door to the dressing rooms splintered and cracked at the force of her entry. The 4 occupants inside turned their heads.

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!" The single word sent the room in a riot.

"A man?!?"

"Is he cute?"

"Is he sweet?"

"Hold a second- is he gay?"

"Do we care? I think not!"

"Ooooooooo I’m so hungry!"

"Does he like blondes or red-heads?"

"I can be either! I’ll do anything!"

"When do we get laid already?!"

"LADIES, PLEASE!" The room hushed with Hilde’s order. "There are two gentlemen here for the night. One with a chestnut braid, the other with deep blue eyes. Braid Boy is mine, and you all get a stab at Mr. Perfect, OK? He’s in the Grotto Room of the Nesting Suites."

"The Nesting Suites? Isn’t that where . . . " A series of hand motions followed, and a sharp slap upside the head from Hilde ended it.

"NO! It’s where we play all-for-it."

"You mean all-for-tit, don’t you, Miss Hilde?"

"Shut up, Mariemaia."

"Yes ma’am."

"Iria, I want you to barricade the entrances as we go up there. No disruptions."

"Yes ma’am! Will Lady Po be accompanying us?"

"Sure! She needs a good roll in the sack to loosen her up. Oh, and take Cathy with you once she’s done out there. I’ll have Anne take her jobs for tonight."


"Tonight is our night, ladies! No more drunken pennyweight yahoos with equipment the size of a quarter roll! We have real, honest-to-goodness MEN!"

----}--@ @--{----

"This is King Milliardo when he was 12-years-old. He had just taken his first trip into the woods to hunt, but got caught in branches 5 feet on the road. It took then 2 hours to get him out."

"Ahh. Good to know he’s not a ‘stuck-up’ kind of person."



"Was that a joke?"

"I’m not sure."

"It was funny."

"Then I guess it was."

"How nice."

"Shall we go on?"

"All right."

Meiran was confused. Two feelings reveled in her at once. One was the deep and sudden affection she had for the prince beside her, and the other was the loyalty she had for King Milliardo to get rid of that prince. What was a courtier to do?

"Would you like to see the western ponds, Wufei? There’s something I must show you."

"If you must."

With a sigh and a step, they were on their way.

----}--@ @--{----

This is so extraordinary, thought Quatre as he unlocked the doors to one of the Guest Rooms. He’s held my hand all the way up here. He hasn’t let go. He didn’t smile once he got here until he met me, and WHAT WAS THAT DAMN MUFFIN SCENE ABOUT?! Quatre was almost mad about it. The unlocking of the door was a bit rough, as his feelings amplified his actions.

Sea blue . . . no no, bluebird blue . . . maybe it was sky blue after all . . . The fascination with Quatre’s eye color has kept Trowa busy for the walk to the room, but the color of his hair and lips and curve of body seemed to make his eyes so . . . unimportant.

I wanna kiss him, damn it. There! I thought it! I accept that I want to smooch that billowy blonde. The fight with his brain reflected his face, and Trowa’s sneer was unseen by the back of Quatre’s head.

Once the door was finally opened, Quatre flicked on the lights and went to draw the curtains. Trowa stepped in, giving an admiring look to the shelves of books and oak desk setting the room had. It was almost homey, the way the lights and atmosphere of the room blended with the dark gray of the clouds outside and the thundering rain.

Trowa looked over at Quatre, who was tending to extra pillows and quilts on his guest bed. The nagging urge that was at him all day finally snapped.

"Quatre," he said quietly as he walked over close to him.

"Yes, Trowa? Is there something you n—mmmff!"

Without hesitation, without blinking and without permission, Trowa kissed Quatre squarely on the lips. Hands on shoulders to keep him still and everything.

Seconds passed before he finally let go, staring down at the blonde with eyes greener that a tree leaf. Although actions speak louder than words, one must say what one must say. Once Quatre finally focused properly, Trowa found his voice.

"Quatre . . . "


"I’m as gay as a goose and tall as a tree. I’ve wanted to do that all day, ever since the muffin scene. I apologize for brash behavior and not asking, but I had to do it."

" . . . why’d you stop?"

"I dunno."

"Then get crackin’ again, my hormones are as charged as the lightning outside."

----}--@ @--{----


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