Bridge 1


"Hey Quatre, whatcha lookin' at?"

"I think the susnset's gonna be really pretty tonight. Oh! Oops. Where were we? The Holy Knight of Transfrendoor was begging with Galaxia for mercy, right?"

"And let's not forget he has to rescue the six little griffin girls *if* he survives."

"Okay," Quatre cleared his throat and started feigning one heck of a sob. "Galaxia! Have you no heart! Can you not some compassion to this tired warrior and if not him to the six innocents whose life depends on him?"

"Galaxia does not know the meaning of the word compassion! Haha! You'll never leave my sanctuary with all three of you legs! You will pay for the crimes of your people against my. Quatre?"


"If you're tired of playing, I'm sure the griffonettes can wait until tomorrow to be taken from the Dungeons of Eternal Forgetfulness. They probably don't even remember they're there."

"It's just I'd rather like to go for a walk and see the sun go down."

"Then they'll wait! Let's go." He dashed to the coat closet returning with both of their jackets, practically pulling his friend's on for him and yanking him outside where they went skipping down the stone steps to the beach which he skipped down three at a time. The little blond took a bit more time to follow.

"You know we forgot our shoes."

"Screw the shoes! I'm getting my feet wet." He sang and shouted and pattered out over the wave wet sand, taunting the tide to roll back in and wash over him. If it truly did choose to lower it's eternal position of uncontested power and obey his foolish calls, or if by it's own derision, it nonetheless came slopping over his receptive form. Their momentary wishes were both fulfilled. He was soaked from the knees down, his companion smiled at the sky as it lit up amber gold dappled with purple clouds as the gulls, brazen in the last offering of the crimson orb falling under the waves, sought out their roosts.

"Onainisama," Quatre called.

"Onainisama? Where'd that come from?"

"One of you old mangas you had at the boarding school. Heero read if off for me."

"Oh yeah. I didn't know you ever looked at them."

"Sometimes," he beckoned and the other boy came back to dry land where they continued to wander the length of the beach. "Well, I guess you feel better. That's good."

"Are you kidding? I feel like shit! But this- and you -sure takes my mind off it." Skipping along, he pulled a graceful spin on one ankle. "You're still trying to sort all this out, aren't you?"


His friend's eyes were fixed on the sand now and he felt for some reason that was too somber a mood. "Then what's on your mind? I'd offer you a penny for you thoughts, but I left my spare change back at the house." He backstepped, leaning his face in close as he cloud from the side secretly elated it wasn't pushed away.

"Those books upstairs, which one is your favorite?"

"That's it? You sure? Well, I like 'Empires of Azure'; there's this weird sympathy between me and one of the characters."


"She's a hermaphrodite too."

"Oh, I see!" he giggled just a little.

"Umhm! It's a pseudo-sexual exploration of mental gender- at least that's how *I* interpret it. There's ghosts in it too, but there always are."

Quatre blinked and took forever to register the comment. "Seriously, I did NOT have you pegged and an aesthetic."

"It's just an aspect of my dark side. If you think I've been trying to cover it up, I hate to tell you, but I've been indulging it in a modern sort of way since I was little. I love gothic stories and I'm a very sexual person."

"How can. but I thought you were religious?"

"Not every church is run by prudes, it's a common misconception. If they had been that strict anyway, they couldn't have kept me and as it was they never, or hardly ever, put 'shame' and 'sex' in the same sentence. It just wasn't considered appropriate for church because that's about adoration not lust. Because of the way I was raised though, I'm not a classic aesthetic. I kinda have a tendency to factor love in a lot of the time." He draped himself over the smaller boy and cooed, speaking quietly into his ear, "I do want to be loved. Very much. Not just like that. Don't ever take me lightly when I call you Ni-chan. I mean it. Now you don't have to be so shy. Tell me anything that's bothering you."

The little blond's heart took a very vicious beat and the weirdest sensation swept through his whole body. Do you have any idea how wonderfully creepy it is when you think someone may know you better than you know yourself, or at least have guessed something secret you wouldn't have ever told them? He went on as casually as he could anyway, whispering back. "Do you have a preference, male or female?"

Duo sighed and took a seat under some cracked broken stones, dusting off a place for his companion. "I usually don't- I'm willing to take whoever is willing to be with my in the first place. Somedays it's girls, somedays it's guys. Even when I just fantasize and play with myself a lot." Laughter again.

"Erp. Do you. do you ahh. do it while you read your books." His fingers were wrenching suspiciously.

"Nah. I like to make things up on the spur of the moment." Pause. "Hmm, could you do a little something for me?"

"I'm not su-..."

"It's not anything like that! Just say 'Do you get yourself off'?"

"D-d-d-duo! This is silly." he chuckled abashedly.

"Just try it, for meeeee!"

*GULK* "Do you get yourself off?"

"I knew it! Your ears are blushing!"

His hands clamped over the offending cartilage. "Of course they are! I don't usually talk about this sort of thing."

"Why not? You just asked me."

"I didn't ask to know if you jerked off!" The sudden bit of his words was drowned out as his hands went from his ears to his lips.

"My bad. I never shut up."

"Mine too. So, since we seem to be stuck on this line of questioning; what is it that you fantasize about?"

"Well it's so *spontaneous*. Once, I was Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi and other six of guys of Miaka's all had me but the other night I wasn't even human- I just looked human I was really a female dragon after a sacrifice. And the classic orgy of course, a bunch of strangers all trying madly to satisfy each other. I don't use that one a lot."


"So, it's my turn now, right?"

"What do you mean 'your turn'?"

"You've been asking me all these questions so... don't panic! I'll start with something easy; have you got a crush?"

"That's not easy!" But mumbling, "Yes."


"I can't. tell you at all!" and with that he scrambled up the rocks and sat himself on the highest one with an almost bratish pout.

His friend only stood up and gently added. "If it's a secret, I understand."

"Oh they don't even know!" In his silence he hunched over in uncertainly and the other former pilot stood on a boulder below, holding himself to the edge of the other boy's tower so they were once again face to face. That only made his butterflies swarm more rapidly and wrote a distinct nervous grin on his face. /It would be such a relief to finally spit it out, get it off my chest./ So very slowly and through giggles. "Duo, I'm gay."

"How cute!"

He gagged a little and fought to restrain himself from bolting or just running down the shore, cartwheeling in release. "And I'm in love Trowa."

"Wow, cool! I knew you two were close friends and I guess I kinda thought maybe. you're such a perfect couple."

He sighed. It was over. But instead of coming down, he let this jester of his that was ever so much more join him and they were side by side again. "I don't even think he knows we're close friends. I wanted to say something before we were separated, but I never had a chance. I mean I never took the chance. Maybe. All those papers upstairs are love letters that never come out right and I probably couldn't mail them anyway."

"Quatre, you are SO sweet. I can't get over it. And you've got a very tender heart so there's nothing wrong with being scared to tell him. Just let it come when you're ready and you'll be fine."

"But I AM ready! I've been ready so long it's driving me crazy! I just can't put into words what I feel for him. I always get lost in my daydreams! I just keep screwing up."

"Then do what you do in your daydreams! Tell him about that."

"No! No! Anything but that! He'll feel stupid and it's way too personal, I mean kinda."


"Just this one and it's not even an accurate picture of what I want between us. I don't want to rush him, I need SOME time. It's just. my only fantasy." He leaned back against the long-haired boy and spoke as if he really was musing on it fully, nothing more. "I'd like to catch him fresh out of the bath, right after he's started to feel cold but he's actually all warm and soft to the touch. I'd like for him to sit down in the chair at my desk by the window with nothing on but the moonlight that's making him look so beautiful. At first we both just stay there, looking out over the stars and the ocean but I wouldn't say anything, or hesitate, I'd just take his hand and put it on my cheek. To see if it was alright that I touch him. Then I'd get down on my knees in front of him and ever so slowly caress his thighs apart so I. Damn! This makes me sound really submissive, huh?"

"A little."

"Well I can't help it! I just really want to. to. to." he was fighting to produce a fitting euphemism.

"Give him a."

"To make a popsicle of him!" he shouted with a smile nearly as ridiculous as his companions, who, speaking of him, sweatdropped rather severally. "It's nasty, isn't it?"

"No, of course not. I've always thought of it myself."

"You never have?"

"No, I'm a virgin actually. Never gotten beyond second base."

"Oh don't feel left out. I've never even been kissed."

"You kissed me."

"That was just a little! It's totally different."

"And brothers are allowed to kiss."

"Huh?" he cringed slightly. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

The braided one was grinning from ear to ear, as invitingly as he could, eye mostly closed. "Would you like me to kiss you, or are you saving yourself for Trowa?"

Quatre giggled a bit but eventually ran the backs of his hands over his face, closing his eyes. "Okay. But just this once and only if you promise it won't change anything."

"I promise," He gingerly laid his hands on the bony, tender shoulders feeling a slight falter as he did so.

The little blond couldn't even quite make out what emotions had taken him by now and he felt the other boy's palms starting to brush over his reddened cheeks. He knew he was shrinking back a bit now and again, but Duo seemed to understand as he held Quatre's face in his hands, leaning forward and brushing their noses together before ever so casually taking his lips with his own. His friend was calm them, letting the sensation sink a little deeper in his thoughts even as he opened up his mouth for an invitation. The other boy whimpered appreciatively, nuzzling his supple skin with the tongue that started coaxing his open. He parted his lips the smallest bit in offering, running his fingers into the baseof his friend's braid. Duo's tongue slipped inside and he shuddered at the hot slippy sensation of it, tentatively loving his mouth. He let him self open, give out everything he had, pulling them so close together. But he had to come up for air.

"Wow," was all he could manage.

"You like it?"

"Yeah. Umm. thank you."

"Don't mention it Ni-chan. You're really good for a first time." Pause. "You don't fancy a go at it on the sand, do you?"

They both laughed.

"Mmm! You are too much. But it's starting to get dark."

"Better get back inside before we freeze then."

"Would you have some coffee with me?"

"Coffee? Sure. But you haven't asked for coffee since I got here."

"I was too upset. I couldn't enjoy it."

Hand in hand, they jumped down from the rocks and started home.


End Bridge 1