Title: Spirits
Author: Pyro
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Category: Fantasy/AU
Pairings: None yet, eventually 1X2/2X1, 3X4/4X3 ( I consider these my "standard pairings")
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Spirits: Part 1

    The place was enormous, was AJ's first thought. Her second thought was that she hoped her sister didn't scope the turret room on the third floor. If Helena had seen it, then Mother and Father would, of course, let their "precious princess" have it. AJ growled quietly. She really did hate her sister. Helena was considered perfect. With her graceful, willowy figure, blond curls, and guileless blue eyes, she was the exact opposite of AJ's thin, short frame, big green eyes, and wild, unruly carroty mane.  Where Helena was a strait A student, AJ did enough to get by.  Where Helena was extremely popular, AJ hung on the fringes. According to their parents, Helena was the perfect daughter, while AJ was the problem child. But all Helena's perfections hid a nasty disposition. While Helena put on a convincing front for their parents, AJ saw her true colors.

    As the moving van pulled into the drive, AJ's parents came to greet them. Rather than suffer through five hours of snide comments and derogatory remarks, AJ had opted to ride with the movers.  As their Father spoke to the movers, Helena sidled up.

"I've already picked my room, Jeanie. Don't bother to even look at it." AJ cringed at the use of the hated middle name.  Tossing her braid, AJ snapped back," Then tell me which room it is. I don't want to waste my time, ya know." Helena just smirked at her.

"Second floor on the left." AJ grinned.

"Didn't want that one anyway. Dibbs on the tower!"

"AJ, we can't get that door open. It is sealed shut." Her mother said. AJ thought for a moment then asked," If I can get the door open, can I have that room?" Her mother shrugged.

" If you really want it."  AJ grinned and with a yelled," Thanks, Mom!" ran off into the house.

    AJ pounded up the stairs and finally came to the closed door. Knocking gently on it, she ran her hands around the edges. "Hmm, doesn't seem to have warped." AJ turned the knob, noting that it worked smoothly. She pushed against the door, without success. She pushed again, with more force, and felt a give. Grinning, AJ turned her shoulder to the wood and shoved. Nothing happened. Blowing her bangs off her forehead, AJ shoved again. This time,the knob slipped from its catch, but the door caught on the frame.

"Well, this is easy to fix." AJ backed up and got a running start. Launching herself at the door,  she threw her shoulder into the wood. The door crashed open, and AJ stumbled through with the triumphant cry of " Victory is mine!"

For the first time in a long time, someone was on the other side of the door. The Gundam pilots watched in awe as the knob turned and the door started to open. Though it caught several times, the person on the other side was persistant. Finally, the knob slipped its moorings, and the door began to open, only  to catch once again. Muttering  could be heard from the other side, then with a crash the door opened, and a small body came sailing into the room.

"Victory is mine!" the figure exclaimed.

"Who is that?" Heero quieried.

"If I'm  not mistaken, that's our monkey wrench." Duo replied.

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