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Author: Pyro
Title: Spirits
Category: Fantasy/AU
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Spirits: Prologue

The laugh was the worst, Duo thought. It was high, shrill and maniacle.

"Now, Heero! If I can't have you, no one else can, either!"

"No, Relena! Stop this!" Milliardo tried to stop his sister's spell, but it was too late. The pilots stood together to a man as she recited the binding words.

"To see, yet never be seen,
To know, yet never be known,
To hear, yet never be heard,
To touch, yet never be touched,
I bind you to these walls til the sky comes tumbling down."

And with those words, the Gundam pilots were sealed within the old house. The years passed, and Relena Peacecraft did as well. The old house was sold to a woman named Madame Chloe. She was one of the rare people who are known as mystics. Though she could not break the spell, she was able to alter it some. She created a way for the cuse to be broken. If an unwanted child could be convinced to speak the correct words, then the curse would be lifted. In addition, she sealed the door to the attic room. Only the curse breaker would be able to open the door. In Madame Chloe's words, she "threw a monkey wrench into the curse."


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