Title: The Immortals
Author: Pyro
Archive: Yes, please
Rating: PG - Nc17
Pairings: None that matter, yet
Notes: This is a little intro fic. The GW cast will show up in later stories, but this is an intro to my original characters. I've had this idea for a while, now, but I wasn't quite sure how or if I could pull it off. I hope it comes out ok. Last little note, the GW cast DOES NOT make an appearance here. There are references to them, but they are not going to show up in this fic. The Mad Five do have a short little cameo, but that's it. You have been warned, so don't flame me. Flames will be laughed at and used to light rockets to be launched at said flamers.
Disclaimers: I don't own GW, I only wish I did. The original characters are mine, though, so if you do decide to play with them, let me know first. And all complaints are to be sent to my muse, Lucien.

At one time, cryogenics was thought to be the elusive answer to all ills. Experiments were performed and people tested. Soon, however, problems arose. The human body and mind could not withstand the freezing temperatures of the cryog tubes. People who went in, never came out alive. Then a serum was discovered. The serum elevated the body's temperature just enough to keep the person alive.... for a few hours. The project was scrapped, and families compensated.

However, as with all scientists, there were radicals. Mad men who believed themselves to be the chosen of God. In their pursuit of immortality, these "doctors" discovered seven rare teenagers. Hailing from all walks of life, these seven teens had one thing in common: they had a protein that countered the effects of the cryog tube. Mad men tend to be devious, and so to enlist the teens' cooperation, a mysterious disease was concocted and administered. The disease was nothing more than a serum to enhance the body and mind. The teens' treatment was the cryog tubes. The medical community soon discovered what the scientists were up to, and their operation was shut down. However, the seven teens were never found. They were presumed dead.

The years passed. Fifty, one hundred, then, one hundred and fifty years after they were lost, there was a stirring in seven long- forgotten tubes. The tubes were tucked away in the corner of an abandoned ranch house, in the middle of nowhere. As the seven teens stepped out of their prisons, they discovered that, while they were still the same, they were also very different. They had not aged in one hundred fifty years. Also, the acquired "powers". One had the power of the shadows, one had empathy, another had telepathy, one had the power of the plants, another the power of water, one had the power of weather, and the last one had dual powers; the power of fire and of healing. For another hundred years, they sequestered themselves in order to learn to control their powers.

The teens never aged, but they kept the knowledge and memories of what the had learned over the years. And they watched, stepping in only to avert the destruction of civilization. They saw colonies go up in space, and watched as war threatened to tear the universe apart. Then they saw five scientists, who were working to save the colonies, but at the cost of more lives and the entire planet Earth. To avert destruction, the teens, who had become known as The Watchers, joined forces with the scientists. They were passive fighters, used for defense, not offense. They watched in outrage as five children of the colonies were chosen to wreck havoc on Oz. They then waited for those same children to be sent to them, for further "training". The decision was reached, when the children came, not training would ensue. The Watchers would instead try to give the children of the stars what they had never had, a normal life. And with this decision, The Watchers settled down to wait.

Hmmmm. Interesting. Well, that was my prologue. I have to get the first story turned out, but I'm having trouble starting it, so it may take a while. As always, comments and criticism appreciated. And thanks to all who mailed me about Cat's Eyes. I'll be getting back to that story shortly. Later, y'all!