Title: Guardian Angels
Author: Pyro
Disclaimer: I don't own GW, but the original characters are mine.
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Sam was bored. A bored Sam was a bad thing, as the angels of Heaven had discovered. She was currently pestering Saint Peter.

" Come ON, Peter! There HAS to be something I can do. " Peter sighed, somewhat used to Sam's melodramatics after two hundred years of having her spirit bounce back and forth from realm to realm. Sam was an odd spirit; she had died and been "lost" for a good hundred years. Unlike most spirits, she did not automatically go to the Gates. Instead of heeding the call, she watched over her comrades she had left behind. After that, Michael had found her aimlessly wandering. Because she had not gone to the Gates, she had to choose between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. She asked if she could see what both Heaven and Hell were like before making her decision. Michael agreed. Unfortunately, she found out that both got old real quick. Heaven, she proclaimed, was full of the Holier than those, and was very strict. She hated it. Hell, she found out, was quite warm, which really didn't bother her. It was also filled with the scum of the world. She pitied Lucifer, because he really was a nice guy. To make matters worse, she had an unpredictable sense of humor. Often she would spike Michael's drinks, and she initiated poker nights between Lucifer and Michael. They all met in various bars on neutral ground - Earth. So now she was a bored spirit.

An odd glint caught her eye. Turning her head, she saw a new decender, and he didn't have a Guardian. Curious, she nudged Peter. " Who's that?" Peter's head snapped up. He narrowed his eyes, glancing between the decender and the spirit. " A new child will be born soon." Sam sighed, "I figured that out, genius. Why doesn't he have a Guardian?" Peter sighed again, sadly. " He has been marked by Astaroth. We cannot find an angel who will guard him because of this. He is also special. Many things will happen in his life." Sam narrowed her eyes at Peter, and stuck her hand out for the child's file. "Peter, fork it over." She scanned the file, yes this child would have a difficult life. Then her eyes lit up. " Explosives? Lots and lots of explosives." She chuckled and looked at the saint. "Pete, this kid doesn't need an angel, he needs a demolitionist and bombs expert. Fortunate, isn't it, that that happens to be my specialty?" Peter looked unconvinced. " Sam, he has been touched by Astaroth." Sam snorted, "Cut the crap, you know we are compatible. It's not like I'm new at this, ya know. Besides, it'll get me out of your hair for a good century or so. C'mon, Peter! Who else ya gonna get? No one, right? So it's me or nothing!" Peter rubbed the bridge of his nose." Sam, you aren't an angel." Sam shrugged. "So make me one." Peter nodded.

The ceremony was a simple one. Sam was blessed, given a gold halo and pristine white wings and a giant handbook. " There are certain things you can and cannot do. Your primary goal is to make sure your charge leads a happy, full, long life. You cannot abandon your charge, unless he throws you out. Read the book, it will tell you of your powers, abilities, and duties. " Sam nodded.

That evening, Sam experimented with her powers, starting with her halo. Concentrating, she formed a long knife and sheath. Then she changed her clothes. The flowing white robes became fatigue pants and a shirt saying " Bomb technician: If you see me running try to keep up." Her sandals became combat boots, with rainbow laces. Her wings, hmmm, what to do with those. She grinned. Slowly the white wings became black, the under feathers taking on a red tint, making a fire mural. She chuckled. Peter was going to have a shit fit. Yawning she rolled over and dozed off. Her charge would be born tomorrow.

The joyous event of the birth of the child who would call himself Duo Maxwell was celebrated by the mother's abrupt decision to depart hence from this life. The child was put in an orphanage and Sam did the only thing she could do until she got control of her powers. She watched him like a hawk. She also broke a few rules. She showed herself to the child, occasionally feeding him and talking to him. Her name was the first word he said.

Things went on in this manner for about three years. Then a new administrator showed up. The boys started to walk funny. It didn't take Sam too long to figure out what was up. With his big beautiful eyes and fat baby cheeks, the child was too cute for his own good. She took the child and hopped the nearest shuttle out of that colony.

L2 wasn't much better, but it was safer. Sam and the child hooked up with Solo and his angel, Shalome. The two angels became good friends and watched the children grow up together. Then, tragedy struck. The L2 plague was the worst in the history of space. An airborne disease, it was released one day into the filters by the colony leaders to rid the streets of "trash". Thousands died as a result. To protect her charge, Sam stole the cure and gave it to him. He was the only child strong enough and skilled enough to steal remedies for the rest of the gang. Shalome did not approve of her methods, but Sam really didn't care. The child managed to save the gang, but not Solo. Sam stood watch over the child as he held his dying friend and wept. Her knife had become an AK-47 during the course of their life, and she held it like a torch to keep the monsters away. Solo looked up at his friend. " Hey, it'll be good. Boys don't cry. But I gotta go now, a pretty lady is standing over me. There is one standing over all of us, and she is pretty, too. I think she is yours." " Sniff....what.. what do they ..look like?"
"Well, mine has dark skin and black eyes and hair and she's really pretty, like a gypsy. She has a halo and white wings. Yours has curly reddish hair, it kinda looks like fire. Her wings are black and red, it's really cool. She is wearing pants, boots, and a black shirt. She has a gun, and is crying. And hey, she smiled at me! What is your name, pretty lady? I'm Solo, Kid doesn't have a name yet. And I'll be gone soon." Shalome smiled," I am called Shalome, and your friend's angel's name is Sam. YOur friend will not be alone, he will always carry a part of you in his heart." Sam nodded, "And he has me. I may not be able to talk back sometimes, but I'll always protect him." Solo smiled," You're Guardian Angels. Hey Kid, we got angels. Mine says you'll always have a piece of me in your heart. So you'll never be alone. And yours says she'll take care of you. Her name is Sam. Mine's Shalome. They're nice. I'm tired, Kid and it's getting cold." "You'll always be a part of me, Solo. Like there'll be two of us? A Duo. That's my name now, Duo." The newly christened Duo held his friend until the chill of death set in. Sam stepped in and covered the boy's body with a cardboard box and closed his eyes. Then she wrapped her arms around Duo and let him cry until he slept. Sam carried the child back to the gang. The other angels looked on as she led the children to a section of town where a church stood. They would be safer here. The other angels nodded in approval.

Gradually, Duo settled into the role of leader. He was a quick thief and never got caught. He often talked to Sam and Solo, voicing his hopes and dreams. One day, he ran into an old priest named Father Maxwell. The Father convinced Duo that the kids would be better off off of the streets. Duo agreed and they all moved into the church. Times were good for awhile. But all good things must come to an end. A terrorist group burned the church to the ground, and for the second time, Sam held Duo as he wept.

The years passed and Duo grew from a child to a teenager. Joining the Sweepers, he managed to make a living. Sam stayed and helped where she could. Though she had on occasion broken through the physical plane, she had yet to be able to speak to Duo. He still talked to her on occasion, and she would comment back. Then Duo met a man named G. And a whole new chapter in their lives began.


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