Title: Guardian Angels
Author: Pyro
Disclaimer: I don't own GW, but the original characters are mine.
Notes: 1X2, 3X4, 5X?
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Another thing running rampant through my brain. Lucien (my muse) won't let me be. C&C's, please.
Chapter 1

Sam hovered above Duo as the boy cheerfully tinkered with the wires on a large humanoid machiene. She watched him make an adjustment and began to gripe. "This is so not a good idea. I really don't like this. Who was the one with the bright idea to give teenagers these wepons of mass destruction? For that matter, why teenage BOYS? Yes, the combination of testosterone, hormones and explosives is just a WONDERFUL idea. What moron thought this up? Hey, Kid, take a break from that thing, will ya? There is a big, wide wonderful Earth out there. And it's a sunny day. Go outside, play! You won't get to do that for a while." Sam harrassed Duo, and made him 'hear' her. Duo streched and put his tools up. " It's nice outside. I think I'll go exploring. " Sam grinned.

"Duo, that was one great game. " Sam and Duo collapsed on the couch after a fun game of sandlot baseball. "I knew you were a slugger! Hehe!" Just then, the computer began to beep. Sam groaned. A message from G. They were to go to a summit meeting and destroy the Oz officials who attended. Sam scratched her nose. " Kid, I got a baad feeling about this."

The Gundams watched in horror as Wing sliced the Oz transport. Then Wufei's voice broke through. "You fools, we were set up. General Noventa was on that ship. We were Oz's pawns." Sam closed her eyes. " God help us, we just escalated the war." Duo was stunned silent. Then Sandrock's pilot spoke, "We need to regroup and see how this will affect things. I have a residence that we can use as a safehouse. I am patching the coordinates through now. Sandrock out. " Quatre's sweet voice faded. Sam and Duo looked at the coordintes. It was a large manor house in England. "Well, there is a place to put this thing," Sam said. Duo nodded absently and powered up his thrusters. Behind them, Sam heard Wing's pilot yell, "I totally screwed up!" She sighed, that boy had problems.

The English countryside was gorgeous. And damp. And cold. Sam sneezed as she crawled from Deathcythe. Both she and Duo turned up the collars on their coats and wandered up to the house. Duo had his large military issue duffle bag slung over his shoulder and was carring a long black case. Sam chuckled. She knew what he kept in that case, and if anyone else ever found out, he would probably be laughed at. 'Ah,well, at least I know he has some memory of me.' It was a comforting thought. Duo whistled apperciatively as he glanced around the manor.

"Hey Quatre, nice diggs!" Quatre blushed and murmured a reply. Sam chuckled. Duo bounced around for a few minutes and then said, "So, where do I stay? Deathcythe is nice, but rather cramped." Quatre smiled at this, Sam rubbed her lower back and grimaced. " We will each have out own rooms, so you don't have to worry about that." Sam smiled at this news, and headed off to find a place to crash. She ended up in an attic. Digging around a bit, she came up with a nice hammock, which she strung across a stained glass window. She ransacked the linnen closets and found a pillow and some blankets. Smiling to herself, she went to check on Duo. She found him sprawled out on a huge bed in his room. He had a nice view from the second floor. Sam noticed Duo was still wearing his cap and boots. she gave a little wistful smile at the sight. She remembered when she had given him that cap. It had been for his tenth birthday. He had still been small enough that she had crouched down in front of him and plunked it on his head. Then she had introduced him to Howard and the Sweepers. Still smiling, she pulled off his boots and rolled him under the covers, then hung his hat on the mirror where he would be sure to see it in the morning.

Sam woke to screams. Before her feet hit the floor, she recognized them as Duo's. She coalseced through the floors and sat on his bed. Making a quick decision, she slipped in the bed and cradeled him as she had done years ago. Smoothing his sweaty bangs away from his face, she sang an old lullaby.

"Huna blentyn yn fy mynwes
Clyd a chynnes ydyw hon
Briechaiu mam sy'n dyn am danat,
Cariad mam sy dan fy mron
Ni cha dim amharu'th gyntun
Ni wna undyn â thi gam
Huna'n dawel, anwyl blentyn
Huna'n fwyn ar fron dy fam"

The door creaked open, and Sam looked up in some astonishment to see Quatre and Wufei standing there and looking at her, as oposed to through her. Wufei spoke," What? " Sam cut him off. "Nightmares, he'll be fine. Go back to bed, boys." Her tone brooked no arguements. Hopefully, they would chalk this up to a bad dream and forget about it in the morning. She hoped.