Author: Fire Elf (Pyro)
Title: Cat's Eyes
Warnings: Definitely OOC, Yaoi,1x2,3x4, language, AU, and other fun stuff.
Notes: < Pyro walks out, waves> Hi all! This is my first GW fic, it's also my first yaoi and lemon, or maybe it'll just be a citrus fruit, I don't know yet. All comments are welcome, flames will be laughed at and used to light explosives, which will then be shot into the night sky < demonic laugh> . Please be gentle. And if you don' t like it, blame my muse, Lucien.

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Additional Notes: This will be told in first person, third person, and the omnipotent fly-on -the-wall points of view.
'blah' = thought,or telepathy
"blah"= spoken

Chapter 1

I was not a happy person. Not only had I managed to get captured again, but I was strapped to a lab table. Circumstances being what they were, I was understandably pissed. The doctor standing over me jabbed a syringe in my arm. Whatever it was he squirted into me hurt like all the fires of Hell, and I let him and everyone within a five mile radius know exactly what I thought of him, his family, how, when, and where he was conceived, and exactly what his mother had done for a living, and which street she had done it on, and his father's dubious parentage by various members of the animal kingdom. Then I proceeded to pass out.

When I again returned to the land of the living, I was back in the cell with Quatre. This time, I was not only handcuffed, but gagged as well. I guess the Doc. was not too happy with me. I wasn't too happy with me, either. I will never learn to control my mouth. Quatre looked at me with sympathetic eyes. I knew he was sorry he couldn't remove my gag, but his hands were cuffed behind him. "Don't worry, Duo. They'll get us out of here." I groused and mumbled a few explicatives. He gave me a curious look. "Duo, when we get out of here, please tell me what it was you said to make them gag you. They've never done that before." I grinned behind my gag and nodded enthusiastically. I loved "corrupting" Quatre, almost as much as he loved being "corrupted". He had led such a sheltered life, he couldn't even cuss properly. I had made it my mission to remedy that. The Maganacs were not amused. Then my ears picked up a soft click. I grunted at Quatre, and we scooted back. Seconds later, the door blew open. "Trowa!"

"Meewow" Heero gave me a strange look and I swear, he almost smiled. I was ecstatic. I was being rescued by, in my humble opinion, the hottest guy in the universe, and he almost smiled at me. Be still my heart.

We didn't waste time chatting. Quatre and I were given guns and we raced along the corridors to our Gundams. I didn't even take the time to admire Deathcythe Hell like I usually do. I was in too much of a hurry, and an odd pain was beginning at the base of my spine. Plus, I just wanted out of here.

Back at the safe house, Quatre turned to me. "What exactly did you say to them to make them gag you, Duo?"

I grinned at him. "Oh nothing much. I just gave him my speculations on his parentage, and which member of the animal kingdom his father was." Quatre raised an eyebrow and my grin widened. "I decided it was an amoeba." Quatre choked on a laugh, and quickly looked around. Then he looked at me, and I looked at him, and we collapsed in laughter. We were still laughing when Heero and Trowa wandered up to us. Heero looked at us as if we had lost our minds, and Trowa's look wasn't that far off from Heero's. Unable to help ourselves, Quatre and I looked at them and then glanced at each other. Then we doubled over laughing again. "Quatre," I managed to gasp out, "It wasn't that funny."

"I know," he replied.

"Then why are we laughing so hard?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." I stood up suddenly as a dull throbbing started in my lower back. Turning to Heero, I gave my most charming smile. "I'm gonna go get cleaned up. I smell like I've been in a dungeon." Heero snorted at me.

"Hn, hurry up." Snapping off a quick salute, I hurried inside.

I love long hot showers. They always relax my muscles and help me sleep. After my shower, I popped some painkillers and collapsed on my bed. I was out instantly.


Chapter 2

I awoke to a pounding on the door. "Duo, dinner!" Quatre, you are a saint. I yawned and stretched then looked at my arm in confusion. I must have fallen asleep in my clothes. Then I remembered I had taken a shower and crashed in my boxers. Oh shit. I was getting a bad feeling about this. I quickly stood up, only to fall flat on my face. I glanced at my hands, then did a double take. I had paws. Large paws covered in black fur. With claws. I glanced back. Oh SHIT. I have a tail. Oh God, Oh Shit. I heaved myself up and padded to the mirror. Please just let this be a bad dream, a really bad dream. Then I looked in the mirror and screamed.

Well, I would have screamed if I could have. It came out as a yowl. A really loud yowl. Quatre was the first in the door. "Allah have mercy," he breathed.

I turned to him and glared. "No shit!" I said. Again I got yowls and howls. "Oh this is really bad. What am I gonna DO?" I was starting to hate the fact that everything I said was a growl, howl, yowl, or some other interesting noise. Heero, Trowa, and Wufei hit the room at the same time. Their reactions varied. Trowa's eye widened, Wufei gasped in shock, and Heero pointed his gun at me. The usual reaction. I groaned and sank to the floor, covering my head with my paws. Quatre was the first to speak.

"Duo? Is that you?" I sighed and heaved myself up and padded over to him. Rearing up on my hind leg, I placed my paws on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. Then I nodded. I glanced over to Heero, his gun was hanging slack from his fingers. I meandered over to him and took it gently in my mouth and laid it on the table.

Wufei laughed, "I should think that would convince you it was Maxwell." I growled at him. I love Wu like a brother, but that was unnecessary.

"What are we going to do?" asked Quatre.

"The scientists should know," was Wu's response. Thank you WU! I turned to Heero, who was still stunned. With a sigh I walked over to him and tugged gently on his shirt. He just looked at me. Well Hell. I walked around behind him and nudged him with my nose. No response. I finally lost my patience and nipped him right under his buttocks. That got him moving. I moved down the hall to his room, muttering obscenities the entire way.


I looked at the others. Heero still looked shell-shocked. I could hear Duo muttering his way down the hall. "What the Hell are we going to do?" Trowa looked surprised at my language. He shouldn't be, Duo had taught me all the good cuss words.

Trowa replied, "Wufei was right. We should talk to the scientists."

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes Trowa can be so taciturn it drives even me nuts. I sighed and grabbed Heero and dragged him down the hall. Duo was pacing in front of the laptop. He grabbed Heero and led him to the chair and then butted his head against Heero's back. Heero landed in the chair and automatically booted up the computer. Soon Dr.G's face appeared.


Damn, I had no idea Heero would take it this hard. I mean, I haven't gotten over it, but I had hoped....... Oh well. I reared up on my back legs and draped my front paws over his shoulders, much like I did when I was normal, but this time I perched my chin on his head. Behind me I heard Quatre snicker. I just twitched my tail at him. Then G came on.


Duo was a cat. A damn BIG cat. I was having a hard time assimilating this. Yeah me, the Perfect Soldier, was having a hard time. I had always thought of Duo as being cat-like, and he was, but this was ridiculous. Then he reared up on me and I had to hide a smile. Yeah, he was still Duo. And I still loved him. Loved him? Where had that come from? But yeah, I do love Duo, I just don't show it. G popped up on the screen, interrupting my thoughts.

"Heero Yuy, what can I do for you?" He asked.

I nodded to Duo. "We have a problem." Duo snorted at that, he's so eloquent. "Duo has been turned into a cat." G looked at Duo and whistled in amazement. Funny, I never thought of G as the whistling type.

He said, "Did they inject him with anything?" Duo nodded.

G sighed, "You'll have to bring him in. I need to run tests to see if the drug can be reversed. In the meantime, keep him calm, and don't let him be alone. G out."

I blinked at the screen. "I guess I'll watch him. There is an extra bed in here he can stay in." Duo grumbled.


'Well this sucks big dick.' I was not happy to say the least. Then Quatre stunned me.

"Don't worry Duo, you'll be fine." I starred at him in shock. Did he just, no, not possible. Quatre looked at me and said, "What isn't possible?"

I was ecstatic. 'You can hear me!!!!!!' I jumped him and knocked him to the floor, then proceeded to lick him from chin to forehead, making his bangs stick straight up. He giggled and pushed me off him.

"What was that all about," Heero asked.

Quatre looked at him. "Can't you hear Duo? It's a very faint voice, but it's there."

Heero shook his head and my shoulders drooped. Then he did something completely un-Heero-like. He scratched my ears. "Don't worry about it, Duo. I'm sure I'll be able to hear you soon." I nodded. The rest of the day was spent moving me into Heero's room and going to G's. He said he'd have the results in a day or two.


Chapter 3

It had been nearly a week since I had gone to G's. He was still working on the antidote, but he said my condition wasn't permanent. Thank God. The guys could all hear me now, and Wufei said I was even more annoying in his head. I hadn't learned how to control my thoughts very well yet, and still broadcasted to everyone, but I was getting better.We were all grounded for a while, because of me, I couldn't help thinking, but the guys seemed happy enough. Heero had been especially nice to me. It was starting to get on my nerves. Nothing I did made him angry. It just wasn't normal. I didn't want to be treated any different. I was still me, for God's sake. Quatre's head popped out the open window to look at me in the tree I was in.

"Well, Duo, if that's the way you feel, just tell them."

'I was broadcasting again?'

"Yep, loud and clear."

I sighed. 'It isn't that I don't appreciate the new Heero, but I liked the old one just fine. It's too much weirdness at once for me to handle. I'm still not used to my body. Now Heero's gone changing and it's really starting to screw with my head.'

Quatre smiled gently at me. "Well he's just come back, so go tell him." And with that said, he left me. I peered down and saw that Heero had indeed returned from the store. I jumped through the window and went to meet him. Padding up the stairs, I nudged the door to our room open. Circling around, I settled myself in the sunshine and proceeded to wait.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I awoke, someone was sloooowly stroking me from head to tail. Yes, I am only human, but it felt gooooood. I started to purr. Then the hand left. ' Oh no, don't stop.' I whimpered.

There was a soft, rusty chuckle, and a familiar nasal voice saying, "Alright I won't." I cracked one eye open and saw Heero sitting cross legged at my right and then those hands started again, and I was in Heaven. Completely uncaring as to how this looked, I rolled on my back and stuck my feet in the air. Heero chuckled again and scratched me under my chin. Then he worked his way down my body. Then those talented fingers brushed my sides. I stiffened and twisted. I am so very ticklish on my ribs. "Hn".

Oh no. 'No Heero, please'.

"You're ticklish?"

'A bit' Heero's eyes lit up. Oh this is very bad. 'No, Heero,don't, oh no, not the ribs, please, not the ribs.' He did. I have come to the conclusion that Heero has a sadistic streak. My howls, yowls and growling purrs filled the room. Heero was merciless, but I got to see him smile. A real, honest-to-God, full-blown, smile. He really is beautiful. He finally stopped and left me laying there panting. 'You are evil.' Heero just smirked at me. I rolled over, stretched and got up. Yawning, I looked at Heero hopefully. 'Food?'

He snickered, "Yeah, Quatre cooked." I grinned. As long as I didn't have to cook I was happy.

We had gotten down to a nightly ritual. I'd come in and pounce on Wu and Quatre, Heero and Trowa would wrestle me off them, and then we'd eat. It was fun. After dinner, the call came in. It was G. He had news.

"I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?" Heero shrugged, news was news. G grunted at him. "The good news is that the condition will clear up on its own. If I mess with it, it could cause irreparable damage. The bad news is that Duo will fluctuate between forms when it begins to wear off. How long this will go on, I have no idea."

"So there is nothing we can do?" Quatre asked.

G shook his head. "Not a thing. However, I do have an injection that will prevent the rest of you from experiencing this. It's basically like the chicken pox, once you've had it, it can't ever effect you again." We nodded our understanding.

Then Heero asked the all-important question. "How long before it wears off?"

G shrugged, "Could be a week, maybe more." Oh, goody. The fun started the next day.

I'd gotten in the habit of sleeping in Heero's bed. Hey, I'm a cat, plus, it gave me an excuse to be near the Perfect Soldier. Hehe. But anyway. This morning I
woke up, finding things a bit hazy. And someone was stroking my hair, which felt really good. Waitaminute.....hair, not.....fur? I have hair.

"YES!!!! I AM FREEEE!!!!" Oops, did I yell that?

"Omae o koroso."

Shit. "Look, Hee-chan!" I leapt out of bed and spun on my toes. "I'm normal!"


I watched as he spun around, clothed in only his hair. Yes, I had noticed he was human, I had been stroking his hair for the past hour. It was one of the few pleasures I allowed myself. I wondered if this would impact our sleeping arrangements. I had gotten used to him in my bed. He seemed to be waiting for an answer. So I did the intelligent thing. I said "Hn". Good one, real bright, Yuy. Oh well, it worked. "I noticed, baka. Come on, let's go to breakfast."


Food! I can do food. I went into ultra-chatter mode on the way down the stairs. However, Mr. Murphy is a bastard, and life sucks. The pain started when I got to the table. I tried to catch myself and ended up face first on the floor. Then I felt my body change. "NOOOOO!" I howled. "God damnit, this sucks!" but that came out as a bunch of howls and growls. 'Someone up there hates me.'

Chapter 4

'Someone up there hates me.' I groaned as I pushed myself up on my feet. Then I heard a sound that could take paint off the walls.


Well, fuck. Wouldn't you know Relena would show up now. I glanced at Heero, he kinda had that deer in the headlights look. I glanced outside. It was a grey day, the kind that heralded rain. I grinned, if I timed this right..........


I heard the mental grin from Maxwell. 'If I time this just right.........' Oh Nataku, I thought, what is he up to. Maxwell had a decidedly lascivious grin on his face as he left the room. Heero, on the other hand, looked as close to outright panic as I'd ever seen him. I snickered. This was going to be interesting.


There is a God, and He has a sadistic streak. As I watched Duo wander off, all I could think was 'He's leaving me?' I heard Wufei snicker and glanced up. He was watching Duo and I with amusement. I glared. Then I ran and hid in our room, in the closet, for all of two seconds. I'd have to face it sometime. Now where did Duo put my gun?


I watch Heero run from the room. A few moments later two doors slammed. I giggled, "I wonder if he ever found his gun."


I circled the house and jumped up on to the roof. Creeping to the edge, I glanced around for Relena. There she was, pounding on the door.

"Heero, open up. I
know your in there!" I heard two more doors slam shut and had to grin. Even the Perfect Soldier could occasionally panic. Then a door eased open.

"Now, where
did he put my gun?"

'You won't need it, Hee-chan. Just sit back and enjoy the show.' His head popped out of a window.

"Duo.....what are you up to?" I looked
over my shoulder and grinned at him. He sighed.

'Go open the door, before she breaks it down.' Heero glared at me, but opened the door. I positioned myself right
above Relena's head.

"Oh Heeero," she crooned and got ready to glomp him. He backed up and I jumped.

'Flying KITTY!' My front paws hit her shoulders and I took her to the ground. Then I stared in her eyes. 'Boo!' I licked her from chin to forehead, making her bangs stick straight up. Then I grimaced. 'Ewwww. Too much make up, ojousan.' That did it, she screamed, and ran... in the direction she had come from. ' Mission accomplished!' Then I heard hearty laughter. I turned around, expecting it to be Quatre, but instead it was....TROWA?! I heard a snort, that turned into a laugh. Heero was laughing! Even Wu was chuckling. Quatre and I were just looking at each other. 'Well, I told you I had a plan...'

"Flying Kitty?" Trowa choked out.

'Um, yeah.'

Heero doubled over. "The look on her face! It was wonderful!"

Quatre said," I didn't know she could run that fast."

Wu grimaced," I didn't know she could scream that loud."

'I need a good strong drink.' I turned and went back in the house.'Too much weirdness.' To bed, I definitely needed to go back to bed. I yawned. Ooooooh , those covers look cozy. I glanced at the sky. Yup, it was definitely gonna rain. Big fat drops started to come down. I remembered breakfast, and went to ransack the kitchen. Then I carried some of my pilfered sausages back upstairs and munched on them as I curled up in the sheets. As I drifted off, I thought, 'They smell like Heero. Yum.'


I walked in to find a big cat snoozing under the sheets. I had to grin. I know how much Duo loves to curl up under warm covers and fall asleep listening to the rain. I peel back the sheets and crawl in beside him. A nap sounds like a good idea. He opens one eye and gives me a sleepy grin and a lick on my cheek. then he curls around me and we both sleep.

I wake up to happy purring. Duo is still wrapped around me, and I am stroking his head. I watch in amazement as his form slowly begins to shift, becoming less cat-like and more human. He groans throughout the procedure. When it's finished, he is laying next to me, still asleep, and wearing his boxers. He snuggles closer to me, one leg riding up between mine. I swallow hard, and keep stroking his hair. This is not helping my thoughts stay G-rated at all. One of his hands begins stroking my chest, going lower and lower, until he hits the elastic of my boxers. Oh, God, if he doesn't wake up soon, I 'm gonna lose it. I hear a dry chuckle,

"Who says I'm asleep." Then his hand dips inside my shorts. I gasp and raise my hips as he touches me.



I wake up to find myself changing. Oh this hurts. Heero's arms tighten around me, and I can't resist snuggling closer to him.He keeps stroking my hair. Hmmm. I wonder how long he can keep doing that. I run my fingers over his smooth chest and hear his quick gasp. So I do it again. And again, going lower with each time. My fingers hit the elastic of his boxers. I hear him mutter,

"If he doesn't wake up soon...." The rest is unintelligible.

I chuckle, "Who says I'm asleep." Then I push my hand in his shorts. He nearly comes off the bed when I touch him.

" Duooooo." YES, I have reduced Heero Yuy to moans. Let's see, if I do this.... I run my thumb along the ridge of his penis. He says something, I'm not sure what. I look up at him.

"Heero, open your eyes." His eyes pop open, the pupils dilated so only a thin strip of dark blue shows. "Do you want this?" I ask. I refuse to take advantage of him. He licks his lips and nods. I shake my head. "No, Heero. If you want me to keep going, say it. Otherwise, it ends now."


Say it? Say what? Don't stop Duo. I don't know what you are doing to me, but I like it. I'm on a sensory overload, and I am going to go mad if you stop. "Keep.. keep going...don't stop! Please don't stop." He smiles and leans in to kiss me.

"All right, you asked for it," he says. His mouth is sweet. Then he starts to kiss his way down my chest.


Duo grinned, this was going to be fun. He rolled so that Heero was completely under him. Then Duo began to kiss his way down Heero's body. At the same time, he held Heero's arms up above his head. "Keep your eyes open, Heero. You don't want to miss this." Heero moaned, but his eyes stayed open. Duo quickly reached over to the nightstand and felt around in one of the drawers. Finding a small tube he whisked it out and laid it on the bed beside him. Then he resumed his trek down Heero's body. His lips encountered the hard nubs on Heero's chest. Slowly his tongue swirled in ever decreasing circles and he nipped the little brown nub. Heero moaned and thrashed on the bed. Duo chuckled and did the same to the other nipple. Heero was writhing and moaning by the time he was done. Slowly Duo continued down Heero's body, pausing to lick and blow on his stomach right below his belly button. His fingers hooked into Heero's boxers. Duo looked up to ask a silent question. Heero nodded. Duo gently pulled down Heero's shorts.

Heero groaned as he was freed. "You..too," he gasped, reaching for Duo's hips.

Duo grinned and shucked his shorts. He then came back and began to tease Heero's length. Heero was a mass of feeling. Thought had long ago left him. All he could do was feel. And, oh, it felt good. And then Duo stopped. Heero moaned.

"Duo, what are you,......why....don't stop!"

Duo chuckled, "Patience, Heero." Hands slid slowly down his back and touched the pucker at his bottom. Heero arched then hissed in pain. Soon the pain was gone and Duo added another finger. The third finger went in and Duo hunted for that one spot. Heero screamed and came off the bed. 'Found it' Duo thought. He withdrew his fingers and slid something much harder and larger in. Heero gasped and arched against him. Duo thrust gently at first, then picked up the pace. He changed the direction of his thrust and hit Heero's prostate again and again. His hand came up and closed around Heero's erection. Heero screamed from the sensation, and went over the edge, taking Duo with him. Duo slowly sank down next to Heero. "Oh God," he groaned. Heero pulled him close and tucked Duo's chin under his head. Duo sighed and snuggled closer.

"Duo, next time, I get to be on top." Duo chuckled.

"You got it, Heero." And drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 5

I woke to the steady drubbing of Heero's heart. It was a reassuring sound, and I loved the feel of his arm wrapped around me. I craned my neck to look at the clock, it was only 4am. With a soft smile, I tipped my head up to look on the face of Heero Yuy. And blinked in surprise. His cobalt eyes gazed back down at me, full of desire, lust, and, dare I hope, love?

To cover my sudden rush of vulnerability, I gave him the cheekiest grin I could. Heero grunted down at me, and then ran his fingers down my spine. Oh that felt good. I arched into his hand and he chuckled a bit. Then he began to kneed the muscles of my back. That is the one thing guaranteed to make me go completely limp. I groaned and snuggled closer to Heero, quite content to stay right where I was for a good long time.

I heard Heero chuckle and smiled to myself. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. Not that I minded, but it was a bit weird.Then a thought occurred to me. What if he was being nice just because of the fact that I couldn't control when my body changed? What would happen when I was back to normal? And what about Relena? I know she thought of Heero as her knight in shining armor. What would she do when, if she found out about this? I must have been frowning, because Heero asked me,

"What's wrong?" Oh boy.


I was enjoying having Duo curled up next to me. I think, that if there was heaven on earth, this would be it. He practically melted into me when I started kneading his back. Then I noticed a slight change in his body. His face tensed up a bit and he began to frown. This wasn't good. "What's wrong," I asked him. He looked up at me, startled, then he sighed.

"Heero, you've changed a lot. Not that I don't like it, I love it. You laugh more, and it's not those creepy psychotic laughs you used to do. But, what happens when I'm back to normal? Are things still going to stay as they are? Or are we going to go back to the way things were before all this happened? And what about Relena? She sees you as her knight in shining armor. What will happen when, if she finds out? I'm just worried, that's all." He tried to shrug it off, but his voice was that of a lost child.

I pulled him closer, as if he would leave me if I didn't hang on tightly to him. "I don't know, Duo. I do know that I love you, and nothing will ever change that. But I don't know what will happen. I can't tell the future. I can only live in the present. I do know that I need you. You make me feel human, something I haven't felt in a long time. All I can ask is that you don't give up on me." I held my breath,waiting.

Then I felt his arms tighten around me, and I sighed in relief. "All right," was his answer. It was good enough for me.


Chapter 6

I groaned and rolled over. The sheets were still warm, but no Heero. I lifted my head and squinted at the clock. It read "One fifteen! SHIT!" Thump. And I fell out of bed. Oh yeah, this was going to be a good day. I trudged my lazy butt into the shower. As I stood under the warm spray, I reminisced over last night. God, I don't think I've ever felt that good before. Yeah, I'd had sex before, several times in fact. When you live the life I've lived, you learn things. I'm clean, though. I was always paranoid about getting something. I'm not afraid of death, but there are some ways I really don't want to die, and getting ripped up from the inside out is one of 'em. Then my mind changed tracks, as it is wont to do. Relena. I understand that girl more than I want to admit. And I am probably the only one who knows why she really chases us. It's not Heero. We are the closest thing she has to friends and family. She told me once, when I flat out asked her what her deal was. She confessed that Heero was the easiest person for her to chase. In reality, she just wanted the stability of knowing we all were safe. And then, she made me promise not to tell anyone. I huff out a breath. Silly girl, they would let you be friends with them if you explained it. But nooooo, she wanted everything to go on just like it had been. So I tease her, and she yells at me. One of these days, we are going to slip and they'll find out.

The water was starting to run cold now. I stepped out of the shower and hunted for some clothes. I needed to go to town today. I might see ojousan, and we could have nice long talk. Besides, I grinned, I couldn't wait to tell her about me and Heero. She had been rooting for us for ages. I quickly dressed and braided my hair, and grabbed my cap and coat. I trotted down the stairs. If I was in luck, no one would be around. Luck was a lady and she was on my side. I scribbled a note, telling the others I was stir-crazy and was going into town to see if I could catch up with a friend. Hey, I never tell a lie, and Relena is a friend. I just didn't name names.

The walk to town was not a long one. We were living only about a mile and a half from it. I wandered the streets for a few hours, and then I spotted a familiar hair style.

"Hey Releeeeeena!!!!" I made my voice as high and piping as I could. She turned with frown and I grinned at her.

"DUO!" She rushed over to me and started jabbering. "How are you? Is everyone ok? Have you eaten? And why was there a black panther at the house?"

I winced and grinned at her. "We are ok, everyone's fine, yes, I'm hungry, and the cat was, um, me." She gave me a blank look.

"We need to talk." She led me to a small bistro, and we got a table by the window. After we had ordered and were waiting for out food, she looked me right in the eye and said, "Spill."


I wandered in to the kitchen at about two in the afternoon. I hadn't heard Duo in a while. Glancing over to the table, I noticed a note. I read it once, twice, three times. "Baka! Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, Duo's gone to town."

"Are you sure," Quatre's voice drifted back to me.

"He left a note."

"SHIT! That IDIOT!" I raised an eyebrow, he was starting to cuss as fluently as Duo. I watched in amazement as a blonde blur flew by me, a steady stream of Arabic coming from the door it had disappeared into.

I glanced at Trowa, who stood by the door. "What's he saying?"

"You don't want to know." I heard the gun of a motor outside. Wufei had gotten the car, which was, in reality, an old beat up flat bed pick up truck.

We flew down the street into town. I reminded myself that this was the last time I let Quatre drive when he's cursing in Arabic. It's a scary sight. Kind of Zero-system-y. As we pulled into town, I noticed a long braid. Duo. And he was talking to......RELENA?


"You're shittin' me."

I choked on my Coke. "Relena, would I kid about this?" She considered that for a minute, then shook her head.

"But Duo, a cat?" I shrugged and grinned at her. She sighed, then reached for the bill. I beat her to it. She glared at me and tried to wrestle it away. I held my arm up over my head, making her jump for it. "Duo, c'mon. Let me pay. I don't get to see you often enough. Please?" I sighed and handed her the bill. As we walked down the street, we settled into comfortable chatter about this and that. Then I stopped and smiled. "Ne, ojousan, guess what?"





"You upgraded the Scythe."


"Quatre boinked Trowa."

"Well, yeah, but that isn't it."

"You boinked Heero."

"Hey, how'd you guess?"

"Are you SERIOUS!? Oh Duo! Are you a couple now? How was it? TELL me!!!!!" Relena jumped up and down like a little kid, then glomped me. I laughed and spun her around, then stopped as something caught my eye. Something green. oh Shit. Yup, today is a sucky day.

"Ojousan, we're busted." I got to see Relena turn white. The highlight of my day.

"Oh, shit, Duo." My sentiments exactly.


Chapter 7

I glanced at Relena. She looked back at me. We both looked at Heero. He glared and walked off. Oh this was bad.

"Heero," I hollered. He sped up. Not good.

"Heero," Relena called. He ran. Fuck. We started after him, only to have our way blocked by Wufei and Quatre. Trowa just watched. Wufei went after Relena, and Quatre came at me. I gave Relena a quick glance and that was our signal.


I caught Duo's glance out of the corner of my eye,and grinned to myself. Wufei was just opening his arms to stop me. Duo always told me that surprise was the best weapon, so I used it to my advantage. I turned my body into Wufei and stomped his foot. Then I rammed my elbow into his gut and slammed his chin up with the palm of my hand. As I whirled away, I hit him upside the head with my purse. Then I ran.


As Quatre came at me, I charged him, screaming. Then I grabbed him and gently flipped him over my back. I didn't want to hurt him, just move him. As I took off after Heero, I caught Wufei's stunned, pained face. Relena had a three step lead on me. I shouted at her, "Go left, the street curves around and dead ends. Between us, we should be able to corner him." She nodded and took off. I have got to figure out how that girl can run so fast in heels. I nodded to Trowa as I passed him, and he returned the gesture. I knew he would not try to stop us now. I suddenly felt the need for more speed. I had to catch Heero if I wanted to talk to him. I felt my body begin to change. I was somewhat surprised that I could control it and that it didn't hurt so much. There was an odd moment when I was neither human nor cat, then it passed and I ran on. There, I had picked up Heero's scent, an odd combination of cordite and mint. A moment later, he came into view. 'Heero, stop! It wasn't what you think!' He picked up speed. Well, I'll have to remedy that. Gathering my muscles, I sprung into the air and tackled him. He fell forward and lay unmoving on his stomach.

'Heero, I know what you thought you saw, but Relena and I are just friends.' He grunted at me. I sighed and pushed my nose into his ear. I know I startled him, because he jumped a little. Testing the limits, I darted my tongue out and gave his ear a little lick. Bingo, a Heero hotspot. I could smell his arousal. Phermones are a good thing. I chuckled a bit and he growled at me.


I know what I saw. I know Duo and Relena are no more than she and I are. But I was jealous, and so I did the only thing I knew to do; I ran. It was an illogical move, one guranteed to make Duo chase me, and he did. I was surprised to hear his mind-voice, but all I did was to speed up. The next thing I knew, I had a giant cat laying quite happily on me. Duo said something to me and I grunted at him, paying more attention to the feel of him on top of me than what he was really saying. I must have upset him, because he sighed and nosed my ear, his warm breath making me shiver. Then he licked me. Oh God, I had no idea my ear was that sensitive. To my acute embarrasment, I felt myself getting hard. Duo laughed, the soft rumble making all my nerve endings stand up at attention and gently rub my growing erection into the ground, making me growl. Then I heard footsteps and glanced up to see Relena and the others wander up. Relena's eyes got huge and she opened and closed her mouth a few times before finally getting out the words.


"Holy fucking shit! " I could not believe my eyes. "Is that.......Duo?" The giant cat laying on top of Heero nodded and...grinned? Yes, he definately grinned. "This is too wierd." I sighed and nearly rubbed my eyes, before remembering the heavy coat of mascara they wore. I frowned at that. You'd think that I wouldn't have to wear makeup daily. Then I noticed something odd. "Duo, you're glowing!"

Quatre looked at me and said, "He does that when his body shifts."

I nodded dumbly and mumbled out, "Makes perfect sense." Trowa heard me and chuckled slightly. I ignored him, still focused on Duo. Seeing my bemused look, he smiled and walked up to me.

"Ne, ojusan, we really do need to talk." I nodded and glanced around. Then I heard a familiar engine and groaned.

"It's Pargan. Damn it. The man has made himself my personal jailer." Duo looked at me quizzically. I sighed and asked, "Is there any place we can go that we won't be disturbed?" Duo nodded and led me to the car the guys had brought.


Relena did not look especially happy to see Pargan. In fact, she argued with him for a good thirty minutes before turning to me for help. I grinned at her and wandered up.

"Relena, that place is gonna close if we don't get going. Hurry it up, you said you wanted our help finding a gift."

She looked relieved and nodded. Turning to her 'jailer', she said, "You see, Pargan, I'll be perfectly fine.Don't worry about me. I'll even swing by and let Mother know where I'll be." She turned to me and started to angle towards the truck. She had a panicky look in her eyes that I didn't like.

Sighing she turned to me and said, "We need to swing by the hotel for a minute. And, Duo?" at my nod she continued, "Can I stay the night?" Huh?