Title: Cradle And All: Prologue

Author: Phoenix Cubed

Warnings: A little of this, a little of that… just read the thing.

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Other: Standard Disclaimers apply. But I'm still cracking chickens, one of those bones has to be lucky. Of course, they wished for flight, and that's what that bone is supposed to do, so…nevermind.





"You realize that his may very well be the last time we're together?"

"It was bound to happen. With the power Romefeller and Oz have been gaining over the last few years, it was inevitable that they would shut down communication between colonies to leave us to our own devices."

"Our own devices, what a frightening thought. Then let us hurry along. Has everyone a blueprint of the suit?"

"Affirmative, and complete with modifications. What shall we do with the pilots though?"

"Pilots won't be necessary for at least eight more years. Leave them until you've gotten a start on your suit."

"Shall we tell them about the possibility of other pilots?"

"Its best not to. We want them to be capable of independent movements. Rely on their own abilities."

"Right, it doesn't matter anyway. As long as one of us five is successful."

"But then again, as they say, the more the merrier."

"If there was anything to be merry about."

"Especially with the Bartons hanging over us as they've been."

"We can always hope for the best; the family may all die of the L2 disease."

"What a pleasant thought. See you in fifteen years doctors."

Eh heh he, this is my first GW ficcie type thing. Bear with me, here. Comments!