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Aa. Now, this was the life. He had his singing career, his parties, and most of all Fei. Fei most of all, because he loved him and Fei was the one who got him here...


"Ya know Duo, yaou have a really great voice. Ever think of making it your profession?"


"I said did you ever think of becoming a singer?"

"Well, a couple of times, but I can't..."

"Can't never could do anything."


"But serves as nothing but a road block. We can get you doing something at a bar or some place, the who knows? You could be the next big thing..."



Can't never could do anything. Fei was full of little sayings like that. Well, he had become the next big thing. And then there was the wedding. Nothing flashy. They didn't need it. Didn't want it.

"Hey, Violet Death, phone for ya. And hurry up, we don't want ya gone from the party too long!"

Aa...Violet Death. The name came from something some soldier had called me before I sent him to hell. I had rushed on him, scythe in hand, and slashed him enough to make a little while before he died, so he could feel the pain. What he had said while laying there in a pool of his own blood, dying. Said I had this gleam in my eye. A gleam of Death, and wide violet eyes that switched so easily from happy to threatening. Looking into my eyes had been like looking into a violet death. Not violent. Violet.

"Oi, Violet Death speaking."

"Hello, Duo, when are you coming home? Its past 11, and..."

"No need to check up on me Fei, I'm leaving in just a few minutes."

"Great. Wo ai ni, Duo-kun."

"Ai shiteru. Ja ne."


"V.D. there's another party, and you know it won't be the same without ya. Lets go."

"Nope, can't do it. I promised Fei I was leaving for the home right now.

"Awwwwww....come on. Puh-lease?"

"Alright, sure."

Fei would understand. He always did.


3 hours later...

Wufei got up drukenly from the table. He was tired of waiting. Duo must have found another party to go to. He looked around. The candles had long since melted and the food was cold. All that work. It hurt. He went through all the trouble of fixing that huge meal and making the place really romantic and then Duo didn't come home. Yeah, it hurt. Might as well cleam up, and then I'll wait for him. I just can't believe he forgot it was our anniversary.

It hurt, alright. It hurt alot.


Man, I had fun. Woah, its 3 in the morn. Ohhhhhh Fei is gonna be so pissed. Smells like sunflower seeds and jasmine tea. Just like at our wedding...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!

It was their anniversary. Their one year anniversary. And he had...forgot. Oh gods could he?

He peeked in the frig. Great looking food, all wrapped in Saran wrap. Checked in the trash. Melted wax was present. Fei must have set something up for them. And he had to forget. Speaking of fei, though...

He was curled up on the couch. Must've been waiting for me. He looks too damn kawaii sleep. He wrapped a blanket around Fei, and he'ld just let him sleep on the couch.

"Yep, first place you'ld be heading to..."


He awoke with a yawn. And a crick in his neck. He just had to go fall asleep on the couch. Now where was Duo...

...but nowhere to be seen. Had he even come back last night? Who knew.

He opend his box of jasmine tea. He didn't fully wake up without it. There was a note.

Yep, first place you'ld be heading to. If I put it here I knew you'ld see it. Smart, ne? Alright, don't even answer that. I'm sorry I was gone, Fei. I hadn't even realized it was our anniversary till I got back and saw all the food and had been candles. Forgive me, Fei, I know it hurt you. I can't be here tonight though, I have that concert remember? And then theres the after party, so I won't be back till the tommorow. But tommorow, I promise we'll spend the whole day together!

Roses are red,

Violets are not,

You're never going,

Cause Death's gotcha caught.!

Ai shiteru,


He smiled a little, Just a little. He knew as well as he could carry out a justice rant(1), Duo wasn't going to be back tommorow. But just in case, he oughta get more wine. He had drunk it all waiting for Duo.


He hated driving in the dark. Especially back to the house, cause it the road had so many curves. One of Duo's songs were playing on the radio. He loved the soft lyrics. He was so engrossed in the music, he missed the curve.


PAIN! He couldn't move. He had cuts and bruises all over. Internal injuries. His coughing up blood confirmed that. And the car. The door had wrenched itself inside his back, near the edge. He was stuck under the rest of the car. Amazingly, the phone had survivd. No use calling th ambulance, he was going to die. Duo. Had to call Duo.



"You mean Violet Death?"


"Sorry, man, he's busy with the party. Bye."

The dial tone.

Well, at least Duo was having a good time. He wouldn't be sad. Pary up, Duo.

Wo ai ni.


Fei was going to be so surprised. I bet he thought I wasn't going to come. Ha! Nani?

Two police officers were parked outside his gate.

"OI, Oi, what are you doing here?"

"Can we talk inside please?"


Feeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii! Oi, Fei! I'm home!" Strange. No answer.

"Sire, thats who we wanted to talk about."


"Late last night, a trucker called about seeing an car that had swearved of the road. He went down to check. The person was already dead, holing a cell phone in his hand. He was banged up badly, there was no way he could have survived."

"And was does all this have to do with Fei?"

"When we arrived on the scene and searched the body, we came upon the driver's license. It identified him as Wufei Maxwell."


"We really should be going, we have alot of work to do. We're terribly sorry about the lost, Mr. Maxwell. His body is at the hospital. You should contact them. We'll see ourselves out."

He sat suddenly. Shaking.

He should've...if he had've...if only...Fei might have been...Why?

He suddenly remembered on of Fei's many sayings.

Should've is brothers with Had've, whos in love with If Only, who's neighbor is Might Have Been, whos friend is Why, who knows them all and whom no one can hardly ever get an answer from.

Why did Fei have to die?

And the phone kep ringing, yet Why didn't answer it.

He vaguely wondered if he should ask why he was crying too.

Because Fei's dead.


Still no answer.


(1) Now thats saying a LOT.

(2) Duo's acting Tronique, but in the situation you can't call it OOC.

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