Which One Am I?-Duo's poem"

I am two,
hence the name Duo,
molded into one.
Me and me both look the same,
but looks can be deceiving.


Me and me
are both so different,
two souls fighting over one body.
But which me is me,
I have yet to know,
and so I ask who am I?


Am I the me
who kills freely,
and yields the scythe of the grim reaper?


Or am I the me
who laughs freely,
and has more than enough smiles to share?


Am I the me
who treats this war as a game
in which I am the master
and the only rule is
All must die?


Or am I the me
to whom life is a game
in which I'm a pawn
and the only rule is
Go with the flow?


Wheter I'm me or me
it doesn't matter,
me and me can share
this one body.


The me called Death,
the me whos an Angel.
Both will combine
and help me to
cope with this war
under the alias of
The Angel of Death.